Finished Sasha’s companion card. More or less. I really wanted to make a card with flowers so I picked my favourite flowers ever-Passiflora Coccinea- because I feel like them being symbols of the Passon of Christ kind of fits the theme of the Herald of Andraste? 

I’m probably gonna remake it one of these days but for the time being I kinda like this one.

Basic Summary of Simple Companion Reacts
  • Piper:omg blue hehe ^▪^
  • Codsworth:Endless loop of sir/mum
  • Curie:doing whatever she's doing for science. Innocence
  • Preston Garvey:s3TtLEMEnTS!!!!
  • Paladin Danse:daddy
  • Nick Valentine:Cigarettes and robo dick
  • X6:No emotions, ever, not once. #1 Institute fan boy
  • (Bonus!)Elder Maxson:daddy pt. 2
Spirit Tip #2

Do not work with dangerous spirits that’s too strong or too heavy for you. Do not to approach those with energy that’s too acidic for you to handle. Honestly, you can always come back to working with them but please don’t rush into working with a new spirit type because it’s ‘cool’ or because it makes you look badass or something.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing a lot of posts about not making a pet vegan because it's cruel and unhealthy, but my dog eats a vegan diet and the vet has told us that she's healthy. I'd never make a cat go vegan because they're obligate carnivores, but I'd also wouldn't own a pet that required meat as part of their biology as I dislike the research that shows there's dogs in dog food, cats in cat food, etc. Basically, I feel like always ask a vet about food but make certain their qualified to talk about diet.

I think it varies between individuals to be honest. I don’t doubt that individual dogs can eat plant based diets and be extremely healthy, the world’s oldest dog was reported to have been fed a plant based diet. My position is that I don’t advocate for people to do it since there just isn’t enough research for me to draw on to be able to do so with confidence. I advocate for pets to be fed an appropriate diet which meets their nutritional needs. If you are certain you can achieve that with a plant based diet which works for your dog, is vet approved and your dog is getting regular check ups then I’m not going to try to interfere with how you care for them.

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How are you guys dealing with/handling bloggers constantly saying not so nice things about EA? I hope it hasnt affected your business or anything like that. You guys are amazing!

Aw thank you! And honestly we ignore them. We prefer not to engage people like that and add to drama. The community does not need that much toxicity. EA has continued to maintain the quality of service that we always have and will continue to do so.



“Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.”

In the 61st century, the Shadow Proclamation recruits a group of women from different periods to form an elite squad: the Department of Objective and Covert Temporal Oversight through Respondent and Warranted Humanitary Operations, also known as D.O.C.T.O.R.W.H.O.


If I could have a Doctor Who moment and go back in time and travel back to the moment I got the job as Captain Jack, what would I say to myself? John Barrowman (Doctor Who: The Companions) 


Skyrim: Reluctant Leader by Isriana

A long, long overdue commission for ApolloNight featuring the adventures of a hungry, broke little Bosmer who accidentally became the boss of… well, everything. Poor Hawk - she really just wanted to get some work done. Skyrim factions seem to be big on using the “You Are in Command Now” trope… ;D