This new video of Jon Stewart recounting an epic Twitter war with Donald Trump is the number one trending video on YouTube right now

Dang, this story is really good. (Yes, it goes on.) Stewart told his tale at a Stand Up For Heroes benefit in New York on Tuesday night. And, you lucky thing, you can see the full video here.

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Trevor Noah going batshit on Trump is the greatest thing ever.

He’s not some pampered American.

He’s seen enough full-of-nonsense, lying, delusional African dictators in his life to know exactly what the fuck is going on here. 

It’s rather sad and powerful and depressing to watch.


President Obama will make one last appearance on The Daily Show as President of the United States

Obama’s Daily Show interviews are known for being particularly candid and in-depth, and in the past, Stewart has challenged the President where it seems called for. This interview should be especially juicy, as it is taking place under unusual circumstances at one of Obama’s own digs.

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Noah decided to become a stand-up comedian before he had ever seen one in his country, or before he knew that he could make a living doing such a thing.

“Famous is an understatement. He’s mega-famous in South Africa,” says Ugandan comedian Joseph Opio. “He’s basically the South African comedy industry personified.”

The show’s Hell’s Kitchen offices resemble an indoor dog park. The place is fueled by staggering quantities of caffeine and junk food. The latter still astonishes Noah and his African colleagues, who grew up viewing cake as a rarity, not a given. Noah’s grandmother’s house was “not a two-bedroom house. A two-room house,” he says, with no running water, and an outdoor communal faucet and a toilet shared by multiple families.

Noah learned quickly that to work with a successful program and a large (108-member) production team, “you really have to go for evolution rather than revolution,” he says. “Because anything you do initially is seen as incorrect.”

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The most powerful moment of that Tomi Lahren/Trevor Noah interview is when he (earnestly) asks her: “Well, you’ve won. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

And the look on her face indicates: No, she is not happy. She’s as mad and outraged and unhappy as ever. 

Because fascists are never satisfied.

Why they all became fascists in first place. Eternal never-ending anger and frustration.