it’s not that d&d “can’t write women,” ok? can we stop pretending?? they’ve made it perfectly clear that they HATE women. the rape scenes, the out of nowhere sexual assault, the pitting of women against each other…and now, they’ve turned one of the only women they’ve done a decent job with (arya) into someone superficial and mean. they hate femininity so much they’re making sure popular characters, like sansa’s damn family, target her for it. it’s disgusting and exhausting and I don’t have any more time for people acting like these showrunners don’t BLATANTLY HATE WOMEN

I don't even know why I thought of this...

But like, imagine Dream Daddy omegaverse AU. Where like, all of the dads are Alphas (maybe Damien’s a Beta) and are all just kind of chilling. But then your Dadsona shows up, the first Omega in like forever at the cul-de-sac and all of a sudden the Dads are trying to impress you.

-Brian would be fairly competitive with the other dads in order to win your affection, often one upping them in things and showing off parenting skills.

-Craig and you have known each other long enough that you two would just chill out and talk, with a little minor flirting from Craig.(maybe even showing off muscles)

-Mat would attempt to serenade you, but would be super shy about it, maybe a concert date so that he could be near you and ‘protect’ you from other Alphas.

-Hugo would try to win you over with his knowledge and ways of parenting, even offering to lend you a hand or two with things if you helped him out.

-Joseph would ask you to help out with some events to lure you in, even try to seduce you if it comes down to it. In the end he would just stay with Mary and leave you be for the others.

-Damien would try to win you over with poetry and lovely bouquets of flowers, wanting you to feel like a Prince or someone of high class when around him.

-Robert would pretend not to care when you first meet, though would try and out the moves on you at the bar. Going on dates with him would show that he actually cares about the omega class and wants you safe.


-Mary is the Alpha female of the cul-de-sac and constantly watches the shenanigans that go down with the alphas trying to win your affection.

-Amanda is a Beta female and enjoys poking fun at you for now being the 'Desired Omega’.

Imagine Loki having to study his magic on different realms, when he is on Alfheim, the master wielder has a daughter who has little time for a cocky Aesir prince with ideas of grandeur and self-importance. The more Loki tries to suggest he is someone of note, the more she puts him in his place, as well as commenting that he will never achieve greatness because seidr requires humility to work truly with its wielder. After a time, he realises the feeling in the pit of his stomach when he sees her is not hatred or contempt, but a far more terrifying emotion, love. 


Finally! This is my watercolor painting done specially for @supernaturalartbook ! It portrays Claire and Alex at Radiohead’s concert. Remember Jody mentioned it?
I just came back from my vacation, and the book had been already waiting for me at the post office. It’s been such a long way for the SPN Artbook crew, S3, to create this… So much work, patience and passion! And the result is absolutely terrific. My endless gratitude for making this project real  ❤️  And I’m so much honored to be a part of this, to be in the list of 200 wonderful artists from all around the world. Gosh, that’s beautiful.


Father!Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader 

Warning: Angst 


Summary: The reader makes an effort to hang out with her father (Dean) by buying a pair of his favorites band tickets but it turns out Dean would rather go with the readers older brother (Jr.) rather than her. 

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Growing up in a house full with boys wasn’t always easy yet I wouldn’t change it for the world, but being the only girl did mean that I was left out in some activities that “only guys would understand”. 

I wouldn’t have minded it much if only it didn’t have a big impact on the amount of time I spent with my father, Dean. 

Right now was one of those times where I wish that something would change in mine and my fathers relationship. 

I’ve been saving up money to pay for tickets for my dads favorite band that were coming into town and I had to cancel plans with my best friend, which she wasn’t happy about, but I’ve been waiting to spend time with my dad which I haven’t done since you were young. 

“Hey Sammy!” I say walking into the kitchen with a hop in my step. 

“Someone’s happy this morning,” Sam replies, mirroring the bright smile on my face. 

“Oh nothing, I just bought two front seat tickets to Dads favorite band!” I squeal, jumping in happiness. 

“Really? That’s amazing. Wait, I thought you hated Deans taste in music." 

"Oh I do. It’s just that Dad and I haven’t hung out in a while because he’s always hanging out with you or Jr. and I thought maybe this will, I don’t know, be a memory we’ll be able to make together,” I finish off with a small smile, looking at the ground. 

“He’ll love it (Y/N),” Sam says, also giving me a small smile back. 

After mine and Sam talk, I found out that Dean and your brother were actually out and won’t be back until later that evening. 

