1964 Imperial Crown Coupe by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site. From Allpar I have been obsessed with cars since I was a little kid punching transmission buttons in my parent’s cars. My preference to Mopars may be because, it was my Mom’s 60 Dodge Seneca I first got to move. I was playing with the transmission buttons and released it and rolled the car out the driveway into a park across the street. I was about 4 or 5 years old. In 2003, I finally ended up with a little more money than sense. I started looking around at what was available and came to the conclusion that I could literally not get any more car for the money, than if I got an Imperial. I acquired my Imperial in 2003. I did not and may not ever have the money to buy a decent muscle car, but the big luxury cars of the fifties and the sixties were often the origins for the engines that would get tweaked and tuned for muscle car duty. All 1964 Imperials had a 413 4-barrel engine, standard. In 1966, the 413’s bore was increased to become the legendary 440. The Imperial will not turn in 0-60 times like a Road Runner or Charger, weighing in at close to two and a half tons, but I still get to listen to the big block rumble. I just have to open the windows, because Imperials were all about making sure the occupants were undisturbed in the elegantly appointed interior. Once behind the wheel of the Crown Coupe, who would care about getting anywhere faster. This car makes you feel that this is where you want to be. I found this one with 78,000 miles on it. It has air conditioning, an AM/FM radio, tilt steering column, Auto Pilot (cruise control), leather, and my favorite, the push-button Torqueflite automatic transmission. Imperials had many power features standard: steering, brakes, and windows. This one included optional power locks, seats, antenna, and trunk release. The Imperial Crown Coupe, with a LeBaron type rear window, was new for 1964. Imperial offered no less than 776 color and trim combinations among its four cars in 1964; every Imperial could have been unique. This Imperial has not required much work. It had been repainted and the bumpers rechromed before I bought it.I had to repair some transmission fluid leaks and rebuild the “Sure Grip” differential and replace some missing and worn trim pieces. The first Summer I had the car I cruised 700 miles around Northern Minnesota and had a great time. Many people thought it was a Lincoln or a Cadillac. It definitely has the presence of a luxury car. I can forgive people for mistaking it for a Lincoln. The Imperial was the first Mopar marque to be completely restyled by Elwood Engel, who had previously worked for Ford and had been involved in the designing of the 1961 Lincoln.

elderly bandom memories:

  • ryan ross doing cocaine with some random girls ON INSTAGRAM
  • that dude that tried to scam people claiming he had ryan’s ep
  • brandon urie and ryan ross ending up at the same haloween party and pretending iT NEVER HAPPENED
  • when propertyofzack broke the news that fob was coming back two days before their grand announcements and everyone was like omg zack u such a liar
  • paramore’s revolving door of members
  • josh (formerly) from paramore’s cringy blog post
  • brendon urie’s vine fame
  • pete and patrick’s solo efforts
  • kim kardashian in the thanks for the memories video
  • alex from all time low and tay jardine from we are the in crowd drama during warped tour
  • when of mice and men were relevant
  • what even happened with sleeping with sirens
  • guyliner, the manbun of emo
  • pete on one tree hill
  • andrew mcmahon two to three bands ago
  • mikey way cheating on his wife?????? 
  • the RUTHLESS bracelet that summer everyone had
  • TAI TV
  • the original jagk shirt and glamour kills??
  • gabe saporta’s purple hoodie and the single with blair waldorf that actually did good???
  • jeffree star???? singing????? at warped????? 
  • long fall out boy song names (make fob song names great again)
  • you me at six? and the fact that no one knew how to spell josh’s name
  • travie mccoy’s marriage to katy perry?
  • the long island bands - tbs, brand new, etc
  • stage gay

I wouldn’t have it any other way

So my english teacher just gave us a speech yesterday on how “Plastic is the one to blame on homosexuality because is scientifically proven that it has a chemical that makes people more feminine.” 

And like yeah it’s stupid nonsense (and p dang homophobic mixing femininity with homosexuality) and its obviously something fake he believed bc he believes everything he listen on fucking conspiracy white gringos videos on youtube.

But you know what? I am buying it, plastic is gay now, I’m sorry straighties


Hey #90s kids! Remember the short-lived BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO television series? LOOSE MEAT do! Grab some popcorn and beverage and enjoy the newly rediscovered pilot episode.

Dev Team: “Kaiba-sama, this version should be released to market. The overall appeal makes the AI very relatable and it will be very popular to–”

Kaiba: “No, I don’t like to share. The AI is mine.”

Based from this brief exchange with @hiramiyugioh. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE hahahaa

Seto Kaiba makes the AI!Atem his personal Siri and it refuses to do anything for him lmao.

AI!Yami-chan is addicted to playing Duel Links and is using Kaiba’s account to challenge duelists. Kaiba is IGNORED hahahaa!


Sleep mode! Does AI!Atem dream of electric sheep? 

Of course there’s a Siri!Seto hahaha


Pre-Raster Graphics

David Gesswein is considered to be one of the reigning experts in DEC’s PDP-8.  Almost every time I’ve been to a VCF East, David is there with a PDP-8 of some kind, usually an 8/e, and this time was no exception.  He took portraits with a modern camera, then converted them to ASCII and printed them out on a large, beautiful, dot-matrix printer – I plan on framing mine! 

There was also a Tektronix 4014 showing just how much resolution the 1970s had to offer (if only in monochrome).  Brian Stuart, who had the exhibit on Forth, borrowed this terminal to test one of his programs on the authentic piece of kit and it was beautiful.  If I understand correctly, unlike other terminals of the era, Tektronix graphical terminals had on-board storage to keep images locally.  You’ll note the bank of circuit boards that sat in the cabinet under the CRT to facilitate storage and precision graphical rendering.

Lastly, David had a really cool Calcomp 563 plotter drawing really cool artwork, one line at a time.  Makes me want a plotter…

“Multiple graphics technologies will be exhibited that were common before raster graphics won. See 4K graphics on a 1970s Tektronix 4014 vector storage terminal. Have your picture taken by a PDP-8 computer and printed on a 200 line-per-minute chain printer in glorious ASCII art. See a pen plotter operate.”