this is really old but BABU BATH TIME

  • someone: what's your favorite season?
  • me: okay listen i know there's only been four episodes but i really think season 5 is gonna be my favorite like jake and amy got engaged four episodes in and there's already been so much great stuff happening and i'm so excited for the rest
  • someone: no i mean season of the year
  • me: oh. fall. because that's when brooklyn 99 seasons start and i know i can always count on that show to make me feel happier no matter what. have you ever watched it? let's watch it right now.

Hello friends! Welcome to this tiny but wonderful corner of Tumblr where we absolutely adore the show that is Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and the character that is Greg Serrano. He was truly an understandably flawed character whose sarcasm and wit is only matched by his amazing vocals (s/o to you, Santino). He felt like a great fit for Rebecca, but life never really works out in ways you wanted it to, and he’s no longer on the show. In fact, he hasn’t been on the show for a while. 

And we’re bummed. We are sad, and it is completely normal to commiserate together on Tumblr (in fact, drop me a message anytime!) What is not okay is:

  •  Constantly harassing Rachel/Aline about what happened to Greg (they’ve done their due, they’ve told us what happened already, they also don’t seem to really enjoy being repeatedly asked about it, so let’s not)
  • Asking new characters who joined the show about Greg (apparently Scott Michael Foster turned off comments on his Instagram after some fans kept asking him about Greg - not sure how true this is though)

We need to respect the choices of the people behind a piece of work, and while as the audience and fans we may feel very strongly about a certain character’s departure from a show, we need to be more understanding towards them and don’t become a source of negativity for them. x