Day 2: Crush/Confession

I miight scribble some art to go w this later, as this is nowhere where I want it to be. Cons of doing a ship week, Not enough time to put out content I actually really like h.a.. 

Summary: They are. Gay. For each other. There is not much more to it than that.

Also: I am very tired of people writing confessions where Genji doesn’t have a severe amount of self doubt. 

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curtain pulled

i don’t know how to feel
about white men who draw women
naked who draw women in
who draw women
into naked

she objects
are not for making
of people merely

she objects
she resists

objects are not
form aching

to view
your view
we need to see
less of you

i don’t know how to feel
about it i don’t know how
to feel i only think
about it well and unhelpful
i don’t know how

i want to
learn or
practice to
if i can
how i know
to feel
it then

i am not
drawn in
to my thought

i am not drawn
tense across
time or canvas

i am not drawn in
to the man or
the drawing

nor am i drawn

i am not drawn
into art

what happens
next i wait
i see

how he is drawn
to draw me

to mark
mere sur-

“Should I study for finals or watch YOI?”

Me to myself:

Also me:

Ramom update- 9 weeks 3 days

I’ve kinda been MIA for the last week or two and I honestly cant remember if I’ve even done an update since announcing I was pregnant. So here is a bunch of random first trimester stuff!

I totally dodged a bullet so far (knock on all the wood!!) as far as morning sickness goes. I have been sick four times and two times were mostly brought on my the smell of picking up dog shit in the house. Did I forget to tell you guys that we got 2 puppies the day aftet we found out we are pregnant?! And our oldest just turned 1 ladt week for we technically have 3 puppies🐕🐕🐕
But yeah I lucked out on that part! I’m constantly exhausted but I really cant complain!

I told my boss today and it went really well! I was so nervous. I found out about the babe 5 days after accepting this job and quiting my old job. Not exactly how I was planning on starting a new position, but what are you going to do about it?!

I will be 12 weeks on Christmas day, so thats when we are announcing to our families and when our big secret will finally be out! Right now we have only told our parents, my bother, my cousin and her bf, and J’s best friend. Well, and my boss now. I’m hoping if won’t end up online but as long as J tells his boss before hand, then its really whatever. Although I would perfer to be the one to announce it.

My first appointment is Friday! I had to wait because I didnt have insurance for a few weeks with changing jobs and everything. I was supposed to have an appointment last Friday but my midwife had two clients go into labor around the same time. When I talked to her Friday, it had already been 36 hours of labor. On Monday, one of them still hadn’t had her baby yet!

Well here I am writing another novel! I’ll be better about updates… Hopefully!

out. yikes so I got practically nothing done today bc I was chillin with the best friend (then we cleaned my room which is an eternally exhausting endeavor). I’ve been awake for all of 10 hours and I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m !!!!! gonna sleep !!!!! all I have tomorrow is a doctor’s appointment and a nice huge snowstorm meaning I’ll just be here doing laundry and stuff here almost all day!!

anonymous asked:

Last night, I was watching an ASC ep with kwang, sik and peniel. Peniel straight up said dad's English was the reason why he gets stressed. Save him. Also, I relate to you on spiritual level cuz I also find it hard to be gay whenever I see hyunsik. And that last sik gif you made definitely did not help.-ilhoon-will-have-class-only-when-he-dye-his-hair-black

peniel is how i feel about hyunsik i dont love him but i do 

Tfw you become trapped in the post office for a couple of minutes because some guys are filming a movie with a clown and refuse to let anyone else in or out until they are done filming that scene in the corner of said post office. We were only a few rebels who made our way in cause fuck it. Now we are trapped. But I got my fucking package so bah.