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hey i just wanted to explain the sherlolly post? my main point was that he's married but i see that it totally came off as homophobic and i'm SO sorry if I offended you or anyone else! i just wanted to clear that up and again, i am so sorry.

thank you for apologising, that was brave and good of you, i appreciate it

myself and others have written quite a lot on why we don’t think john’s marriage will last and why we think sherlock is gay and why we think johnlock is endgame, but fair enough if you don’t buy into it, just please be careful in future how you talk about sexuality

thanks again for your apology :)

Inquisitor as a Companion Meme

Inquisitor’s Name: Silias Lavellan

Alternative Name: Silias Fitheach

Race, Class & Specialization: Dalish Elf, Rift Mage

Varric’s Nickname For Them: Raven

Default Tarot Card: High Priestess.

The High Priestess beckons you to heed intuition, and seek truth in your dreams. She is a guide–a doorway for those that seek to peer past the veil into hidden knowledge.

Yet she is also a herald of choice; decisions must be made, but she urges you to act only after you have reflected over the knowledge you have gained. 


How They Are Recruited:

Silias is found fighting off Venatori in a rise of ruins the Inquisition would be investigating in the Exalted Plains, one of the locations in which the runes Cillian researches and finds leads to the Lost Temple of Dirthamen. 

After the party intercedes and defeats the Venatori, Silias immediately meets them with a curt wariness, her staff readied for a second confrontation. 

“These lands are rife with dis-ease–first these bastards, and now? Tell me why you’re here. What business do you have in this place? Speak swiftly!”

The Inquisitor must talk down Silias’ guard, which will relent if they seem noble. If Solas is present in the party, she is taken aback when he speaks to her in Elven with a slightly scolding tone. Her shoulders square, and she gives a nod while returning her attentions to the Inquisitor.

“Ir abelas–I have heard much of you. Forgive my distrust; the plains are unkind to us, moreso than usual. Please, accept my gratitude and service to repay you for your efforts.”


Where They Are In Skyhold:

Silias is found in the aviary, opposite of the space from Leliana, pacing between the railing and elsewhere, seeming keen to keep an eye on events from her perch.


Things They Generally Approve Of: Positive choices toward Elves, Mages, and Spirits. Questions and pressing for knowledge and information about ancient ruins and events or items. Curiously–subterfuge used to outwit opposition.

Things They Generally Disapprove Of: Brash action, Swift decisions. Anti-Elf or Mage actions. Transparency.

Feelings on the Mages and Templars conflict: Being a Mage, Silias has an obvious preference, but the Elf seems to see the situation more in shades of gray. She knows there are abusers and innocents to both sides.No matter who the Inquisitor sides with, as long as they seem to have proven the case for their choice, Silias will follow them to its end.


Friends Within the Inquisition: Initially, her Dalish origin puts her at strange odds with Solas, the two pecking at each other in party banter on occasion and often interrupted with Varric’s placating humor. This eventually evolves to a respected understanding, even apparent friendship between the two if Solas is romanced by the Inquisitor. If not, it is only ever nuanced that they may be treading that line themselves. She trades amusing observations with Varric, and has an obvious curiousity about Cole. With Cassandra, she will often ask on book recommendations for leisurely reading–as long as Varric is not in the party.

Rivals Within the Inquisition: Vivienne is a force of too different world views for Silias. They cannot agree on anything. While initially cold and aloof to Dorian, if they are in a party together for a fair amount of time, you learn they reach a middle ground and she visits him occasionally below where she usually lurks. 


Romanceable?: Yes, by male or female Elf Inquisitors, though it seems to take some time before she responds outwardly to flirtations. It is only after her initial side quest that the option to begin a romance with her is prompted. While there is no option given to spend time with Silias habitually in Skyhold, she will have cutscenes after major storyline events wherein she comes to check on and spend time with the Inquisitor in private, usually in their quarters or ask to spend time alone together in the garden. These instances are usually time to reflect on the choices made, Silias asking after how the Inquisitor feels they did, and being a source he or she can vent to. There are flirtation options present to choose that add to the build of their relationship and other avenues of approval. She is a romance option that enjoys being a confidant, and more grounded support, aware being thrust from the stigma of being an Elf to a position of power can be overwhelming.


Initial, Small Side Quest:

+ Varterral’s Venom: Silias reveals she was hunting the ruins in the Exalted Plains due to rumors that a Varterral had been spotted. She was sure that something of import could be found. Track signs of the Varterral throughout the Plains. This should overlap with any remaining runes needed to be found to open up the Lost Temple of Dirthamen. Each discovery earns slight approval, the conclusion (opening of the Temple) earn more substantial approval. 

Companion Quest:

+ On Black Wings: Silias, distressed, comes to the Inquisitor beseeching aid. 

She received word that her clan has been struck with a strange illness and is reportedly facing heavy losses despite the efforts of her clan’s Keeper and healers to treat it. Given details of the ailment, Silias suspects foul play by some outside force and she can likely provide a treatment for her kin. Investigate her suspicions and work to help Silias craft a cure and out the culprit.

