Hordes of the Soviet is-3 has fired the minds of many Western military commanders.

The draft design of self-propelled, later received the designation of 15 cm kanonvagn fm/49, January 1949. It became the starting point for the development of a new tank.

The sketch is-3 from the Swedish intelligence report, March 1950. The information obtained made KATF to revise the vision of the future tanks.

AMX M4 with an oscillating turret FAMH. For the first time the Swedes have learned about it in early 1951.

As can be seen in the diagram, dated August 1951, the tower of the new tank was significantly different from what has developed in FAMH.

Draft project EMIL, September 1951

Unlike the French tanks, the Swedish design was much more compact.

This could be the location of the rollers. In this scheme clearly shows the influence of the AMX 50

The range of guns which has been suggested to EMIL

The layout of the EMIL E3, the result of a brainstorm held in 1952. The layout depicts a tank with 150 mm cannon.


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Negotiation: Part 1(Final Rose)

Claire took a moment to study the map of the Arendelle Empire in her office. It had always brought her a sense of contentment to know that the Empire had brought peace and prosperity to so many worlds. After this expedition, they’d have to expand it, and the thought brought a smile to her face.

However, her attention swiftly turned to the two people who entered her office. One was a tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, he lacked the towering height and broad, powerful build of a man from the Villiers branch of the family. Instead, he was only a few inches taller than Claire, and although he had the build of a man well used to fighting, it was leaner and more compact than would be expected of a Villiers.

Jihm Nabaat - also known as Jihm Jahde Yun-Farron - was a descendant of Diana Yun-Farron and Jahne Nabaat through the line of their second daughter, Jahde. His Semblance was similar to that of Jihl Naabat of Remnant. It was a form of mind control and telepathy. Of course, his loyalty was beyond question, not that she had anything to fear from him. Saviour was impervious to mental interference.

The other person was actually an inch or two shorter than Claire. He was the head scientist of the expedition, Heilos Dia-Farron. Like most of his kin, he was a fox Faunus, and he had the same red hair and blue eyes as Raine Dia-Farron of Remnant, who was one of his ancient ancestors. His war hamster, Professor Hugborough was peeking out of a pocket in his lab coat while munching on some food.

“All right,” Claire said without any further preamble. “Commander Shepard and her associates will be arriving soon. I hope you both understand what we’re trying to do here.”

Jihm chuckled. “Indeed I do. I even have orders from Averia about how she would like this to be handled. I trust you’ve read the message I sent you earlier.”

“I have. I think it’s a good course of action.” Claire paused. “And I trust you won’t resort to any… unsavoury methods.”

“As easy as it would be to simply take control of their minds, I’ve been instructed to handle this as… peacefully as possible. Even if we have enough firepower to crush them, there’s no point in ruling over a giant graveyard. The most beneficial course for the Empire is for the various groups in this galaxy to see us as powerful but benevolent group.”

“I’ve also informed Blake and her command staff of this. She and some of them will also be present at this meeting.”

“Of course.” Jihm nodded gracefully. “It will be nice to see Selene. She is so marvellously devious.”

Selene was one of Jihm’s favourite verbal sparring partners. She was a descendant of Winter Schnee and Blake Belladonna and one of the few people alive who could keep up with Jihm when he really started scheming. 

“Try not to make too much trouble,” Claire replied. Her gaze shifted to the Dia-Farron. “Do you have the presentation ready?”

Helios cackled evilly. “Oh, you bet I do. I’ve prepared it according to your specifications. It’ll get them right where we want them - afraid but hopeful of our intervention.” He paused. “Are you sure you don’t want me to have that simulation ready too?”

“What simulation?” Jihm asked.

“It’s one where I show footage of what I think will happen to most of their worlds if we don’t help. There’s lots of death, harvesting, people being turned into Reapers…”

“People being turned into Reapers?:” Jihm asked.

“Yep. We’ve been stripping data from the captured Reapers, and it’s what they do. They can turn people into robo-zombie things, or they can turn them into this goo that gets used to make those big Reaper ships.”

“I think they can do without seeing that,” Jihm said dryly. “I imagine they’re worried enough.”

“I don’t know. It’s a very detailed simulation. Gruesome too.”

“No.” Claire sighed. “Just have the presentation I talked to you about ready.” She glanced down. “It looks like Blake and some of her command staff just arrived, and Commander Shepard and her associates should be here momentarily too. We’ll greet them in one of the hangars and give them a tour.”

Jihm smirked. “Shock and awe?”

“Indeed.” Claire’s lips curled. “We’re here to help, but we need to make it very clear that messing with us would be an extremely bad idea.”

X     X     X

Commander Jane Shepard nodded to herself and then did her best to smile at the four she’d chosen to bring along. Miranda, Liara, Garrus, and Mordin were the best at what they did, and she valued any advice they could give her. Plus, Liara, Garrus, and Mordin, while not official representatives of their respective races, could at least give her some idea of what their factions might want out of the deal she would be making.

