Asmodean is judging you~~

I think what I love most about Asmodean is how uncomfortable everything makes him. His reactions can basically be divided into either “People are so wierd” or “People are so stupid”, with the occasional combination of the two. Having Asmodean merely standing there instantly makes any scene comedy gold IMO.

Ahem, well, this is my mental image of what Asmodean would look like and I tried to adhere to the “deep-set eyes” description. Oh, and that thing on his back is his harp case, in ‘case’ anyone was wondering.

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The Orphan act about Copyright law & how it's affecting us, artists, was done by Will Terry on Youtube! Sorry, I can't link you because your asks don't allow fir it. I saw that you needed a link & I think he has several other links in his description too. It's a pretty long video though like an hour long. It's one of his most recent videos on Youtube just in case you rather look it up yourself!

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That's nice (about your physical appearance), would you consider posting a photo of yourself so we could match a face to you ? X

No, sorry. 

You can have a description, though, if you need to. Blond rather long hair, blue-grey eyes, thin lips, 170 cm tall, average weight, a red patch on my left cheek (that’s the scar). I don’t like make-up and never do anything with my hair (it just falls straight down) and I think that I look a bit too young. I’ve got no problem passing off as 14, honestly. ;)

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Hopefully this doesn't sound too ignorant.... But can you describe what agender is?

sorry this took so long, i was on mobile forever

why yes i can! you don’t have to worry, there’s a lot of genders out there and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what all of them mean

for me it’s kind of like third gender in the sense that i don’t feel like im either male or female, but it’s more so like im lacking gender rather then being another gender entirely. idk if that makes sense?? there’s better descriptions here and here though.

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Not to be pushy I just really liked them but when will you post the rest of your edits? (:

//First off I am so sorry they have taken so long. They were supposed to be out last week but between work, homework, and lack of creativity it’s been put on hold. I’m stuck on the families basically, all the graphics are done I just have to write the little description, which is a lot harder then I thought. As for the others, I only have four more left, including teachers, charming smile, memorable quotes, and music.  I may release a few families day by day rather then all at once so hopefully by the end of the week they will all be out. Again I am so sorry. This has been so much fun and I can’t believe I’m so close to actually completely the challenge, I never thought I would.

Also I think I’m going to do aesthetic graphics next.

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Send me a Legendary and I’ll say how my character would change if they were possessed by them

[Appearance wise]: His headband thing would have the face marks of Ho-oh. Scarf would be in a bird wing sort of form, with the same patterns as Ho-oh. Barefoot, like with the Lugia possession. Long sleeves rather than shorts and sleeveless. Most of the clothing would be the red-orange color.

[Personality wise]: A bit more quiet, not talking much and often going outside. Flies solo, but won’t mind sharing the skies.