Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 3

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 4,623

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

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A/N: Let’s show this some love guys! 

You stared at the mug that stood in front of you on the coffee table, the hot beverage having gotten cold long ago. What was it again? Jody had offered it to you but you didn’t even remember what you told her, your thoughts were clouding your vision the entire time. You knew Dean was upstairs with Mary, probably talking to her. You didn’t know if he was trying to explain to her what was going on. But if he was you were sure he would have been having a really hard time. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening on the first place yourselves, how could you explain it to a little girl? Gosh, she must have been so confused and maybe scared. That was not the way you wanted it to happen, not that you had ever thought it would, but she was only a little child. How could she take all of this?

You couldn’t even begin to think how Dean would be feeling at the moment either. You knew very well that his emotions just like yours would be mixed. On one hand his brother, the one he loved more than anything, was back from the dead. But on the other hand he was the father of the child he considered as his, the child he raised as his own, and… the man you loved way before him and for much longer.

As far as Sam was concerned, well, the last time you saw him it was on the living room after… Mary called Dean “dad”. You knew that no matter what was going to happen after this, you would never forget the look you saw on the younger Winchester’s face. It was going to hunt not only your days but also your dreams, that much you were sure about. You couldn’t clearly describe it, not entirely. You knew that he was heartbroken but you couldn’t exactly grasp the extend to which he was hurting. You probably didn’t even want to imagine how much he would be suffering at hearing his own child, his first and only child, call another man that was actually his brother her dad.

As that your mind raced back to the moment you opened the door and came face to face with the man you loved more than anything but considered to belong ago dead.


“Sam” you breathed out, your heart leaping to your throat. It came as a statement but not a conscious one, almost like a reflex before you could realize it. Because for all you knew it could be a demon parading in your… boyfriend’s body. Gosh the mere thought felt so foreign all of a sudden.

“H-Hey baby.” his voice sounded a little more hoarse than it usually would but not really different than what you remembered.

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Sam x Reader

This is an Anon request from the drabble request list. #1:  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Requested it be Sam. 

This is so much fun! If you want to request a drabble, here is the LIST!

It was actually a hunt you were looking forward to. A Demon parading around as a rich business man, hosting Gala after Gala. Each time a person would end up dead, at least a couple of miles away. Of course they had all been female, and both Sam and Dean decided you would have to dress up and attend, preferably on the arm of Sam, your boyfriend. 

That had forced a shopping trip, and now you were here, back at the motel, locked in the bathroom as you got ready for the evening. Making sure your make up was on point, you had curled your hair, wearing it up with some trendils hanging down. Slipping the dress over your shoulders, you smoothed it down, checking it in the mirror. It hugged in all the right places, giving your cleavage a boost while making your waist much smaller than usual. The skirt was short, much shorter than you normally wore, but it showed off your newly tanned legs, and you loved how they looked. Wearing ballet flats instead of heels, you thought you were rocking the outfit. It was fun, actually getting a chance to dress up, which didn’t happen very much at all.

Stepping out into the main room, you quickly realized that Dean had already left, Sam was already in his borrowed tux, looking extremely handsome. “Wow Sam, you clean up nice.” You said, surprising him. Turning quickly, you watched as he swallowed thickly, his eyes traveling up and down your body.

“You look…Well…” He stuttered. “Should the dress be that short?”

Raising an eyebrow at him, you felt a little hurt. Instead of complimenting you like you had expected, all he could comment on was the length of your dress.  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” You responded curtly, reaching over and grabbing your purse.With a stony face, you walked to the door, not even turning to make sure Sam was following along.

“Y/N, I….” Sam started, but a glare from you had him stopping. Silently, the two of you rode to the golf course where the Gala was being held. As soon as you exited the car, you brushed past the Valet, Sam close behind you. Reaching over to take your elbow, you jerked it away from him.

“Y/N, I know you’re mad at something I did, but please. We need to work together on this case. It isn’t smart to go off on our own.” He tried talking to you, but you were still frustrated and hurt, and you turned on him.

“Oh, so now I’m dressed sluttly and am stupid? Maybe you should find another girlfriend then. One who doesn’t try to make the case work anyway she knows how. And that includes dressing to get the eye of the guy in question.”

Without another word you strode away, heading straight for the bar. Ordering a shot of whiskey, you were about ready to drink it when a man’s voice stopped you. “I saw you were having issues with your escort. Maybe I can help you?”