The minute that they walk through the door, I, as usual, gave both my brother and Dad a hug. Backing up, I look at my dad, not being able to hold in my excitement any longer. 

“Guess what Dad! I was able to score two front row tickets to you’re favorite band! I thought maybe both of us can go. It starts at 8." 

"Wow (Y/N) that amazing.” He says, bringing me into another hug. Sam walks into the living room seeing me and Dean hugging and he smiles. 

“I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go get the tickets from my room.” Running up the stairs I burst into my room and quickly grab them from my desk and turned to run back to the living room. 

“Maybe you should come with me Jr., (Y/N) won’t even like the concert,” I heard my Dad say. 

I slowed down and quietly inch my way towards the living room entrance. 

“I don’t know Dad. You saw the look on her face, she’s really excited.” I smile softly, hearing Jr. try to decline. Him and I have always been close and he always protected me from anything that even looked a little dangerous. 

He’s my big brother. 

“I know but I just don’t think that me and your sister will have a good time if it were the both of us and besides you love this band,” Dean pleads. 

And that’s when I knew that I would never have the type of relationship that I wanted with my Dad. That it’ll never be like his and Jrs. 

I wipe away the tears that spilled onto my cheeks and fan my eyes and plaster a fake smile onto my face. 

“Dean, you need to go with (Y/N) she’s been feeling li-” I cut off Sam as I walk back into the living room, with a smile on my face. 

“Hey Dad, I completely forgot that I was suppose to hang out with Diana tonight and you know how she gets when I cancel plans on her. I’m sorry but I can’t go, maybe you can take Jr. with you,” I force every word out my mouth, my heart breaking more and more as I talk. 

“Oh, that’s okay Sweetheart we can do something tomorrow, just you and me. How does that sound?” I force another smile, nodding my head ‘yes’ but I knew he’d forget and end up hanging out with Jr. or Sam. Just like he did every time.  

“Yeah. Anyway, here you go,” I say, holding out the tickets for him to take. I stare at the tickets and let go of the tight grip I had on it when my Dads hands come in vision and takes the tickets. 

“I’m gonna head upstairs and take a little nap before I go out.” I say, turning around and ignoring the confused look Sam gave me and the excitement on my Dads face as he looks at the tickets. 

“Wow, front row. You know-” I shut and slide down my room door and drown out my Dads voice. I shut me eyes and silently let the tears that I’ve been trying so hard to not let go finally out. 

After a while I pick myself up and drop myself onto my bed. I pick up the phone and click on Diana’s contact number and wait for her to answer her phone. 

“Um, hey Diana, sorry I cancelled on you earlier, yeah, no everything’s okay. I was just wondering if you’re still on for tonight? Oh, you can’t. No, that’s okay, you don’t have to cancel on your dad, you should hang out with him. Yeah, okay. Bye.” I hang up, throwing my phone next to me and lay down on my bed. 

“So much for having plans tonight.” I whisper to myself, hugging my pillow to my chest.

How You Met Peter

Summary: This is how I envision Tony Stark’s daughter meeting Peter Parker.

Warnings: None.


A/N: I imagine Y/N Stark being clumsy and a tad disorganized, but I think Peter thinks it’s adorable and she’s easy to love.

“So then I looked over at Steve, right?-” Your amplified voice boomed through the tower, “And I was all like; ‘Ya GoT ThAT rIGhT!’” You beamed.

“Wow.” Tony said blankly.

“And then-”

“Heyyyyy, Mr.. Stark….”

Peter’s voice trailed off when he saw you

You met eyes for a moment, before you broke the silence, “Holy shit.”

Peter motioned behind him, where you once were. He looked at Tony, trying to think of something to say.

Tony sighed when he heard a loud crash coming from the hallway, followed by an, “I’m okay!’


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harry hook imagine; dance hall days

•before they were sent to the isle, his dad would always play 80s music when they were sailing
•because of this harry will occasionally play some if his favorites on the ship
•when he thinks no one is watching he’ll start dancing around, jumping and climbing over everything while singing along loudly
•what he doesn’t know is that you’re sitting up in the crow’s nest watching his every move
•you wait until a duet comes on and start singing whichever part harry wasn’t as you make your way down to the deck
•he’s super embarrassed at first, but when he realizes that you’re having just as much fun as he is he starts to sing along again
•you two end up dancing together even as people start to notice
•everyone else starts to dance too which makes harry even more embarrassed but he brushes it off when he sees how much fun everyone is having
•uma acts annoyed but she secretly loves it
•they start having 80s dance parties much more often