So a lot of people don’t really ever think about the whole story of Dan. How much he’s grown and changed. That sounds weird but I just wrote this to show how truly amazing Dan is.

Dan watching hours and hours of Youtube when he should be studying and doing homework.

Dan seeing a channel called “AmazingPhil” and clicking on one of his videos.

Dan quickly becoming obsessed with Phil. He tweets at him constantly and always is one of the first to comment on his videos.

Dan taking a gap year. He watches more and more Youtube, but AmazingPhil will always be his favorite channel.

And then, one day, it happens. Dan checks his phone and sees that Phil has finally replied to one of his tweets. Shock and happiness hit him, he feels dizzy with excitement. “He noticed me!” he keeps mumbling to himself.

Soon, Dan and Phil exchange numbers. They Skype a few nights a week. Dan wants to text and Skype Phil constantly, but he doesn’t want to seem too annoying. He still can’t believe that actual AmazingPhil is skyping him! Phil doesn’t seem to mind that Dan is a giant fanboy. In fact, he notices that Dan likes the same things as him: Muse, video games, and Pokemon (just to name a few).

Phil encourages Dan to give Youtube a try. It’s the last little push Dan needs. He’s already planned out the kind of videos he wants to make, he just needed someone to inspire him. He decides to call himself “danisnotonfire”.

Dan films his first video in secret. He speaks quietly so that his parents don’t hear him. Editing some of his “umms” out. He clicks the upload button. The only person he tells about his video is Phil. Phil is one of Dan’s first subscribers.

Of course, Dan’s videos don’t get a lot of views at first, but he keeps making them, hoping that maybe someday he might have close to as many people watching him as AmazingPhil.

Skype calls become longer and longer.

Then it’s early in the morning. Dan is nervous and jittery as he haphazardly straightens his hair. He chooses his outfit carefully, he wants to look especially good today. A few hours later, Dan and Phil meet in real life.

PINOF 1 follows a few weeks later.


Dan’s videos start to gain popularity. He is entering his second year of uni by now. He needs a flatmate. His friendship with Phil has grown and he decides to ask him to live together. Phil is surprised but agrees almost immediately. He thinks that Dan is funny, and they’re both Youtubers. It makes sense.

Phil introduces Dan to his other close internet friends: PJ and Chris. Dan is still a fanboy at heart. At first, he freaks out inside whenever PJ and Chris hang out with him and Phil. He can’t believe he is actually talking to crabstickz and kickthepj!

Everything is going pretty well for Dan.

Then, the existential crisis. 

It’s like a black wall of dark, deep questions and thoughts hit Dan square in the face. Sobbing uncontrollably on the floor at 3AM. He can’t take it anymore. He feels like he’d made the wrong decisions, and now it’s too late to go back and fix everything. He doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore. He decides to drop out of college.

All this time, Dan hasn’t given up on Youtube. He keeps posting his profoundly sarcastic videos.

Slowly over time, Dan’s existential crisis fades away. He travels to all sorts of Youtube conventions with Phil and continues to film his hilarious videos about rude people in cinemas and how not to survive school. And people love him. Whenever he goes outside to go shopping or people recognize him.

It feels weird for Dan to be the idol instead of the fanboy.

Then, one day, BBC calls Dan and asks him if he wants to do a (one-time) Christmas radio show with his friend Phil. He says “yes", of course, and he finally feels like he’s done something big. He grins to himself, a radio show on BBC, even if it’s just once. (Dan ends up doing this for two years :) 

Dan and Phil move together to London. And they’re not just internet friends anymore. They’re best friends- real life or online. They know each other’s secrets and little quirks. Phil knows that Dan ABSOULUTLY HATES spoilers and Dan knows the names of every single one of Phil’s houseplants and stuffed animals.

Soon, everything starts falling into place. The BBC offers them a WEEKLY RADIO SHOW and they take it. Dan starts to put a lot more effort into his videos and soon…

Dan reaches 1 MILLION subscribers.

Dan NEVER thought this would ever happen.

He couldn’t stop smiling for a week.

He was becoming one of the people he’d idolized just a few short years ago.


Three Years Later

Dan is happier than he has ever been. He has a job, a tour, a book, a gaming channel, and a best friend who he has gotten to travel the world with. Not to mention 6 MILLION subscribers on his main channel. 6 MILLION people who support him through everything he encounters. He has become the person he always wanted to be. He has gone so much farther than his teenage self could have ever imagined.

And Dan Howell has truly changed people’s lives.

Sometimes Dan thinks about what would have happened without Youtube. His life could have gone horribly wrong. He could be a person broken beyond repair. He looks over at Phil (actual AmzingPhil!), scrolling through Tumblr next to him on their couch. And the same dizzy, happy feeling he had the first time Phil ever tweeted him comes back. 

He can’t believe that this is his life.


A/N- So last night I wrote a post for Phil. Tonight I thought that I would write something for Dan. I feel like Dan is underrated in a different way than Phil. I’m sorry that his post is so long. I didn’t really know what to write but eventually this is what I settled on. It’s not quite the same as what I wrote for Phil but I hope you liked it :)

blurry-dan  asked:

i have not been on the internet for some time, please explain to me what happened with dan and painting his nails? im confused

he painted his nails and he looks really pretty