I was as pure as a river
But now I think I’m possessed

Another commission for @wedomorrison for Golden Grain and Bird Bone, that’s also now doubling as Reaper76Week Day 3. Enjoy laddies~


Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

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How to Survive Exam Week: a masterpost

We all dread exam week. The amount of cramming we feel like we need to do has absolutely no limit. We never feel prepared, and both breakouts and breakdowns are imminent. Stress headaches, crying, all nighters, and cups on cups on cups of coffee characterise this week for many of us. With a little guidance, a lot of stress can be alleviated.

The Weekend Before:
* study for your hardest exams first, easiest exams last. prioritise.
* sleep in as late as you’d like on saturday. study throughout the day, taking breaks as frequently as you feel necessary!
* on sunday, wake up around 8 or 9 in order to be productive early on in the day.
* finish up studying on sunday by 2 or 3 or 4.
* take the rest of sunday night to relax.
* eat a healthy but filling dinner
* take a hot bath/shower
* paint your nails?
* do your hair
* put on comfy pyjamas
* pick out comfortable clothes for your first exam day
* get to bed before 11! don’t stay up all night cramming. you’ll just feel like shit.

The Week Of:
* get to bed before 11 every night.
* don’t study past 8 or 9!
* get out to dinner at least one day during the week!
* pick fun places to study that ARENT at home:
* local library
* cafe
* your school even!
* eat healthy
* stay hydrated
* take care of yourself every day!
* shower every night/morning
* dress comfortably all week! everyone else is feeling the same way. you have no one to impress.
* keep your mental health a priority. :)
* study with friends to make things less stressful!
* drink coffee/tea/ice water; avoid energy drinks!
* take some deep breaths; don’t panic leading up to your exam. go into your testing period knowing you can handle it!

Good luck everyone! ♡

Wholesome Week Day 2 - Parents

Marco’s parents are showing to Star’s parents some of the most memorable, and yet akward, moments of Marco Diaz’s life.

And let’s just say Star knows how much the poor dork is suffering.

Isn’t that true @wholesome-week?

Star, Marco, Rafael, Angie, Moon and River belong to Disney 

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Music

Bass thrummed through the speakers Yuri had set up in his room, making Otabek jump from shock. Yuri laughed, turning down the volume.

“What, not a Skrillex fan?” He flopped down on his full sized mattress, patting the place next to him. Otabek politely sat next to Yuri, avoiding his cat.

“I’ve never heard of them before,” Otabek said, glancing around the room. The walls matched the rest of Lilia’s house, the same ornate design continued in here. The stark contrast of the superfluous accents and Yuri’s deep purple sheets, tiger print curtains, and general messiness made Otabek smile.

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The essay project that has been plagueing my nightmares for the past 2 months is finally finished, I’ve got my first T consultation tomorrow, the sun is shining my crops are thriving–

Phantom Image

A R76 week contribution.

Day 2 - In His Shoes

“This is a terrible idea.”

“I didn’t remember you being so pessimistic.”

“Yeah, life is rather bleak when you came along.”

“…I actually have nothing to say to that.”


Jack was nervous. And rightfully so. The shoulders were too tight, the belts too tacky and he couldn’t manage a goddamned hold on anything.

Despite all this fussiness, Reyes was smug, staring at him from head to toe appraisingly, “At least you look good in that.”

“Better than you, I’m sure.”

To be fair, perhaps Jack was being difficult. Just a little. Though he had all the reasons to. After all, this could be just an elaborated, stupid ploy to have Jack murdered.

“You know, it’d be a lot easier if I just put a bullet in your face instead of having to withstand all your bitching.”

Damn, did he say that aloud?

“Yes, you did.”


Why did he agree to do this again? Right, because Lena was a little jerk and got a little too clever with word-tripping.

“Oh, chin up, sunshine.” Reyes leered, absolutely enjoying the shit out of this, “It’s just a costume swap. For once you actually look fashionable instead of being stuffed in a beat-up racer wannabe jacket.”

Yes, definitely having fun over there, “Fashionable? Maybe if emo goth was still in style.”


Reyes gave him a pointed stare, “Jack, you are being pricklier than usual. What’s wrong?”

It was childish of him, but Jack turned away from the man, pretending to check himself out in the mirror instead. Once again, bad decision. The reflection did nothing to quell the odd surge of feelings in his chest, twisting it into an almost nauseating clump that he couldn’t quite swallow. His mind was too sharp to be distracted, and it wandered a little too fast for him to stop.

Reaper’s suit fit him almost like a second skin.

Jack’s mouth went dry. It was just a silly prank. By Lena of all people. And yet…

“Jack.” There was alarm in Reyes’ voice, when he yanked the old soldier around. Startled blue met unwavering red, and Jack’s heart constricted. Gabriel knew him too well. Always had.

