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I asked a prolifer what 'care' they would have provided that would have stopped my abortions due to mental health issues (you cannot be on my meds and have kids). Their answer was "have you not heard of psychiatric wards? Better you spend a few months there than murder your baby". So locking me up against my will is 'care' is it?

Hey, what’s one more removal of human rights? They don’t have much care for them in the first place, so enh.

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Note to prolifers: no actual caring human being ever, EVER starts a reply to an abuse survivor with the words "I'm sorry you were abused but-". There are no 'buts'. Your agenda doesn't factor into a victim's recovery, choices or strength. Keep your 'buts' where they should be: in the likewise named part of your anatomy.

I’ve seen this way too often and it’s sickening. obviously they aren’t truly sorry if they go to invalidate your choices afterwards. 

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Half of my husband's maternal family were wiped out in Germany due to being Romani. Children, adults, elderly were taken away and never seen again. The family has massive holes and tales of grief to this day and those that lived were the ones who managed to escape to the UK. Comparing the removal of unsentient live human matter to this is beyond an insult - it's a direct attack.

^^^That right there. My  great grandparents and their children came to Canada shortly before the German’s invaded Czechoslovakia. All of their families, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents… all stayed behind. Of that family branch, only my great grandparents survived the second world war, and it was because they were here instead of there.

It’s blatant hate to call the pain and suffering they all experienced comparable to something that can’t suffer being removed.

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These "fat = overeating" wankers are precisely why it took me so bloody long to get believed when I was literally starving myself but because my body is fat nobody believed me. You can eat damn near fuck all and still be fat. I wish people would understand that.

It’s honestly a load of bullshit and erases the fact that fat people can and do suffer from eating disorders. not eating enough won’t magically turn people skinny, I don’t know how people don’t understand that.

Pro-lifers: Why is “pregnancy jail” wrong?

“Are you urging this court to find that you can handcuff a woman to a bed and force her to give birth?”
-A judge during the proceedings of In re A.C.

Anti-abortion advocates talk a good game about how abortion is murder and should be criminalized, but many have a tendency to shrink away from the consequences of their beliefs. When asked whether criminalization of abortion as murder would also entail confining pregnant people who tried to get abortions until they gave birth, the answer is often a resounding “No!”

I see it in posts like this one  and this one where  self-described pro-lifers respond vehemently to a very creepy fantasy about kidnapping pregnant people from abortion clinic parking lots and keeping them confined until they have to give birth. I see it in this reply to one of my posts where my interlocutor said “I advocate for the criminalization of abortion. This doesn’t in any way mean that ‘cuffing [a woman] to a bed until she gives birth’ is ever acceptable.” She didn’t expand on the reason, though.

Of course, some anti-abortionists do believe it’s justifiable to confine pregnant people until they give birth, as in the case of someone who told @the-crazy-geek she should have been confined to a mental ward rather than have an abortion, or the creepy kidnap fantasy mentioned above that some anti-abortionists responded negatively to.

The pro-confinement view is in my view more consistent with the idea that abortion is murder and should be criminalized. If someone has clearly shown the intent to commit murder and has taken steps in furtherance of that intent (such as paying an abortionist and showing up at the clinic), why shouldn’t they be guilty of attempted murder? And why should they be left free to potentially complete their crime? Under the view that abortion is murder, that’s like knowing that a parent tried to murder their child and then allowing them to take that child right home.

So why not imprison pregnant people caught red-haded in an abortion attempt and have them closely watched, maybe in really nice maternity wards with bars on the windows and cameras in every room, giving them the best medical care including psychiatric care for those who need it? Yeah, maybe they could be handcuffed to their beds if they insist on trying to harm themselves and their unborn babies, but restraints could be minimal and making them see reason–and educating them on the miracle of life–would be a much preferred and dominant approach.

Sure, confining pregnant people in this way means that their lives are greatly disrupted, including their careers, aspirations, education, and family obligations such as the care of any other children they may be responsible for. But remember, they’re criminals in this pro-life world, they should have thought about that before they tried to kill their unborn children. Besides, it’s the anti-abortion line that nothing about a pregnant person’s life (except maybe survival itself) is as important as the life inside them, so I’m not sure why an anti-abortionist would find this scenario disturbing.

Obviously the idea of gestational confinement or “pregnancy jail” is revolting to pro-choicers because we believe in the bodily autonomy of pregnant people, but I’m not sure why it’s disturbing to pro-criminalization anti-abortionists who believe that abortion is murder and attempted abortion is, by extension, attempted murder. The very person who said the confinement scenario is unnacceptable, @notisaidthekat, also said that she doesn’t care if people die of unsafe abortions. So why would she care if people who are stopped in the attempt are jailed until they give birth? And why would people who share her beliefs want to let pregnant people who attempted abortion walk free to complete their crimes?

It all seems inconsistent and puzzling to me. The anti-abortionists who are all too happy to call for pregnant people’s confinement may be scary as hell, but at least they’re honest.

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I'm so so sorry you got all those disgusting comments! You deserve better. I hope you and your husband have a great life, wishing some luck your way!

Hey I believe you’re referring to a submission sent to me by @the-crazy-geek, since I don’t have a husband and they were the one who went through that. I’ll send the good vibes their way!

@voidworn || may the force be with you

Ever since the motel they shared on their way to a lacrosse game, Stiles had been hounding Scott’s ass for a star wars marathon ( more so than usual ). I mean it wasn’t his fault. While Stiles was into space, Scott was a dinosaur kid. It was just how life panned out. Scott had always been into creatures with fangs, while Stiles was off flying at light-speed, infinity and beyond. Scott wasn’t completely ignorant or oblivious of ‘ all things star wars ‘. He knew the basics: luke i am your father, darth vader was the bad guy, princess leia and luke were twins that were into each other, and yoda was some tiny green sage advice giver. What else was there to know?

But Stiles just wouldn’t let this go. He was obstinate. It was like arguing with a goddam brick wall. 

Okay. You win,Scott finally admitted defeated, deciding to cave in. He let Stiles know so at his locker, standing there leaning against the wall, waiting for his best friend to get his things for third period. 

All during lunch Stiles wouldn’t shut up about it. He debated back and forth which order they should watch them in. Should they include the prequels? Just the original trilogy? Or…4,5,1,2,6?

Decisions, decisions. Scott bit his tongue but oh lord, how many times he wish he could just take this morning back. 

He just focused on eating his curly fries, the taste ( if there was any ), the texture, the color…anything to stop himself from wanting to bang his head against the table, begging for him to stop.

He knew this was important to Stiles and that was enough for him. He kept his mouth shut, ate two tray fulls of fries, and somehow managed to maintain eye contact with him the entire time. 

Love. Pure love and dedication right there. 

So here they were—FINALLY—on Scott’s couch in his living room. They had cokes, popcorn, Doritos, left over taco bell ( from when they got home ), and a variety of colorful and probably heart clotting candy. Movie marathon was  a go. 

Scott leaned back in his favorite spot on the couch, a coke in one hand, and poorly masked skeptical expression. He had to like this. He had no choice. He didn’t understand why he had to, but he knew he well…had to.

Will start the movie already?  Impatient and playful, he tosses a pillow at his best friend, who’s planted in front of the xbox, movie cases in hands.