• *Garnet, in Blue Diamond's sanctum, surrounded by poofed gems and cowed warriors*
  • GARNET:Got anything else?
  • BLUE DIAMOND:Sapphire.
  • G:...
  • BD:That's you in there, isn't it? It's been...millennia...but I still remember that day.
  • BD:The day you signed that world's death warrant. It's your fault, in the end. Surely you could have seen that coming?
  • G:You really don't know what happened between Ruby and Sapphire, do you.
  • BD:Madness. That defective pile of slag drove you insane, destroyed your vision, destroyed our--
  • G:Love.
  • BD:What?
  • G:It was love.
  • BD:Love. That's all?
  • G:*laughs* That's all, she says. Ruby freed Sapphire from the chains of fate. Sapphire freed Ruby from the idea that she was worth NOTHING. They were gifted a glimpse of each other's souls, my--Blue Diamond, their innermost selves laid bare...and they couldn't bear to lose one another after that.
  • G:And from all that? Came ME.
  • BD:Really.
  • BD:Do you expect me to believe all that nonsense about fate and souls? You told me yourself, Sapphire--our futures are fixed. I don't know why you lied to me that day, perhaps that Ruby's madness overcame you when you looked ahead--
  • G:She wasn't lying. She was wrong.
  • BD:...
  • G:...We could--I could SHOW you, if you'd like.
  • BD:SHOW me. Fuse with ME? You presume--ah, but aren't you afraid that a Gem as powerful as I would simply...overwhelm you? Take control?
  • G:Not in the slightest.
  • BD:And why not?
  • G:Because I'm made of love, my Diamond--and it's stronger than you.
Fanart Monday!

Man, waking at 6 am every day for college is gonna be the death of me. Good thing that, as a skeleton comic author, I can’t really die!

Let’s keep the lovely fanarts coming!!

Lovely fanart of the week, submitted yesterday by @family-tumbler-of-doom!! [Doggy Frisk, so cute cute cuteee!!]

More under the sexy cut <3

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anonymous asked:

do you think burke is a psychopath? in the video where the social worker questions him as a child he acts very disturbing and apathic towards what happend.

There’s something very off about him. If you were 9-years-old and somebody broke into your house and brutally killed your sister, would you not be scared? He told the psychologist he wasn’t afraid and that he was just getting on with his life just days after her death. When asked to draw his family, he didn’t draw JonBenet - it’s extremely common for children whose siblings have passed away to continue to draw them in family portraits for years after their death. He didn’t behave like a mourning brother whatsoever. 

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okay but,how many times has Louis swooned over this photoshoot?? the little rascall got a preview before everyone and probably sat there laughing thinking about our collective death i just know

How many days since that first photo shoot? I would say five times a day since then:

me: i hope everyone goes to hell and fucking dies there is nothing good in this world i want death
me: i hope u all have a nice day ily all

being Formerly Relevant on this site is so fucking weird. like all it means now is that i can make text posts at 2am and get 10+ notes but back in the day it meant death threats and actually caring about drama happening on this godforsaken excuse for a blogging platform

I don’t know why Jose Fernandez’s death has hit me so hard but it has. I’m not a Marlins fan, I’m barely even an MLB fan, but the thought of a 24 year old kid dying so young with so much talent and so much passion breaks my heart. He literally announced five days before his death that his girlfriend was pregnant. Seeing his teammates emotional during the game today made me so emotional and ugh just RIP Jose, RIP

i had a dream last night that sufjan stevens died and everyone went into mourning and then three days later he revealed that his death had actually been an elaborate pseudo-religious artistic experiment and proceeded to write an album titled ‘I’m Back Bitches’

