Ace Attorney is awesome I just can’t. <3 I never thought that story about lawyers will be so fun. But then he ask bring parrot.

Too bad they (for some reason) shove Maya to backstage.
And I really wanted to see how she and Trucy meet. When I first time saw Trucy I thought how happy Maya will be to see tiny cute adorable magician.


Riliane Lucifen d”Autriche

Princess of Lucifenia

Daughter of Evil

i think i just??? poured all my stress from the exam into this tbh

anyay??? have a riliane that came out way before my skill level

she’s transparent tooo

drag her around ur dash

if u wanna put her on ur blog for some reason ask

Call Me By My Name Ch. 9 & 10

Rating: Mature

Category: F/F

Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)

Relationships:  Kara Danvers/Cat Grant

Additional Tags: Secret Identity, Boss/Employee Relationship, Age Difference, Pre-Relationship, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Beach Holidays

Chapter 9: Please, Kara  and  Chapter 10: Into the Light

Summary: For once, Cat needs Supergirl more than she needs Kara. But Cat doesn’t know if she’ll ever see either of them again.

Notes: Well, this is the end. Thanks to all my readers for coming along for the ride. Thank you too for your lovely comments and kudos.

I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to my editor @kara-lesbihonest. I probably wouldn’t have continued this fic beyond Chapter 3 without their encouragement and feedback so ya’ll should be thankful too.

And my #stealthvag squad! How I love you, you wonderful, sinful, inspirational fuckers. This one’s for you.


It was a moment that would forever be imprinted on Kara: the sharpness of Cat’s nails digging into her back, the throbbing heat of Cat against her leg, and the sight of those beautiful lips forming her name. She heard the dip and hiss of every note as it left Cat’s mouth: the lightly aspirated ‘k’, the rolling liquid ‘r’, the soft vibration of the vowels. In the air was the raw earthy scent of moss and the metallic tang of lightning. The familiar scent of Cat’s perfume - iris, cedar and sandalwood with a hint of vetiver - and the fainter aroma of Cat’s rain-soaked hair; they surrounded her, conquered her, a promise finally fulfilled.

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Chapter 1 here

my older son has joined the local tribe of children that roam our street, he spends hours outside playing with an eclectic collection of military brats. 

he has become a little champion for equality. his new bestie is a little girl whose mother is the Marine and father is a stay at home dad. when another kid said girls cant be Marines(causing new friend to become upset and teary) Kiddo launched into a passionate rant on how girls can do anything they want.

he has told off a group of preteen boys for making fun of his “my little pony” t-shirt cause, as he said “anyone can wear pink”. 

and today when playing star wars he was rey while his bestie was darth vader. they explained that bestie wanted to be the strongest sith and Kiddo wanted to be the strongest jedi. 

Moral of the story, while some days I may doubt myself as a mother, I know I’m doing something right.