I’ve been in love with Junko’s character design for a long time ! I also tried using linear base to creat this image :3 it took a lot more time, but it was a good experience : D !Hope you guys like !

PSD,Video process, High res of this piece and others will be made available through ►◄ for bi-weekly support : )

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  • Levi:From now on we’ll be using code names. You can adress me as ‘Eagle One’.
  • Levi:Mikasa, code name 'Been There, Done That’.
  • Levi:Armin is 'Currently Doing That’.
  • Levi:Christa is 'It Happened Once in a Dream’.
  • Levi:Jean, code name 'If I Had to Pick a Dude’.
  • Levi:Eren is… 'Eagle Two’.
  • Eren:Oh, thank God…
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“I know…”

also, i hope i’m not confusing people. i think mental illness/neurodivergence is a real thing that exists, if you destroyed psychiatry my brain would still work the same way it does now, nothing is going to change that. 

but i think it’s really interesting the way we construct certain sets of brain stuff as being inherently different and distinct from one another. and also the way we collectively buy into reality, as this other distinct and unchanging thing, and what happens to people who, under white supremacy, have different relationships to things like reality and truth. 

and the way that some brains are considered to have incorrect conceptions fo realty. 

can we please talk about namjoon’s proportions

cuz i feel like it’s not talked about enough

like damn son

dem shoulders tho

legs that go on for miles

im just trying to live my life in peace




im sorry this post was disgustingly long but i just had to get this off my chest