Fit for a King—Working Out With Prince Liam

Ever wonder how the Prince stays so fit?  Well get ready to live, ‘cause we think weknow the answer…

Alongside the regular polo matches, we hear that Liam doesregular workouts that use his own body weight rather than pumping iron. ‘The Royal Regime’ is apparently heavy on push-ups, pull-ups and dips. Whatever it is, it looks like it’s working…

More interestingly, we hear that next year the prince plans to spend the summer with the Indonesian Women’s Diving Team. We bet he can’t wait to jump in the water with those girls!


Do It Like A (Canadian) Girl!

All six medals Team Canada won at the Rio Olympics so far, were won by women. Five were won in a pool. And three are proudly worn by the fabulous Torontonian teenager, Penny Oleksiak!

  • PennyChantal van Landeghem, Sandrine Mainville and Taylor Ruck won bronze in the 4x100m freestyle relay.
  • Penny then swam for silver in the 100m butterfly race.
  • The women of Canada’s Rugby Sevens team, led by feisty captain Jen Kish (I love her, and she’s an Ontarian too!) beat Great-Britain 33-10 for the bronze medal.
  • Kylie Masse won bronze for Canada in the 100m backstroke race.
  • Roseline Filion and Meghan Benfeito gracefully dove for bronze.
  • And the girls of the 4x200m freestyle relay: Taylor Ruck, Katerine Savard, Brittany MacLean and Penny Oleksiak came third behind The States and Autralia.

These girls are gold


Diving To Sochi???

There Are some Sports That Should Be In Both Olympic Games!!

Tom Daley Epitomizes The Olympic Spirit!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

USA Men's Diving

I was extremely impressed by the USA men’s synchronized divers David Boudia & Steele Johnson tonight. In their interview after winning a silver medal they both said their “identity was not in diving but was in Christ and they’re thankful to God for the opportunity to be able to dive.” If we had more people like them in the spotlight our world would be a completely different place.