Spoiler alert: he did, in fact, die.

The writing for Breath of the Wild is kinda… eh, so I’m just gonna pretend Link is a reckless idiot.

Before you comment/tag this comic with Fi/Skyward Sword hate consider this: don’t.


So things are slowly progressing for me, and I think I can safely announce one of my print projects I’m working on for the Panel One Festival in June!

The Littlest Empress will be a 16-page wordless, greyscale comic about a youngster zhuchengtyrannus’ search for new friends! I’m very happy with how it’s turning out, and I’d love to gauge people’s interest in it online here, so I know if I should print up extras for online sale afterwards?

I won’t be setting up preorders or anything like that for this little comic, but if you are interested, let me know! I’m hoping it’ll cost around 10$ max, but I will update y’all as this comic and others I’m making for print are quoted and finalized!


“Giving him a name”

This is the reason behind little Printy’s name. Ink wanted to give him a name that combined both of their qualitys! Again, a little name– tehe(?)

Blueberry thought of naming him InkBerry too

Ink!Sans- @comyet

Blueberry- His creator

Blueprint- Me

number1bookworm  asked:

Can Kara cut her hair? Bc we've established that needles cannot pierce her skin - almost like scissors to hair - and in Ace Reporter she was literally blown up and her hair didn't singe, so?? Also does this mean Superman can't cut his hair either??

As far as I know, neither Clark nor Kara can cut their hair. At least, not with regular ol’ scissors, anyway. 

It’s a pretty well-established Superman ‘thing’ that the guy can’t trim his hair/shave his super whiskers with any mere earth implement. He needs his heat vision to rid himself of that five o’clock shadow:

(Another example a lot of folks use/reference is the scene from Superman: The Animated Series.)

Kara has the same Kryptonian physiology, so she probably has to do something similar. 

I dunno how well this comic’s gonna look here on Tumblr, but have a test strip before finals week!  Tried out the comic border tools in CPS; need to hone it in a little more, but I think I can work with this!

*I don’t think @tirakitsu appreciates me waking her up from her nap, buuuut I’m sure she won’t mind the fresh pillow huh~? <3*


It’s free air!

unseen conflict leads to character development >> read from left to right, click for better quality!

based off the epitome of Disney comedy

Lapis glows in the dark // Peridot gets revenge // Jasper punches glass for Steven //  Peri and Jasp get in a sticky situation // Homeworld Allergies //// Clumsiness and Static Friction // Those Puppies I Mentioned // And The Wamart Goldfish Scandal // Lapis’s Religion // Also Blue Diamond Cries About Humans // Mashed Potato Gems // Human AU Nonesense

octopisunsets  asked:

Okay but Lena wanting to make it a surprise on date night so she consults Clark and has him use the Fortress' computer for patterns and it ends up being this perfectly clingy super low back number and Kara turns around and sees her and crushes the glass she's holding her hand

Could you imagine if that’s how she proposes to Kara? She goes to the Fortress with Clark and not only gets the patterns for the dress but learns about the traditional Kryptonian proposals and wedding ceremonies. 

Leading up to it, she practices the few lines of Kryptonese to integrate it into her speech. Finally, she gets Alex to sneak her into the DEO to ‘speak’ with her parents and ask for their blessing. Lena is fully aware that the holograms will not be able to answer appropriately but she still wanted to stand before Kara’s parents. 

This is something that I need to see like now! Or just Lena in that super sexy dress would work too. Maybe a wonderful artist like @lordsantiagoaz would draw a sketch?