wow I took an aura color quiz and apparently my primary color is Yellow and my secondary color is Crystal

I relate to Yellow because of how free-spirited, playful and good-humored it is; but also Crystal because of the shyness/solitude/unconventional rather than logical way of thinking, and the likeness towards film/literature


Summer kimono. Early Showa period (1926-1940), Japan. A rayon hitoe (unlined) ‘sha’ (gauze) summer kimono featuring what may be rhubarb-leaf motifs. The leaves are woven, with hand-painted highlights (see detail images). Rayon production, “artificial silk” created from wood pulp, became a popular and durable alternative to silk in Japans during the 1920’s and 1930’s. However, rayon was still limited to about 10% of kimonos, with most Japanese choosing traditional silk. This example, with its subtle blue and yellow-colored large leaves on a black background, has a sophisticated and 'modern’ sensibility. The Kimono Gallery

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hi, what's your method of highlighting? like as in this post, for example? thank you (/post/166042389774/29100-days-of-productivity-thursday-september)

My teacher tells us what to highlight in each color, and the color coding system is:

  • Yellow = examples
  • Green = key concepts from AP framework
  • Blue = other important phrases/words

Inktober 2017 Day 18

October 18th

Spooky monsters. Axel is really scared but here is Kate to protect the little fella. It’s just part of his imagination.

I really had a lot of fun doing this scene. The monsters were based more on the Tim Burton’s style, kind of German expressionism, but a friend pointed me it looks more like the cuphead’s monsters :( I haven’t even played the game.

For the background I did a mix between all the color inks I have: yellow, green, brown and orange

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So for anyone who doesn't know who 'Ace' is, she's my representation of the player in WKM. She is a seer like Selene, because she can see the past, present, and future. Now of course everyone has something special about them, with Ace, it's the eyes. Completely silver gray eyes, but the pupil is like a swirling vortex of primary colors: Blue being Past, Yellow being Present, and Red being Future. - Fanfic Fox

Ooh, that sounds so cool - Mod Lily

Welcome Kodex !!

Name: Kodex

Age: 15

D/O/B : Jan.18th

Height: 4′3

Love Interest: —-

Theme Song: Fire Flies - Owl City

Soul Color: Greenish Yellow

Parents:  Palette (Mother) Goth (Father)

Outfit:  Blue puffy hat with a purple lily, Red scarf, sky blue long sleeve shirt, black shirt and brown safari boots.

HP: 20

LV:  1

DF:  10

AT: 10


Info:  Kodex is the son of Palette and Goth, a rather happy go lucky boy who is
just a ball of energy like his mother Palette. He learned a lot of his book smarts from his father Goth, he has a scar on his cheek from an accident that caused him to be born early.  Kodex is rather short standing at 4 foot 3 inches but he doesn’t let his size slow him down, he doesn’t let it get in the way of anything he wants to accomplish either. He has a major sweet spot for death by chocolate cupcakes, if there was anything he didn’t like food wise it would have to be peas he isn’t much a fan of those. Often he can be found working on drawing designs for clothing, because he really enjoys coming up with different styles and trying to come up with stuff that he thinks would match someones personality.

Goth: @nekophy

Palette: @angexci

Hey! I was tagged by @langsandlit

I’m tagging anybody who wants to do it.

01. name: Julen
02. nickname/s: Jul, Juli, Jules, Julito, Julianito, Julenito
03. zodiac sign: Sagittarius
04. height: 186cm
05. orientation: straight
06. nationality: German and Spanish
07. favorite fruit: oranges, apples, bananas, pineapple and mango
08: favorite season: autumn
09. favorite book: I don’t do favorite books. Owning over 200 books and chosing a favorite is bizarre.
10. favorite movies: Anastasia, Spanglish, Volver, The Interpreter, Monte Carlo, Titos Brille.
11. favorite scent: lemon, cinnamon, vanilla.
12. favorite color: yellow.
13. favorite animal: foxes and penguins.
14. coffee or tea or hot cocoa: all of them.
15. average hours of sleep: preferably 10.
16. favorite fictional character: none
17. number of blankets to sleep with: 1-5.
18. dream trip: Santorini, Cyprus, Malta etc.
19. blog created: 2013 but I have hardly posted for like two years.
20. number of followers: 2.2k
21. random fact: my hair is even softer than it looks