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When Mrs. Wilde and Judy's-heretofore-unmentioned-older-sister Victoria Hopps get married, will Nick have to call Judy, Auntie Carrots?

y’know what, this did occur to me!

N: Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone. I don’t want to - I mean, obviously I’m glad my mom’s happy, but… if my mom marries your sister, that’ll make the two of you sister-in-laws, won’t it?

J: That’s right.

N: Then - you’ll be my aunt! I’ll be your nephew!

J: Haha! Yeah.

N: …And this doesn’t freak you out?

J: Oh, Nick. 300 siblings, remember? Thanks to marriages like that, I’m already related to basically every family in Bunnyburrow. Often in a bunch of overlapping ways. When I was a kid, pretty much everyone in my school was some kind of cousin to me.

N: .__.

J: Oh! Except Travis the ferret. He’s my uncle.

N: .____________.

B: Good work, you two. I’m not one to encourage literal nepotism, but I have to say - you’re an excellent role model for your nephew, Hopps.

J: Thank you, Chief! I just know he’ll be a great cop when he grows up!

N: what has my life become

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