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So my friend discovered this amazing song by an amazing person called the Coming Out Song and I think some people might use it or at least enjoy it <3 the lyrics cover basically everything. There's no "cure" for being gay, you should just accept them, don't tell them they're confused, etc. Enjoy!! (Just google 'coming out song' and it's the first result, I can't paste links here)

The one by Ally Hills? Omg it’s cute I agree it’s adorable

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Even tho I know the full chapter isn't up yet, I wanna ask you something. Do you think they are gonna find a 'cure' for this? Because that would be kinda ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, contrary to what people think, I don't hate the trio nor do I want them to die, I just think it would be unfair for all the other characters (especially B*rt and Erw*n, in this case) if they just got away with everything

I do believe there’s a cure or a way to lift the curse without solving it by the extinction of every Eldian on Earth as explained in my review post. However I don’t think anybody will reach it in time to get it, leading to complete extinction.

Let me explain: Zeke and the warriors want the coordinate for a reason. If it’s back into Marley’s hands, who’s actually capable of manufacturing serums on top of holding an institute specialized in titans, no doubt having the coordinate would help their research by a whole margin, maybe even destroy Ymir’s power completely without wiping Eldians away. Remember Reiner said “Humanity’s extinction wasn’t necessary anymore”.

They need it for several reasons: shifters may die but their powers do not and if they come back, the curse will never end and the coordinate is the most lethal of all: if understood, titans won’t be needed anymore.

If the solution is indeed in the warrior’s camp, killing one of them was a huge mistake. 

I feel you anon. That would be bullshit if EMA got their way when so many characters suffered and died for them. Especially when neither Eren or Mikasa could stand losing Armin while Hange had to bear losing their squad with Moblit, barring the SC from scientific achievement, Flocke lost his companions on his flank and Levi lost Erwin in his decision, Hitch lost Marlowe, Historia lost Ymir, Reiner lost Bertolt… The list goes on.

The separation is still planned so it’s not like that chapter revelation was the last straw for EMA. Isayama really is setting that premonition the three of them are going into three separate directions. That and Isayama plans to kill everybody from the first volume. Makes me further insist they won’t reach the cure, no matter how accessible it is.

That Titan research institute is intriguing. I really need a Zeke/Reiner flashback to learn more about it.


“I’VE BEEN WONDERING IF YOU SECRETLY WANT TO QUIT.” “JUST STAND BY ME.” This here was what got me to tears, because it was actually what we all expected, yuri’s trust, yuri’s insecurities, yuri’s fears everything was STILL THERE, yuri was not magically cured when Victor appeared in his life, he started worrying about other things, he couldn’t believe all that new foud happiness was there to stay, he couldn’t. He had all those new coflicted feelings inside of him, and didn’t dare talk about them. THE FEAR OF VICTOR LEAVING, OF BEING LEFT BEHIND, OF DAMAGING VICTOR’S REPUTATION, OR JUST NOT BEING UP TO HIS STANDARS, IT WAS ALL INSIDE HIM, THIS WHOLE TIME.

  • me right after a shower: i am cured of all mental illness i feel so good and i know everythings gonna be ok
  • me as soon as my hair fully dries: time to fucking lose it

My friend got annoyed at me yesterday that I included a disabled person in my D&D campaign because “magic could easily cure them!”

Seriously??? No. Not everything can be cured. Not everything SHOULD be cured. If I make a world with magic, you bet your ass there are going to be disabled people in it. 

Am I going to have clerics that can cure all diseases and conditions, where everyone is able-bodied and neurotypical “because magic”? Hello no. 

Am I going to have therapists who know the “calm emotions” spell to help people having panic attacks? Am I going to have people with mobility issues that have magical braces around their limbs to help alleviate chronic pain? Am I going to have an Autistic dragon that stims and collects objects related to its special interest? Am I going to give disabled people kick-ass accommodations “because magic”?

Hell yes.

I feel like it doesn’t get enough attention that patrick stump literally wrote a song called coast (it’s gonna get better). Like the entire song is just a message to his fans that even though their lives might suck atm to stick with him and keep going. No digging around for the meaning, no single lines that might be about one thing might be about another, it’s written simply in every lyric. I honestly can’t name one other musician ever that has done that and it’s one of the main reasons I care about him so much