Glancing over your shoulder, you saw the man in question staring down into your cleavage. Trying not to get creeped out, you smiled at the man. “Yeah, he doesn’t like my dress.”

“What’s not to like?” The man, or Demon, said, using it as an excuse to rake his gaze over you. “It fits you perfectly, showcasing the beautiful legs and bust tthat deserves a man’s attention.”

Wanting to reach over and slap him, you were stopped when Sam came over, his face furious. “Back up man. You lost this sweet little thing.” The Demon growled, but without a word, Sam pressed himself up to the man, and you watched as he slammed the knife into the Demon’s back.

“Sam!” You exclaimed. “We’re in public!”

“No one is looking this way. Dean created a diversion. Now let’s go!” He told you, leaving the Demon leaning against the bar as the two of you raced out of the nearest exit. Before you could turn to meet up with Dean, Sam grabbed your arm.

“Y/N, I’m sorry about earlier. I wasn’t thinking. I just saw you looking gorgeous in that dress, and I hated the fact that it was just for the Demon’s Gala, and not for me. Please forgive me?” He pleaded, using his puppy dog eye trick.

“Fine, I forgive you. But you should still have to make it up for me.” You said, and he nodded.

“Anything!” He answered. “Oh, and Y/N? Keep the dress. It’s meant to grace your beautiful body.”

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anonymous asked:

Is there like a book on demon classifications? Or are you aware of any demons specifically that shift into your biggest fears/wants? If this isn't your realm; don't worry about answering. Although, I'd love if you could point me in the direction of some books regarding this stuff!

Here are some books about demons and working with them through magick (WHICH I DO NOT SUGGEST FOR BEGINNERS AT ALL) and I suggest you also read this post:

Robert Small: Five Songs for Self-Destructive Knife Dad

Soooo I started this five song project with Mat and now I have five songs for Robert. Admittedly, my personal experience with an alcoholic dad that was mostly absent from my entire life built up a strong bias against Robert, but through fandom analyses and exploration of character motivation and whatnot, I have managed to form some empathy for Knife Dad. So without further ado:

“God’s Away On Business” by Tom Waits (Goddamn there’s always such a big temptation to be good, to be good…) Okay so Tom Waits’ career separates into two eras: The early jazz-influenced singer-songwriter stuff with an actual melody, and the more recent ‘gargles with cigarettes and gravel before hollering about God and war and death’ era. I have a personal preference for the latter because I’m weird. Also I feel it fits more with the scene where Robert asks Dadsona about Tom Waits because it’s easier to distinguish as strictly Tom Waits so it would make more sense to react with “Yup that’s Tom Waits alright”. Also, imagine being in a truck on an empty road in the middle of the night with some dude you’ve only just met with this song playing. The tension! The awkwardness! The drama! It’s perfect.

“Bloodbeat” by Patrick Wolf (No need for comfort/ No need for light/ I’m hunting down the demons tonight…)

“Bastards on Parade” by Dropkick Murphys (If I could undo all the wrongs that I’ve caused/Fall to my knees, pray for swiftness and just/ For I’m just a fool, a fool driven to dust/ And the world ain’t gonna change for me…) 

 “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” by Bright Eyes ( But life’s no storybook/ Love’s an excuse to get hurt/ And to hurt/ Do you like to hurt?/ ‘I do I do’/ Then hurt me…)

“Joey” by Concrete Blonde ( But if I seem to be confused/ I didn’t mean to be with you/ And when you said I scared you/ Well I guess you scared me too) Ah. The perfect angst-ridden cherry to top this angsty little musical sundae. Especially considering the name involved.’

Buenas noches.

Tsukino Demon Parade special drama CD (Summer) track 7


Omake – Youkai radio

Track 6 || Translation index

Shiki: Hi, passengers of the AniTen special bus! Takamura Shiki has returned alive just now! I came back alive!! They both were still half-asleep. Safe! Saaaafe!!

Soushi: Our boss is now rejoicing like a child, but from now on it’ll become a veery relaxed youkai radio.

Sora: Youkai radio! … That’s kinda cool!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! If i may ask, what are the yokai the SQ & ALIVE members are associated as in the recent 100 Demon Parade(?) thing? Sorry if my question was quite messy, and thank you!

