Three different body types in the same top!! Gotta love the diversity of this Vintage Victoria’s Secret Dragon Bustier

A customer asked me if this size Small top would fit her, so I tried it on my friends who had measurements closer to hers….and damn I was really surprised to find out that it literally looks good on everybody <3

Both girls are D cups - compared to my A cup (itty bitty titty committee)

I will post more pictures of these lovely ladies tomorrow : )

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I have a question about asexuality (and I guess aromanticism). I mean, I'm sure it's different for everyone, but for you does not feeling sexual(&romantic) attraction mean you feel kind of generally neutral to other people physically and romantically or are you actually more repulsed? I hope this isn't too personal of a question. thanks

Mainly neutral. I’m pretty indifferent towards other people, though I am one of those “I hate everyone” types. The only time I really feel repulsion is when touched (I’ve always ben uncomfortable with physical contact) or someone is overtly flirty (though my main reaction to that is mostly confusion). I’ve had plenty of occasions in which I’ve found someone aesthetically pleasing and when I’ve vocalized it, it’s been misconstrued as sexual and/or romantic feelings towards them (Dita von Teese and David Bowie being perhaps the strongest examples). 

Kdrama Women's Week

Day Two: Tuesday 3rd

Favourite Female Driven/Dominated Kdrama

Coffee Prince.

Okay, I’m possibly cheating. I’m not sure to what extent Coffee Prince qualifies as a ‘female-driven’ drama. But… its main character is unambiguously Eun Chan, so I’m going with it. Besides, this drama’s treatment of gender, and its commitment to portraying and honoring very different types of womanhood, really make it stand out.

The thing about Eun Chan is that she doesn’t really care if you think she’s a boy or a girl. She has more important things to worry about. So she’s going to act the way she wants, and she’s going to dress the way she wants, and you can think whatever you want. In a world in which women are constantly being told (both by men and by other women, let’s be honest) how to perform our gender, there is something marvelous about a female lead who doesn’t care.

And of course, it’s not as if Eun Chan is the only female character in Coffee Prince. There’s Eun Chan’s family, with her headstrong, immature younger sister and her well-intentioned, sometimes-flighty mother. There’s Han Kyul’s more traditional family, with his uncompromising matriarch of a grandmother and his endlessly nurturing mother. There’s Han Yoo Joo, with her deep discomfort towards traditional gender roles. This is a genuinely diverse cast of women, so even if it isn’t quite a ‘female-driven’ drama, it’s still pretty special.

(Photo credit: Dramabeans)

Photography Basics: Types of Photography

So, you’ve decided that you want to be a photographer but have you realized that there are a range of different types of photography? Most people are unaware of the sub-categories in photography but it is vital to know if you’re keen on becoming a photographer. Keep reading to learn more about the four most popular types of photography.

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What kind of music are you into? (Don't know why, but you strike me as a Jazz kind of guy, on account of you being very chill most of the time)

Nah, actually not a huge jazz guy! I mean I love jazz, but I don’t choose to listen to it if I’m lookin for a song.

I love electronic music, like love electronic music, but it has to tell a story. Like, you can’t give me 48 beats of an intro before you change to a different type of beat; the song needs to give you a little bit of something, and then it needs to lead you into the next part, then get you to the drop, and then weave you in another direction. Similarly, you can’t have a frickin wicked electronic song and then suddenly drop into hardcore wubstep, no that’s not electronic that’s a disappointment

A great electronic song should avoid carbon-copy repeating something it’s already done in the song. It does work here and there, but the song shouldn’t be like 3 parts that are just played over and over for 5 minutes. The song needs to be fresh, or you’ll lose my attention! It can be okay for the chorus to be repeated, because typically the chorus is the backbone of the song and it should be good enough that I like listening to it twice or three times with little to no variance.

Conversely, if you remix a part, like the “chorus” (quoted b/c there’s sometimes no lyrics to an electronic chorus) that you already used, but it’s remixed somewhat, that’s absolutely delicious. It needs to tell a story - and stories don’t repeat the same parts that have already been told. If you can get me through three minutes of mostly unique music and beats, you’re doin a great job.

Here’s an example of an electronic song that I like, but the first drop is a little too wubstep for me. The second drop is actually really nice, and you can feel how the song isn’t overly repetitive, so it gets a passing grade.

And here’s an example of one of my absolute favorite songs ever, that always makes me jam. Holy heck, this song does it right. If you listen, there are so many lil differences in the song that make it so unique throughout: for example, the lead-in to the second (beautiful) drop has got a lil different twang that just makes it feel fresh again!

