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What's in your purse?

Prompt: Question Spangly Tuesday

Here’s my fuggin’ purse

Here’s a picture of the contents: 

  • My house key on a key fob with like eight million other keychains and exactly ONE KEY on it only
  • A Change Purse
  • A Wallet
  • A Dance with Dragons by George R R Martin 
  • Deoderant 
  • Two of the exact same skull ring
  • French Lavendar Body Spray
  • The Receipt from my breakfast at Dunkin Donuts today
  • 3 Rubber Ducks
  • An Orange #5 Pool ball that was attached to a keychain but fell off
  • Kettle Corn Seasoning 
  • A Smashed Penny from Myrtle Beach that I got for xinvinciblesummer’s brother
  • An Orange Plastic Ring I won out of a claw machine 
  • A Pen
  • Dramamine
  • Advil
  • Nasal Spray
  • Eye Drops
  • Body Lotion that my dad stole from a hotel that smells like tea leaves
  • A Wrist Brace
  • Nerve Tonic
  • 2 Emergency Pads (it should be noted that the blowfish change purse is stuffed with five panty liners too) 
  • Two Hard LifeSavers flavored Orange and Green Apple
  • Exactly Five Avengers Bandaids
  • A Pair of Sunglasses

LoK: The Dancing Dragon, Mark II  by May-Romance


I’ve just been madly working on my first huge painting in six months whilst juggling my new job. :’D Anyway, even though I know it will never happen, I’ve always loved the idea of Iroh II paying a visit to the Sun Warriors and undergoing the judgement of the dragons. In my headcanon, it’s probably something Grandpa Zuko told him stories about all throughout his childhood, and at some point much later in his life, he finally decides he’s ready to undergo the same experience. Perhaps he waited for quite some time, unsure if he would be worthy as his grandfather once was… 

In hindsight, the pose I chose for Iroh isn’t the most indicative of the Dancing Dragon, but it was the easiest to translate into a well-constructed image… :’D

Anyway, I have other paintings in the works, my lovelies! Not sure I can keep painting non-stop on the weekends, though… this one took me at least two entire days! 

Sokka: Yeah, that’s a great dance you two learned there.
Zuko: It’s not a dance, its a firebending form.
Sokka: We’ll just tap dance our way to victory over the fire lord.
Zuko: It’s a sacred form that happens to be thousands of years old!
Katara: *mockingly* Oh yeah? Well, what’s your little form called?
Zuko: *hesitates* …The Dancing Dragon.

S3EP13 - The Firebending Masters 


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