A bit long, but here’s the list of characters and their respective yokai for the “Tsukino Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”:

Shiki - Shutentoji (Extremely powerful oni leader)
Tsubasa - Karasu-tengu (Legendary being with human and bird-like characteristics)
Dai - Gashadokuro (Spirit that takes the form of a giant skeleton)
Rikka - Yukionna (Snow woman)

Shu - Mizuchi (Dragon/serpent-like creature, connected to water)
Eichi - Hakuzosu (Fox spirit)
Issei - Kamaitachi (Weasel yokai trio that appear in whirlwinds to cut victims)
Ichiru - Kamaitachi

Sora - Nekomata (Two-tailed cat)
Mori - Hakutaku (Mythical Chinese creature with body of lion and eight eyes)
Soshi - Oni (Ogre)
Nozomu - Raijin (God of thunder)
Ren- Kamaitachi

Koki - Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed fox)
Mamoru - Kageboshi (Shadow figure)
Kensuke - Inugami (Dog spirit)
Ryota - Suiyou (Water fairy)

Doctor Who?

Dean remembers Rose Tyler. He remembers blonde hair and sunshine and groggy London​ weather. He remembers hunting a Kitsune in London with dad, and the strange girl next door, with the heavy English accent and the secret jam tarts that she snuck into their hotel room, because John forgot to leave enough money. What he doesn’t remember is her ability to survive a ten foot drop, and still live to tell the tale.

“Who are you? What have you done to Rose” Dean whispers. He’s not sure why he’s so defensive about one girl that he met some twenty years ago, but he’d be damned if he let some shape shifter or demon parade around in her meat suit.

“I’m still her. This will be hard to understand, but I’ve always been her. I believe you’re familiar with my kind.” She took a step back and …. unfurled wings?

“You’re an angel.” There was finality in the statement, leaving no room for argument. For some reason, Dean had always related Rose Tyler to the more normal part of his life, and the revealation was shocking to say the least.

“I mean you no harm. I’m searching for somebody. Somebody whom I cared for very much. You would call him the Doctor.” There was biting pain in her voice, remorse and longing that Dean himself was all too familiar with. “I - I loved him.” It was fear, and Dean saw himself in her eyes.

He shifted from one foot, still unsure of what to say next “I didn’t even know angels could fall in love.”

“Perhaps that is a question you should have asked Castiel before he died.” Then, a pointed glare. “You broke his heart. You broke his heart, Dean Winchester.”

“He’s not dead. I’ll bring him back. He promised he would never leave, I’m not letting him off that easy.” He felt fear curl in his chest, anger at both himself and the world that believed that Cas could be dead. Not likely, no.

Maybe he was imagining it, but her face softened, and she mumbled a quiet reply before vanishing into thin air, for what Dean presumed to be forever “Then I hope, we both find what we’re looking for.”


scream it ‘cause i know you mean it // listen here

all I see is black and white in the darkness of the night, and I’ve been chasing angels all my life. and now that heaven is on fire and the world’s technicolor. oh, I’ll be chasing angels all my life.


Choose your own adventure:

A charming and beautiful swamp demon comes parading out of the shallow creek. In a deep, sonorous voice, he tells you that you have been Chosen, and you are the one who was prophesied to return to him the Green Ball of Joy, stolen by the river in years long past.

Do you:
1. Obtain him the Green Ball of Joy from the mud and wash it off, because he somehow didn’t see it and it’s right there?
2. Refuse to touch the tennis ball, and throw sticks for him instead?

Things the MCR albums remind me of

Bullets: Dead roses, torn wedding gowns, foggy mornings, shouting when you’re angry, angst, dimly lit rooms, black and greasy hair, dreadlocks, porcelain dolls, sketch pads, sketching pencils

Revenge: Red and black, red flowers of any kind, coffins, ciggarettes, old churches, black widow spiders, black ballet slippers, red eyeshadow, black glitter, torn skinny jeans, clear nights, full moons, graveyards, horror movies, demons

Black Parade: Hospital rooms, heart monitors, IV drips, pale skin, being cold to the touch, black and white striped arm warmers, nightmares, ghosts, being sick, wanting to give up, but continuing to press on, wheelchairs, blood transfusions, lethargy, medicine

Danger Days: Bright and vivid color, living in the moment, muscle cars, large cities, any 50s diner, hot days and cold nights, laying next to someone you love, giving your all in relationships, leather jackets, steel toe boots, neon lights, energy drinks.


*spike and angel are arguing, as usual*


*they both look shocked and slightly horrified, as they do*

Spike: Me? And him? Me and him? Fuck? Never again! Nope not happening!

Angel: Yeah, Gunn. Seriously, the last thing we need is for Angelus to show up again!


