Nearly 60 percent of Americans admit knowing nothing at all about Sikhs. That lack of knowledge comes at a deadly cost. In the wake of recent incidents from the 2012 Oak Creek Massacre to a shooting of a Sikh man in Washington this March, the Sikh community is taking a more vocal stand against hate.

This month, the National Sikh Campaign, an advocacy group led by former political strategists, launched a $1.3 million awareness campaign, “We are Sikhs.” Funded entirely by grass-roots donations, the campaign’s ads will air nationally on CNN and Fox News as well as on TV channels in central California — home to nearly 50 percent of the Sikh American population — and online.

The ad, which aims to tackle misperceptions of Sikhism, shows Sikh men and women speaking about how values of their faith — tolerance, religious freedom and gender equality — align with American values. According to Gurwin Singh Ahuja, the executive director of the National Sikh Campaign, “These are core values of the United States, yet we’re often perceived as anti-American or as religious extremists. Our community is hurt by bigotry and ignorance, which is, in many ways, compounded by our own silence. To change these perceptions, I felt we had an obligation to share our stories with our neighbors.”

Why American Sikhs Think They Need A Publicity Campaign

Serial killer Richard Ramirez is photographed after being arrested. The killer is wearing his trademark shade - black - and later commented to writer Philip Carlo that dressing all in black was one of his biggest aids while he was hunting for victims.

“When you’re wearing black shoes’ black socks, black jeans, and a black shirt, nobody - and I mean NOBODY - can see you. You’re as good as invisible. I liked that, because once it got dark I became even darker. I became Death” - Richard Ramirez

True Crime Books List

I’ve seen quite a lot of posts recently asking for tips about true crime books, so I decided to do a list with some of the books I’ve read lately. I didnt like all of these books, but most of them. I added a few books about 9/11 too, bc i found them interesting. So, in no particular order:

If I did it: confessions of the killer by O.J Simpson
How I helped O.J get away with murder by Mike Gilbert
A death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger (Boston strangler)
Restless Souls by Alisa Statman (Manson family)
The Bundy Murders by Kevin M. Sullivan
Chasing the devil by David Reichert (Green River Killer)
Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss (Jeffrey MacDonald)
Ghettoside by Jill Leovy
The stranger beside me by Ann Rule (Ted Bundy)
The zebra murders by Prentice Earl Sanders
The serial killer files by Harold Schechter
Boston Strong by Casey Sherman (Boston Bombings)
The Devil’s Defender: My Odyssey Through American Criminal Justice from Ted Bundy to the Kandahar Massacre by John Henry Browne
No easy answers by Brooks Brown (Columbine)
The Spiral Notebook: The Aurora Theater Shooter and the Epidemic of Mass Violence Committed by American Youth by Stephen Singular 
A mothers reckoning by Sue Klebold (Columbine)
The general by Ahmed Errachidi (Guantanamo)
Oklahoma City by Andrew Gumbel
102 minutes by Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn
Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi (JFK)
Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson)
One of us by Åsne Seierstad (Breivik)

These are basically fiction, but I think most of them are worth reading:

Dear Charlie by N.D Gomes  (School shooting, just read it, its awesome.)
Give a boy a gun by Todd Strasser
Nineteen minutes by Jodi Picoult (School shooting, and its so fkn good)
House rules by Jodi Picoult
Finding jake by Bryan Reardon  (School shooting, also fkn awesome)

16 year old Canadian Nickolas Bullock had problems with holding back his aggression from a young age. He was known to bully others at school, and as the years went by, his behavior became worse. Eventually, he began skipping school and abusing drugs and alcohol. Nickolas moved from his mother’s house to his father’s house and then to his friends’ homes, and when he was no longer able to live with them anymore, his uncle brought him in, making him promise to go to school and stop drinking; however, when he broke these promises, he was kicked out. This would cause him to develop a deep hatred for his entire family, who he threatened to kill. On March 9, 2006, Nickolas lured his 13 year old cousin Brayton into a ravine and stabbed him 13 times in the back, chest, neck, and head. The attack was so brutal that the knife was able to fracture his skull and end up in his brain. Nickolas then walked over to a nearby recreation center to wash off his blood-soaked hands as well as throw the knife in the garbage, where he would leave behind his DNA. Psychologists claimed that he was a budding psychopath, showing no signs of empathy or remorse for his crime. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years. 

Anti-tcc logic is so fucking weird. “You guys post about murder a lot, so you must condone it!”. Um, no honey. I dont know about you, but Im actually interested in finding out what motivates these people beyond your shallow perception of good and evil, and how we can stop people from committing crimes. I know for fucking sure harrassing Tumblr blogs never did a thing to stop crime. So shut the fuck up.