Phone vs Fax Number
  • ME: Thank you for calling (place I work), this is (my name). How may I help you?
  • CUSTOMER: Oh, hi! I'm trying to get through to the framing department. I looked online for the number and found two of them, a "P" number and an "F" number. I tried the "F" number for framing, but I couldn't get through.
  • ME: ... *realizing she thought the "F" Number was for "framing" and not "fax." Let me patch you through.

corporate: Hey everyone, here’s this new policy that you must absolutely always follow, under no circumstances are you to break this policy.
me: *follows policy*
corporate: Okay wtf you following policy annoyed a customer why the fuck did you follow policy what the fuck?? Write up for you, dumbfuck; what the fuck were you thinking???
me: …okay cool I guess..?

Just a reminder of how shitty Season 5 of Game of Thrones was because some bitch on Facebook called me a feminazi for being angry about this.

Myrcella was never killed off for ‘revenge’, she was being presented as the rightful Queen according to Dornish customs.

Sansa was never raped in the books, she’s guiding Robin/Robert to gather forces in the Vale to take back the North.

Shireen was never killed off for some bullshit ritual, she’s safe as the next heir in the Baratheon line.

Don’t fucking tell me 'it’s the world they’re living in’.

It’s shitty writers not knowing how to actually treat female characters with dignity and just using them as cheap plot points.

I’m going to be forever fucking bitter about season 5 and I don’t give two fucking shits what anyone thinks.

coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 3

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.

an: so i originally posted this story on wattpad but i decided to rewrite it and post it to tumblr.


PART 3: Calum

august 20, 2015, 7:24 am  

The morning rush had finally died down, giving Ashton and I a chance to finally breathe and relax before the kids who were running late to class and in dire need of caffeine came in. And before Y/N came in.

“So how’s it going with that one girl you always drool over?” Ash asked while wiping down the counters. I took a drink of my macchiato, shooting him a glare.

“I do not drool over her.”

“Bro, you get all smiley and friendly the second she walks through those glass doors. We’ve been hit on by almost every sorority girl on this campus when they come in and not once has any of them gotten the attention you give Y/N,” he smirked. He was right. I never talk to customers unless I take their orders or call their names out, seeing as I just genuinely don’t care to. “Hey man, there’s nothing wrong with having a crush on the freshman. you should invite her to a party sometime.”

“I don’t want her at a frat party, all my frat brothers would just stare her up and down and try to sleep with her and none of them deserve her,” I defended before beginning to make myself another drink. The one perk to working at a coffee shop was endless free drinks while working.

The bell on the front door of the shop rang signaling a customer walked in, I turned around finishing my drink, trying to make myself look busy so Ashton could take this order instead.

“Can I get a small flat white, please?” a soft, recognizable voice spoke up. I looked over my shoulder to see Y/N standing at the counter smiling at Ashton as he wrote on her cup. She handed him her card, which he quickly swiped and returned. He muttered something that I couldn’t hear causing her to laugh and glance over at me. “Hey Cal,” her smiled widened as she made eye contact with me.

“Hey Y/N, you’re actually early for once,” I teased.

“Oh come on, it was only twice,” she fake glared.

“We’re only three days into the semester..”

“Okay good point.” we all laughed, including Ashton.

I quickly made the drink, a large instead of small because I’m all about that spoiling shit, and slid it across the counter to her. “Thanks,” she said while putting her phone in her back pocket. she was sporting a grey state champs t-shirt with the sleeves cuffed, black skinny jeans with one hole in the knee, and black flip flops. Half of her hair was pulled into a messy topknot bun. and her little amount of makeup accentuated her face in the more perfect way possible. Such a simple look made her look effortlessly beautiful.

“I’m gonna try to be early today, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Ash. see ya Cal!” she waved. I waved back as she turned and headed back out the front doors and towards the cub.

“She wants you,” Ash smirked.

“No she doesn’t. What’d you even say to her?”

“Nothing,” he grinned.

“I hate you,” I glared.

“No you don’t.”

I shook my head while chuckling, no matter how much he irritated me he was practically a brother to me seeing as we had been friends way before getting accepted to wazzu.

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Back surgery person hear again. I'm still using a chair at checkout and this lady kept talking rudely to me about being lazy. Eventually she asked for a manager. She started ranting and raving about how I was a "lazy ass bitch with no manners." Cue manager saying I had back surgery. This didn't satisfy her, so I was about to stand up and show her my incision when she says "the customer is always right so obviously you've never had surgery." Bitch, what???

