Confession: I’m forever heartbroken Mhairi didn’t survive the Joining. She was such a promising companion! I got attached immediately, she was so passionate and cute and kind. I wish there was a mod to make sure she survives, but almost no one creates mods for DAO anymore. Or at least a mod to skip the intro of Awakening, so I don’t have to watch her be killed by her biggest dream. Poor, sweet Mhairi!

cap source: rdp

(mod note: people are still making dao mods! lots of them. also, we recommend the add mhairi mod. you can’t skip the cutscene, but you can get her back.) 

I got me some suggestions from the Portal Chat… what a mistake that was! 

We got Angry Mel, buff corrupted companion cube, potato battery wheatley, virgil threatening nigel with a gun, espacio core, rattmann in companion cube cosplay, Will, and Mike (from stranger things)

Thanks for the suggestions @thedastardlybastard @emmys-sketchbook @ticktackie and @steamclient

Spirit Adoption Application

*please email this application to me at if you are interested in any of the spirits currently looking for homes. It may take anywhere from 5-15 business days before a final decision is made. If the spirit has chosen you, I will send you an email letting you know and we will discuss payment for the vessel and journal (I am open to payment plans for any vessels. The spirit and vessel will be reserved until you are able to pay off the entire listing, but I will only reserve for a maximum of 3 months. I will have the vessel and journal shipped the business day after your final payment). I DO NOT allow “collectors” to adopt spirits. I want these spirits to find meaningful homes, not to be treated as objects with no feelings/emotions. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, the more information I have, the easier it is to make a decision. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these questions, send me a quick message on here and we will work something out.

Basic Information

Your Legal name (this is necessary if you are paying through Paypal, so I know it is you who has paid, and not someone trying to claim someone else’s):

Your name you would like to be addressed by (what you would like me to call you when messaging/emailing, etc. Be sure to include your pronouns!):

How you would like your package addressed (in case you go by a different name than those in your home know):

Are you located in the U.S.? (Due to extreme shipping costs, I currently ship only to U.S and Canada):

Would you like discreet packaging?

Your birthday (some spirits are not available to those under the age of 18):

A brief description of your personality (interests/hobbies, how you act around others, etc):

Any disabilities or mental illnesses? (Not necessary to answer, I just want to be sure that you aren’t paired with a spirit who may unintentionally trigger you/aggravate any disability you may have):

Spiritual Information

Your go-to means of communication with spirits? (i.e. pendulums, tarot, ouija, astral projection, etc.):

Spiritual practices/occult experience? (Not necessary to answer, just helps pair better!):

Religious beliefs/practices? Are you oath bound/devoted? (Not necessary to answer, just to be sure that you won’t be causing any conflict with deities/other spirits):

Ethics and Morals

Do you have a set of house rules? If so, what are they?:

How do you handle conflict between spirits? Between yourself and the spirit?:

Are there any issues/conflicts you may foresee in the near future? How do you intend to handle them?:

Spirit Companionship Information

How long have you been a spirit worker? A spirit companion?:

If you have other companions, what species are they? (There are many species who do not get along whatsoever, and I would like to make sure that each is in a safe home):

Do you astral travel/project? (this is not necessary, some spirits prefer companions who are able):

What draws you to this spirit? Why do you believe you would be the right companion?:

If the spirit found a home other than yours, how would you feel?:

What are you goals/intentions from working with this spirit?:

How do you intend to help the spirit in return?:

*note: I would prefer if applications were done through Word, or a program similar and then attached to an email, but it is not necessary if you are unable. 

Bird of Storms

The spirit that appeared to the form of a large, ragged eagle perched on a hamper in the room. She ruffled her feathers and then squawked at me at me with her wings outstretched. I squawked back and then asked if she could only squawk. In response, she jumped off the hamper and transformed into the form of a brown haired woman clothed in furs with feathers wrung around them. She came over to me and took the offering, holding it close to her chest before darting back. “Thank you,” she said before pausing to glance around the room. She then said, “You wish to speak with me?”

