ok, consider this: izumi’s daughter and wei beifong

i know bryke wanted to pair her with mako, and i like the ship, but what if she met wei and they end up falling in love? i love the twins, especially wei, and i love izumi’s daughter - even though we don’t know anything about her. i think i love the idea of her character. 

i have this headcanon where ursa (that’s my name for her) is opal’s best friend. it works for both ways, if she dates mako or wei - with mako they would hang out all the time cause opal dates bolin, and they are brothers. in wei’s case opal would be the one to introduce them. i like to think that she invites ursa to go to zaofu with her, and when they get there, wei is playing power disc with wing. ursa is like all impressed and wei is embarrased cause he’s very sweaty

they spend a lot of time together during the time she stays in zaofu, it’s kinda hard when she needs to leave. wei talks to opal, he ask her to bring ursa more often, and then she realizes they like each other. opal starts to ursa about wei, and to wei about ursa. opal’s is their angel and she’s SO happy when they finally announce they’re together

su and izumi think their relationship is the cutest thing. iroh, opal, wing and huan went out to dinner with ursa and wei to celebrate it. and of course it would be sooo cute to see toph teasing zuko about those two. in my head zuko is very protective over his grandchildren - his whole family, actually - and he gets kinda………hm okay……. when ursa tells him about wei. toph loves it. in the end, zuko ends up loving wei, he thinks he’s such a good boy

so that’s it! i still like ursa x mako, but ursa x wei is so cute. love my little headcanon that brings together my two favorite families from tlok <3

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“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 

― William W. Purkey

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My Angel

Pairing: Jared x daughter!Reader, the entire Supernatural Family

Word Count: 1.8k of pure angst

Warnings: ANGST. ALL THE FREAKING ANGST. swearing, childhood cancer, death of a major character

A/N: Holy shit am I sorry about this one. I actually cried multiple times whilst writing this. This is the fifth, and last fic for Angst Appreciation Day. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me. Also HUGE shoutout to @iputthesininbuisness. They beta’d ALL of my fics for AAD and they probably hate me.

Based off of: Angel by Sarah McLachlan


You were surrounded by people.

Your Uncle Jensen and Aunt Danneel and their kids. Your Uncle Misha and Aunt Vicki with their kids. Your dad. Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah with their children.

You were surrounded by people you love.

Right now, Jensen and his friend Jason Manns were singing your favorite song from their album, Simple Man.

Tears were in everyone’s eyes including your own as you smiled softly to their melody.

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Careless Whisper (NSFW)

Rating: M
Words: 2,084
Summary: My submission to @thesecondsealwrites‘ Sex, Laughter, Honesty Week 2017. (Also some apologetic fluffy-silly-smut to make up for the angst bomb I dropped earlier this week.) Set in my Sing With Me AU. 
RIP George Michael.

The door felt weighted against Cullen’s tired shoulders as he leaned his way into their apartment. Study sessions proved to be intellectually stimulating, but long hours of reiteration took their physical toll when preceded by a full day of classes. He carted several scholarly journals and textbooks under his arm: Critical comments on music and music education therapy; Educating Musically; The New Handbook of Music Pedagogy and Learning in preparation for upcoming exams. Regardless, he wouldn’t trade his new academic pursuit for the world on a platter.

Griffon had succumbed to sleep long before he got there, or else the gargantuan canine would have assaulted him in ecstatic glee before he’d fully stepped inside. Instead, he lazily opened one eye and gave him a chuff of greeting before adjusting himself around Neb’s cat—their cat. He’d never imagined his adult life would bring him one pet, let alone two. Watching them curled on their shared pillow in slumber made him envious.

Exhaustion pulled at him, summoned him down the hall that seemed to stretch farther with every step he took. He dropped his school bag behind the couch next to Neb’s purse. And shoes. And sweater. And…teacup? The woman was a fantastical paradox of both overwhelmingly ordered and unfathomably unkempt. Layers of her clothing often scattered the floor, yet he could guarantee her record collection was sorted alphabetically, always. He didn’t mind the extra pickup. If anything, it became part of his meditative morning ritual, in between a lengthy run and brewing a pot of pekoe.

Admittedly, he’d often played a hand in all that strewn apparel, anyway—and her glowingly satisfied expression afterward, if he felt especially vain.

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