Esto es para los locos. Los inadaptados. Los rebeldes. Los alborotadores. Las clavijas redondas en agujeros cuadrados. Los que ven las cosas de otra manera.
No son aficionados a las reglas y no tienen ningún respeto por lo establecido. Puedes alabarlos, puedes no estar de acuerdo con ellos, puedes citarlos, puedes no creer en ellos, glorificarlos o vilipendiarlos. Pero la única cosa que no puedes hacer es ignorarlos. Porque ellos cambian las cosas.
Ellos inventan. Ellos imaginan. Ellos curan. Ellos exploran. Ellos crean. Ellos inspiran. Ellos impulsan la humanidad hacia delante.
Quizás tienen que estar locos. ¿Cómo si no puedes enfrentarte a un lienzo vacio y ver una obra de arte? ¿O sentarte en silencio y escuchar una canción que nunca ha sido escrita? ¿O contemplar un planeta rojo y ver un laboratorio sobre ruedas?
Mientras algunos les ven como los locos, nosotros vemos genios.
Porque la gente que está lo suficientemente loca como para pensar que pueden cambiar el mundo, son los que lo hacen.
—  “Here’s to the crazy ones”. Anuncio publicitario de Apple (1997).   
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It’s All Connected

niahbwriting tagged me in a screenshot earlier of an article she read about TWD’s “Most Shocking Deaths of Season 5″ and surprisingly, very surprisingly, Beth was not on the list. Let me just repeat that…the character with the worst written death in the entire show (yes, I said and I’m more than happy to explain why I think so for more anyone who would like to know) was not on the list. The little blonde who both Gimple and GN have stated is “dead” without actually using the four letter word. The funny thing is, that article actually had me thinking. 

It’s all connected. Everything that TPTB have fed us. From Beth’s badly written death, Emmy’s interview on The Talking Dead episode after “Coda” RK’s not-so-subtle thumbs up, the ASZ tour, the fact that no one both on and off screen has actually said “Beth is dead”, the sunrise and the music box restarting in 5x10 only after Aaron says “I have some good news”, the fact that before Season 5 even started GN told us that the clocks were something that we had to paid attention to (something that they’ve only just told us to pay attention to), the scars that match those of Andrea in the comics, even Emmy’s tweet about wishing the cast a great start of Season 6 filming. It’s adding up. 

I don’t really know why it’s taken so long for me to realise it, but as I sit here writing this meta I’m connecting the dots. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the way Gimple has handled Beth’s “death” was pretty bad. But I gotta give the man credit, he’s pretty clever. Beth is his baby, a character he created specifically for the show and I don’t believe he’s finished with her at all. He’s just lead us to believe that he is. Why? Here’s why…

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