if you ever read a document on barebones game design, the first question seems to always be “why will your game be different from the other ones?” and i feel like this too often would discourage people from doing what they wanna do because they believe they need to do a novelty idea never done before, like portal, or gunpoint, or trine, and its not really about that. it could be just great atmosphere and really solid feeling gameplay that drags people in. adding forced novelty mechanics in an attempt to stand out can very often lead to just boring and/or tedious minigames if done wrong.

nothing never-heard before was added to dark souls that made it famous. nothing was changed when it comes to the classic “youre a knight or an adventurer or whatever, theres huge monsters, you can use magic or swords or axes” formula. it was the solid fighting mechanics and the lore and atmosphere altogether that kept it afloat. 


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Speedpaint-3 hours. If you want to see the hourly progress shots I posted them here

Some fan art of Artorias the Abysswalker from Dark souls. I cant rave enough about the pitch perfect design direction of darksouls,  but I also might have a severe soft spot for shade faced, Armour clad, abyss gargling characters. I’m bias, so sue me.

Character © From software, image © me