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How can i tell that my spirit companions and our conversations are real and not just my imagination? Im not that good at discernment and i guess im just worried that im wasting my time and talking to an empty vessel.

Hello, Anon!

Honestly, this is a very valid fear for any spirit worker. To be skeptical isn’t a bad thing, however- it’s in my opinion that this is one way we kind of keep ourselves grounded and open to discernment. I would personally raise an eyebrow and question anyone that has never, ever questioned the validity of their interactions and experiences.

Discernment is a skill like any other, Anon. It is something that- like any other ability- must be nurtured and developed. There are many ways to help improve your discernment, and I know that Mod Wolfe and myself are personally fond of @thetwistedrope‘s tag for discernment. Some posts include:

I’ll also be honest with you, Anon. I personally suffer from a mix of depression and anxiety. Sometimes this includes intrusive thoughts, and heavy mental chatter.

However, as I have developed my skills in discernment, I have been able to learn to separate my personal noise from the voices of the spirits I work with. Different voices, even different language patterns I don’t normally speak with, are all additional identifiers for me. The more you practice and bond with your companion(s), the better developed that bond will be, and you will be able to more easily communicate with them.

Remember that vocal and mental conversation aren’t the only ways you can ask for communication. Ask for signs. Ask for manifestations. One way I get confirmation from my companions is to ask for a certain sign X amount of times within a certain time period, such as “Red Flowers, at least three times, within three days.”

The ways that spirits around us communicate is often very different from what we’d expect. Sometimes it’s not literal, or vocal.

I remember when I met Socks, I asked for “Socks” as their sign (which eventually became their namesake). Hilariously, Dobby the House Elf flooded my dash and peoples’ mouths. “Master gave Dobby a Sock!” Socks himself likes to be a little roundabout, poke fun, and make me laugh. I confirmed these other things asking for more literal signs, too.

So go easy on yourself. Remember, you are trying to communicate with beings that are on literal separate planes of existence. Let your companion(s) know of your doubts and fears. Ask for those signs. I assure you, they will most likely understand.

If you have gone through all these steps and still have your doubts about the validity of your companion’s existence (such as not receiving signs or other forms of communication), try reaching out to the original conjurer, assuming your companion was matched to you via a companion shop. If they are not available, try reaching out to an unbiased third party- and perhaps not one that runs a shop, in the case that they might try to invalidate your companion or usurp your business. Just a thought.

I know you have your doubts, Anon, but remember that it is OKAY and HEALTHY. You aren’t alone. ♥ Hope this helps.

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Confession:  My best friend started playing Dragon Age for me, starting with DAI. It made me really happy, and now we headcanon that our Adaar Inquisitors are best friends. His being the mom friend, and mine being the bad influence friend. He romanced Dorian with his, and I romanced Sera with mine. We’ll probably end up writing fanfic about them and their adventures now.


Valentine is normally the first to roam around, usually before sunrise. After exiting rest mode, he runs some diagnostics, helps himself a cup of coffee and dives into his archives. Around mid morning, when someone makes him notice, he prepares himself a bit of solid breakfast: usually a couple of toasts with sliced ham of dubious origin.

Danse diligently wakes up with the sunrise. He washes his face with cold water, workouts in the patio for an hour, showers and puts on a clean suit, and then prepares himself a breakfast that consists of a mirelurk egg omelette, some meat and canned beans, and a slice of melon. And a couple of Fancy Lad Snake Cakes.

MacCready wakes up at a normal hour – early enough to do something of profit, but neither too early to be considered insane. He drags his feet to the kitchen complaining of a bad migraine, picks the newspaper, job ads section, and munches on a mutfruit until he’s fully awake.

Piper jumps out of the bed shortly after MacCready and repeats her “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late” mantra during the few minutes it takes for her to dress up, brush her hair and pour herself some coffee, before storming out. She won’t eat anything solid until noon.

Cait used to wake up fairly late, almost always with a huge hungover she tried to get rid of by chugging a couple of beers – she found it funny to defend beer could count as cereals. After her rehabilitation, she has tried to wake up at the same time as Danse and join him in his morning training, but she still misses the call most days.

Hancock is usually the last one to wake up, and he still loafs around and complains for another full hour before getting up. He puts on his best “Don’t you dare bother me, and specially don’t you dare point out I am probably showing off the mayoral -lack of- treasure” face and floats into the kitchen, lights or pops his morning choice, and grabs whatever somewhat edible is at hand (if it’s one of Danse’s special shakes chaos will ensue).

Deacon is a special case. He can show up in the kitchen at any given hour. Sometimes he’s already perfectly clad and greets everyone with a pearly white smile and a box of just baked tarts he got from who knows where, and sometimes he appears past noon still in his boxers and looking awfully sleepy and unable to coordinate even the simplest movements.

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Yeah totally. Would be nice to also know why the companions like or dislike something. And even have them converse with the SS about the SS. Somehow everyone just already knows the main character’s story and he/she has never even divulged any info on their life. I was taken aback when I went to meet Valentine, started a quest with him and he knew I had a dog, and my whole life story. What? When? How? And where? Hancock so far has been the only one who didn’t know her… still didn’t ask about her, but has some limited info. But everyone knows about Shaun and has a reaction to it? What? I’m so lost as to how this happens.

Ooooh agreed. Was not a fan of clairvoyant followers. It also bothered me when nobody seemed to give a damn after returning from the Institute… The Institute… Really? Nothing to say about that? Oh wait yeah clairvoyant, gotchya.

Also another reason for why I love Hancock. Also Ada.

teklacat replied to your photo “Barris It’s a shame Barris isn’t around Skyhold, even if you side with…”

He should have been hanging around Skyhold. What a shame. Thank you for painting him! Too little Barris content.

I know! When I (finally) sided with the Templars I went looking for him at Skyhold, already convinced I’d be able to talk to him, but no…

And I’m beginning to think you have a thing for the DA:I characters with too little content… first Abelas, now Barris, hmm? ;)


So a friend and I were sharing screenshots last night and he asked if Hancock always sits next to the bath when Isabella is trying to bathe?

The short answer is yes. All the time.

She can be in a completely distant area of their home (while he is relaxing at the dinner table) and he will come running the moment she starts cycling through outfits, and he will hunt for the nearest seat that gives him a direct view. It may be a glitch but it seems to suit his personality. And forget any baths alone. He again, will search for a perch to view from.

So these screenshots happened today in their Goodneighbor apartment. Typically Hancock occupies himself around GN down on the street with citizens, or heads out onto the balcony for a cigarette. He doesn’t usually hang around the apartment when she is doing her own thing. Yet, hop in the shower and he relentlessly hangs out staring.


Metrocon Fallout photos Part 4 


Part 3


“Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.”

In the 61st century, the Shadow Proclamation recruits a group of women from different periods to form an elite squad: the Department of Objective and Covert Temporal Oversight through Respondent and Warranted Humanitary Operations, also known as D.O.C.T.O.R.W.H.O.


If I could have a Doctor Who moment and go back in time and travel back to the moment I got the job as Captain Jack, what would I say to myself? John Barrowman (Doctor Who: The Companions)