There’s a mural that I find incredibly intriguing. It shows up in a few places, but caught my eye in the wyvern cave in Crestwood - mainly because there were so many other paintings there, and this one seemed so ominous by comparison:

So we have what may be ancient elves turning away from this thing in the center - maybe in fear, maybe in despair, maybe some combination. What’s interesting though is that center object or entity. The top bit looks like a grey warden helmet - single eye slit and some winged decoration. The “body” though could be the entity’s mass, or a shield.

But then I noticed something when increasing the size of the image:

There’s red along the lower part of the “helmet” and at the top of the shield or body. 

Now, the part of me that wants to toss this up as some joke wonders if this is some Monty Python Black Knight easter egg. But considering how prevalent the murals are throughout the maps, and how creepy this looks in general, it’s probably something far more horrific and morbid.

Too early for Wardens though - so perhaps that which inspired the Wardens design aesthetic? And if so, what was it? Is this symbolic of Tevinter - that which was said to have severed the elves from who they were, and crushed their thriving civilization? Is this indicative of the transformation of the elves, when they began to lose their immortality? Is it symbolic for their separation from the pantheon? Or, of the war that waged within and between themselves?

Or - is this some image of a Forgotten One, a figure from the elven pantheon, or some spirit - something far more menacing, far more deep-rooted and invasive? 

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Sometimes, you just can't reason with fandom. Sneezy took it to a whole new level. I'm pretty sure he thought he was Emma. Between the jacket, the beanie, the pants and the boots, I would've turned him into a statue too.

Like I said when the spoiler pics broke, I’m shocked homeboy wasn’t wearing blonde hair extensions. This was his moment of god damn GLORY. Nobody could fail to look at him and think, “Oh wow, the sheriff of Storybrooke is here. We are so safe. Also, I’m so turned on. I want to give the sheriff so much… grilled cheese… on the table… in the station … five times a day.”

Like. Sneezy was going to live it up with all the greasy diner sandwiches and hot hot law enforcement nookie on a particleboard table with a 1990 Apple Computer, under the awestruck eyes of watching crooks. He was living the DREAM.

And then, Dark Emma shows up and just zaps him. No explanation. He is now a statue of less than average stature, dressed like a princess. The grilled cheese congealing. The nookie ungotten.

That’s cold, Dark Emma. That’s just cold.

Thank you

I’ve been looking at my notes lately and I’ve thought to myself. Why do I have such little notes..? Is my art not good enough? Am I not trying hard enough? Then I realized, I need to be patient and be happy with what I have now and if I keep working hard enough, I can reach that point where my inbox and likes are so much that I can do so much more. But most importantly, it’s all thanks to you guys! Thank you all 80 of you for following me and I hope that you all can stand by me and watch me grow better as an artist!

One of my favorite things is when people ask me questions about my relationship and I get to give them this really weird ass response because both of us are rather abnormal to say the least like here I am in the kitchen, haven’t eaten really much today so I am like wow I am interested in getting some food. So, here I crack open a thing of juice and I am drinking it ya know it is like 12am maybe gunna make some fucking grilled cheese or somethin. My phone goes off and I am like, how odd my phone never goes off at this hour. 

I walk over grab my phone and my girlfriend just was like got an impulse now I have blue hair like Chloe Price and my reaction was for one shut the fridge with my foot while taking the jug of Kool-aid still drinking it and just kinda nod. Then realize I am not even slightly shocked by this, her dying her hair on a limb has no imprint on me except damn she looks nice. The random shit that happens at this point I feel like we are both like, yeah that happens. Like hair dye. 

Man I went to the laundry today, got myself a fucking bear claw from the doughnut place too because I love those. Anyway so I am sitting there watching Ellen and this guy is making like weird eye contact with me and I am like mmm beautiful. So I get a sprite and eat my damn bear claw not overly interested in this dude. I look over and he is watching me kinda ducked down behind a washing machine. See like if I tell Bailie this story she just gunna be like so a normal day and ima be like yeah just a normal day. 

Decided to make a quick pasta but didn’t have cheese or cream for the sauce so I used greek yogurt and butter and salt and pepper and let me tell you–I am so glad I spend hours reading recipes and looking at cookbooks and thinking about food and cooking random shit, because that shit fuckin’ worked. 

I need to marry a baker or someone who bakes because we need to throw the best god damn dinner parties and put the rest of my friends to utter shame. 

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Now THAT I could see RayRay saying. To revisit your shopping scenario, the two of them out grocery shopping and Sarah being like "Oi, I hate Swiss cheese we're not buying this shit" and Rachel just looking at her emotionlessly and saying "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. It's far better than that insufferable filth you call food." "It's a Twinkie and they're delicious!" "Perhaps to an uncultured heathen such as yourself, but my taste buds are a bit more... refined than that."

this is golden thank you

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I think you should tell us some cheese jokes. :)

Mariana: Aliboo i can’t find that cheese sauce for the popcorn. 

Alistair: did you Cheddeck the cabinet?

Mariana: I’m pretty damn sure. and its such Goud ass sauce 

Alistair: i can’t Brielieve we would’t have any.

Amelia: By Andraste’s pyre! Will you guys stop with the cheese!

Both: Awww are the cheese puns making you Blue?

Amelia: I quit. *slams door*

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aw but you look so cute ridin your little bike everywhere. but i guess i could swing that, learning to drive is an important part of life after all. and dont worry ill take you to chuck e cheese no need to bite my head of god damn.


I notice when u change ur hair

I like that lil bun on the top/shiny on the side up do thing.

Cuz you know I can’t look weak in front of da home/desk boys…I should have said something but damn I’m like a fucking puppy around you….

We’re like the bounceTV version of Pam and Jim

Wearing shit I posted up here yesterday……….that was gangsta…boo. But I matched it to your hair…..I took a risk with the hearts…but calling to say thanks was a power move, guuul.

But when u accused me of eating ass……… I’m still cheesing……

OK so we were looking at Keyshia Cole’s nudes…..we some undercover hood nuqqas - in ties… should have known from when I had that weed in the baby ziplocs.

I’m assuming I’m being Tumblr watched….or we both have that “gift” we ain’t post to talk abt.

If you read my blog then u know I’m really making an effort to be happy.

I could be at the crib cooking you an early dinner, rollin up that crenshaw……I could leave the food on stove….you know… I could eat that ass first THEN let you get gas from my insane cooking….because I’m a gentleman.

This could be us but you playin…

me: *looking at my phone cheesing mad hard*

friend: “damn, somebody got you smiling mad hard :)”

me: nah i’m watching the arbiter’s background dancers in the london phil chess concert