After being Gareth Pugh’s diciple in London, Andra Handaric launched last week her first pret-a-porter collection ‘ISIHIA-A Manifesto for the spirit’. #Fashion #Menswear #Mode #Moda #InstaFashion #InstaDaily #Simplicity #Garments #DarkWear #DarkFashion #Blvck #Blog #Blogger #Paris #PFW #NYC #OnlineMagazine #OOTD #FashionWeek #Pvris #Sneakers #IGFashion #Atelier #AndraHandaric #Womenswear

“A GOOD and TRUE #Muslim, according to the Holy Qur’an and the Teachings of Almighty God Allah(‪#‎MasterFardMuhammad‬), to me; 

Will not have ANYTHING to do with, or show sympathy, Or love for a hypocrite.

Though they may be their own near of kin, their parents, their sisters, their brothers and their own children.

This is taught in the Holy Qur'an and also taught in the Bible by Jesus; wherein that he says, in Matthew, that “if you would be my disciples, then you must first HATE your mother, brother, sister, and your own beloved ones and pick up your cross and come follow me.” Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Warning to the Hypocrites

"‪#‎Jesus‬ taught his diciples and the world to even hate those that did not believe in Almighty God, Allah, and he as His Messenger. And to keep AWAY from them and not even to take them for friends.

The same goes for the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an teaches us against
even befriending a disbeliever or hypocrite for they are the friends of
the devil and not the friends of God, nor the Messenger, nor those who
follow and believe the Messenger. They hate all.

When they turn back they hate God and denounces Him as being a false God or not the real God and hate the Messenger and those who are with the
Messenger. This is true and is going on at this very minute.” Honorable Elijah Muhammad