I’m totally pinning the blame for these on @unlocklist

These are totally your fault. yep. Oh the tragedy *laughs*

MAN it felt good to draw for CB again. It’s been too long. Even if it was just coloring old doodles. We need an FFCC revival IT’S TIME TO ARISE FANDOM PLZ

anonymous asked:

I know that you have a great collection of official FFCC stuff; I was wondering if you have any official drawings of Althea's ball gown? I contemplating cosplaying her and I lost all the screenshots I took of it in my play through. Thanks in advance!

haha lucky for you I have quite a bit (plus my own screenshots XP )

Photos from one of the guide books and a magazine article:

And LOADS of screenshots from me haha:

You’re Welcome LOL

prazeodymium  asked:

In Fritz's route Lady Parfait mentions how if she dies, which destroys the Lucious, it will also destroy the Tenabarum along with Hildyre (sure I butchered those two names for the crystals). What confuses me is that in Rumple's route Lady Parfait dies (assumedly leaving no successor) and the Tenabarum and Lucette are just fine. How does this work? Did I forget to read a line in the story where it mentioned a successor for the faries?

*spoilers* When the crystals are destroyed, the bearers will die as well. In Rumpel’s route, Parfait died but the crystal remains intact. So there will be a new successor for the Lucis. While in Fritz’s route, Parfait destroyed the crystal that’s why Hildyr dies as well.

UPDATE VI!!Note: The Latest Update can always be found HERE

What, you thought I was just gonna leave these songs as is? No way, I’ll be updating this “album” each time I find a new song, or if I find more of the ones I already have again.

Each NEW song will be BOLDED.


I didn’t want to post this album as a download, first because none of the songs are mine, and second, because I wanted each individual artist to retain the credit due to them for their works. So instead I’ll post links to each song, and let you guys get them for yourselves. Please be sure to thank each artist for their hard work.


This is fanmade and is not endorsed by Square-Enix. Neither I, nor any of these artists gain profit by these works. This is all just for fun.

Track List:

  1. Echoes of Memory Dialup Edit by Josdaile
  2. Morning Sky (Kaze no Ne) by ellebirdy23
  3. Kaze no Ne by Xiro
  4. Kaze no Ne String Quartet by fragileshield
  5. Kaze no Ne Music Box by かみみもめつ
  6. Kaze no Ne Vocal Choir by きりか
  7. Kaze no Ne on Piano by TheLiveCat
  8. Kaze no Ne Arrangement by ぴえーる
  9. Kaze no Ne Instrumental Mix by Eduard Urbach
  10. Crystal Chronicles Opening Remix by draconiansimplicity106
  11. Crystal Chronicles Opening Chip-tune Remix by RaveTheDayAway
  12. Sound of the Wind (Marching Band) by Rachel Dziezynski
  13. Sound of the Wind by Floor Jansen & Metropole Orchestra
  14. Morning Sky (Live Performance) by Donna Burke
  15. Morning Sky Alto Sax Cover by MrAxel
  16. Sound of the Wind Piano by fountainkeeper
  17. Sound of the Wind Piano by J0shaw0tt
  18. Sound of the Wind Cover by Ana Axe
  19. Serenity by EvanFingerstyle
  20. Today arrives, becoming Tomorrow Flute Cover by コイツ
  21. Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow Piano by PlunderPiano
  22. Caravan Crossroad Mario Paint Composer by Althir1992
  23. River Belle Path Remix by c106mc
  24. Departure Piano Arrangement by ついな
  25. Departure by Zorafin
  26. River Belle Path (Departure) 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  27. Departure Live Performance by Arjan h.
  28. Departure by Calnos Porton
  29. Departure Arrangement by かーる村長
  30. Departure Flute Cover by コバヤシちゃん
  31. Departure Wub Machine Remix by Caitlin Fegely
  32. River Song by zyko
  33. Clouds Reflected on the River’s Surface Piano by PlunderPiano
  34. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Live Performance by ChrisBlueStone
  35. Clouds Reflected on the River Surface - Mario Paint by MasterBrandini
  36. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Cover by sniuk
  37. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Piano by TheWolfenSiren
  38. Clouds Reflected on the Rivers Surface on Ocarina by Keikilanidraws
  39. The New Mushroom Forest by Laikros
  40. Dreaming of Twilight Hatsune Miku Cover by まぼどうふ
  41. Twilight in Dreamland by Chromescent
  42. Mushroom Forest 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  43. Dreaming of Twilight on Flute by コバヤシちゃん
  44. In the Gloomy Darkness by Pulse Tone
  45. In the Gloomy Darkness Remake by CurledArt
  46. In the Gloomy Darkness Arrangement by Norgelt
  47. Cristal Chronic(les) by Wolf’s Mouth
  48. Magic Makes it all Complete by William Thurin
  49. Magi is NOTHING by ocre
  50. Everything Magiga Piano by PlunderPiano
  51. Everything Magiga Remix by 黒白(モノクロ)
  52. Everything Magiga Remix by kan@ta
  53. Magi is Everything Mario Paint Composer by zackarii
  54. Moschet Manor Triple Ocarina Solo by benvaughanmusic
  55. Amidatty and Eleonor Too on STL Ocarinas by shortycaptain
  56. Promised Grace Remix by まつぇラッテぃ
  57. Promised Grace Remix by minun♂
  58. Promised Grace Remastered by sschafi1
  59. Promised Grace Remix by Collin J. Lohnes
  60. Promised Grace Remix by kan@ta
  61. Promised Grace Remix by Ri
  62. Veo Lu on Mario Paint Composer by Althir1992
  63. A Gentle Wind Blows Piano by Chromescent
  64. A Gentle Wind Blows by Andreas Strömberg
  65. The Demon’s Court by TheWhiteCrow19 
  66. Goblin’s Lair by Masahiro Aoki
  67. Daemon’s Court Piano by Chromescent
  68. Goblin Lair Sound Font Midi by Liberation Boycotte
  69. Goblin’s Lair 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  70. Dance of Monsters by G0rd0
  71. Wild Crab (Monster’s Dance~ Rondo) Piano by Quart de Carton
  72. Annual Festival Piano by frankied14
  73. Annual Festival Ocarina by STL Ocarina
  74. Annual Festival - Mario Paint Composer by Goatmon
  75. Annual Festival on Ocarina by WeissVivi
  76. The Body is Left Freely ~ Arrangement by 81ECM
  77. Glass in Arid Gravity by Retlaf
  78. Desert by octopuii
  79. Treasure Sleeping in the Sand 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  80. Oh, Light…!   by Neon Bard
  81. The Northern Skies are Clearing Remix by CystemicCyanide
  82. TechnoAura Rebena Te Ra by CystemicCyanide
  83. When the Northern Sky is Clear (re orchistreated)  by FelipeRico
  84. When the Northern Sky is Clear 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  85. Mag Mell by Chromescent
  86. Monster’s Ball by Barium56
  87. Unite, Descent 8-bit by OmegaManZX
  88. Unite, Descent by CtelinAjira
  89. Unite, Descent by 酒場のジャッジ@世界樹勢
  90. Moonless Starry Night (Live Performance) by Donna Burke
  91. Moonless Starry Night Piano by SAWANO TA
  92. Hoshizukiyo Flute by hotaru
  93. Hoshizukiyo Karaoke by hotaru
  94. Union of Friendships by DJ Dain
  95. Music Box of Water by GoncaloMartins
  96. Music Box of Water Hatsune Miku by ヴィオレントP@クロロン
  97. Music Box of Water on Harp by hanae8823
  98. Music Box Arrangements of Many FFCC songs by n吉
  99. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Selections by nuts

Bonus Tracks (Remixes of FFCC sequels)

