My @homestuck-secret-santa gift for the lovely @waywardpoppyknight !

I saw you liked Ancestors… I also love ancestors… So I decided to draw something happy! Signless’ gang while everything was still happy! Dolorosa made winter clothes for all of them but Meu refuses to wear them. (Except for the gloves. she likes the gloves… after she put holes in them for her claws) 

They’re supposed to be playing a game of tag. Kankri said that mom’s base (mainly because he needs to catch his breath, damn, its near impossible to outrun Meulin!) And Meulin is very aware of this fact and is kittycat guarding him to tag him as soon as he let go. Rosa is most concerned about the fact that Meulin is barely wearing any clothes and it’s freezing out. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your gift and Happy Holidays!

Please Remember Me Chapter 2

Study hall is probably the only time in school that you actually have time to yourself. The rest is spent either sitting through lectures about the different topics the district throws at you or paying attention to Candace. Both are exhausting to keep up with and seem to always acquire constant attention or you might miss something. You lean back into your chair and sigh, you finally completed just about every assignment the teachers gave you with about a half hour to spare. Might as well go to the library to waste time. You pack up your things and ask the study hall teacher to go to the library which of course is a yes. Once you’re there, you sign in and begin roaming through the shelves for something to read. It wasn’t until you hit the history section that you find something interesting. It’s not a book, it’s a person; a small person trying to reach a book on a higher shelf.

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anonymous asked:

About the whole Matesprite/Moirail being the same person, wasn't Diciple Signless' Matesprite/Moirail/Kismisis/Auspacuce all rolled into one? I'm not sure if I read this somewhere, is something. I don't know.

The Signless and the Disciple weren’t in a quadrant. Their love transcended the quadrants.