When you’re in the middle of reading a really emotional scene but someone tries to talk to you

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Milky way above Iridescent glowing ocean, El Salvador


lit meme: The Blackthorns

We’re a  g o o d  f a m i l y. You would like us if you knew us.
There’s me - I’m going to be a detective.  
There is Livvy, my twin, who can fence.
And Drusilla, who loves everything scary.
And Tavvy, who like stories read to him.  
There is Mark, who is part faerie. He’s an excellent cook.
There is Helen, who was exiled to guard the wards, but not because she did anything wrong.
And Emma, who isn’t a Blackthorn but is like our extra sister anyway.
And there is Jules. You might know him the best. He is the one who takes care of us all. He is the reason we’re all okay and still together. I don’t think he knows we know that, but we do. Sometimes he might tell us what to do or not listen, but he would do anything for any of us.