Here’s my gemsona Tanzanite! She’s often shunned at home world for not meeting her standards, for she is very clumsy and forgetful. She doesn’t know how to summon her weapon yet, and often feels useless. She’s also very loyal to her diamond, and will look for any opportunity to help with anything.

Secret Twins- Derek Hale

A/N- I hope you don’t mind that I made them his biological daughters and that I named them, I’m getting really close to 1000 followers also so every be ready to see what will be going on, on this blog when that happens! I hope you enjoy this one-shot!

Requested by Anon- Can you write an imagine where Derek had 2 adopted daughters that are like 13 and the pack doesn’t know about them, and the pack walks in on the two girls playing poker or something they probably should t be doing and Derek is all like ‘what are you doing?’ And they are like 'nothing.’ And then the pack meets them? Sorry it’s long

Pairing- Derek x daughters

(I decided on the names Eve and Olivia)

Now, it wasn’t Derek’s intention to bring two beautiful baby girls into the world. Much less was it his intention for their mother to be killed only four years later.

The twins used to ask about their mother when they were younger, not so much now though, them being 13 now.

Derek had somehow managed to keep them hidden, juggling between having Peter have them over as often as possible to keep them away from pack business and having them at a family friends house.

He had managed to shield them for a long time, however when the alpha pack showed up and the pack appeared at Derek loft, unknown to them that Derek was grocery shopping while his daughters were fighting madly.

The group of teens stood, rather bewildered in the doorway as they watched two girls, battling each other, claws and fangs tearing at each other angrily. “GIRLS” Derek bellowed, scaring the pack as they hadn’t heard him coming up behind them, carrying a few backs full of groceries. The two girls broke apart and turned to look at him, only now noticing the group in the doorway.

“Sorry Dad” both girls mumbled in sync as Derek lay the bags on the table. “DAD” Scott, Stiles, Allison and Lydia exclaimed all at once. Isaac just stood smirking, he knew because he had lived with Derek for a period of time and obviously Derek couldn’t keep them hidden, though he made Isaac swear he would tell.

Now that the girls cuts were healed, the pack could clearly make out their features.

One had the brooding yet good looking features of her father, sharp and wolfish, her fathers green eyes and dark hair. The other girl however looked nothing like Derek, soft features yet still wolf-like, blue eyes and blonde hair, most likely looking like her mother. Truthfully, both girls were still young and looked as though they could’ve been models,

“I’m Olivia” The dark haired girl said, slipping on one of the shirts lying around to cover her as she was only wearing a sports bra and leggings, her training outfit. The other girl mimicked her actions.

“And I’m Eve, the better twin” the blonde one smirked, earning growl from her sister, which causing Derek to warn them both with an even louder growl.

“Girls, go up and get changed and call your uncle and aunt” Derek ordered, causing a sigh from the Derek look alike twin and a groan from the other. Your aunt and Uncle weren’t your biological family but they were friends Derek had known since he was in diapers. You often stayed with them rather than Peter.

Despite their complaints, they dragged themselves up the spiral stairs and into their separate rooms.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had daughters” Lydia asked, her arms crossed over her chest. “I cant wait to help them pick out their outfits for first dates, prom and so on” she smiled, a content sigh leaving her lips. “Their safer unknown and you won’t be seeing them often, if ever” Derek replied, his usual stone face staring back at them.

“Lydia, go up stairs and make sure their not fighting please, and bring them down If their ready” Derek asked, taking Lydia by surprise, she had never been up the stairs and now she knew why.

Lydia didn’t reply, she just walked quickly up the stairs.

When she got to the top, she was surprised at how big it was, just as big as the bottom floor, an open space at the back and dead end hallways to her left and right. there was a black cabinet with an array of pictures. The one that caught her eye was one of Derek, a blonde woman and two babies.

It was a family photo, the girls were new-borns, both wrapped in pink blankets. Lydia couldn’t tell which twin was which. Derek was holding one, the little girls hand reached out and gripping her fathers thumb as he beamed at her as he stood beside a blonde girl in the hospital bed, who was holding the other twin, also beaming.