  1. Ring of Fates (Music Ace) by SuperWilly101 
  2. Peaceful Everyday Life piano by JUNtokoro10
  3. A Score to Settle by LiKelos84095
  4. Boss Theme 1 (Phantom Hourglass Remix) by 228SomeGuy
  5. Fight! Remix by zugii
  6. Fight! (Remix) by SchnitelLion
  7. FFCC - RoF [Fight Remix] by Kopo14
  8. Castle Town Scenery by Syntheway
  9. Shopping Theme piano by JUNtokoro10
  10. Abandoned Town Remix by flyssa
  11. Take Moogles in Grass Remix by すいふぃ@swifee
  12. Take Moogles in Grass Remix II by まつぇラッテぃ
  13. Crystal Record by Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments
  14. Crystal Record by blastissimo218
  15. Crystal Record by PI511
  16. Hoshi no Sekai Music Box by かみみもめつ
  17. Memories of Ring of Fates Piano by jamiethepianist
  18. Land of Promise Remix by HalifaxStorm01
  19. Echoes of Time Main Theme Remix by すいふぃ@swifee
  20. Everyday Village Life Remix by まつぇラッテぃ
  21. Everyday Village Life Remix by ささかま
  22. Boss Type-A Remix by zugii
  23. Ice Mountain 8-bit by bluerabbit78
  24. Bridge Leading to the Tower Remix by カジぽん
  25. Bridge Leading to the Tower Remix by flyssa
  26. Echoes of Time -The Tower (Remix) by Ebony0Rose
  27. Final Battle by ばるたん
  28. Skydive Piano by yukineige
  29. Hoshizukiyo Crystal Bearers Version by なんだremokか

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Inspired Music

  1. Divinity by Gabriel Rigby
  2. Under Cerulean Skies by blueskyble
  3. はじまりの村 [Inst.] by ざうに
  4.  ダンジョンを by Rist.NS
  5.  FFCCっぽくBGM作ってみた【オリジナル】 by GINAKI
  6. FFCCをイメージして作曲してみた by めろん
  7. 【白髪教団】街景 賑いと潮騒【しろかみ学園】by 酒場のジャッジ@世界樹勢
  8. Pygmy Panic - A Mountain of Brutes (Level 2) by ://PaR!5 
  9. No Hearts by Just Like High School
  10. Phantom Forest by CrimsonAzure7
  11. ほそぼそ農村神社 by ロコイド軟膏プロペト
EXO Reaction to their video games obsessed girlfriend

I have to admit that I’m a little nerd, too. I love Zelda, fantasy the crystal bearers..god <3

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined <3

/i don’t own ay of the gifs used, unless stadet otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Finish him! That’s my girl!” *He’s always next to you when you play, because he “secretly”enjoys it*

Originally posted by ludeerbambi

Chen: *He tells you the complete solution, until the point where you just don’t want to play anymore* “And after that, you have to go to the Zoras, where you have to find princess Ruto and she is lost and..”

Originally posted by chenc-17

Suho: *He watches you, while you’re killing the end boss* “Holy shit! That might..ugh!..” *dying inside*

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Tao:  *He saw your hidden mountain of video games* “Maybe I should tell her, that I sold them all.” *evil smirk*

Originally posted by shinylightblue

Lay: “ have to..what are you doing?! *he played almost all your games and is literally dying when you go the wrong way*

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Luhan:  “Yeah, I will just lay here and wait..until I’m grey and old” *He found your video game collection*

Originally posted by dawnlus

Sehun: “Maybe you should stop playing for hours and do something else, maybe” *Sehunnie wants more attention*

Originally posted by vanemachuca

Baekhyun: *He tries to change the subject and kisses you until you finally put the controler away*

Originally posted by exoturnback

Kai: *He’s really worried, because you played for hours now.* “I love to see you happy and obsessed with things you love, but it’s not good for your health when you play too much.”

Originally posted by kimkaaai88

Kyungsoo: *he can barely keep his eyes open* “Jagi, please..let’s go to bed, the game won’t run away..”

Originally posted by overdyosed

Kris: *He always lose and this..kinda..frustrates him..*

Originally posted by milkifan

Xiumin: “Jagi, you chopped off his head!” *shocked Xiu*

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

beedok  asked:

3, 4, 19, 28

3: Best game you’ve ever played?

Breath of the Wild. It has really captured my heart. It is so beautiful.

4: Worst game you’ve ever played?

Samurai Showdown Sen

This game is so bad. The original was like a 2D soul calibur with it’s focus on weapons. This one they got the bright idea with switching to a 3D fighter but they never balanced the projectiles and the games super clunky. It was the first game I ever traded in.

19: Which game do you think deserves a revival?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles because Crystal Bearers was NOT what we wanted. I want a non turn based Final Fantasy where you get to make and customize your own character. The music was awesome and the fighting was fun. Love that game and would love to see a new one that isn’t Crystal Bearers.

28: Which character’s clothes do you wish you owned the most?

Twilight Princess Link’s outfit and maybe Paya from Breath of the Wild (sooo cute)