002: You are a waitress and serve him

There is a swear (curse) word in Harry’s preference.

“Service at table fourteen, Y/N.” Your colleague tells you the minute that you arrive at work. “They’ve literally only just arrived, I’ve given them menus but not taken an order.” He informs you and you nod as you leave the staff room and head over to the table. As you start to approach it you almost trip on your own feet when you notice who it is, but manage to balance yourself.
“Niall, can we get the champagne?” You hear his date ask sweetly, and you see him nod his head.
“Excuse me, sir, madam, are you ready to order your drinks?” You ask, feeling a little nervous as this is Niall Horan you’re speaking to. He looks up from his menu and gives you a very friendly smile.
“I think we just about are, yeah.” He answers, so you pull out your notepad and Niall is about to start speaking again when his girlfriend cuts in.
“What happened to that waiter man? Will he not be serving us tonight?” She asks, eyeing you up and down.
“Oh, erm… No, I’m sorry, he just finished work so I’ll be serving you tonight.” You tell her and she wrinkles her nose a little.
“Hmm, shame.” Is all that she says in response. “Right, we’ll have a bottle of champa-” You start to jot down as she is ordering, but she is interrupted.
“Babe, that was really rude!” Niall chides her seriously, and she flutters her eyelashes innocently at him.
“I’m sorry, sweetie. I just thought that other man was very friendly.” She says sweetly to him.
“It’s not me that you need to apologise to.” He tells her and she stares back at him in silence for a few moments.
“Don’t worry about it.” You start to mumble quietly, but Niall’s eyes widen at her and he nods in your direction.
“I’m very sorry, that I was rude to you.” She says reluctantly, hardly looking at you before she glances back down at her menu.
“Better.” Niall grins happily, before looking to you. “We’ll get a bottle of champagne please, treasure.” He says politely, and you feel your cheeks begin to flush with colour, not noticing the death stares you’re receiving from the girl because you’re too captivated by his beautiful eyes.

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Sorry, businesses of the US.

I no longer believe complaints that businesses make in the face of any new regulation of any type. Sorry, businesspeople of the world, but you’ve cried wolf too many times; you’ve made too many trips to the “This will destroy business!” well for me.

Every time the minimum wage goes up, out come the cries that “It will destroy jobs!” and “We’ll just pass all the costs right on to the customer!” And yet, the jobs never disappear and we’re not paying thirty bucks for a small pizza.

I remember when the Federal Do-Not-Call List was being created, and the Direct Marketing Association was claiming that this would destroy the telemarketing industry and cost the United States over two million jobs. This did not happen.

I remember restaurants and bars claiming that smoking bans inside buildings would destroy and cripple their industry. That didn’t happen, either.

I get that businesses don’t like being forced to spend money they don’t want to. Hell, nobody really likes being forced to spend money they don’t want to. But I’m done listening to the sob stories and the pleadings of poverty and the warnings of empty storefronts and idle factories as far as the eye can see every time something like a raise in the minimum wage is proposed.

You’re not fooling me, guys.

  • Me: Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist you.
  • Customer: Do you WORK here?
  • Me: ... yes.
  • Me: [internally] No, I just offer to help strangers in retail stores I DON'T EVEN WORK IN. UGH.
  • Me: [remembers that I have, in fact, offered to help strangers in stores I don't even work in because I am a helpful & kind person]
  • Me: [internally] ... you're STILL A JERK.
  • Customer: Could I get two lattes please, one with a bit of extra milk?
  • Me: The latte is just coffee and milk.
  • Customer: Yes, could I have extra milk?
  • Me: The drink is composed entirely of milk, with a small shot of coffee.
  • Customer: Yes I know, but I would like extra milk in it.
  • Me: Extra milk?
  • Customer: Yes.
  • Me: In one of the lattes?
  • Customer: Yes, please.
  • Me: Ma'am, you're going to have to go back inside to wait for the next train, I can't have people out on the platform.
  • Her: Really? But it's hot as hell in there.
  • Me: No, it isn't. It is 70 degrees in there and 80 out here. [Wall air conditioning monitor in front of my face is telling me this is totally accurate]
  • Her: I *seriously* have to go back in there?
  • Me: Yep, seriously.
  • Her: *huffs and slowly drags her ass toward the door*
  • Her: *pauses and glares* You shouldn't tell a customer that they're wrong. That's just rude.
  • Me: ???
  • Oh damn, my bad, didn't realize that actual measurable temperatures were now up for debate.