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junkrat came up with the “you’ll hook em and i’ll cook em!” catchphrase when he first met hog, and he was so excited about how cool it sounded that he’s been repeating it non-stop

hog, not used to junkrat being junkrat, gets all huffy puffy about the damn line, because its so cornbally, and he cant stand listening to him say it over and over, and just tells him to shut the fuck up for fuck’s sake

one day, though, probably after months of teaming up with each other and getting to know one another better, they get in a real tough spot, and junkrat’s having a panic attack, not sure how to handle the situation, mumbling “i don’t know what to do???? what do we do??!?!? i dont have a plan for this!!!!”

then suddenly, a big hand rests on his shoulder, and roadhog is looking right at him

“I’ll hook ‘em…” he says, and then stops there.

junkrat’s still for what seems like forever, and then cracks the biggest smile he’s ever done his whole life, and just screams, “AND I’LL COOK EM!!!”

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Do you have any tips for storytelling?


One: don’t give away your whole hand in one go. Keep some of your cards close and be strategic about reveals.

Pace yourself. It can be really easy to try to info dump all of the cool ideas you have planned as soon as you can, but if you give everything away in one go you don’t have much of a story left to tell do you? Hints and subtle go a long way, and it can be more fun for the readers if there’s just enough room for them to fill in the blanks themselves.

Two: don’t be afraid to poke fun at your characters no matter how serious they can be? Also don’t be afraid of emotional range. Multifaceted people are fun. Let the balls of sunshine get mad or upset sometimes. Let the broody grumps have moments of happiness. Let the most serious badass character get stuck in a ridiculous, cornball situation. The trick is figuring out how different personalities express these things. Also don’t be afraid to have characters grow, and have flaws.

No one’s perfect. 

Perfect is boring.


I guess Luke Cage represented actually being able to survive AND relax in your own neighborhood.

For me, as a kid growing up, a character like Luke Cage meant you wouldn’t ever have to worry about not being ready for  a squad of cops ganging up on you and harassing you.

And never needing to worry about being taken by surprise at school, or in a drive-by.

Having invulnerable skin would mean never having to worry about fumbling to get your bulletproof super-suit out of a briefcase, or it being out for repairs at an inopportune time. You would never have to hurry up and get angry, or strike a magical cane on the ground, or suddenly say some magic word to change and protect yourself; because you were always bulletproof all the time.

So to black kids in particular, I think that was the appeal of Luke Cage: he protected black people, he was respected, he was stronger and tougher than almost anyone else, and he was bulletproof. And he was one of the good guys.

In an age of Black Lives Matter, where so many innocent & unarmed black men, women and children are systematically executed by the police, it’s understandable how being Black, super strong and bulletproof still captures the imagination.

The idea of bulletproof black skin is as revolutionary as it is old. And the concept of bullets not being able to hurt us anymore has the added psychological benefit of making dreaming of living a carefree black life seem just a little less impossible.

Yes, Luke Cage still has an undeniable appeal. Especially today.
—  More than skin deep: What Luke Cage has meant to me

“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Sag's nicknames for the signs...
  • Aries: Airy, Airplane, Aeropostale
  • Taurus: Taurs, Taurzan, Taurs Bar
  • Gemini: Gemi, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Gemi-two-minds, Gemi-two-heads, Gemi-two-brains
  • Cancer: Cancer Cell, Cancerous Cell
  • Leo: Soul Mate, Knight in Shining Armor, (mostly these two...there are others that are weird AF)
  • Virgo: V
  • Libra: Libs, Mad Lib, Peacemaker, Olive Branch, Dove, Li Li (Lee lee)
  • Scorpio: Scotch Tape, Scorpion, Corpse
  • Capricorn: CapriSun, Candy Corn, Cornball, Soldier
  • Aquarius: Aqua, Aquafina, Silvermist
  • Pisces: Pissces

This is for lostlegendaerie. You said silly/sweet headcanons lift up your spirits, so here you go!

Okay, so, Jean’s a dick because growing up he was a little chub kid, and his self defense mechanism was to just close up and be a jerk back to the other kids. Well Marco was also a little chubby kid as well, but even though he would feel sad from all the bullying, he wanted to treat others better because he never wanted people to feel as horribly as he did. 

Marco’s family is just passing through the market at Jean’s hometown (maybe visiting a relative or something) and little Marco sees Jean by a building crying (a couple kids were teasing Jean on his way home). So, being the ray of sunshine he is, Marco goes over to Jean and gives him a hankie and cheers him up. 

And years pass by and eventually they both forget. Jean hits puberty and his metabolism kicks in and he becomes a lean, willowy pretty boy. Marco on the other hand tends to gain weight easily, but his determination to get in shape to be part of the Military Police motivates him to get fit. When they see each other again in training they don’t recognize each other obviously, nor do they remember that meeting years ago, but they feel drawn to each other anyways. THE END

It’s cornball hours but I am tricking myself into being complacent in not needing a relationship anymore because. It hurts too much I’m not strong enough to handle whenbtgey all inevitably end the same way and I’d really rather not have it at all! I’m content with that. I genuinely strive to be content with that cause I can’t take it anymore dudes. I can only take it so many times and don’t think it’s gonna be different ever. I come in contact with a lot of people everyday who never found the right person & they all managed to live somehow. I got a lot of shit going on to worry about I don’t need more and i think i function pretty well on my own as long as I have like friends and someone out there to talk to im good. I survive & maybe that’s all that I need yknow maybe I’m not meant to have anything else cause I don’t connect very well to other ppl and I’m never good enough in that sense &sometimes it just be like tht for some of us. Anyway