My electronic taste is really selective, but my electronic playlist kicks ass as a result UwÚ„

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How do you describe the different type of cars in spanish? Cause I'm a native spanish speaker and I have a hard time trying to translate. I only know of carro(car) , guagua( anything that isn't a small car, including bus, but not a truck) and tros/camión( truck). Like are there spanish equivalents to SUV, van etc.?

Well let’s see…

There’s a lot of regionalisms involved so bear with me - a native speaker might be able to tell you more than me - but it usually goes like this.

el coche = a car [often Mexico or Spain]… which used to be “stagecoach”

el carro = a car [most of Latin America] …which used to be “chariot”

el auto = a car [Cono Sur]… which I’m guessing is automóvil ”automobile / self-moving”

Then you have la guagua which is regional because some places in the Caribbean will use it as a “not a small vehicle” like “bus”… other places use la guagua to mean “baby” or “infant” because guaaaa is the sound of a baby crying.

There’s then la furgoneta which is a bigger car like a van or a station wagon, sometimes a truck.

There’s el camión which is often a very large vehicle in some places the equivalent of an 18-wheeler in some places, or a service vehicle like a lorry or those construction vehicles. In some places, it’s just a bus or big trick.

Then la camioneta which is a smaller large vehicle like a pick-up truck or a van or SUV. Usually big, but not huge.

The one constant is often el autobús or el bus which is “a bus”… though you may also see el omnibús which is also shortened to el bus.

Another constant is el tranvía which is often used as a “shuttle bus” or a kind of car that runs on a monorail or track. We would call it a “streetcar” or “a trolley” like in San Francisco. 

Other regionalisms include el vagón which is taken from “wagon”… and it often means “a carriage”, a different word for la diligencia ”a stagecoach”. In modern terms, el vagón is sort of like “Volkswagen” [“People’s wagon”]. Though you then see la vagoneta meaning “small wagon” which are also sometimes used for trams or shuttles. These two are used often in a “train car” kind of way.

There are some countries that will use English loanwords; el jeep, el pick-up, el van, el minivan

Some will use sort of approximations; el vehículo deportivo ”sports car”, or el todoterreno ”SUV / all-terrain vehicle”

There’s a lot of regionalism involved, but a lot of countries are used to each other’s regionalisms at least in some way so if you say camión instead of camioneta they might mistake what size to expect, but they’ll know it’s a vehicle of some kind. Chances are they won’t have zero idea what you’re talking about.

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You're not a doctor. Please don't tell someone they could die. And calorie deficient? Watermelons have calories, so if he wanted, he could eat enough to satisfy what western society believes his daily value should be.

what western society believes his daily value should be??? It’s science. If you don’t eat enough you can’t survive. 

also, even if you eat enough if you’re just eating one type of food you’re obviously going to be deficient in a hundred different things. 

What even is this anon. 

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Why would anyone want to worship Satan? I don't get it. We've been taught how evil he is and people still choose to be with him? I really don't understand why some people turn their back against God. It kind of hurts me in a way :(

Because they have been conditioned into thinking that Satan is something that he really isn’t. They don’t worship Satan as we see him, they worship him as Lucifer and view him as an entirely different being from how we view Satan. Lucifer means “light bearer” and that’s what they see him as. They believe that he brought enlightenment to man in the Garden of Eden. There are two main types of Satanism. Theistic Satanism and LaVeyan Satanism. LaVeyan Satanists only believe in Satan as a metaphor and Theistic Satanists believe in him as an actual deity. Many Theistic Satanists who believe in him as an actual deity will lie for him and say that they only believe in him as a metaphor… Keep them in your prayers and ask God to show them mercy and allow real truth to enter their lives

okay i was bored and angry so i woke my brother’s boyfriend up and asked him what he thought of different types of paganism (honestly it’s not really paganism it’s just different pantheons + wicca) 

yes this is basically a “___ according to my ___” kind of thing

for the record, he’s agnostic.

hellenic - “this is the normal setting and it’s the most popular but then percy jackson happened and the religion is ruined forever by people who think hera is a bitch”

kemetic - “okay so gods in ancient egypt just dismembered other gods and it was great but nowadays kemetics probably make sexy seth fanart and it’s probably terrible”

asatru - “i don’t know much about norse mythology but i know that everyone is afraid that all heathens are neo-nazis even though in reality like 1% of them are”

wicca - “the one with the terrible authors and exceptional altar set-ups even though the altars are heterosexual ew like what do they worship?? maybe a tree”

roman - “people say it’s greek mythology but with different names but if they do say that, they’re dirty syncretists who can’t be trusted”

welsh - “they have a really cool underworld and i want to go there like seriously welsh things are so underrated everyone cares about england but i know better”

irish - “i have no idea but i think the goddesses are mostly centered around fire and grain and cool stuff like that man ireland is so cool wales is so cool i love them”

i…… this was definitely interesting. he looked really disgusted until i said “okay what about welsh polytheism” and then he was like “aw yis”

i don’t know what else to say about this XD

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You're so unnecessarily black. Why do you have to portray stereotypes, you egotistical racist

