The premiere was awful, and now that I’ve had time to sleep on it I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Richonne and Grimes 2.0. It’s literally the only thing keeping me motivated to watch at this point.

What’s comforting to me is what Scott the fucking fuck Gimple said about how they mourn showing the depth of their love for one another (I’m paraphrasing, but you all know what I’m talking about). This will bring the whole group together and make them closer, as horrible as it was (and I hate that they kill characters to do it).

So, in the aftermath, Richonne will be stronger; their feelings for one another will be more evident. Rick is definitely not leaving anything down to chance and Michonne simply loves him and Carl too much. I think we’re getting proclamations of love. I really do. Now more than ever our faves need to tell the people they care about just how much they care.

I’m still crying! This thought is the only thing that gives me solace. If you have a differing opinion, please make your own post.

anonymous asked:

If Genji unmask to show his face with all scars and burnt would Reinhardt stay with him or leave?

Reinhardt will definitely stay with him. Rein is not the type who only after people by their looks. Matter of fact he doesn’t judge them. He only cares about personality if they respect each other. If Genji unmask to show his face what his older brother did to him. Reinhardt would say along the lines that he still look great and handsome but still Genji he knows. He would hug him tight to keep him close. He sees Genji soul is still strong and so his pride. 

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Do you think Jesse and Wally will become a thing (and will Harry be super chill about it or on of those not on my watch dads). Probably not anytime soon since she's leaving. But it'd be cute. I like snowells and hope it happens (Tom is so handsome why hasn't he had a love interest yet!), but I'm also lowkey interested to see what kind of dynamic Wally and Caitlin have (runs away to avoid rotten fruit).

I don’t think they’ll be a thing, because yeah she’s leaving, but there’s definitely some attraction there despite the fact Wally clearly has Serious Issues right now. Maybe we’ll get a cheek kiss before she leaves.

Harry probably wouldn’t freak. Wally’s a good guy and Harry knows Joe/Iris/Barry. Of all the possible boyfriends, Wally’s nowhere near the worst.

I’m always interested to see new onscreen pairings (not necessarily romantic!) and there definitely needs to be more interaction between Team Science and the West Family. The scenes in S1 where Cisco and Joe went off investigating together, or in 2x21 where Iris and Cisco went to the morgue… those revealed some really cool dynamics. So I’m hoping for more “unusual” pairings this season, and Wally and Caitlin could definitely have some interesting things to bond over regarding superpowers.

Okay, it's story time:

Guess who went to the 7/11 Gav usually hangs out at.
Guess who is definitely not here.
Guess who was asked to leave by a very exasperated looking cashier after asking if aforementioned cashier had seen a child climb into the freezer.
Me again.

It’s been a night.

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jasmine, how are you? do you ever think about leaving this mess of a fandom for good? i think about it every other week but i still seem to not be able to leave it behind completely....

I definitely think about it. More so because the people in this Fandom are largely intolerable. They like to pretend they are woke when they are plagiarizing double standard applying hypocritical douches, many of whom are also racist. I stay because the Fandom has devolved so much (between those who’ve been here for years and have lost it, and the people that came in late 2014 and later but pretend like they lived the shit we lived but only plagiarize and are asses) it already has so few logical people, I can’t imagine the hot mess it would be without the handful of us. But there is a cost benefit analysis and the costs keep rising, and when it outweighs the benefits, I’m out..

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I love little Elisa,I can imagine the boys dropping her off to daycare because well duty calls and Elisa not wanting her daddies to leave her,and it's breaking their hearts because her little whimper and cries fill the daycare as they leave

Elisa is like, forever little in my mind if I’m being honest. I just love picturing Sonny and Rafael as dads to this vibrant and energetic little girl. Ugh. My heart.

Anyways, yes, Elisa would most definitely react that way whenever her daddies leave her, at least for the first couple of months that she’s getting used to her new, temporary caretakers.

In “Making Room”, Elisa has a nanny, but even so it still takes her awhile to fully be okay with her daddies leaving her everyday. Rafael surprisingly has a harder time leaving her than Sonny does, but both of their hearts break every time they walk out the door in the morning and they hear Elisa’s little cries from inside their apartment.

But every day, as soon as they get home, Sonny and Rafael give her kisses all over her face and make sure to let her know that every time they leave in the morning they’ll always be back.

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them

fma meme » eight friendships/OTPs {2/8}

Edward & Hohenheim


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