Real Spectre Siblings episode summaries

  • In the premiere episode, novice ghost hunters Gil and Zeetha try to send Agatha’s pet cat back into the ghost zone before she chases them off; they meet her at school the next day and she immediately figures out who they are and introduces them to her excentric millionaire parents who still fight ghosts for fun (Klaus gave it up after college so he could get a real job) 
  • some asshole ghost turns the entire town into a giant ghost-proof maze
  • A ghost posing as a guidence councilor starts feeding off of Zeetha’s undiagnosed depression and making her symptoms even worse
  • High school students get kidnapped by a ghost and turned into a giant realtime chess set so they can battle each other to the death; Zeetha and Gil have to save the day while trying not to reveal their powers
  • Halfway through the first season, Tarvek walks downstairs into Zeetha and Gil’s ghost tech basement lair, reveals he knew they were the spectre sibs all along, helps defeat the wish granting ghost that was feeding off his life force by posing as his dead sister, and then ends up joining the club and becoming their basement-dwelling voice with an internet connection
  • Agatha signs up for the school beauty pageant solely to beat her evil cousin Zola (because Agatha is petty and competitive and Lucrezia eggs her on), wins, gets kidnapped and forced to marry ghost dragon Prince Martellus (who needs a human bride for REASONS), and ends up fighting him in dragon form with Zeetha while Gil and Tarvek try to keep dragon Princess Seffie from marrying Gil
  • Accidents and shenanigans result in Agatha and Tarvek switching minds with Zeetha and Gil, respectively, and they have to figure out how to use ghost powers on the short term to defend the town while also finding a way to fix this
  • Violetta follows Tarvek after school and breaks into the ghost tech basement lair; as a bribe to keep Zeetha and Gil’s identities secret she demands ghost hunting gear, and she and Agatha end up developing a ton of tech and battling ghosts along with Zeetha and Gil
  • Some ghost-hunting ghost shows up and starts picking up Zeetha and Gil’s slack during a particularly busy period, but when they go to thank him for his help he reveals he’s actually attempting to destroy ghosts, not send them back to the ghost zone, and that Zeetha and Gil are next on his list
  • The town gets taken over by a plant ghost, Gil gets captured covering Zeetha’s escape into the Ghost Zone, and she trains her developing ice powers before going back to kick ass
  • Tarvek gets a heart attack when he finds out that Anevka got revived in the afterlife as a ghost and is now attempting to kill their father in revenge for her death
  • at one point they all fight the King of all Ghosts and seal him back away for another 1,000 years and it’s awesome

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There's a Christmas door,a Valentine's Day door,Thanksgiving door,San Patricks Day door(?) and OF COURSE Halloween door. I've thinking in Day Of The Death (Dio de los muertos) door,but maybe it will just take them to the Land Of Remeber

Pretty much. Don’t know what part of the Land of the Remember, but they’ll end up somewhere.

It’s Enough for this Wide-eyed Warden

This is a Cousland/Alistair song. Basically, it’s Alistair singing. Probably after their first night together. He’s just a hopeless romantic that never stops blushing. 


“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” -Lion King -Disney

There’s a calm surrender to the rush of death
When the taint of a devastating blight can be a good day
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It’s enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed Warden
That we got this far

And can you feel the love tonight?
How it’s laid to rest
It’s enough to make nobles and tagalongs
To succeed in their quest

There’s a time for everyone if they only learn
That the confusing emotions to cope moves us all in turn
There’s a time and reason to the wild civil wars
When the heart of this star-crossed templar beats in time with yours

And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed Warden
That we got this far

And can you feel the love tonight?
How it’s laid to rest
It’s enough to make nobles and tagalongs
To succeed in their quest

It’s enough to make nobles and tagalongs
To succeed in their quest
After 316 days in a coma, farmer Baek Nam-ki passes away
Farmer was knocked over by police water cannon, but police still haven’t acknowledged responsibility for his death

Baek Nam-ki, a farmer left in critical condition after being struck by a jet from a police water cannon during a Nov. 14 popular indignation protest in downtown Seoul, succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Sep. 25. He was 69.

Baek’s death came 316 days after his injury at the hands of state authorities.