loyal to the end

a fanmix for the deca, the ten good friends who never dreamed they’d grow up to become each other’s killers

i. teenagers - my chemical romance // ii. we will rock you - queen // iii. kill all your friends - my chemical romance // iv. another brick in the wall - pink floyd // v. the phoenix - fall out boy // vi. how to save a life - the fray // vii. die young - ke$ha // viii. how far we’ve come - matchbox twenty

The Deca and their adult selves

Form left to right top row:
The Monk, The War Chief, The Rani, The Doctor, The Master, Drax, The Celestial Toymaker

Bottom row:
Jelpax, Mortimus, Magnus, Ushas, Theta Sigma, Koschei, Drax, Rallon, Millennia, Vansell

Jelpax, Vansell and Millennia were never showed in the show so I didn’t draw them. Also I guess millennia just died in divided loyalties so she didn’t even have an adult form.