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Ruling Planet - Mercury.

Colours - Blue, magenta, silver.

Tarot Card - the Magician.

Herbs and Oils - Peppermint, caraway, fennel, dill, lavender.

Crystals - Agate, aventurine, lapis lazuli.

Powers - Travel, money, academic success.

Chakra - Solar plexus chakra.

Best for - Communication, also good for spells involving information-granting. Astrology, computers, correspondence, editing, education, healing, hiring, journalism, learning, languages, legal appointments, messages, music, phone calls, siblings, students, visiting friends, visual arts, wisdom and writing.

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samoa joe for #89 please.

“And when did you plan on telling me about this?”

Working for a different company than Joe really limited your time together. Your schedules were so different, such polar opposites, that you’d be lucky if you got to see him one day a week. That’s why, when WWE came knocking, contract in hand, you were quick to accept. You’d be going straight to the main roster, skipping over NXT entirely. 

You weren’t set to debut for about a month, however, which meant a month of you keeping this a secret from Joe. You wanted to surprise him at Raw, wanted to see his face full of surprise when you showed up backstage.

But the rumor mills were churning, and seemed desperate to keep that from happening.

“Babe?” Joe called from the couch as you grabbed a bottle of water in the kitchen.

“Yeah?” you asked, coming back into the living room and taking your spot next to him. “What’s up?”

“What’s this?” he asked, holding his phone out to you. He was on an article, a huge picture of you on it. Underneath, it talked all about you signing a contract with WWE.

“Okay, well…” you trailed off, sheepish look on your face.

“When did you plan on telling me about this?” Joe looked…Hurt, which was weird for him. You were so used to seeing him look so confident, unfazed.

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” you explained, handing him his phone back. “I wanted to tell you, but I thought it would be better as a surprise.”

“Well now it’s not, which means I can get you a cake,” Joe said, standing up from the couch.

“No!” you called after him. “I see what happens with cakes backstage!”

“Then you better look out!” he yelled back, disappearing up the stairs. 

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So, are we getting back to weekly updates? I think it was weekly, no?

[[yes! actually, since i’m on vacation now, i hope to update a few days a week, but i don’t know how that’ll work out in the end cause i need the computer

in any case, if i was to go away for a couple of weeks, i’d set up a queue so it remains at least weekly]]

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to the age anon, I'm 17 and could really never see myself with someone my age or younger, my thing for older men is because a) have you fuckin seen guys twice my age?? have you seEN THEM?? and b) it's a maturity thing. Older guys just have this air of calm and confidence and like, sophistication i guess?? that younger guys don't. like Chandler Riggs is a cutie but I'd rather call Jeffery Dean Morgan daddy any day of the week

EXACTLY!!!! FOR REALS Chandler…Get a haircut and move to the side i’m here for DADDY JDM XD

A BIG Thank You, Everyone!

Yooran Week has been AMAZING and we have all you wonderful people to thank for such a fantastic experience!!! Every fanart, every fanfic, every follow (btw we reached 300+ followers AAAAAAAH~), every ask/message - we appreciate and love them all SO. DAMN. MUCH. Just thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you - we’ll never be able to say it enough, thank you!!! T0T

And you know something? Just because the official week is over doesn’t mean it’s truly over…because Yooran Week is forever ♥ We’ll still be posting Yooran works on here, maybe even contributing some new things ourselves as Mods. We’ll keep this blog alive and burning with the beautiful passion of Yooran!!!

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OMG guys! I haven’t been on tumblr in like 2 weeks! It’s been wild! Happy Bellarke fam selfie night friends! I miss blarke & all of you! Here’s a hasty pic of me from five minutes ago

*the bottom pic I’m sharing because my grandfather passed away last week & this is my fave pic of him & my grandma! She was reminiscing about how he was shy in high school & she was very bold hahaha so she waited until the Sadie Hawkins dance & asked him out in 1949 😂
They were together from that day until last week ❤️

Tagging all you lovelies! I swear I’m coming back soon lol

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OK, so I don't know if I have depression or not. Because, honestly, I can have great days. Sometimes, great weeks! But, normally, I find myself constantly degrading myself and believing that no one cares. Even though I KNOW my friends and family care (in my head), it just doesn't feel like that, in my heart. You know what I mean? Almost like I'm trying to convince myself that nobody cares about me?? But I'm being resistant about it at the same time? Sorry, it probably doesn't make any sense!

