The Signs And Their Aesthetics

ARIES: Mexican / Italian food, summertime, strength, shades of red

TAURUS: Loud music, long nights, home-cooked meals, family

GEMINI:  Crickets chirping, fireflies, laughter, friendship

CANCER: True crime, art museums, full moon nights, psychedelic rock

LEO: Bonfires, confidence, parties, thriller movies

VIRGO: Deep conversations, clean room, video games, good music

LIBRA: Nice cars, peace and love, Impressionism era art, childhood friends

SCORPIO: Psychological movies/books, humor, edgy style, spontaneous road trips

SAGITTARIUS: Optimism, the color yellow, oversized sweaters, horror movies

CAPRICORN: Bold lipstick, adult cartoons, indie music, red hues

AQUARIUS: Science fiction, philosophy, thunderstorms, individuality 

PISCES: Positive thoughts, musicals, poetry, exploring the unknown

Has anyone been to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum? I’ll be in Tennessee for a few days, but I wasn’t going to be in that particular area (Pigeon Forge), however, if it’s worth the visit I will go out of my way to see it.

Since they won’t let you visit the Body Farm in Knoxville 😒…that’s where I really wanna go.

thegigidancer-blog  asked:

Hi Miss EC!! I went to a crime museum with my parents today and we saw everything I've ever learned about in the tcc. We stopped by something Columbine related and they asked me a fair few questions. Which I wouldn't have been able to answer without you being so helpful. Thank you.

Awww, yay!!  I love to hear stuff like this. :) Sounds like you enjoyed the expert limelight today compliments of your E-C lessons.  haha  Thanks for sharing this - Good stuff!  <3 


So I just got back from Washington, D.C. and my favorite part was definitely the Crime & Punishment Museum and I wanted to share some of the things I liked from it with you guys! 

First Picture: John Wayne Gacy’s leather jacket which he was supposedly arrested in. On the right of it is his wallet, still how it was when it was taken from him, including things like his Radio Shack member card. Underneath is his painting supplies where he wrote his name on the case and his typewriter. 

Second Picture: One of my favorite (and the creepiest) part of the exhibit: John Wayne Gacy’s “Pogo the Clown” suits.

Third Picture: A self-portrait drawn by Gacy himself. 

Fourth Picture: A photo of Gacy as Pogo the Clown signed by him. 

Fifth Picture: The handcuffs used to handcuff Jeffrey Dahmer when he was arrested and his signature. 

Sixth Picture: A baseball and a photo signed by Charles Manson. 

Seventh Picture: “Old Smokey.” The electric chair responsible for killing over 125 men on death row. 

Eighth Picture: Probably my favorite part of the museum. Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon Beetle. 

Not to mention hundreds of other unbelievable things, the whole museum takes about an hour just to walk through! If you ever have the chance, DEFINITELY go, probably one of the best experiences of my life.

Si Quey (also known as See Uey Sae Ung) was a Chinese immigrant who came to Thailand in 1944 and quickly became one of the country’s most grisly murderers. He suffocated over half a dozen young boys and ate their hearts because he thought the organ would give him special powers. He was hanged in 1950 and his mummified corpse is still displayed at the Siriraj Medical Museum.

greeneabc  asked:

I went on a "daycation" yesterday and there is a new true crime museum that has opened in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, called Alcatraz East. When I passed I immediately thought of you! I used to be obsessed with serial killers (still secretly am) and I want to go so bad! I bet it is amazing.

you must live super close to me! :) i’ve been to that museum! i just went a few months ago. it was really really awesome. there’s a whole giant room of serial killer stuff, INCLUDING ed gein’s tooth and gacy’s pogo the clown outfits (!!), and down in the basement, they have ted bundy’s volkswagen bug which is just… fucking amazing, really. and what’s really cool is that the museum just moved here from DC, so it’s really nice and big and comprehensive. you should totally go! <3