This is a special underworld garden! Nothing growing here needs natural light - that’s why we have mushrooms and luminous plants which don’t need daylight. And my dad grows precious stones rather than flowers. These are rubies, this pile is diamonds – so much easier than those plants you guys have to water all the time.
—  Nico di Angelo
Well, I don’t call him that because he’s so bright, do I? I mean, he’s not dumb. He’s actually pretty intelligent, but he acts so dumb sometimes. I wonder if he does it just to annoy me. The guy has a lot going for him. He’s courageous. He’s got a sense of humor. He’s good-looking, but don’t you dare tell him I said that.
—  Annabeth Chase, The Demigod Files 
Interview with Connor and Travis Stoll
  • What’s the best practical joke you’ve ever played on another camper?
  • Connor:The golden mango!
  • Travis:Oh, dude, that was awesome.
  • Connor:So anyway, we took this mango and spray painted it gold, right? We wrote: “For the hottest” on it and left it in the Aphrodite cabin while they were at archery class. When they came back, they started fighting over it, trying to figure out which of them was the hottest. It was so funny.
  • Travis:Gucci shoes were flying out the windows. The Aphrodite kids were ripping each other’s clothes and throwing lipstick and jewelry. It was like a rabid herd of wild Bratz.
  • Connor:Then they figured out what we’d done, and they tracked us down.
  • Travis:That was not cool. I didn’t know they made permanent makeup. I looked like a clown for a month.
  • Connor:Yeah. They put a curse on me so that no matter what I wore, my clothes were two sizes too small and I felt like a geek.
  • Travis:You are a geek.