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Romanced companions reaction to a short Sole? How would they kiss? Which the companion would pick them up 24/7?

Sorry for being gone so long, I’ve recently got a full time grad job so I’ve had no time to write, and then I got second degree burns and then the flu (basically, it’s been very stressful). I’m still going to write, it’ll just be the update times… So, instead of guessing the companions heights, what I’ve done is tried to find the heights of the voice actors and went from there (minus a couple who were too short for my HC’s lol).


Cait wasn’t the tallest person ever either, standing at 5’5, so for Sole to be smaller than her was an impressive feat. But Sole was shorter, and Cait found it funny most of the time. Sure, Cait didn’t make jokes like some of the other companions, but in private there was a few jokes.

Before they got in a romantic relationship, Cait would make a lot more jokes and comments about how short and ‘angry’ Sole was- along with laughing along when other people made the same sorts of comments- but after, Cait was a lot more protective, telling off anyone that made jokes about them.

What with Cait being somewhat short as well, it was pretty easy on them both whenever they kissed. Cait had to lean down a little to kiss Sole, but it didn’t cause neckaches like most of the other taller companions. At nights when they slept, Sole usually ended up being the small spoon, but that was mostly because whenever they tried to be the big spoon, Cait would start kicking Sole in the shin.

Cait wouldn’t pick up Sole, purely for the fact that she know’s just how annoying it is when people pick her up as if she was a child- although she didn’t exactly help Sole whenever any of their other friends and companions tried to pick them up.


Curie had a little bit of a say in the body that she would possess when she got the her new body. She had a say in height, and although she kinda wanted to see how tall people lived being so tall, she ended up with a body that was 5’6 and a half (the half is very important).

She was taller than Sole, and she found it very cute. She didn’t want Sole to go out on missions, fearing that they’d end up getting hurt too badly, but Sole had soon put her mind at rest that they could handle themselves properly.

They had a very happy relationship- and they liked to spend a lot of time kissing (obviously when they weren’t saving the Commonwealth, one person at a time). Since Curie was shortish as well, they fitted pretty well together when they kissed, with Curie usually leaning down only a little to kiss Sole, and sometimes Curie would even kiss Sole on the forehead- although Sole didn’t really like it that much, telling Curie that it was like they were getting a kiss from their parents.

Curie might be shortish, but she wasn’t the strongest of people, so even if she wanted to pick up Sole, she couldn’t. Sole would usually joke around and try and pick Curie up, but after one time where Sole had tried and ended up falling over with Curie in their arms, they’d given up trying on account of hurting themselves.


When Sole had first stumbled into the courtyard of Cambridge Police Station, they were highly intimidated at the Paladin, who stood some three or more feet taller than them at 8’5 in his Power Armour. Once Sole had joined the Brotherhood and got to know Danse a little more, and got to know Danse out of the Power armour, he stood a good 6’4 out of his bulky Power Armour.

He overshadowed Sole, which would most of the time leave him in bouts of laughter- especially when near other Brotherhood soldiers. It did, however, leave him anxious when they were fighting- he would often lose sight of Sole, leaving him searching again and again trying to find them, wishing and hoping that they were safe.

Kissing was hard. Very hard. Sole was so much smaller than Danse, and when they went to kiss he would end up straining his neck to just get halfway down. They would usually have to end up kissing whilst sitting or lying down, and that usually lead to different, more, exciting things happening.

Danse usually tried to refrain from picking Sole up, usually because they were around fellow Brotherhood brothers and sister, and it was inappropriate. He once found himself picking them up whilst they were running away from a car that was about to explode- Sole wasn’t running quick enough. The bad thing about it was that Danse was in his Power Armour and Sole ended up with bruises over their stomach, arms and legs as well, along with a fractured wrist where Danse had grabbed their arm to lift them up.


“I mean, I know the cold makes you shrink, but did it have to make you that small?”

Sole was tired of all the little ‘small person’ jokes that Deacon makes all the time. It had started the second that they met, but when they made their relationship more romantic than platonic, the jokes got worse.

‘I’ll give you a piggyback- wait, can you get up there?’ ‘The thing is Sole, I appreciate the little things in life. That’s why I’m dating you’ or Sole’s favourite ‘Now Sole, I know you are getting old- I mean, 200 is old yeah? so I found you a toothpick. Figured you could use it as a walking stick’.