I affirmed that and asked her what species she is. “I’m a bird, a bird of storms,” she replied while still nervously looking around. She never once looked at me. I inquired if that was her actual name, as in the actual name of her species. She seemed to shrink back defensively, “You may not get my name.” I clarified that I didn’t mean her personal name. “You may not get that either.” I asked her to explain how come, if that was okay. I don’t care about personal names but I’ve found that spirits who are dodgy about their species name can be suspicious sometimes. “How come?” she repeated back to me. She moved over to my bathroom door and rubbed it with her hand before looking over her shoulder back at me, “Well, you may get it but not now.”

I inquired as to where she came from. “The storms, the clouds, the skies,” she said quickly. Her presence felt super nervous so I asked her what was making her feel that way. “Your companions, your comrades. I don’t like the way they look at me.” A few of them were hanging around observing the conversation as they usually do in case there is trouble but no one’s really cared before. I assured her that they weren’t planning on hurting her and that I could send them away if she wished. “What? Are you-???” I heard B. swear. She asked me if I would do that and I told her that I would as long as A. could stay.

That set her off, “No! She’s the worse one!” she exclaimed and then pointed a finger at A. “There’s an evil in you, I can feel it.” I didn’t bother to point out that the bird spirit didn’t feel too “white magic and niceness” either because A. hopped up and quarreled back. “I’m not evil! Who are you to call me that?” she snapped. I implored A. to just leave with the others and not create unnecessary conflict. I like to have good hospitality when inviting a spirit in to talk and figured that the outburst was just because she was nervous. But then…

“Now that we’re alone,” the spirit said after my companions all left. I pointed it out to her that we weren’t really alone because they were literally just on the other side of the wall. She ignored me and proudly strutted around the room. When I realized what had happened all I could say was “damnnnnnn” but with a smile because I can respect what she did, very sneaky, I liked it. “Did you really think that I was that frightened chick from before?” she mocked, “Oh, and thanks for these frost salts, I’ll use their energy to help freeze my enemies,” she clutched the offering bottle tightly, “you know, snowstorms are just as bad as thunderstorms, though we don’t get a lot here.” That’s an understatement. As she continued to pace around in front of me I noticed that she looked much more bird-like with her arms turning into wings with hands on the ends.

I asked her if she would tell me what she is now. “A manipulator of storms, harbinger of danger, I am…” she paused for dramatic effect, “your worst nightmare.” I told her that I’ve already met my worst nightmare and that he wasn’t that scary. That seemed to have upset her because she began to kick up a storm in my room. The etheric copies of all the small objects were blown around. I, however, was too preoccupied with writing everything down to really care. That seemed to upset her even more as she made the winds stronger. I thanked her for banishing negativity from my room as a joke with myself related to my banishing methods which sometimes employ a form of storm magic.

She stopped the winds and then snapped, “What do you want from me?” I told her that I just wanted to talk, as I said before. “Then talk! What do you wish? For me to bring the storms down on your enemies?” I told her that I just wanted to do the interview. She went back to the hamper that she was perched on earlier and tried to sit on it. The etherical copy gave away causing her to fall flat on her face. “You didn’t see that,” she said as she brushed herself off after getting up. “Wow,” I replied. “You better leave that part out of the interview!” she exclaimed.

Continuing with the interview I asked her what her favorite kind of storm was. “Hurricanes, which is why I’m here,” she answered. I pointed out that it wasn’t the season. “It’s always in season when I’m around,” she snarled. She lunged at me with her feet outstretched as they transformed into bird feet with large black talons. Her toes wrapped around my neck and the claws dug into my flesh. “You’re lucky I don’t tear your throat out” she growled in my ear. “Uh,” I said in response.

Just as I was about to shove her off with my energy A. flew into the room and striked her in the chest with a baseball bat (????) sending her flying across the room. The bird spirit tried to fly away but A. and S. quickly created a capture barrier around her to prevent her escape. I complimented them on their speed at making that cause, damn, they were quick. B. came over to me and asked if I was okay and A. asked me what I wanted to do with the bird spirit. I told them just to let her go because I didn’t see her as a huge threat. A. and S. took down the barrier and the bird spirit shifted into her eagle form and flew straight at me again. A. smacked her out of the air with the baseball bat and knocked her onto the other side of my house wards. The bird spirit tried to break back in but the wards were too strong and she eventually gave up.

