I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

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I’m not sure if the Mass Effect and Dragon age companions make me happy or depressed. On one hand amazing individuals who cherish your interactions with them, on the other I have no one like that in my real life. I don’t know if that loving space makes it easier or immeasurably harder to go about my daily life

Article from Radio Times announcing Maureen O’Brien coming to Doctor Who, December, 1964.

Vicki is my favorite TARDIS crewmember ever, because she was the first in the modern mold: she was lively, energetic, bubbly, and had way better chemistry with the rest of the cast than the actress she replaced. That’s not a slam, chemistry is unpredictable - and people just light up when Vicki entered the scene, just watch the actors’ faces. It’s no exaggeration to say Vicki’s effervescence shifted the tone of the show (Doctor Who episodes before her were vaguely ponderous and Outer-Limits-ish).

With all due respect to the original three TARDIS crewmembers, who were all great, their group dynamic was a false start that was never really duplicated. In the long term of the show, Vicki was the one from that era that mattered. To use an evolutionary metaphor, Vicki was the “common ancestor” of the modern companion: she had pluck Susan didn’t have (Susan was never reliable in a crisis),  took initiative, suggested ideas, and even took charge at times. You can see a straight line of descent from Vicki all the way to TARDIS crew members like Sarah Jane Smith and today’s sidekicks.

immortalmailman  asked:

Hey, how good do you think all the humanoid companions would be at rollerskating? Btw, you're one of my favorite reaction blogs. Keep it up!

Hi! Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say, and I hope you like it! Sorry for taking so long! (I’m so out of practice their characterization must be off.) 

Preston: It’s a wobbly start, but he soon gets the hang of it, not falling once. He ends up being the fastest between them, one hand holding his hat to his head even as he races ahead. When he does a little spin trick, all Sole says is “show off!”

Piper: “Sole, if you move, I will murder you,” she says through gritted teeth. She barely took a step before she ended up clinging to their arm, absolutely terrified. Nat is gliding along serenely, occasionally teasing and sticking her tongue out at her sister.

Hancock: He’s not very good at it, in honesty. He can hold his balance while gliding, but damn it, how do you stop?! He smashes into a lot of things.

Nick: It takes a lot of teasing, a decent amount of flattery and multiple uses of puppy dog eyes to get him to finally put the skates on. After an interrogation over how long he’s actually had his shoes on and why he wears socks, Sole helps him onto his feet (“I’m not that old, kid.” “On your feet, gramps.”) And he… Actually enjoys it. Quite a bit. He loves it. It’s very efficient, and sure there’s a lot of rubble around, but why shouldn’t he wear them regularly…

Cait: “Fucking hell,” she immediately hollers, somehow not expecting the significant lack of balance she has. But she’s not going to be beaten by some bloody shoes on wheels, and slowly manages to steady herself. She finds it easier to skate backwards. Sole is confused.

X6-88: He joins Sole with only a little sarcastic grumbling, steadying himself as he ties the roller skates on with the nearest support (which might be Sole). He slides one foot forward. And then the other. One foot slips to the side. This is fine, he’ll just correeeeee- somehow, he’s bent his feet at such an angle he slid and ends up doing the splits. Sole stares in disbelief for a few moments, and then skates off, laughing. And then skates a little faster because he got up faster than they thought.

Curie: “Oh, this is… OH!” She has the biggest grin out of any as she moves forward, eyes wide, her hands moving jumping between being pressed against her (currently very fast) heart to in front of her to prepare for the eventual slip. She loves it. Mainly because she never does slip, but Sole does. Five times.

Danse: He picks it up absurdly quickly, listening to Sole’s vague instructions with the utmost attention. “So you, uh… You move forward, I guess?” “Like this?” “I’ll be honest, I just wanted to watch you fall on your ass. Kinda ruining my fun here, Danse.” He’s quite graceful, though, so he ends up being entertaining in a less comedic way.

Deacon: He’s not the best. His movements are either too slow (he hits a wall because he was distracted), or too fast (he dodges out of Sole’s way and hits a wall.) In the end, he holds onto them as they skate ahead. He decides that next time they should definitely do it somewhere with less walls.

MacCready: “Hey! Hey, watch this!” “Oh- OH SOLE, SOLE LOOK, LOOK I’M DOING SOMETHING COOL!” He’s fairly (very) excited, especially since he’s not fallen down once. Sole ends up fondly rolling their eyes as he skates a bit faster than them with a triumphant look on his face.

Dogmeat: “Sole, are you sure this is a sensible use of resources?” “I want my dog to have roller skates, okay? Back off.” Dogs should not have roller skates. This becomes dreadfully apparent.

Confession:  I was really surprised that L ended up LIKING Morrigan in DA:O. I thought she was just mean. But then when I finally befriended her, I started identifying with her so much. She must have been so lonely growing up, and her whole “only the strong survive” is only a result of being lonely. Now I wish I could be her friend, so we could both learn to be softer and more caring towards ourselves.


They say the old caretaker of this place went absolutely crazy. Chopped up his entire staff. Of robots. All of them robots. They say at night you can still hear the screams. Of their replicas. All of them functionally indistinguishable from the originals. No memory of the incident. Nobody knows what they’re screaming about. Absolutely terrifying. Though obviously not paranormal in any meaningful way

vallaslin application is probably a mixture of the type of traditional tattooing which involved cutting designs into the skin and then patting ash / special paints / ink into the resulting wounds, and hand - tapping via sharpened bones / sticks with ink which is then inserted into the skin.  either way, it’s a form of scarification and particularly painful.  vallaslin may need to be touched up as one ages, but the fact that the vallaslin is always done by the keeper, who is a mage, means that they are able to ensure that the wounds heal in such a way that will keep the tattoos as long - surviving as possible while also minimizing infection / other damages.

varric is great but if we get dwarf companions in da4 i want renvil harrowmont and lace harding and i want both to be romancable. and you know what? bring back anso. he seemed cool. i love those 3 bring them back pls

ofbloodandshadow  asked:

Since you've been doing astral tips, anything for recall of astral experience? I travel in my sleep sometimes, but I cannot recall anything when I wake up. Just the sense of having gone somewhere/done something and very tired/sore for no reason.

I actually do a fair amount of my astral traveling at night. Its honestly less tacking on my physical body that way. Plus its the only time I have to spare since I have a job that takes up a lot of my time. However the big downside about this is the whole fact of remembering them when I wake. Here are a couple tricks I have learned to help with this:

  • When I wake I immediately try and remember my experiences the night before. Because I have realized that those moments have the freshest and easiest moments of recall. I won’t remember everything but it’ll be the moment I am able to pull the most details out.
  • I also try and remember my dreams. I do not lucid dream. I rarely do. What I have noticed though is that sometimes my dreams will have different feels to them. From past life memories to actually traveling in the astral. The astral can be a vastly differently place than the physical world, so my dreams will try to twisted things to appear a lot like here. But there are key things that will make me realize that its the astral. One is The Destroyer being there. He tends to accompany me a lot when I go on adventures. 
  • Another trick I use is I have created a dream recall pouch, but geared it towards remembering the astral. Its just items I have put in a plastic baggy and stuffed into the pillow I sleep on at night. Its not much but has helped a lot. I have a friend who just uses a sigil. So use something that’ll work well for you.
  • As lame as it is journal. Journal what you remember astral and dream wise. I honestly have friends who even text me at 4 in the morning with their dreams cause its hard for them to journal. Though I don’t wake up or I am already at work. I don’t typically respond I just let them note it down. Cause it’s just been easier for them. But seriously journalling has helped me remember the most, because its trained my mind to pick all that up.

I hope these tips help you my dear!