#he’s just as happy in both of these moments. #he’s finally reunited with his beloved Rose and nothing else matters now. #nothing in the world. #in the first, he’s running to her with joy in his heart and a grin on his face #in the second, she’s holding him close and he has a smile on his lips. #he can’t help it. #he’s in agony, but he’s never been happier. #she’s real and she’s here. #he mouths her name, because he can hardly believe it. #ROSE. #he’s in her arms. #all the pain fades away and nothing really matters anymore. #he’s dying, he knows it. #but that’s perfectly fine with him. #he can’t think of another place throughout the universe and time and space he’d rather be. #he’s with Rose. #he’s dying in her arms. #and he’s never felt happier in all of his life. #he’s with his true love at last, and he’s finally home.

remember the first time you watched doomsday

and it got to the part

where he says “if it’s my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler-”

remember that second

right after he faded away

when you felt aboslutely nothing

and then it cut to Rose’s face

and every piece of your heart shattered into a million pieces

and you sobbed and sobbed and sobbed because everything hurt and nothing was okay and nothing will ever be okay again?


give me someone i like | Doctor/Rose


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 3)

From the Impossible Planet DVD commentary with visual effects producer Will Cohen, Shaun Parkes (who played captain Zachary Cross Flane), and David Tennant

Will Cohen: Now I remember watching an episode of Doctor Who Confidential after this where you were stroking the Ood

David Tennant: Those heads were so squeezable!  They were so soft and kind of…

Will: Stress relieving

David: They are!  They are.

Shaun Parkes: They’re like a stress ball.

David: I don’t know how that feels for the guys inside them, obviously.  And the tendrils are very… You wanna bite the tendrils!  You really do. You want to gnaw on them.

Shaun: That’s… that’s not something…

David: Did that not work for you? You didn’t?  You didn’t have that?

Shaun: [laughs] I didn’t have that, no.

David: Well…

Shaun: The stroking I can understand, because you had to feel it to believe it.

David: Yeah.  One of the softest things you’ve ever…

Shaun: You’ve ever touched, exactly. It was made really well.  The tentacles were like these sausages - they’re like thin sausages.

David: Yeah.  You just want to grind them within your back teeth.  Really rubbery and kind of… like a big bit of squid.

Shaun: Yeah - beef jerky or something.

David: Yeah!  I like a bit of that.

Shaun: No.

David: Gnawing on an Ood’s tentacle.

Shaun: I don’t get down with that.

David: Well… [laughs] Billie was obsessed with it.

Shaun: She was obsessed with it. I remember that.

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Donna Noble: I can’t do it.

The Doctor: Trust me.

Donna Noble: Is that what you said to her? Your friend? The one you lost? Did she trust you?

The Doctor: Yes she did. And she’s not dead. She is SO alive!


Rose: “You never even mention her. Is that what you’re gonna do to me?”

The Doctor: No. Not to you.

I’ve been binge watching Poirot over the last week or so just for background noise, so I’m not quite paying attention. I look up as Hercule is wandering past a gardener, and the gardener takes off his hat and runs his hand through his hair making his ears stand out and I think “Ha..good ol’ big ears” and then a few moments later he speaks and

IT’S a BABY NINE AND I GASPED AND OHHHHD because Eccleston is like 28 here and goodness. (fans self) and now all I think about is this young guy meeting Rose and holy fuck kill me. 

everytime a video has the “her name was rose and we were together” audio in it i want to die like my soul and heart just gets crushed into 5 billion little pieces