“Their shuttle has docked, commander,” Joker said over comms.

“All right.” Jane took a deep breath. “Here were go. Remember what we talked about. We need to put up a unified front. We want their help, but we need to offer them something in return. Let’s go.”

They made their way down to the airlock and waited for decontamination and other processes to run before the doors opened.

A group of towering figures in exoskeletal armour were there to greet them. One of them, in more elaborate armour than the others, stepped forward. The faceplate of the armour turned transparent, and they found themselves looking at the face of a middle-aged man.

“Good evening, commander. If you’ll just come aboard, we can get started.”

She nodded quickly. “Thank you.” She strode into the shuttle and then paused. There was a strange device in the middle of the chamber. It looked like a projector of some kind. “Is that a data projector?”

The soldier grinned. “It’s how you’ll be reaching the Fury. It’s a teleportation gateway.”

“Fascinating.” Mordin immediately moved toward the device. “Method of operation?”

The soldier took the question in stride. “I can’t give you the exact specifics, but they told me you might be curious. I am authorised to say that it uses a variant of quantum entanglement to essentially switch the acknowledged positions of particles - or in this case, people and objects. It hasn’t got the range of something like a wormhole portal, but it tends to be less energy consuming, not to mention easier on the stomach.”


If the soldier was bothered by Mordin’s questions, he didn’t show it. Instead, he gave a chuckle. “Oh, the Dia-Farron are going to love you.” He smiled. “Worm hole technology links two points in space using wormholes. Travel takes place through what is a sort of intermediary dimension. Not all life forms take such transitions well. Headaches and vomiting are not uncommon symptoms of wormhole travel, at least the first few times. Since this will be a diplomatic meeting, I’m sure you can understand why we’d try to avoid that.”

Jane could. Vomiting on the shoes of the people they were meeting wasn’t the least bit diplomatic. “Is it safe?”

“It sure is.” The soldier nodded at one of his fellows. A column of light shot up from the device and hung in the air. One of the soldiers walked through it without hesitation. “I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t ask of myself or the soldiers under my command. Now, if you’re ready…”

“Of course.” Jane shrugged. “Let’s get on with it.”

Jane stepped forward into the column -

There was a split second of dislocation, of not knowing where or when -

And then she was standing in the middle of a vast hangar. It was lined with craft of various kinds, and there was a formation of hundreds of armoured soldiers waiting, all of them standing in perfect alignment and discipline. Shepard immediately straightened, surreptitiously checking that her uniform was in order, as the others stumbled through the gateway after her. As they all looked around in awe - the hangar was far, far larger than anything they’d ever seen on a ship, to say nothing of the craft it contained, and the other advanced technologies it hinted at - she saw Garrus give a nod of appreciation at the ranks of armoured soldiers waiting patiently in front of them. The Turian could appreciate the discipline it required.

There was movement from the back of the formation, and immediately, the whole group of soldiers parted ranks, seamlessly moving to form a path for three people and the small escort that travelled with them. Jane immediately recognised one of them. Claire was tall for a woman, and she moved with an economical grace that seemed almost machine-like. Her hair, a lush pink, was tied up into a bun, and her blue eyes seemed to take in the whole hangar at once. Alongside her were a blond man and a red-haired man with fox ears. Not for the first time, she wondered if the people with fox ears were a different species or perhaps an allied race.

“Good evening, commander.” Claire stopped in front of them, her gaze flicking to the others. “I hope the trip here was not uncomfortable.”

“It was… quick.” Jane settled for that. “It’s a pleasure to be here.” She nodded to the others in turn. “These are members of my crew. Dr Liara T’Soni, Garrus Vakarian, Miranda Lawson, and Mordin Solus.”

Claire acknowledged the introductions with a curt nod. “My associates, Jihm Nabaat and Professor Helios Dia-Farron.” She gestured with one. “Shall we proceed? We have a conference room prepared, as well as refreshments.” She smiled faintly. “We can take a little tour along the way too. I’m sure you must be curious.”

“That would be fine.”

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There’s a legal way for states to end the Electoral College — without a constitutional amendment

  • There’s some good news for those hoping to see the Electoral College go: There’s already a solution to end the Electoral College, one that’s been percolating for years.
  • It’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 
  • It’s a state-led effort to ensure that whoever wins the national popular vote in a presidential election will win the White House.
  • States that sign the compact pledge to give all of their Electoral College votes to whichever candidate won the national popular vote, regardless of which candidate won their state’s popular vote.
  • For example, Trump won Michigan by a little more than 10,000 votes, but if the state had signed the compact, its 16 Electoral College votes would go to the winner of the national popular vote: Hillary Clinton.
  • The compact’s supporters point to the fact that, under the Constitution, states are allowed to decide how they wish to dole out their Electoral College votes. Read more