❤ Dating Sim Tropes ❤

Repost (seriously ANYONE who reblogs this I will block.) and fill in with details about your muse as if they were a character in a Dating Sim. (Inspired by Huniepop) (Stolen from adderalandritalin)

  • Name: Kyle 
  • Their Profession: Student, psychic
  • Where they can be found (e.g. park, café, gym etc): Around
  • Favourite food type (breakfast, junk food, veggies, etc): Pancakes, pizza
  • Favourite alcoholic drink: ‘Girly’ drinks, hard lemonade/soda, stuff with a low alcohol content
  • Favourite trait (romance, passion, sexuality, talent, flirtation, sentiment, joy): Romance/flirtation
  • Where they would go on a date: Couch or an adventure
  • Ideal gift:  Books
  • How many dates until they go to bed: Classified~