G. went around the room putting the etherical copies of everything that got blown around back into place while complaining about me being messy.          

Meeting Two Kelpies

I’m at my astral house. Kanel is at my left side per usual and I’m sitting on a metal table in my backyard. Y is there at my side and Dane and Orion walk up behind me and sit on the table along with me. I have a small glass bottle with an offering I made for a kelpie who chooses to come forward. A dapple grey kelpie shows up with a black mane. His lips are red and his teeth are bared. He’s got a bit of white on his forehead like Titan does and he has a build similar to Y. He’s panting a bit heavily and his body is dripping wet, he had weeds in his hair and his hooves are split. He is quiet.

“May I ask what you go by?”

A deep baritone voice speaks the name “A_____” His eyes look grey to me. A cloudy grey with a black pupil. His ears are rimmed with black.

“Did you come because of my call?” “Yes” I extend my hand out to him with the bottle in it. He reaches out with his neck and steps forward, sniffing the bottle as a horse would and gently picks it up between his lips and teeth before setting it down on the ground. “Why have you called me?”

“One, I wanted to see if this would work. And two, I need protection. But that is only if you choose to come with me.”

“Protection? Of what?” “A spirit wishes to cause me harm. It is strong from what I can tell.” He makes a ‘hmmph’ noise. Another kelpie sits back by the trees, it is more of a chrome ish grey and black and seems impatient. Kanel keeps his eyes on him.

“And if I help? To what extent will I be of service?” He asked, “Just keeping me safe. I have a teacher who is also a kelpie and a companion who is an each usige” He seems to ponder the idea. He stands a bit more tall and his lips are closed. “What is your name?” He asks me, “____” I say. “I’ve heard the name before.” I want to question it byt don’t bother to. “I’d much rather be a friend than a companion.” “I’m not asking companionship. I ask protection. But if you wish to be a friend then that is okay.” He nods, “I will think about it. Thank you for the gift. Contact me again tomorrow and I will give an answer.” I nod and allow him to leave.

The next kelpie by the tree trots up with his head down, stomping its hooves on the ground and pawing when it stops in front of me. Its hair is much longer and sleeker, its eyes are red and he is mainly black and silver. (Black on top, silver underbelly).”Give it.” He snarls. I nod and toss him a bottle that lands in the grass in front of him. He reaches down and sniffs it before nudging it a bit. “May I ask a name you go by?” He ponders for a bit before he gives me a name, “J____”

“And you came because of my call?” I asked, he nods. “I heard it. I smelled it. I smelled you and your friends.” His voice is raspy, I can feel a greed coming from him. “I don’t like people. I don’t like humans. I don’t know why that fool considers befriending you.”

I shrug and give him an off look. “Because it’s his choice…. Would you take the offer if I gave it to you?” “Who me? No. For a price maybe. I highly doubt you’d want it.”

“Fair enough.” I say and cross my arms. “Is that all you need of me?” He asks before I nod, he snatches the bottle, spins on his hind quarter and darts back out into the trees.

“Well that went well.” I comment as I look to Kanel. “Maybe next time.”

“That’s how they are. They’re picky and sly and don’t want to be messed with. I’m surprised the first one is considering it.” Y says. I just end up nodding and decide to end it there for the time being.

Spirit Adoptee: Tessa

Race: Human spirit; Oracle

Gender: Nonbinary

Experience Level: Beginner+

Personality:Tessa is a very kind and quiet spirit, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear them very much. While they may be a bit shy, they will make their presence well known. They are very well adept with divinatory practices, as well as overall hedge magic.

Vessel Type: Rose quartz and cat’s eye pendulum

Vessel Price: $29.99 + shipping (U.S. and Canada only)

Additional Notes:Tessa is perfect for beginners and those who require a more gentle nature


Chloe went to class tonight with me!  Overall beside I was judged so hard for her weight (which I’ll be working on come warm weather) and some of the issues her breed has.  Otherwise she was pretty behaved and my teacher mentioned how social she was.  Most of her time was hiding under our table or she was asleep on my lap.

Chloe is also a huge diva also.