Deacon was quite tall, standing at 6’2, so whenever he wanted to kiss Sole, he would always lean down to do it. This usually resulted in Deacon (and sometimes Sole from straining up) getting a neckache, and them having to sit down on a sofa or bed for Sole to straddle him- not that Deacon minded being in that position.

Deacon would frequently offer Sole piggy back rides across the Commonwealth. When he started asking, Sole would instantly refuse. But after a while- and when they got into a proper romantic relationship-, they slowly began accepting the rides.

Sole got mad one time when Deacon just picked them up and ran away from a Super Mutant, and every time that Deacon went to pick Sole up he had to remember that he’d end up with a smack around the head from them if he did.  


Hancock was adamant that he stood at 5’10, however Sole was sure that his boots put on an extra inch (if not two). Sole would sometimes tease Hancock about his height and how he ‘lies’ about it, but then he would just throw Sole a look. A look of ‘continue talking and I’ll throw you out to the lions’.

Hancock would sometimes make jokes about Sole’s short stature, or would join in the joking that their other friends and companions would aim at Sole. Hancock was pretty chill about making jokes about Sole, so long as the jokes didn’t go too far and end up hurting Sole’s feelings.

Their kissing was a little difficult- sure, Hancock wasn’t overly tall, but he still nearly a foot taller than Sole, so they still ended up kissing really awkwardly.


MacCready liked to think he was the tallest person in the world, but in reality, he only stood at 5’11, which was still a lot taller than Sole. MacCready liked to joke about Sole’s height at every possible opportunity, but whenever anyone else- be it a friend or anyone else- he would get overly protective.

MacCready was almost as bad as Deacon for the jokes, but not quite. He would still make jokes about Sole on various occasions (including the one time that they were being chased by a hoard of super mutants and he joked that he’d throw them onto the roof of a passing building), but MacCready knew when enough was enough.

MacCready didn’t like to flaunt their relationship in public, so that meant that they rarely- if ever- kissed in public. Which meant that they usually kissed in the privacy of their shared house where nobody could see them. They usually kissed whilst sitting or lying down, meaning that neither had to strain any parts of their body to kiss the other. On the rare occasion that they did end up kissing in public, it was usually a quick peck on the lips.

MacCready wouldn’t even dare trying to pick up Sole- he was too scared of them to even attempt it.


As a synth, Nick stood tall at 6’1, towering over the short Sole- and he also towered over the majority of the rest of the Commonwealth. Nick didn’t make many jokes regarding Sole’s height, infact it was Sole that made jokes about Nick’s height- Nick tried to not indulge Sole by laughing at the jokes, but he did- most of the time- find them funny.

When he first saw Sole, coming up the stairs with their gun raised towards the mobster outside the window, it took everything inside him to stop himself from laughing- they were very short, and Nick had to wonder how Sole had survived this far in the ‘Wealths.

In the very beginnings of their relationship, Nick was very reluctant to kiss Sole- there was many a times when he’d told them that they had deserved someone so much better than him, someone who was more than half a human, as he liked to say. Sole liked to remind him that they loved him the way he was. As their relationship began to grow and flourish, Nick slowly began to feel more comfortable kissing Sole, with Nick leaning down to kiss Sole to avoid Sole getting a bad neck.

Nick tried not to pick up Sole too often, however in occasions where they needed to get away quickly, Nick would end up picking up Sole as their legs were too short to move quick enough.  


Piper wasn’t the tallest of people either, standing at 5’6, not too much taller than Sole- but she was still taller than them. Piper was quite a serious person, so didn’t like to make many jokes about Sole’s height, however there were a few occasions when a joke would slip from her lips.

Kissing for the couple was relatively easy, neither of them put themselves out to kiss the other, especially when they were sitting or lying down. Piper liked their relationship to be private, both because of what Piper does (she doesn’t want people targeting Sole) and because the majority of the Commonwealth hated Sole- they were even on the Gunners hit list.

Piper did once try and pick up Sole, but she’s not the strongest of people and nearly ended up dropping Sole on their head. After that, Sole made Piper promise to never pick them up again, which Piper was more than happy to agree too.


The hat made Preston look taller than he actually was. Without the hat on, he stood at 5’11, which was still quite tall, and still a lot taller than Sole was. He didn’t like making jokes about Sole’s height- he didn’t want to accidently hurt their feelings by saying something too out of order.

