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hellooo. There's this one phanfic where one of them said they were participating at a LGBT panel at a convention and didn't realize it was a LGBT panel and had to pretend they were actually in a relationship and throughout the process, they fell in love? I don't exactly remember this phanfic's name or who's it by...Thank you anyway!!

Faking It/ What A Fucking Mess “The LGBT panel, you idiot! It’s not some free panel anyone can walk past and deem interesting enough to be staying for like my panel: it’s invite-only, and those who are, they are actually gay!” Dan makes the mistake of “outing” him and Phil on a live show after a misunderstanding, even when there’s nothing to “out”. What a fucking mess.


i hate this!!!!! i hate that only things like this show up in the drew monson tag!!!!! its not fair!!!!!!! drew deserves more appreciation and shouldnt be turned into a meme just to appreciate some other youtubers that have, can i say, plenty of appreciation!!!!!!! like an unbelievable amount!!!!!! stop it!!!!!! please stop it!!!!!!

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Dan really likes to show off his bf Phil

I mean if they were out and Dan was more into that it would so be something. Dan, for either his lack of familial support of societal pressures really hasn’t had the chance to have a stereotypically “funsies” relationship like that as in this situation as it’s a dude… And even though he may just not be into that I like to think that if it is something he could be apart of, he feels more comfortable expressing eventually. i thought a lot about drunk dan tonight and every time we see him he’s a little more camp, and I like to think he is a bit possessive and gets to show that side. maybe it’s the demon showing.


I made a 35 second long video of me and Dan singing The Llama Song, watch, like, subscribe etc