Okay so after spending 2 days with them, I have to say, Victoria is surprisingly 10000% the captain of this ship.

Merrin always gets credit for all her #seadevil tweets, which she deserves because they are fabulous.  And don’t get me wrong, she is just as cool about it in person, and she definitely does things she knows will drive her shippers wild.

But Victoria fucking Smurfit.  SHE FANGIRLED HARDER OVER SEA DEVIL THAN I DID ALL WEEKEND.  She gets kind of added on sometimes, because she isn’t the one who tends to post the selfies, but I feel like 90% of the time she’s the one who makes Merrin take them. XD She hugged us for wearing sea devil shirts today, all completely her own idea.  

Then during the Q&A, she killed me and I knew I was for sure looking at a shipper.  I asked if Cruella would be able to control Ursula’s tentacles, since she can control Maleficent.  Before anyone can say anything, Vick goes, “That sounds dirty!”  (Someone apparently is familiar with her tentacle porn? 0.0) Merrin was giving this *Vick WTF ARE YOU DOING* face and Vick just kept going on about how “Maybe that’s how they met, dahling!”   She apologized to the horrified Merrin who was sitting there like she was thinking, when did this become rated R?!  It was beautiful and I’m so glad I inadvertently caused this to happen.  (though I did feel bad for Merrin so I apologized and she was like, psh, no I wasn’t appalled by you, I was appalled by what Vick was saying!)

Both of them are amazing.  Both of them make sea devil comments when they don’t have to.  Both of them yell to each other when they get something cool that they want to show off.

But Victoria Smurfit has sold her soul to the Sea Devil ship for sure, since I feel like some of you aren’t aware of just how hard she loves it.