Spike: Wait, what. Are you saying

Angel:*horrified silence. probably blushing and sputtering the dumb nerd*

Spike: ANGEL?

Angel: SHUT UP SPIKE WE HAVE A DEMON TO KILL *parades out of the room in his very swishy coat*

Gunn: *has been laughing his ass off the whole time*

Spike: What? What the fuck just happened wh


B-randnew’s Halloween Playlist

As I’m sure you’re all aware today is Halloween so I thought it’d be appropriate to make a Halloween themed playlist for the day, enjoy!

This Is Halloween - Panic! At the Disco // Ghosts - Mayday Parade // The Weekend Before Halloween - Fireworks // Dead Walker Texas Ranger - Sleeping With Sirens // Speaking With a Ghost - Citizen // Future Wars - La Dispute // Doomed - Bring Me the Horizon // Vampires Will Never Hurt You - My Chemical Romance // Serpents - Neck Deep // Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At the Disco // Twin Skeletons - Fall Out Boy // Decode - Paramore // Chasing Ghosts - The Amity Affliction // Ghosts - Pvris // Demons - Mayday Parade // I Miss You - Blink 182 // Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless // Skeletons - Real Friends // What Are You So Scared Of? - Tonight Alive // Forever Halloween - The Maine

[listen here]

anonymous asked:

What are all of your favorite songs?

I apologise in advance for the length of this list!!

Enchanted - Taylor Swift

Lost It All - Black Veil Brides

Sunrise - Our Last Night 

End Up Here - 5 Seconds of Summer

Rock Me - One Direction

Brave - Action Item

Wayside - Favorite Weapon

Therapy - All Time Low

When We Were Younger - You Me At Six

Sail Away - Artist vs Poet

The Balcony Scene - Pierce The Veil

Daniel In the Den - Bastille

Moving On - Asking Alexandria

Don’t Save Me - Haim

On The Floor - The Vamps

The Weigh Down - The Amity Affliction

By the Grace of God - Katy Perry 

Kitchen Sink - twenty one pilots

I Want It All - Arctic Monkeys

Its Not Right For You - The Script

18 and Life - Skid Row

Easy Enough - State Champs

Discovering Oceans - City In the Sea

While You’re Dreaming - Bressie

Pretty Little Girl - blink-182

Recover - CHVRCHES

Leaving California - Boys Like Girls

Faith In Fate - The Coronas

Nikki - Forever the Sickest Kids

Fix A Heart - Demi Lovato

Oceandust - Hands Like Houses

Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Sellouts - Breathe Carolina

Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

Porcelain - Marianas Trench

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte 

Always Be Together - Little Mix

Hospital For Souls - Bring Me The Horizon

Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Satellites (Act iii) - Crown the Empire

Heartbreak Kids - Secrets

Be The Light - One Ok Rock

The Rest of Us - Simple Plan

How - Maroon 5

Casual Affair - Panic! At The Disco

Swing Life Away - Machine Gun Kelly

See The Light - Fozzey & VanC

My Demons - Starset

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way - A Day To Remember

Walls - Royseven

House On A Hill - The Pretty Reckless

Lightning In A Bottle - The Summer Set

Sorry - Jonas Brothers

Fun - Troye Sivan 

Demons - Mayday Parade

The City - The 1975

Paradise City - Guns N Roses

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran

Last To Know - The Wanted 

Yours Sincerely, I Believe - Forever Ends Here

Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard 

Hell and Back - Tonight Alive

Real Girls Eat Cake - The Janoskians

Engine 45 - The Ghost Inside 

You Are Not - Young Guns 

The Storm -Of Mice and Men

Don’t Your Worry - We Are The In Crowd

Maybe You’re Right - Miley Cyrus

Lithium - Nirvana

The Worst of Them - Issues

Tonight You’re Perfect - New Politics

Bullet - Hollywood Undead

Saturday Night - Natalia Kills

Save the Last Dance - Union J

I’m Not The One - 3OH!3

Just Another Night - Icona Pop

Speechless - Memphis May Fire

Art Of War - We The Kings

Old Money - Lana Del Rey

This Afternoon - Nickelback

Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Learn Your Place - Like Moths To Flames

Family First -  Woe, Is Me

Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens

Tracing Back Roots - We Came As Romans 

The Light Behind Your Eyes - My Chemical Romance

Quantum Flux - Northlane

Music Feels Better - Selena Gomez

City of Angels - 30 Seconds to Mars

Dream Catcher - Set It Off

Life Cycles - The Word Alive