There are lots of fics with Baze watching Chirrut train and meditate and whatnot, so I wanted to flip it around. Chirrut is so committed to ogling he doesn’t even need eyes. Also he’s rather uncomfortably seductive for a monk. I chickened out of making this dirty though, maybe next time…

Also don’t talk to me about their size difference I have…a problem…

I’m sorry for all of this💦

It’s too early. Chirrut has never quite understood why morning is held in such high esteem by his fellow spiritualists. His soul feels plenty fulfilled by long nights on a high temple balcony, soaking in equal parts crisp, cool air, and deep-voiced descriptions of imagined patterns in the stars, best followed up with late, lazy mornings. There’s no point trying to sell the elders on the spiritual value of this routine, but he has at least halfway-convinced Baze, and that’s the only opinion that matters anyway. The other man can’t resist their peaceful evenings together, but he’s always up before dawn anyway, dragging himself up dutifully for morning meditation, keeping his body and mind in fighting shape. Chirrut is sure Baze would quote texts to him, chide him for a lack of devotion. And Chirrut would cheerfully remind him that he could still kick his ass, blind and unarmed and well-rested.

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Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Sire

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Arthur x Reader

Plot: Heyyyyy ! I love your blog. I Just spend hours reading your imagine :3 may I please have an imagine where (y/n) is a friend of Merlin but not in Camelot and one day she came and meet Arthur and the knights in a funny way (like she runs in all of them in the lake (wink wink)) and she fall in the lake and one of the guy (Elyan or Arthur) gave her his shirt for the way back and FLIRT. Thank you very much and sorry for this request that is so descriptive but love ok ? So much love ❤ -panda 🐼

Warning: None

Merlin fell to his chair after a long day with Arthur.

“Are you hungry?”

“I- Ahh No I think I rather sleep…”

Merlin rubbed his face and get up.

“You have mail.”

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Exo reacts to you being jealous

A/N: Hello everyone here is part two of the reacts. Sorry it took so long! I decided to try and make them shorter, just to test which version I like better. Adding more of the boys reaction rather than a complete back story (so sorry if one is short than the other). After this is up I will be working on the requests I have gotten and they will all hopefully be up in the next hour or two. Also the BTS themed snapchat will be up after this. And I may or may not be adding GOT7 and Seventeen to this blog as. I have been getting into those two groups lately, listening to their music. I just have to learn their names and watch more interviews so I can see their different personalities. You guys can of course say if you’d like me to add them or not.

This is based on you seeing them interact with a female (fan, employee at SM, or a girl in one of their MVs) and becoming pouty when their attention isn’t directed to you.

D.O.: He wouldn’t be quite a fan of having to kiss another female idol for his upcoming drama but you both knew that there wasn’t much you both could do. Only thing you could do was watch them lip lock on set. Your attitude would diminish and you’d sulk in your seat. Once the scene was over, Kyungsoo would immediately return to your side. He wouldn’t be quite fond of your jealousy. Actually, he’d be more annoyed that you didn’t trust him. Your relationship was more than everything to him so you not being confident in it would cause him to roll his eyes. Kyungsoo would hate when people would question him in your relationship so just imagine how he would feel when the person questioning it was you. He’d cross his arms and raise an eyebrow at your pout. “Y/N, no need to be jealous. You know how much you mean to me. Now let your lips rest because I have managed to get an hour break for both of us.”

Kai: Lets face it, you’d probably wouldn’t get jealous if he talked to a female. You would probably be more jealous over how much attention he’d give his dogs. Kai would notice how you would be pursing your lips and glaring at him. In which he would just laugh and decline the invitation to sit next to you on the couch. Letting out a small groan you’d throw yourself back on the sofa and mumble a chain of threats, including giving him a dry spell. As soon as he’d hear that he’d quickly stand up from his spot on the floor and throw his body on top of yours. Saying a quick apology as he lay on top of you, managing to keep his weight off of you he’d give you a big smile. “No need to get mad, jagi. We know you’re a better cuddler than my pups.” Kai would tell you as he’d bury his head in your neck, leaving small pecks.

Xiumin: Xiumin would find you being jealous incredibly sex. He’d be so into it that he would purposely find ways to get you jealous. Doing little things such as make longer conversations with cashiers or moving closer to other people. Xiumin would do it to the point where you’d grab his arms and forcefully out him to a secluded area. Even then this little shit would just smirk and say “Yes, jagi? Is everything alright?” Only then would you let your pout falter, your mouth creating a smirk that mimics his. “Two can play this game Minseok.”

Lay: This adorable potato chip would be utterly confused about why would be pout. Lay would take you being jealous to heart and feel like he wasn’t giving you much attention. So in the end he’d promise to give more of him to you. Constantly wrapping his arms around you, leaving you kisses wherever. Lay would give you compliments with anything. He could be talking about the weather and add, “This weather is almost as beautiful as you jagiya.”

Chen: I feel like Chen would take your jealousy as ego booster. He’d constantly tell everyone that he had a jealous girlfriend who was obsessive. Mimicing your pouts and cries of him to stop. Chen would have a field day over you. Of course no one would listen to him due to the fact that when you did get jealous you’d hid it. Chen would pester you when he’d see fans. Telling you to hide him since you’d get jealous, which would cause you to pull his ear and pout as his teasing.

title: inkstains and flowers

relationship: kaneki/hide

background pairings: kanae/tsukiyama, touka/yoriko, nishiki/kimi

rating: general

word count: 1893

description: tattoo artist! and florist! AU:  It was hard to hold back his laughter but even harder was it to prevent the latte macchiato from exiting his nose. He was holding his hand in front of his face, snorted and desperately tried to spare Kaneki from seeing something rather… unappetizing.

chapter: 6/?

chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5

Beta’d by my favourite @mildlycuriousdragon, idea by the beautiful pomelopasta!

beautiful fanart by @totalshenanigans

read on AO3

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jikook w/ badboyjungkook! [pt 5]

title: crushes, badboys, and frienemies? [pt 5]
chapters: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9]
description: jimin’s having a break down. jungkook’s ashamed. taehyung is furious.
“jiminnie, i will go kick his ass. i will seriously do it.”
“t-tae, please–you’ll only make it worse.”
“but the fucking douchebag made you cry. he deserves it.”

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Asmodean is judging you~~

I think what I love most about Asmodean is how uncomfortable everything makes him. His reactions can basically be divided into either “People are so wierd” or “People are so stupid”, with the occasional combination of the two. Having Asmodean merely standing there instantly makes any scene comedy gold IMO.

Ahem, well, this is my mental image of what Asmodean would look like and I tried to adhere to the “deep-set eyes” description. Oh, and that thing on his back is his harp case, in ‘case’ anyone was wondering.


Hello everyone!

It’s been a long while, so sorry for the wait! Now that Autumn is nearly upon us, a group of Zutara fans have gotten together and decided to move along with this event once again.

Zutara Month 2015 will be held during the month of December.

We’re still in the initial planning stages, so it’s not yet time to ask for prompts. Rather, the current moderators would like to open up to anyone who’d like to assist as a moderator for the event.

If you’d like to participate as a moderator, please send faloodahloodle a brief description about how you would like to contribute and the extent of your availability during the projected dates.

In addition, we’re looking for artists to contribute to the blog! There’s some filler pieces in there, but we’d like to expand to other Zutara fans. Pieces we’re looking for include:

1) Main sidebar image

2) Blog icon

3) Header image

4) Optional: Corner image

Please submit your contributions to this blog and how we choose will be based on how many submissions we get. The blog is still in process, so we’ll incorporate as it expands!

Let’s have fun with this, everyone!! =)