America: What do you even see in that loser?

Canada: Well… Prussia is pretty hot. I know he’d also would give up his life to protect me. But… it would’ve been nice if he woke up later than 5 am at least one time or knew what consent was when we met. 

Prussia: Hey I learned! You sent me to the emergency room playing hockey, and then again snowball fighting! Supposed to be the sweet one… please. Buuuut you do make me every meal. And you’re patient with me. And in bed you-

America: Whoakay that’s enough forget I asked.   

Fakiru Week Day 7: Wedding

Fakiru Week 2016
Notes: Short and suggestive, this one.  XD;; So, warnings for that.  

Thank you all for making Fakiru Week so amazing!! <3 <3

Their audience whistled, Pique and Lilie looking particularly devious and giddy from the sidelines.  Hermia, blushing behind the bouquet that she caught, threw Ahiru a bashful, yet encouraging grin.  Raetsel and Rue stood beside one another, shaking their heads despite the apparent amusement in their smiles.  And Prince Siegfried looked as if he was ready to burst from his merriment, his cheeks reddened with joy and shoulders shaking from the onslaught of laughter.

Fakir once asked if she really wanted to do this.

Of course she really wanted to do this!

Sure, it might’ve been a little embarrassing, but … this was fun!

And seeing his face right then was so worth it.

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