Derek looked young, not much older then sixteen, Lydia silently cooed at the thought of Derek tucking his toddlers in at night, but then the imagine of having to do it all alone struck her and she shivered, their mother was in every picture up until the girls looked four or five and that’s when the pictures contained Derek’s broken yet smiling face, trying to smile for his daughters.

She cleared her throat and continued walking. She knocked on the half open door half way down the corridor. “Yes” Eve said politely, sticking her head her with a smile. “Your dad asked me to come get you and your sister” she replied as Eve came out of her room, closing the door behind her.

“Olivia’s  room at the bottom of the corridor on that side” Eve told Lydia. “LIV” the blonde hollered with her hands cupped around her mouth, Olivia’s door swung open and she bolted out, Lydia almost missed her, she jumped up, RKO'ing Eve, only to get up and bolt down the stairs yelling. “OLIVIA 8, EVE 6”

Eve then chased after her sister, both yelling and fighting about god knows what.


The next time any of the pack saw the twins was when the started school the next month, and Scott often caught Olivia in the nick of time, she wasn’t one to back down from a fight. One day though, he hadn’t been lucky enough to get there before the fight started and caught her in the middle of a large group of students, more than half boys, who were a fair bit bigger than her, trying to fight her from different angles.

“What’s the big deal here” Stiles asked her tried to push through the students who were blocking the way to his next class. “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT” people were chanting, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Isaac and Stiles began trying to push through.

That’s when they saw Olivia. “HEY, leave her alone” Scott yelled over the chanting as he burst into the middle. “Scott, Don’t” Isaac tried to insist, knowing what him standing up for her could do for the bullies that wanted to fight her at every chance.

“Scott, it’ll make it worse” Isaac whispered to the alpha, who sighed and grabbed Olivia’s upper arm, dragging her out of the circle and into an empty classroom.

“Derek’s coming to pick you two up” he sighed, gesturing to Eve who had just walked into the room.  “I had to tell him about all the close calls too” he added with another sigh. Making Olivia’s head snap up. “Hey!” She exclaimed, her firsts curling into right fists. “They were making run of me! I just stood up for myself! I defended myself” she almost yelled, calming down slightly when Eve out a hand on her shoulder.

“She’s right Scott, she was just defending herself” Eve joined in, coming to the defence of her twin. “He was she really” another voice jumped in before Scott could open his mouth. Both Olivia and Eve gulped. “The school phoned me and told me you’ve been staring fights since the day you stepped foot in this school” he chuckled dryly. Olivia had tears in her eyes. “They were saying really bad stuff Dad! Come on, you know I wouldn’t start fights intentionally” she tried to convince her father of the truth but he was having none of it.

“Derek their telling-” Scott was cut off by Derek, “Lies. Their telling Lies”

“She’s right dad!” Eve pipped up as she turned around to face her father and sided with her sister.“ohhh” Derek breathed, “don’t dig yourself too deep Eve, your not in my good books right now either, your not much different to your sister, both of you, home now” he ordered, turning a beaconing for the twins to follow.

“Hey Hale” one kid called as the twins followed Derek out of the school. Olivia winced, hoping her father hadn’t heard, he acted like he didn’t.

Derek had heard loud and clear, he kept walking, but still listening closely because deep down, he knew his daughters might have been telling the truth. “Don’t ignore me, Olivia” he pressed, Derek’s eyes flickered to see who it was that was calling out for his daughter,  catching sight of a boy much bigger and obviously older than Olivia and Eve.

“I said don’t ignore me” he yelled as he grabbed the back of Olivia’s hair, causing her to react and throw a punch to his nose and allow the blood to flow freely from it.

The boy helped and one of his friends came at you, just before his fist came down on you, Derek hand caught his arm. He flashed his glowing red alpha eyes and the boys eyes widened, he scattered off, terrified of what he just saw.

He held out his hand to help Olivia up and put his arm around her shoulder, his other arm around Eve’s as he heard the pack talking with the bullies in the background.

“If I ever catch you talking to them again, I’ll make sure you regret being born” Isaac threatened, flashing his eyes at the group of boys. “Understood” Scott growled. They nodded vigorously, “y-yes w-we understand” they gulped before running off as fast as their legs could carry them.