????? why do u apply the stereotype to me in the first place, assume that is all I am or can be, and then act like I have to change and be an acceptable and different type of black ??? Like why would any of that be my responsibility lmao I don’t care

So I looked up how to soften tooled leather because the Altair belt, despite how pretty it looked, was really still and it bothered me. I began to bend it over on itself as had been demonstrated, only to hear and feel all the stitching holding it together popping and breaking. I took the belt apart and softened the three components individually so now I’ll have to sew them back together again. I’m OK with it though because that process made a huge difference and I think I’ll be much happier with the end result. I never could have done that (above pic) before! It’s like a different type of leather now.

monomaniacal devotion [listen]

"do you think i care so little for you that betraying me would make a difference"

↪ “he says i love you perfectly. he’s surprised he has to say it… he says a lot of horrible things… because he assumes all the other stuff is taken for granted… only in that moment Clara realizes just how much hes assuming is taken for granted, absolute monomaniacal devotion to her. He absolutely loves her”.

i. light - sleeping at last //  ii. she is the sunlight -  trading yesterday //  iii. a thousand years - boyce avenue //  iv. angels - brant paul  //  v. how long will i love you - ollie sloan  //  vi. turning page - sleeping at last  //  vii. better than i know myself - adam stanton  //  viii. my heart with you - the rescues  //  ix. mercury - sleeping at last  //  x. on your side - graham colton  // xi. i will follow you into the dark - joseph vincent 

baileymetekatae134 asked:

Hey !!! Love all your food posts, they look absolutely amazing !!! Just wondering if you have a regular exercise routine, and if so what types of exercises do you do and for how long? Also, are you a vegan as all of your food posts are plant-based which is so nice to see :D Thanks in advance :) xxx


Yes, I believe exercise is important as part of a healthy lifestyle.  What that looks like for everyone is different, based on preference and what you’re physically able to do.

Personally, I try to run 5 - 6 days a week and I also do resistance training 3 days a week, using my own body weight and light weights, using the Kayla Itsines training program.

I run 5 Km on the days I do resistance training, 10 km twice a week, and 7.5 km once a week.

Yes, I am 100% plant based. 

Thank you x

it’s 11:30pm. you’re 30 and wake up for work at 5:30am. so y’know, 11:30pm is the new 2:30am. you’ve spent nearly five hours on this paper. it’s a five page paper. you used to do a page an hour. you remember that. it exists. somewhere. in your bones. but your paragraphs are all over the place. your sentences and ideas (what’s the difference?) trail off into ellipses. and you just typed next to one of your main ideas: NOT ORIGINAL.

Roman is not the best on the mic. Not by a long shot… But neither is Brock Lesnar. That’s pretty much the only reason Paul is there. And when the crowd is insistent on chanting someone elses name while he’s on the mic, don’t you think you’d get a little rattled as well? Because seriously? That’d make me SO fucking angry, you have no idea. He messed up on one word when the crowd decided they weren’t happy, and chanted a guys name who left over a fucking year ago now. He’s gone. Get the fuck over it, and move on.

And people still bitch about him wrestling…
The dude is FINE at wrestling. People compare him to Seth Rollins, or Dolph Ziggler… THOSE THREE HAVE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BODY TYPES, AND MOVE IN DIFFERENT WAYS.
Seth is lean. He’s super athletic. Dolph is similar to Seth, but not the exact same. And not to mention, they both probably weigh less than 230 lb.
Roman weighs 260+ lb, and you expect him to wrestle, or move like Seth Rollins or Dolph Ziggler? I’m sorry.. What planet are you fucking living on? Yet he still managed to jump over the top fucking rope with god damn ease. And the dude can give some of the nastiest spears I’ve ever seen. (Even if it does look like a hug sometimes. And props to the guys who sell it so well.)

So bitch all you want. Roman is not the Rock, or Stone Cold, or John Cena. He’s Roman Reigns. No one else. Just Roman Reigns.  

Like, how do people even end up with darkest ash blonde/lightest ash brown type hair and not have it look like dirty dishwater? Even if you google “dishwater” as an adjective for different blonde and brown hair colors, you get all these gorgeous shades, with and without highlights. My hair, naturally… it’s just dishwater, and gross.