Woods of Ypres - Through Chaos and Solitude I Came


Woods of Ypres - End of Tradition

“…and the time we wasted, has made us who we are.”

Free Music Friday!

This is the Woods of Ypres album Woods III: The Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues. This is an album for those who enjoy sad music. This is probably the saddest album I have ever heard. Woods of Ypres started out as a black metal band, but moved beyond that into something else entirely. This album is where that transition started. Unfortunately, Woods 5 will be their last album, as the creative force behind the band David Gold was killed in a car accident last year. I"ve listened to this album so much it’s burned into my brain. I hope some of you like it too.

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Woods of Ypres - Iron Grudge