“Now” Derek started. “ time to take my girls out and try to make up for not believing you”

When the night ended, both Olivia and Eve were curled up, squished between different pack members as Derek kissed their foreheads and draped blankets over their sleeping bodies, whispering a quiet goodnight, “sleep tight little angles, I love you both so much”

I have grown tired of trembling
through the dirt of you, digging
to find the pieces burned in the
process of loving you.

I have grown tired of this empty,
of scarring my lips into your symphony
to leave me singing out of tune.

You can only swallow the salt
for so long, before the hunger
begins to grow.


R E G I N A ( rə-JEEN-ə ) Latin name meaning “queen.” Your parent had difficulties conceiving. Thus when you were born, healthy and screaming for all the world, they set a crown upon your head. Your parents’ heiress, they named you as they would have a son: after your father, Reginald. You were royalty and you were raised to act as such. Prim, proper, and ever the lady, you grew your hair out to fit your crown. Your mother loved to comb your hair, dress you up, treat you like a princess doll. Your father glued you to his side, determined to pass on his legacy. But you have always been a queen and queens are not meant to be ruled. You are your own ruler and conqueror and your body and life are yours to do with what you please. You are the queen, not the pawn. While once you believed in the blood supremacy that your parents preached, you leave your parents’ kingdom to build your own. You become Reggie and you find that you like her. Reggie is all that a queen should be independent, regal, commanding, steady, someone who always looked forward and upward rather than down. Reggie answers to no one other than herself. The most powerful piece on the board, you can move in any direction that you choose. 

M A R G A R E T ( MAHR-gə-rit ) English name meaning “pearl.” Your mother chose your middle name not only for its traditional sound, but also you were the precious gem of your family. You were a prize and you were pampered accordingly. But you were never meant to be a jewel that your parents could dangle to show off. You have always fancied yourself to be more of a diamond with the way that you shine, but the more that you grow, the more closely that you resemble a pearl. You may have began entrapped in a clam where it was suffocating, but once you broke free, you were beautiful.  A pearl symbolizes womanhood, purity, and spiritual transformation. Feminine is a characteristic that you embrace with pride, but never have you let anyone think that it makes you weak. You are girl almighty, you are woman, and you aren’t afraid to crush anyone beneath your heal. Women are love and you stand with them. Pure is a word that was once used to describe you, your blood pristine and dripping with magic. When pureblood was replaced with blood traitor, you began to understand that your previous beliefs were stained with dirt. Rolling in the mud with those that were considered beneath you didn’t bring a hum of betrayal through your veins, but instead warmed what for so long had been cold. You morphed into someone who’s brightest pearls were stitched into your heart rather than etched onto your expensive, designer clothes. You transformed. You became

M U L C I B E R ( MULL-sih-ber ) English surname meaning “ smelter.” A smelter extracts metal, but you have always been metal. You are not your family’s to shape and mold. If they had their way, you would have been like the Mulcibers before you: a weapon for destruction. When you began your journey, you walked a path that made your parents proud. Sorted into Slytherin, just like the rest. A master of the Unforgiveables, just like the rest. One day, you looked in the mirror, and you resolutely decided that you didn’t want to be like the rest of them. You weren’t afraid to hurt others, but you didn’t see how it was necessary to destroy others to get what you want. You were better than that, more than that, and you didn’t hesitate to prove it. No longer your mother’s doll, you shaved off your hair and with that initial cut, you took your first step and severed the bonds that kept you down. The most power you ever felt was when you learned how to say No. You were not lost but found by a family that took you in and made you their own. This was the family that you would do anything to protect. You wanted to make them and yourself proud of who you were. You lost your parents, their fortune and inheritance, but you gained your whole life. Your journey was no fall from grace; it was a leap to freedom. 

Never Been Kissed: 5SOS Kids

“Okay, that was good! I think the second song could use a bit more work, but I’m wiped out!” Jett exclaimed.

He had worked an excessive shift after school that Friday afternoon and working on music took a lot of energy from the teen.

“I’m gonna go shower. Jack, you staying over?” Jett questioned from the doorway.

Jack was in the midst of placing his guitar into its case when he turned to face his best friend.

“Yeah, why not.” He replied as he slammed the case shut.

