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Hello! I'm making a justice league war wonder woman costume. But I haven't the slightest idea on how to make the bottoms of it. Would you have any advice? Thanks a ton <3.

Cata: I found a cosplayer who made this outfit and they mentioned they altered a leotard.

If you’re making things from scratch, here are some commercial patterns.

And some general bodysuit tutorials:

Also check out the Dangerous Ladies’ and their help section on spandex (ctrl-F or scroll down):

For the metal belt bit, you can either make it as a separate thing that goes around your waist (EVA foam and/or worbla would be good for this) or as an applique piece. Ultimately, it depends on the look you want. If you want all the armor bits to match, pieces that attach on separately might be the best.

And as always, fellow cosplayers with more experience sewing with spandex/bodysuits/superhero outfits/etc., please chime in!

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When Azula says "You're both fools!" ughhh it hurts because theres sadness and pain in her voice even then

This is definitely my other number one heart-wrenching moment. Azula just didn’t see it coming. And this is a girl who meticulously plotted out every detail during the Fall of Ba Sing Se and the Day of the Black Sun. 

She just couldn’t comprehend why they would ever betray her. What could force them to such foolishness? Not only was Azula powerful and dangerous and heir to the throne of the Fire Nation, but she made Mai and Ty Lee legends. The three of them conquered Ba Sing Se together. They ended the war together. They came home together and were heroes. And they threw it all away. And for what? Zuko? Her vastly inferior brother who was banished by their father for his blatant display of disrespect? Her brother who betrayed her and started a RIOT in a maximum security prison after she went through all the trouble of helping him restore his honor and not leaving him in an anonymous pile of angst in the Earth Kingdom? Her brother, who was not as smart, not as talented, and yet somehow still managed to get the love of their mother and their uncle and their friends in spite of all his shortcomings?

What could possibly make her friends betray her like that? It can’t be because Zuko is so good because all evidence shows that he isn’t

Then logic dictates that it must be because Azula is so bad. 

Just like what her mom used to say.

OK but imagine Lance having his ipod in the Castle of Liions and regularly playing music from his room and it just becomes this regular thing to hear music winding down the hallways from his room

But imagine Keith walking in and being greeted with the spectacle of Lance dancing around in his boxers to dangerous love or single ladies or something completely ridiculous and he doesn’t see Keith immediately but when he does he lets out this shriek of surprise and grabs a towel to cover himself for some reason basically acting like some victorian lady being caught in the nude and the normally serious Keith is just gone, holding onto the doorway for support, tears streaming down his face, unable to breath because holy shit he is gonna hold this above Lance for the rest of his life


Cosplay progress!

Today Lucy and I went to her mum’s place and she helped us make tails. Mine is so long and amazing

Plus I now have an almost complete pair of olive green thigh highs (that will be cut down to just over the knee because this skirt is too long for thigh highs and Meulin’s aren’t that long anyway). I’ve still got to cut them down and sew in the elastic but that’ll have to wait until I can get some decent scissors (my edges are a mess right now)

I followed a tutorial by the dangerous ladies and they didn’t turn out perfectly but I don’t care because I made them and before today I’d never machine sewn anything (aside from a few lines on an old sheet)


The last Otakon in Baltimore was absurdly hot and humid so full armor was probably not the best idea but whoops we did it anyway! Didn’t even bother going over to the inner harbor but we had a good time all the same. 

We had the very excellent opportunity to meet and hang out with so many impressive cosplayers at the Bioware meetup like @missbirb @the-crazzy-one @crimsonhawkecosplay and @safetytank and may have even peeped @dangerous-ladies waiting for the Fire Emblem meetup but we weren’t super sure :3c

We are very excited to make the move to DC next season !! :)

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find @dangerous-ladies all weekend. But I did run into @toastheaven, and it was lovely to meet you! I also happened upon another cosplayer who used my idea for her Oboro leggings, which is decidedly gratifying.

So, absentee shoutout to Jenn for highlighting my work and for all you and the squad do for the cosplay community. ;_; Someday I’ll get to meet you and express my thanks in person!

I’m so sorry this picture is questionable at best. RIP my phone’s camera. You looked amazing!!


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List 5-10 (or more!) things your muse has on them at all times- whether it’s in their pockets, their wallet, their bag, etc..
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  1. Old People Candy™
  2. Pain meds
  3. teeny and easily accessible weapons, usually kunai or shuriken
  4. crochet hook + yarn
  5. cash
  6. protein bars
  7. eye drops
  8. A bracelet Rin gave her
  9. lighter (sometimes cigarettes too)

Cata: I’m taking a break from Undyne to make a prop I’ve wanted to make for awhile; Mami Tomoe’s rifle from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I don’t plan on cosplaying Mami so it’ll be a display piece.

The pattern is from @dangerous-ladies. You can find the pattern at the link below:

I sized the pattern up 190% because I wanted a fairly realistic sized rifle. The current pattern is 46 1/2″ long. By comparison, real rifled muskets are 55-60″ long. Once I add the barrel, the total length will be around 56″. 

The stock is Sintra. I traced it out, rough cut it with a jigsaw, then did some rough sanding to get the shape. I’ll be sandwiching EVA foam around the Sintra and then shaping everything. Since the barrel will provide support for the rest of the rifle, I don’t need to build a supporting core and can use three layers of EVA foam for the rest of the rifle.