Felt (1971)

For those of you who have seen The Deathwish Video, this is the groovy song playing through Jon Dickson's killer part.  It’s from a band out of Alabama called Felt.  They only had one album, which was self-titled and released in 1971.  All of you who enjoy true classic rock nuggets will enjoy the entire album.  Check it out!

the deathwish video is really nice. lots of high grade, no let down skateboarding. very california. the friends section made me really happy. furby and moose should be in street league as they would dominate that perfected hyperbolic type of skating. the mule kicks, slash slashes, and the king defends his throne. neen tweaks with unfathomable plasticity. jon dickson goes pro with last part but the honor should have been given to darkslide aficionado jim greco and his fading hairline. the first thing you hear when the dvd starts playing is “the chase” by giorgio moroder - i’m into that. quality soundtrack. antwuan appears à la pappalardo.

buy the dvd, it’s a pop-up book.

overall rating: utterly satisfying