Don’t worry, friend, you make perfect sense! I think that a lot of people who have either worked on or followed this blog can relate to what you just described.

Buckle up, kids, this got way longer than I expected it to.

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Headcanon: After they have spend days/weeks without seeing each other, when they can finally meet, Otabek and Yuri have wild, hardcore sex, but after it they like doing some sweet, vanilla sex.

I have the exact same head canon!! I mean after not seeing each other for such a long time in person, they must have a lot of pent up feelings, right? And they’re still young and super hormonal. So yeah, I imagine them dragging each other away, ripping their clothes off and pounding into each other as soon as they have the opportunity. The morning after is all slow and languid, with lots of hand holding and staring into each other’s eyes. 

But that first round is just rough fucking until one of them is unable to stand anymore.

turned hours
turned days
turned weeks
turned months
turned years
turned forever
and here i am
still waiting
still loving

Take two…

So I wrote this whole long thing about this gif and then tumblr just like deleted it because of course it did. Gonna try to keep it short this time.

These two poods are dog walking clients of mine that I was only supposed to be seeing on a temporary basis while their owner recovered from surgery. But she ended up needing a more invasive operation than was planned so I’ve been walking them 5 days a week for the last several months. They’re two of the biggest standard poodles I’ve ever met and both have some issues with on leash manners. Because of her surgery, it’s been very important that both poods learn to walk slowly on a loose leash and learn to yield to leash pressure instead of pulling into it. Simba (the grey) also has some issues with reactivity to small animals and would start lunging and jumping around at the sight of even a bird sitting on the ground. Their owner had become not only frustrated by them but nervous of walking them because they’ve pulled her down before and after her surgery, she cannot risk getting injured again. She had the mindset that this was a hopeless endeavor because they’d “gotten away with murder” for so long. She’s also convinced they “don’t respect” her and will never listen to her.

This gif is from a clip of me walking them today. Look at that loose leash… not even clipped to the front of the harness either. We were walking by a big trigger area for Simba, a small pond in their neighborhood frequented by ducks and rabbits. There’s also lots of construction going on nearby, as well. After getting the dogs on a better daily schedule that includes lots of mental enrichment and working on their leash manners, they’ve improved by leaps and bounds. Here they both are, walking so nicely I was able to walk them with just one finger holding each of their leashes. I took this clip to show the owner that it’s not hopeless and it can be done. Next week, their owner will be joining us for walks so she can learn some better handling and management techniques to aid them on their walks. The hope is by August, she will be able to walk them again on her own.

Guys! Guys! GUYS!!

We found out the sex on Monday. Freaking 5 days away! This time next week, I can finally put the finishing touches on my nursery plans!

It feels like yesterday I was reading the Bfp and now I’m almost 20 weeks. There are times where this still feels like a dream.

There are other times I remember I’m pregnant, but I forget there is actually something in there. That is until these last few days, where I have actually started feeling little twinge. I’m still in the “wow that is a weird feeling” stage, but I do think it’s cool.

Some of the Pregblr blogs have had their babies in the last few days and I’m just sitting here like “I cannot wait until that it me.”

Congrats to you girls! You make beautiful babies!

How to say "Monday" in the Romance Languages
  • French: Lundi
  • Italian: Lunedi
  • Romanian: Iuni
  • Spanish: Lunes
  • Portuguese: :)
  • Spanish: Hoe don't do it
  • Portuguese: Segunda-feira
  • Italian: "Second fair" wtf