honestly it fascinates me that the get down was cancelled like I haven’t gotten to watching it yet (and hopefully they don’t remove what they do have so I can still watch it) but like. I watched the first episode of stranger things and I was so bored. and there’s no reason for thirteen reasons why to have a second season? it doesn’t need one? honestly it’s wild and it’s also concerning for shows outside of netflix. speaking as someone who watches supernatural (out of a sense of obligation more than actual enjoyment) it bothers me that the show is gonna have a 13th season, when there are no women leads, no poc leads, no lgbt leads. meanwhile, jane the virgin, a show about woc, is always at risk of being cancelled. crazy ex-girlfriend, a show with a very diverse cast, is always at risk of being cancelled. these are award-winning, critically acclaimed shows. they are arguably among the best shows on tv. but supernatural, a mediocre show about white men, is probably gonna continue for years. like. okay



[It’s been a while]

It’s been a while
Since I posted anything~~~
Guys, is this the place where the fans of Billboard singers are gathering happily together??????
I came here to say thank you and hi to everyone. 4 days have gone by. 4 days have passed?? I still can’t believe it. Because of everyone’s love and support we received such a huge award !!!
You guys know this, right !!!??? This is your award!!!
At this moment, I want us all to love and support each other !!!!
We arrived in Australia today. We visited many great places and ate delicious food
We will perform well at tomorrow’s show!!!!!!
I will do well and come back safely like I always do ~
Here are some pictures~~~

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how does one not get stressed

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is so important because we get to see a gay couple being happy and a model couple, I mean sure they have issues like everyone but they work through it (with that ancient magic named “communication”) and they’re so great and it’s so rare to see a gay couple just being happy in a way  the heroine can litterraly say “I want that too”

  • psyhic: *looks into my mind*
  • me: drarry drarry drarry snowbaz solangelo snowbaz my wonderful babies wolfstar wolfstar scorbus oh GREAT now my anxitey's acting up again run run run oh wait heyyy that's a great idea for a new novel you're totally going to write or maybe not drarry drarry drarry snowbaz
  • psychic: *faints*

Hey guys. Hope you’re having a good day!!

Went for a quiz night last night with my friends and then it was a pub. Super fun! Less fun this morning, got a little bit too much of the beer 😜 slept till four today, insane. But we all was so tired. I’m off from work tomorrow as well so doesn’t matter if you have one day where you do nothing 🤗 so a long weekend!!

After that finale, I am even more convinced that my crazy Evelyn Sharp Theory is right!

Why else would Slade Wilson lock her up and warn her about her choice in friends?

Actually, I’m amending the theory: Evelyn is either Isabel’s daughter or Rose Wilson (Slade’s daughter). I’m calling it now. Either way…