“It…gives me questions.” Jack turned his head, chin still trapped in Gabriel’s unrelenting grip. The hood’s fabric brushed against his skin, with ash, gunpowder and something warm, something homely.

Jack didn’t know his eyes misted over, until Gabriel’s cold thumb rubbed his tears away.

“Makes you wonder, huh?” Rumbled words betrayed no emotion. Jack tried to swallow back his. Instead, he choked.

“…I’m so sorry…”

“You already said that.”

“It…should have been me. I was so foolish…I…I didn’t listen.”

Seeing himself in Gabriel’s clothes, thinking how it could have turned out, what their life could have been…If things were different back then…

Their teeth clashed in a kiss. Gabriel yanked Jack into him by the hood’s scruff, forcing the soldier to stay still. It was messy, suffocating, and Jack was sure Gabriel had drawn blood. But his fists curled atop Reyes’ chest anyway, drawing closer, so he could taste more of the smoke, could wrap himself more in that familiar scent.

“There is nothing you can change now.” Gabriel said when they finally broke apart, “Don’t let the shadow of the past haunt what is left of your future.”

That…actually got a laugh out from Jack. Sounded more like a sob, but it had the corner of Gabriel’s mouth twitched upwards, “Look who’s talking.”

The ex-Blackwatch shrugged, “You don’t get to crack wiseass dad wisdom all the time.”

“Oh? Jealous?”

“Not really. Just want to see how it feels like.”


“Gross. And old.”

Jack laughed, and Gabriel kissed him again, grinning. Slowly, tension began to drain out, and he felt oddly comforting, standing here clad in Gabriel’s clothes and arms. Gabriel’s chuckle rumbled in his ears, and still he kept Jack close, as if the old soldier would bolt away any moment.

Jokes on him, Jack was here to stay.

Wholesome Week Day 1 - Cooking

Star was walking around Echo Creek’s Annual Cook Off, cotton candy in hand, when she found Marco dumping a plate of nachos into a nearby trashcan sadly.

“I can’t believe this!” Marco exclaimed, kicking the trashcan, before immediately regretting it. “Ow, ow, ow!”

“Can’t believe what, Marco?” Star approached him cautiously, mouth full of cotton candy.

“What do you mean what- Star! You weren’t even there?” Marco whined, now hopping on one foot.

“For what?” Star asked, before she realized the answer. “Oh, you mean the medal ceremony? Miss Hopkins was handing out free cotton candy, Marco! Free. Cotton. Candy.” Star waved the rest of the cotton candy stick impetuously.

“Whatever,” Marco grumbled. “I didn’t win anything anyway.”

“Wait, back it up!” Star exclaimed. “You were competing?

Marco raised any eyebrow. “Yeah. I told you in the car. You were listening, right?”

Star was sitting with her feet on the front seat, texting on her mirror phone while Marco rambled.

“And then, and you won’t believe this, Granny Higgins added white chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate chips to her cupcakes! So then everybody- blah blah blah blah…”

“Oh, yeah, real interesting, Marco,” Star mumbled as she tuned him out.

“Oh, yeah, totally,” Star fibbed. “But why does whether you win mean anything? I mean, it’s just a medal, right?”

“But I’ve been competing since the first grade and I haven’t won anything!” Marco exclaimed. “Besides, the guy who won totally didn’t deserve it!”

“Who won?” Star asked, shaking off the thoughts of kid Marco trying to make nachos.

“Ha, Diaz! Are you going to eat your loser nachos with your loser friends after you go to your loser home! Loser!” Jeremy Birnbaum cackled, being carried on the shoulders of his butler, lifting his gold medal triumphantly.

“We are so proud of you honey,” Mrs. Birnbaum cooed, trailing after him.

“Shut it, mom!”

“Wow. That’s a lot of losers,” Star commented as Marco sighed. “But!” She tried to recover. “You’re not a loser!”

“Thanks Star,” Marco said. “I’d just like to win, you know, for once.”

“Well, you know you won in your own heart, right?”

“Huh?” Marco looked at her strangely.

“I mean, as long as you know you did good, that’s all that matters!” Star explained.

“…You know, I think you’re right, Star,” Marco said.

“Well, duh!” Star tore off a clump of cotton candy and offered it to Marco. “Cotton candy?”

“Yeah.” Marco took and bit into the cotton candy. “Wanna go home?” he mumbled around mouthfuls.

Star nodded.

Gaara Week: Love Headcanon

As an adoptive dad and an uncle, Gaara wants Shikadai, Yodo, Araya, and Shinki to know that they can trust him and that he would never do anything hurt them. He doesn’t want them to ever be afraid to open up to him. Obviously, this wasn’t the case when he was a child, specifically when he was six. He wants (and is, though he needs to be reminded at times) to be better than his father and even his uncle. He strives to end that cruel, utilitarian cycle that went on for generations. Love is when you want to protect someone, to care for them.
And he is doing an amazing job, whether he knows it or not.