Today is officially my 10th anniversary in Japan. My first holiday was in 2005, but I moved here to work a year later, arriving at Narita Airport on 3 December 2006. This ↑ is the the first photo I ever took in Japan, on a Canon IXY compact camera bought in Akihabara. I can’t for the life of me remember why I selected the Imperial Palace as my first subject, and a fairly obscure corner of it to boot. (This is not the castle itself! It’s just a gate called Kikyōmon 桔梗門.)

Japan, thank you. You’ve taught me so much, and you’ve smoothed a few of my rough edges. Not all. Just a few. :) You’ve given me a safe and convenient physical environment while throwing philosophical curveballs. You’ve forgiven me for my ignorance, complaints and stubborn refusal to adapt to everything and compromise everywhere. You’ve introduced me to wonderful people, homegrown and imported. I hope I’ve given you something back, even if it’s just taxes and a few TOEFL students who got into Harvard and Cambridge with me butt-kicking them along. Who knows what awaits us, but … kanpai!

My PTR-91 (A3R) set up as a DMR/SDM type rifle. It’s chambered in standard 7.62 NATO wearing a Vortex Viper PST (1-4x) optic.

I like the retractable A3 stock assembly aka ‘meat tenderizer’. They draw a lot of criticism but I haven’t found it to be significantly detrimental to achievable accuracy and handling, considering how compact I can make the rifle for transport and storage, so I’m keeping it.

The optic is great. I feel like Vortex optics are very reasonably priced for the quality of product available through them. Clear, bright, sharp, precise and rugged.

This setup will do 2-3" MOA groups all day long with milspec ball and I can bring it down to around 2" MOA with something a little nicer. More than adequate in it’s role.

‘Road Trip’

Characters:  Jonathan Crane, Edward

Synopsis:  Jonathan discovers that the young stranger he picked up on an aimless trip away from Georgia might be just the thing he didn’t know he was looking for.  An extension of this and @yellowcandy‘s very convincing argument that Jonathan owns an ancient pickup truck.

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Finally after 5 broken chains the last 2 days, and a successful chain today that lasted 26 hours (of course I took breaks and got homework for public health done😥) i found this mofo. Im so glad i didn’t give up! Shiny, with water compaction, and 5 perfect iv’s!! I love the colors, but seriously if you are considering looking for one, i highly recommend chaining first for a pokemon with the scrappy ability so you can use false swipe on it, and teach them aerial ace to counter the sand attacks.

anonymous asked:

Super random but is your major (if you have one) in college hard?? Or is your school strict?

I’m a finance major~ The major itself isn’t too bad (especially compared to majors like accounting), but I have three minors as well and am (planning) studying abroad during all of my junior year, so I have to take more classes than typical students;;;; I wouldn’t say my school is too strict, but I’m on the quarter system (fall quarter, winter quarter, spring quarter rather than fall semester and spring semester), so information is very compacted as we only have ten weeks for each course…
- Kylie

seems like i experience feelings typical to traumatics in abrupt, brief, very intense bursts, divorced from likely catalysts after a temporal and spatial delay, sometimes a very long one (months, or not until triggered by evocative stimulus) with an advantage of even enormous stressors like imminent starvation and the existentialist state often causing no emotional pain at all. the feelings are often enormously disproportionate to their matrix event however (feelings of loss at temporary separation from fp appropriate if she had died, almost uncontrollable rage at minor offenses, etc) . this is compacted by psychosis.

doctor, i am *****. i advise you treat me by instructing me in self-soothing techniques and coping strategies, and for fucks sake, be sensitive to the fact that poverty is hideously traumatizing.

(via Fragments Of T.I.M.E (Transcend In Musical Environments) is a all live and improvised album with raw beats and visuals! Only 30 handmade copies made which come with stickers, compact disc, dvd, mini lathe cut. All this to keep your senses entertained for hours. Pick up a copy here :

“… elle croise son regard dans le miroir – iris glacés sous les paupières gonflées, comme pochées par un coup, yeux Signoret, yeux Rampling, le rayon vert au ras des cils –, saisie alors de ne pas se reconnaître, comme si sa défiguration avait commencé, comme si elle était déjà une autre femme : un pan de sa vie, un pan massif, encore chaud, compact, se détache du présent pour chavirer dans un temps révolu, pour y chuter, et disparaître. Elle discerne des éboulements, des glissements de terrain, des failles qui sectionnent le sol sous ses pieds : quelque chose se referme, quelque chose se place désormais hors d’atteinte – un morceau de falaise se sépare du plateau et s’effondre dans la mer, une presqu’île lentement s’arrache du continent et dérive vers le large, solitaire, la porte d’une caverne merveilleuse est soudain obstruée par un rocher – ; le passé a soudain grossi d’un coup, ogre bâfreur de vie, et le présent n’est qu’un seuil ultramince, une ligne au-delà de laquelle il n’y a plus rien de connu.”

J'ai commencé Réparer les vivants de Maylis de Kérangal, et whouahou. Pan dans le cœur.
Photographie de Susanna Majuri.


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.