  • Course of Action 1: Josephine uses her connections to send local healers to aid in slowing the spread and loss of life while the group works to investigate the source. If chosen, while the culprit will be found and taken care of, the clan will not be aided swiftly enough, and suffer too heavily in its losses. Silias leaves the Inquisition out of duty to what remains of her clan, despite whatever her approval rating is at.
  • Course of Action 2: Leliana’s agents focus on finding the culprit while the group aids Silias in gathering resources to craft potions to be delivered. While it is revealed the potions Silias crafted were not a complete cure, they stem the quickness of the ailment long enough that agents are able to find an antidote kept by the culprit to replicate and give to the clan. Inquisitor receives a great increase in approval, and the clan loses no more of its people. Inquisitor receives option to perform a Judgment

Cullen is locked from this mission.

The Inquisitor’s judgment if Action 2 is taken will gain approval if an execution sentence is passed, great disapproval if let free with a reprimand, disapproval if kept to help research and implement poisons to the Inquisition’s uses.


Tarot Changes:

+ Romanced: The Star.

This is a love that has come to be in fulfillment as one follows and comes to bask in its light. It is a hopeful relationship, one where they are laid bare to each other, and the veil between them lifted. It is a romance of stability, endurance, and trust.

+ Post Companion Quest

Ten of Wands, inactive (If Clan Lost).

This is a card of responsibility and commitment. Burden, and its weight. A lot of hard work is ahead, but hopefully rewards will be reaped if you are not overtaken with the task.

Ace of Swords (If Clan Saved).

 This is the card of mental clarity and insight, able to gauge situations accurately and swiftly. She is prepared for battle, and will take on the world with a renewed passion. 


Travis and Christopher in Fear the Walking Dead 1x02 “So Close, Yet So Far”,

Gis By: walking-dead-icons.

Elinor as a companion

Companion Name: Elinor Trevelyan

Race, Class, & Specialization: Human, Mage, Knight-Enchanter

Varric’s Nickname for them: Wolf Girl

How they are recruited:

The Witness

One death to change the future.

That’s what Elinor bargained for when she accepted a stranger’s contract of killing a Grey Warden at the Conclave, with safe passage from Estwatch to Rivain as reward.

But destiny had other plans, and so she survived the Conclave alongside the Herald, grabbing their hand in the exact moment they touched the Orb, yet remaining untouched by the divine powers unleashed. Thus she was chained and chackled when the Inquisition found them, deemed guilty for the explosion when all she ever wanted was to build a new life for herself.

The Herald has the oppurtunity to free or recruit her after The Wrath of Heaven is completed.

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Albus Severus Potter

When they’re kids, it’s all about running around and playing. They beat up dragons, and win quidditch cup finals. They’re pirates looting for gold, and they’re world famous aurors protecting everyone from harm. They are as fast as each other, they run together, neither falls behind because they’re equal. 

They’re not quite teenagers yet, but James is going off to Hogwarts and he’s left on his own. He doesn’t mind that much. He plays more quidditch with his dad, and runs with his mum. But he gets tired now, puffing much earlier than he used too. When James comes home for the holidays and they’re back to running and playing, James runs ahead and he falls behind. Suddenly they’re no longer equals and he doesn’t understand it. 

They’re at Hogwarts now, talking about how different it will be with their sister there next year. James is a chaser on the team already and wants to play by his side. He tries out and, even though he can’t keep up with James as much anymore, they make a killer team. Gryffindor House call them the Dangerous Duo. It’s like back when they were kids, he can’t always get through an entire game. But he doesn’t give up, because his parents and sister are at all their games and they’re all so proud of him. 

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Another one

I was tagged by plzdonteatthedaisies, and I didn’t even know I was that relevant, but I’m oh so flattered :)

1) Name: Nina. Also known by the more preferred nicknames “Neen” and “Nine”.

2) Birthday: Nov. 1st

3) Zodiac sign: Scorpio

4) Height: 5'5"ish. 165 cm for my metric folk.

5) Time: 1:17 p.m.

6) Sleep: I need a lot of sleep to function. If I don’t get at minimum 7 or 8 hours a night, my body begins to do weird things and basically shut down.

7) Favourite books: I’m a basic bitch when it comes to books. The Harry Potter series, of course. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Holes by Louis Sachar. All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

8) Favourite artists: For actual art, I’m in love with Monet and Van Gogh. For music, I have respect for Paramore, Our Last Night, The Fray, and John Mayer.

9) Last movie I watched: Avatar, by James Cameron. Haven’t watched it in quite some time, and it reminded me why it’s still one of my all time favorite movies.

10) College: Graduated from CUNY Queens College this summer with a BA, major in Anthropology, minor in History.

11) Dream job: Anything where I don’t feel like I want to kill myself.

12) Meaning of my url: One of my best friends in high school said “hey, if you put a j in your name it would be ninja.” So he called me ninja after that, and I decided to use it as inspiration for my Twitter handle, which was my first social media outside of MySpace. After that, I use it for everything.

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