I’d like to start by saying thank you for pausing to read through my profile.  My name is Travis. My buddy Alf and I are looking for some pen pals to write.  Alf is a yellow Lab looking forward to helping those with disabilities through a great program we’re both a part of.  CCI gives me a dog to train for fourteen to sixteen months.  During that time I prepare him for the love he’ll reap from his training and the countless ways Alf will enrich the life of someone in need.

Relating and extending myself to others through writing is a strength of mine I enjoy sharing with others.  While I train a dog full time I also like to play basketball and workout.  I’m 6’5” so getting on a team comes pretty easy.  On my leisure, music is key.  Classic rock, rock, rap, hip-hop, electronic, dance and techno are what I most enjoy though I listen to a lot of other genres too.  Some other hobbies I enjoy are writing poetry, hitching horsehair, watching TV and eating.  The latter two I’ve found go hand in hand.  Survivor, Breaking Bad, The Ultimate Fighter, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead are some of my favorite shows and cookies are the best snack for each and every one of them.

I try to put a fun twist on everything and have a good sense of humor.  It makes all the negative times and depressed moments bearable to me.  I always look for the silver lining.  I love being funny but express myself on a more serious note as the occasion warrants.

I look forward to getting to know you.  I’m only a letter away and sure hope you take the next step and drop me a line.
(DOB 12/16/1987)

Travis Kirkbride #2130590
Crossroads C.C.
50 Crossroads Drive
Shelby, MT 59474 USA


Travis Kirkbride #2130590
700 Conley Lake Drive
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

New Venue, who dis?!

We are so pumped to announce that we are MOVING in 2018! Mountain Lake Lodge was a fantastic, beautiful venue and we will cherish the last 2 years of memories they gave of, but we have begun to outgrow their lodging capacities and their event space; so it’s time for us to move on! 

Our new location is Deer Creek State Park Lodge in Mount Sterling, Ohio.  It sits on a gorgeous lake and over 3100 acres of scenic woodlands! It’s 45 minutes south of the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, has an indoor heated pool, game room, gym, central air, full-service restaurant and much, much more! 

Weekend passes for Ice and Fire Con 2018 will go on sale on June 1st at Midnight EST.  They will be $75 (+ fees) until December 31st, and will go up to $90 after December 31st! Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive instructions of how to book a room. You can find a full list of the rates for Cabins and Lodge Rooms on our room rates page on our website.   Stay tuned for guest and event announcements - the planning for 2018 is already happening!


E-Unit Nose by Robert Thomson
Via Flickr:
The nose of MILW E9A 36A (ex-MRL 36, xx-INRD 100, nee-MILW 36A) on static display at Deer Lodge, Montana on October 22, 2015. Samsung Galaxy S5

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Lara/Sam Wild

I’m loving all these prompts *o*

She is an animal, this girl that I love. She is wild and careful and fast, she is a wolf on the hunt and a lioness protecting her catch. She scales cliffs and she catches arrows and she drinks from clear streams. She sees things that I don’t see. Her ears are always open, her eyes scan the landscapes we explore and they find everything there is to find, they flick from deer to lodge to the trees above us and I know they protect me.

She is quiet and precise. She dances with flames without burning. She watches the curls of the bonfire in front of her as it flicks artificial, temporary fireflies into the star-speckled sky. I see fire within her, too. Always moving, always stirring.

And I am comfortable inside that burning heart. I’m not afraid of her wildness, I am not afraid of her passion or her own fear. She rests her tired head against me under the blind eyes of the sky and it feels as if I have the head of a tiger in my lap.

She is not within the darkness.  I look up into the sparkling tapestry that is the nightsky and I see her there, dark and wild.

She is an animal, this girl that I love. 


Made it over to Deer Lodge, MT today to see the old prison. I was pleasantly surprised to know there was a Prison Printing Shop! Does anyone know what kind of printing presses are shown?

There was also some hilarious contraband (the cigarettes in the bible), scandalous inmate art, and beautiful hand painted typography all throughout the complex.

I asked the front desk if they knew what happened to the presses, and the associate did not know. She even speculated that they could still be in the prison!!

… Life Goal: find out what happened to the Deer Lodge Prison Printing Shop.