My first time inking with a dip pen. The paper I was using was completely wrong for it and I could feel it snagging on the tip of the pen, but overall I really like the process - probably more so than using the Copic Multiliners I have. I think the line variation and tapering is really nice! I do need some serious practice, though. It’s been so many years since I’ve inked a full picture by hand and I totally suck at it haha…

The overall image was based on a really old sketch I had knocking around.


its a chip n dip…. we got two

lastcenturykindagirl asked:

Why aren't Rhodes and Sam on the AOU poster, but they're in the print, and there's like a million repetitive robots and not even Sam or Rhodes in the sky in costume? Seriously. WTH?

Hey, now. They put Fury on there.

What do you think this is, the Mighty Avengers or something?

Ship or Dip?!
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