They usually kissed a lot- before they went public they hid their relationship, but after they finally went public, they were happy to kiss in front of their friends and those that were minutemen. Sole usually went out travelling with other friends and companions, so when Sole and Preston were reunited, they would usually kiss as soon as they set eyes on one another, with Preston leaning down to kiss Sole, and Sole standing on their toes to reach up.

Preston doesn’t really like picking Sole up too much, but whenever Sole asked if he could give them a piggy back ride, he’d be more than happy to oblige (but only if they were in a safe place like Sanctuary, where there wasn’t too many prying eyes watching their every move).


Usually all of the coursers stood at roughly 6’ tall, for various reason, including it being able to help the way that they fought when out in the ‘Wealths. X6 was exactly 6’ tall, and towered over Sole- and most other people within the Commonwealth. When X6 first started travelling with Sole, he acted more as a bodyguard than anything else.

When they made their relationship more romantic than platonic, it was a stark difference. X6 tried to avoid kissing at all cost, but the couple eventually came to the agreement that if they were going to be in a relationship, then they needed to do things that couples do, which involved kissing. Their kisses usually involved X6 bending down to kiss Sole, with him pressing feather light kisses on their lips.

X6 didn’t like people knowing about their relationship, mainly because everyone usually ended up teasing the pair and X6 didn’t like that. He usually refused to carry Sole anywhere, saying that they needed to not be lazy, but the real reason was because he wouldn’t be able to defend Sole properly if something bad happened.  


The leader of the Brotherhood of Steel was tall, standing at 6’2. Sole liked to joke with him that his battlecoat made him drop a few inches- but the joking usually ended up in some sort of punishment- whether that be something somewhat sexual or not, that was up to Arthur.

Maxson sometimes liked to joke around regarding Sole’s short height, but he usually ended up taking it a step too far and making Sole a little upset, so he usually kept his thoughts to himself.

Sole didn’t like the whole of the Brotherhood knowing about their relationship, however for Maxson it was the opposite- Maxson wanted everyone aboard the ship to know that Sole was his and wasn’t to be touched by anyone else under any circumstance. In front of other people, Maxson’s kisses were rough, with him leaning down to kiss, but in private they were soft and gentle, usually with Sole settled on his lap.

He never really liked to pick Sole up, only when in private or when out in the Commonwealth (like the one occasion that Sole got injured and Maxson ended up carrying them back to the waiting Vertibird).  


Desdemona was a tallish woman, standing at 5’9. Sure, she wasn’t the tallest, but she was still a lot taller than Sole (Des and Glory had ‘arguments’ over who was tallest, Glory was sure it was her but it was actually Des). Des is serious most of the time- being the head of the Railroad made her serious, and she had to be, as she needed to care for so many people, and the attack on the switchboard still played on her mind.

When Sole and Des kissed, it was usually in private- or on the rare occasion that Sole was going on a particularly difficult mission, Des would press a light kiss on Soles lips and watch as they leave.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Deacon that teased them the most about their height difference, it was actually Carrington. It was more snide little digs than actual jokes, but all Des needed to do was throw him a look and he was quiet again.

Des didn’t like to pick up Sole- she said that you picked up children, not adults. They’d never had an occasion that Des had needed to pick up Sole.

Astral Travel Tips

Time Limits. Not only give yourself that routine, but start at short intervals. There are very few individuals who can do it first time and stay in for hours at a time. The first trip will most likely only last a few minutes. So give yourself a set amount of time. Maybe the first time could be 5-10 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but time also runs different in the astral. So 5 to 10 minutes here may be hours there (it really depends on where you go. Time is relative, honestly). It takes energy and will drain you physically, so set a timer when you go. The more you do it, the more you can increase your time. Not only beware of the amount of time but the amount you do it in one day. Its easier to start off with one trip once a week, and then build up from there as well. 

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Reactions to Sole getting injured and waking up with amnesia (Bonus angst points if they remember life before the bombs fell but not afterwards)

((Bonus challenge accepted.))

At first the companions thought it had just been a bad blow to the head. But when Sole woke up, wide-eyed and horrified, they realized the truth.

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“Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.”

In the 61st century, the Shadow Proclamation recruits a group of women from different periods to form an elite squad: the Department of Objective and Covert Temporal Oversight through Respondent and Warranted Humanitary Operations, also known as D.O.C.T.O.R.W.H.O.


If I could have a Doctor Who moment and go back in time and travel back to the moment I got the job as Captain Jack, what would I say to myself? John Barrowman (Doctor Who: The Companions)