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Estinien wakes up to a low vibrating on his chest. It's Cat, purring rather loudly as he stares at his daddy with unyielding eyes. Maybe he wants to be fed...? With Ark absent from the house, feeding of their chubby feline falls to the Azure Dragoon.

This must be what Ark felt whenever Estinien was not around to wake next to. He felt selfish for even feeling lonely, as his husband had woken up without him there many times, and Ark was only supposed to return later in the day. Nevertheless, he could not help the longing for the warmth of the one he loved.

As he became more lucid, he took notice of a weight atop him and a vibration. His eyes took a moment to focus until they fell upon their pet, Cat. As much as the feline annoyed him at times, he did enjoy his company. He then reached his hand out to Cat and scratched the top of his head, voice still thick with sleep.

                                It seems it is just us for the time being. How about we feed you before you try to consume the curtains. 

Cute questions (*˘︶˘*)

Drop a number in my ask box whenever you feel like it and don’t be shy! Don’t be afraid to use these either

1- would you rather be woken up with a kiss or have your hair be stroke by significant other

2- ideal perfect date?

3- go out to dinner or order in?

4- do you like cuddling on the couch or going on adventures? Or would you rather have both?

5- what breakfast would you like to wake up to?

6- forehead or cheek kisses?

7- what would happen if your significant other bought/brought you a gift, how would you like it present and what would it be?

8- ideal trip and where?

9- who carries the shopping bags while your shopping

10- you and your significant other want a pet. What kind of pet would it be?

11- who kills the bugs?

12- big spoon, little spoon?(who’s who)

13- ideal relaxation day?/ ideal productive day? (Or both)

Joe Alaskey passes away aged 63

Joe Alaskey passes away aged 63

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Cult Faction is sad to report that Joe Alaskey, the US voice artist who provided vocals for such Looney Tunes characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat, has died aged 63 years old following a battle with cancer.

Alaskey, inherited the roles after the 1989 death of voice artist pioneer Mel Blanc, reportedly had cancer. You would also have heard Alaskey as the voice of President…

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The best videogame books

The best videogame books

Videogame and travel writing mix like beer and whiskey, except the whiskey is Wild Turkey and the beer is a $20 bottle of the latest craft sour named after a dead dog. It tastes alright, a bit off, and is does a number on your gut. Ellison’s global game developer couch-surfing adventures are travelogues in the same feel-good-but-bad-for-you vein. 

She sets out determined to see the industry…

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