Order #11

Setting: Inverted Ten of Pentacles

You lived in a time where the government stuck too heavily to the path of tradition.  The old ways had worked for a long period of time but they refused to change course even when staring down catastrophic misfortunes to the economy and land.  Financial misfortune shook every household, even the upper class society took a hit although they still lived comfortably

Personality/Morals: Inverted Six of Pentacles

You were a frivolous sort and very used to getting your way.  Even after the heavy financial blow, you threw around money as if it were an infinite source.  I also think, based on this card that you were very self serving and cared little to what your actions would do to others.  You wanted to see yourself taken care of first and for most to the peak of comfort and everything else was secondary.

Career/Occupation: Page of Swords

You were in a family of some sort of aristocracy and the Ten of Pentacles mentioned above said something about old money.  This makes me think that you were born into your wealth and didn’t do much as far as work goes to earn it.  However, I do think that your family was trying to bring you in on the heavy politics that they were steeped in.

Love Life: Inverted Knight of Pentacles

You “dated” many people but it wasn’t through any particular attachment.  It was a status thing.  Because of this, you never really learned how to be in a relationship so to speak.  And because you often lived selfishly, you were slow in learning the things you needed to do to maintain a relationship.  Because of these factors, you lost the one person you truly came to have feelings for.

Education: The Empress

You were given a very good education, I think.  There were many opportunities and a lot of things that were shared with you.  I also think there was an emphasis on the arts as well.  Arts were greatly appreciated in this time and even taught you more of how to keep up a “show” in the political world.  Afterall, you can’t show all of your cards, you had to be charming.

Childhood: Inverted Eight of Pentacles

You had all the best tutors that money could buy.  The best food, the best home, the best clothes, toys.  Everything, really.  But your family often let all of these things be your baby sitter instead of taking on the role themselves.  And because all of the tutors and other people left to look after you never felt they could tell you “no” you grew to be entitled.

Main Theme: Inverted Five of Wands

Fighting.  Lots and lots of fighting.  But I think this comes more from political squabbling than actual fist fighting.  And I think you learned a lot of hard lessons from being in politics because this was the place where you finally had a lot of rejections, the lesson that you can’t always get what your want.  This didn’t sit well with you at first but you grew from it and matured because of it.

Biggest Challenge: Inverted Seven of Cups

Honestly, it was breaking free of your entitlement.  You had so much handed to you and so little of the things you had were earned that you came to expect that you automatically got what you wanted.  You also had to learn that money is a finite source and it wouldn’t just magically reappear.  It took a long time to overcome this but eventually you learned.  But it took a huge financial hit to you and your family to do it.

Death: Inverted Five of Pentacles

I think, towards the end of your life, you lost everything.  You literally became a beggar living on the street.  You had never gone hungry before and never even thought that there could be people who couldn’t afford to eat.  You withered away, starving until you died a terrible death in an alley, cold and alone.  It was not a pleasant way to go and I think, in your spirit, you decided that if you ever got another chance, you would be much kinder and do things a lot differently.

Order #3

Forgiveness: Letting go is such a challenging thing.  Sometimes we can hold in such negativity within us but not even know why.  In the case from this past life, that kind of death can leave a lasting impression.  This is a card that tells me you are holding yourself to impossible standards and you get mad when you fail to fulfill them.  I think this is rooted from how you were in this previous life, deep in your spirit and now you seem to feel that you have to make up for it all.  Let it go, you have grown and learned.  You can’t do much more than that.

Male-Female: This card indicates that you may have spent many life times as a different gender than what you are now.  This card speaks of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.  Now I can’t say if it’s specifically a gender dysphoria like the card implies but I DO think it hints at a poor self image.  A feeling of discomfort with who you are and how are are shaped.  Know that there is nothing wrong with you.

Karmic Relationship: (Yes I know that’s the improper use of the word but it’s what the card says)This card states that you have people from your previous life in it now.  An old familiarity may ring with people you may not know that well.  It’s also possible that you have yet to meet them.  However, I feel like I should say: Do not be hesitant to cut out toxic people no matter how familiar they feel.  You owe them nothing.  That being said, allow the good relationships to flourish, you may be able to even make up for past mistakes in your previous life.

Order #28

I see a deep sea dragon, a mighty beast of the depths.  There is a lot of misinformation about your breed.  Because of the mystery of the ocean, that alone is enough to stretch the tales that people have of you.  But you are also rarely seen and people tend to make of you a monster when in truth you are just shy.  You are a deep azure blue with mottles of stormy grey.  But because you tend to dwell in the deeper parts of the ocean where all is dark, you are littered with glowing lights across your scales.  The luminescent look suits you and adds even further to your mystery.

There are no wings to take you to the sky but you do have legs to carry you for the very rare instances you come to shore.  Sometimes you find a secluded beach and bask in the sun, after you have readjusted yourself to the brightness of the surface.  If anyone happens to spot you, however, you quickly retreat back into the sea.  Despite some of the terrifying tales about you there are some nice ones.  Mostly accounts from sailors that you have helped.  You have been known to be a guide through storms and have even kept boats from over turning in the violent seas.

You are a peaceful sort although should you be threatened, you will quickly retaliate to defend yourself.  Your size easily shadows boats and because of this there is not a creature in the ocean that is a threat to you.  However, because of your size and frightening appearance, there are plenty who have called you the Krakken or a Leviathan.  Called you monster.  But take comfort in one thing: there are those that you have helped that know the truth and while it may take some time, eventually others will know it as well.

Safe Travels

Sokka: Yeah, that’s a great dance you two learned there.
Zuko: It’s not a dance, its a firebending form.
Sokka: We’ll just tap dance our way to victory over the fire lord.
Zuko: It’s a sacred form that happens to be thousands of years old!
Katara: *mockingly* Oh yeah? Well, what’s your little form called?
Zuko: *hesitates* …The Dancing Dragon.

S3EP13 - The Firebending Masters 


Yongguk’s cute dance during crooked lmaooo 😍😍😂

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Daena Targaryen, The Defiant. 

Mother of the Blackfyre bastards, sister to Baelor the Blessed and Daeron, The Young Dragon. She was wild, strong and beautiful; a marvelous horsewoman, hunter and archer.