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i cant figure out Sally Forth's name pun and now im sad

aha it’s a bit of an English phrase I suppose, it means to go ahead into battle or advance in general, but in a sort of ‘WHAT HO’ fashion :’D

(ah, quick google reveals a better definition- sally forth: to leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult)

You know, I’m still trying to get over the fact that Bleach, a series I have been into since the longest time, has ended. I’d like to thank Tite Kubo, the creator, for creating such a wonderful series that will definitely leave it’s mark in anime history. Although the series was beginning to lose its spark towards the end and ships becoming canon, it won’t really change the fact that no matter how many times I’ve stopped reading it, it’ll always be one of the series I’ve took passion in. It’s like I grew up with it.
So thank you, Kubo, for 15 years. You introduced Bleach as a story, and it ended as a legend.

her knuckles were still sore from the previous night’s fight, fists clenching and releasing repeatedly as she wandered the aisles of the cvs, her mind elsewhere. that fact became abundantly clear as she turned in the aisle a bit too fast, her bag swinging and knocking quite a few bottles of aspirin of the shelf. “son of a—” she cut herself off as she crouched down, wincing as her hands grasped the bottles.

To See You This Way (A CS AU) Part 9/?

Modern Captain Swan AU fic where Emma is the Storybrooke physician, and Killian is a best selling writer. They were next-door neighbors and best friends when Killian moved to town at age thirteen, but the story picks up years later. A misunderstanding has kept them apart, and now only proof that the love between them has always been there can bring them back together. Story will eventually be rated M.

Ch. 1 Here, Ch. 2 Here, Ch. 3 Here , Ch. 4 Here, Ch. 5 Here, Ch. 6 Here, Ch. 7 Here, Ch. 8 Here  and also available on Fanfiction Here

A/N: Hey all! So the mini hiatus for this story is over! We’re back with another chapter that will likely be the last I write before the wedding, but it has some things I definitely want to include like the chapter about Killian’s leaving Storybrooke the first time. Yes it will be angsty, but I’ve more than supplemented with cuteness and hope in the present, I promise. I hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks so much for reading!

No one ever wanted to feel sick, but for Emma this past week, the unsettled feeling in her stomach was a truly unwanted companion. Things were going so perfectly in every other area of her life, knowing that in just one more week she’d get to marry Killian after what felt like a lifetime of waiting. But the past few mornings she’d woken up feeling groggy and gross even when she was in Killian’s arms. It was strange and unwanted and she was determined to see whatever this bug was behind her.

As a doctor herself she knew what symptoms to look out for and though uncomfortable she wasn’t overly ill. No fever or aches, but when day three came of the same nausea it dawned on Emma that there was something wrong, so she’d called her doctor who was happily situated at the Storybrooke hospital and here she was, awaiting some answers.

In the meantime though, Emma was enjoying quite a bit of fanfare from some of the medical staff on call today, including one of Tiana’s good friends, Jasmine. The woman was a more than capable nurse, but right now she was swept up in recounting Killian’s proposal which had happened a little over two weeks ago.

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Howdy Shara :) , I know you are fluid when it comes to shipping, so I was just wondering if you have any thoughts on KingDings (AsgorexGaster)? I ship it myself, though I do it mostly because I want to ship Asgore with someone that is not Toriel, and because the Skelebroes are already closely connected to the two others in the goat family. No problem if you don't think much of it, just curious, reading your stuff is so much fun.

Aaaah, how nice of you! ^_^

KingDings is very adorable indeed. I like the idea of Asgore and Gaster becoming quite close after the king’s children died and Toriel leaves. I think they would definitely be cute together. Especially depictions of Asgore looking out for Gaster when he goes into one of his distracted, crazy scientist fits.

Also, to be completely honest, this shipping just amuses me because if you ship Soriel, it becomes super awkward. Imagine that in a post-paci situation, if Gaster is ever brought back! Add to that the fact that there is also the Papyrus x Flowey/Adult!Asriel shipping and we got this weird in-law situation that just makes me laugh for no reason.

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Have you ever had that gut feeling when you can sense someone might not be telling the truth or the whole truth? I get that feeling when..T mentions his two daughters.. I just feel he's leaving someone out. Hmm.

Yeah, definitely ;)

That’s how I discovered the whole idea of Terry, something was just not adding up :)

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Headcanon of Reaper, McCree and Hanzo about having a chubby S/O?

I don’t have much headcanons for this ask because these men would be supportive of you. And because you are beautiful no matter what.

Gabriel Reyes/Reaper

  • Pre-Overwatch collapse and current Reaper would not mind the slightest about your weight. He adores you no matter what.
  • He’d press kisses everywhere on your body, listing what he loves about it.

Hanzo Shimada

  • Hanzo would definitely praise your body. Hands and mouth unable to leave your body.
  • Much like Reaper, he does not care about your weight and tells you and everyone so.
  • He’d pamper you like the prince/princess you are.

Jesse McCree

  • McCree would compliment you all the time. They happen everyday whenever.
  • He’d make sure no one bothers you about your weight, annihilating them if they did.

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I need relationship advice kinda. My boyfriend left me and idk how to handle it bc we were together for a very long time and he just left me, and I can barely breathe without my chest aching because of

You have to try and stay calm. Make yourself some tea or eat a bucket of ice cream, watch a movie or listen to some music. Try and relax for now. I get how hard it can be when someone leaves and it’s definitely okay to cry. Just know that it will be okay and everything happens for a reason. Stay strong I love you 💕

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Bayard, cryopod, and bad sound effects :)

@me-is-creepy asked: Bayard.

bayard: if you became a paladin, what kind of bayard would you like to have?

Hmm…I would probably be pretty decent with a sword I think? But I really, really like scythes a lot. So one of those would be awesome haha

cryopod: if you were asleep for 10,000 years, who would you bring along as a cryosleep buddy?

Hmmm- oh definitely my cat, Khaos. I couldn’t leave him behind, I’ve been through too many cat losses to just leave him. AND. I would get a psychic connection with my own cat how cool???

bad sound effects: how do you pronounce laser sounds?

- Oh gosh…pshoo pshoo OR pew pew  bounce between the two (I’m pretty big on sound effects when it comes to talking haha)

There’s one lyric where he goes “only fuck with sexy hoes I swear i’ll leave the rest alone” and i’m like damn well i guess he definitely gonna leave me alone