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- PewDiePie
- Smosh
- Dan Howell
- Phil Lester
- Taylor Swift
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- The Walking Dead
- Friends (TV SHOW)
- How I Met Your Mother
- Big Bang Theory
- Final Fantasy X
- Life Is Strange
- Tomb Raider
- Portal
- Frozen
- Tangled

Ok can we please have an AU where Dan is secretly a stripper, and Phil finds out without dan knowing, so one night of a show, Phil just shows up to Dan’s male strip club, and when dan comes on stage, Phil jumps on his chair and cheers and dan’s all like, “phil why are you here, phil please, phil stahp it” and Phil just sits there and orders food, asking for dan to be his waiter, and it is madatory for dan to ask if they want a lapdance, and phil FUCKING SHRUGS AND SAYS, “sure why not” and dan just kind of sits on him, and Phil awkwardly, but so casually, puts a twenty in dans pants, dan is shirtless fyi, and danis like, “Phil we live together, phil we need that for rent, phil why the hell would you do that” and whoever writes this just create an ending, but someone write it PLEASE i need a stripper!phan.

don’t reblog this, just read it pls and ty

i need all of yall’s opinions on which two fics i should write for the big bang. i have 4 ideas, but i’ve only signed up for two (i can only handle two omg) and i want to know what two fics you guys would prefer to read. i have full plots/outlines/summaries set up for each one (ready in case i changed my mind before we had to send summaries in), but i’m not gonna post them bc i don’t want anyone stealing my ideas, which i’ve worked very very hard on, and also bc i think that might be against the rules? i dunno

the options:

  1. Hogwarts/Harry Potter AU (Dan is Gryffindor and Phil is Ravenclaw)
  2. The Great Gatsby AU where Dan is Gatsby and Phil is Nick
  3. boarding school AU (where smth fishy is going on and it’s a long complicated plot line and magic and shit it’s a cool story idea)
  4. reality show AU where Dan and Phil are on a reality show along with a bunch of other youtubers

i want to make like a vote for which ones yall would want, cos i’m cool with all four of them and can write any, but i can only do two for the Big Bang. sooo message me with two numbers (1-4) based on which one you’d like to see be written! i need many second opinions on which would be best.

if you do, thank you so much! if not, that’s alright!

p.s. anon is off still, but all votes are privately answered unless you like have some feedback on smth in which case i’ll probably answer it publicly it all depends!

I remember one time I showed my mom and Dan and Phil video and immediately after it was done she asked if they were a couple


I made a 35 second long video of me and Dan singing The Llama Song, watch, like, subscribe etc