“Cool.” Jett responded promptly before dragging his feet up the stairs.

Jack was fiddling with the locks on his case when he overheard a small yawn and suddenly remembered there had been a third presence in the room.

“Are we boring you, Lark?” Jack teased with that smile of his that could turn any girl’s knees to Jell-O.

Lark shook her head of curls vigorously from side to side.

“No, no, not at all. I just…I guess I’ve had a long day too.” She explained as Jack moved to sit beside her.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

Lark wasn’t sure why she suddenly felt she could confide in her brother’s best friend. His brown stare was comforting instead of invasive; which is how she felt underneath just about any other male’s stare.

“It’s really lame…but…no, nevermind, forget it.” Lark mumbled, looking away as her face flushed red.

Lark. Come on, you can tell me!” He insisted.

Lark’s baby blues scanned his sincere expression.

“Alright, but you can’t laugh at me!” She said, sternly pointing a finger in his direction.

Jack held up both hands as if in complete surrender.

“I’m starting to think I’ll never be kissed…” Lark confessed, glancing downward and holding her breath as she waited for a response.

“Lark, that’s crazy. You’ll be kissed.” He assured.

“But what if I’m not?” She whispered in return, her voice weak as tears brimmed her lovely eyes.

“You will be. You’re the kind of girl that guys like us write songs about, Lark…you’ll get a kiss.” He replied, softly smiling at the shy redhead.

“Right.” She replied, with a roll of her eyes.

“I’m about a day away from just finding any random guy on the street, kissing him, and running away.”

“Well, you shouldn’t rush it. I mean, my first kiss was just awful. It was awkward and messy and just…yeah, not good.” Jack confided as Lark giggled at the thought of Jack Hemmings having anything but a smooth encounter with any girl.

“And I mean, it really should be all those things, you know? I mean your first anything is gonna be awkward, there’s just no way to avoid that, but I think it makes it better if it’s with someone who actually cares about you. Or that’s what I hear anyway.” Jack said, with a slight shrug.

Lark bit into her bottom lip.

All of the Irwin children desired a love like their parents. A love where one would bring home flowers every so often, or cook the other’s favorite meal. One where they were always the first person they went to for advice and the only person they ever wanted to sleep beside and wake up to. One where they would do anything and everything to see the other smile and “fights” lasted a matter of minutes before they were back in each other’s arms with whispered apologies and confessions of love.

Lark knew that Jack wasn’t the boy who would bring her flowers, and was probably the last person she would consider going to for advice, and a fight with Jack lasted days at the least; that much had been proven. But Lark also knew that Jack cared for her. Even if it was only in the ‘best friend’s little sister’ way.

Jack seemed to have the same thought swirling around his head as he proposed quietly, “You know…I could be your first kiss, if you want.”

Lark’s heart started to race and madly beat against her chest as she nodded her head. Jack moved in close; so close that she could smell the intoxicating mixture of sweat and cologne that was his scent and so close that he could clearly make out each freckle on her face. He leaned in just a bit further, after flicking his eyes to hers and finding them closed in preparation, and touched his lips to hers.

Jack had been right. It felt awkward. At first, Lark had no idea what to do with her lips or her hands or the overwhelming feeling of butterflies taking flight inside of her stomach, but Jack was a good coach. His lips gently massaged hers and his hands moved to delicately hold her face. Lark sighed into his mouth briefly before reconnecting their lips. She leaned her body into his, feeling comfortable at last. He gently pried her mouth open with his tongue and Lark stiffened. He pulled back and smiled, his hands leaving her face to anxiously run through his hair.

“Sorry, might have gotten a little carried away there.” He laughed.

Lark swallowed thickly.

“No, it’s okay!”

It was, in fact, far better than okay.

“Are you okay?” He wondered, his brown eyes falling to meet her stare.

“Yeah! I’m-I’m good.” Lark spoke, trying to hide the smile that was fighting to pull at her lips.


Jack smiled and stood up. He crossed the room to grab his guitar in its case and headed for the door, but not without throwing Lark one final smile over his shoulder.

As she watched him leave, a thought made her giggle with delight.

Jack Hemmings may not be the boy to bring a girl flowers, but damn is he a good kisser.