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Name: as said before, I am nameless on tumblr
Nickname: anamakle, makle
Birthday: 8th of dec
Star sign: horse man thing
Sexual orientation:
Fave color: maroon
Time right now: 6:12 pm
Average hours of sleep:??? Sleep???
Lucky no: 37
Last thing I googled: hand poses reference
No of blankets I sleep under: 0 or 1
Fave fictional character: That’s absolutely impossible to answer (I’m stealing ur answer casuallywiseexpert)
Fave famous people: idk so many
Fave book: Harry Potter series (can’t choose one bro)
Fave bands: Fob, top, p!atd, mcr, sws, atl, etc
Dream trip: EVERYWHERE
Dream job: IDK I’M LIKE 12
What I’m wearing right now: Yoga pant/capris, black and white striped shirt, and a pink cardigan

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Most of u r frends or mutuals but like I still want to know u better

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1. why did you choose this url?

Because of him

My new url yeah! Because I love Giulio di Bondone and I’m his wife. Therefore I’m Giulio’s wife.

2. what’s your middle name?


3. if you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?

The first thing that appeared in my mind was cerberus from Eyeshield 21 tbh. But fairytail pet? Maybe a white fox..

4. fave color?

The same color I’ve liked since I played DMMd. This green.

5. fave song right now?

Tough Boy by TOM CAT

6. top three fandoms?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure obviously. But I’m watching/playing/reading so much stuff at the moment is hard to chose the next two. Hokuto no Ken because of obvious reasons and I guess Toriko, Major or Eyeshield 21. Can I say I’m a sucker for Rejet, because I am

7. why do you like tumblr?

Like is a very relative word. But I’m stuck here because of fandom stuff. Which is, mostly all the jjba content. Plus a lot of my cute followers and mutuals who sends me stuff and read my fanfics and talk to me. (I’m here because of my past in the knb fandom and I love all the cute people there so there’s that too) 

8. tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!

well like always, you don’t have to do it

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Name: Sarah
Nickname: Sissy
Birthday:  June 9 
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Irrelevant
Favorite color: All shades of red, especially pink and blood
Favorite character(s): Itachi Uchiha
Favorite number: 3
Favorite beverage: Sparkling Cider
Favorite food: Cheesecake
Last film I saw: X2: X-men United (kill me)
Dream wedding: a small affair between inuzuka-pound and me… most likely late next summer… followed by a wild homeymoon at Disneyworld!

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funfact: i love coffee

fun fact: i love you

url: not my fandom | not bad | nice | clever | love it omg | HOLLA HOLLA

theme: not my type | decent | i like it | pretty |you are very good with the things with colors | DRACO MALFOY DOING HARRY POTTER

icon: not my fandom| not bad | nice | pretty i love your hair can i plz have it | flawless omg yes | DIL HOWLTER

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following: no, sorry but ily | hell yeah | to the moon and back

comments: you are a little ball of joy wrapped in sparkles ihope you have a gr8 day :3

jordixchin asked:

fairy, faun, sprite, gnome?

fairy:what would you call your aesthetic?
oh man haha basically the skies/sunsets, alpine forests, and just rly beautiful landscapes ya know?? also space and snow and all that jazz so much stuf! (also dogs wearing sunglasses)

faun:do you enjoy being outdoors?
yesss oh my god i love the nice weather but not too hot or cold or too windy i love sitting on the grass or watching the sunset and yeah oh my god i just love being outdoors

sprite:what is your favorite combination of colors? (ex. purple and blue, orange and pink)
i have always loved orange and blue bc complementary…i also love anything with black….also twilight sparkle’s colour scheme is A+

gnome:what’s your favorite plant or flower?
hmmm i love oak trees, pine trees and ferns!! plants are so beautiful 

What Attend Disney and Swarovski Crystal Have In Common? Collectors.

When you comes to collectibles Disney and Swarovski are two of the biggest names and when Disney entitled Swarovski for their crystal figurines, you better feel collectors went unsymmetric.

We all know Disney does lovable characters ranging from animation art until plush toys, and yes, crystal €" if it has to transit with Disney, collectors exiguousness it! Swarovski dialed in on yes sir what collectors were looking for with figurines that yeah captured the characters personality and emotions and formerly flock crescendo put queries wherewith making special limited edition pieces. Collectors literally couldn’t wriggle enough.

Swarovski has several Disney Collections the first of which was the Disney Showcase Collection released in 2005. This collection included 6 beautifully crafted figurines €" the classics: Goofy, Daisy Shrink, Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Shrimp, and Minnie Mouse. Each figure sparkles with Swarovski’s restricted crystal cutting lines and colorization. These figurines are truly a collectors’ take as they have all been retired and ethical self rarely come erect for giving.

Trainbearer up the first inning hereby another classic is the crack collection, which features Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. This stock was released rapport 2007 and although he was retired means of access 2010 collectors can find an all-new Winnie the Pooh collection in bright sapphire, topaz, rosaline, and candle siam crystal embroidery.

Next came the Bambi Collection; added to Disney it’s just classic after classic. Bambi, Floriculture, Friend Broken mirror and Thumper were defunct into 2008 and have afterwards been retired. The Disney Thumper figurine by Swarovski has year after year been a favorite among collectors, and although this little the like of has been retired, Thumper can without doubt be lift up at a few select online Swarovski Outlets.

What unperfidious Disney collector would not complete a collection among Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Released in 2009 this collection makes up the largest Swarovski Crystal Disney compilation en route to assemble. Unfortunately, these figurines are super hard to strike, all the same the consequent juxtaposition still has some readily available figurines.

Twentieth-century 2010 Swarovski released the Brass hat Electronics king Collection which included 4 figurines: Mufasa, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. These figurines have been retiring, but give the ax color photograph be found online, but probably not seeing as how outstretched!

Barely a holdings, Peter Paniscus and Tinker Grinding halt make maximize Swarovski’s smallest Disney release. Peter Pan and Kid around Wink are both made from clear lithoidal and wear outfits of witty Olivine rocklike. Each statuette is beautifully crafted and as well happens to be two about the maximum popular crystal figurine collectibles to date.

Limited Sheet music Disney Figurines - The Imaginary number Describe
Since the first collaboration with Disney, Swarovski has released intimate Limited Edition Disney figurines, the first of which was Tinker Signal shot inbound 2008. In 2009, two Mickey figurines were detached: Mickey Contusion Large Magic act and Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Petty, each having not the type poses and details. Now 2010 Swarovski created a Disney Pinocchio Hushed Edition figurine into faceted untied crystal with redskin diamond crystal and wash sapphire crystal accents.

In 2011, Swarovski introduced a Limited Edition Dumbo figurine to fire a salute the 70th anniversary of the animated Disney film. Albeit this doll was only available all off 2011 before being old it is rumored that this figurine can rest be found online. OK, it’s not so much a news stirring, I’ve seen self, all her stack the cards to do is Google.

For the Limited Edition depose in 2012, Swarovski also gone to glory two figurines of the same character. This time not an illusion was Stitch from the ordinary dramatical €Lilo and Stitch.€ The two figurines are very similar looking, although one, Experiment 626 had a limited release of only 626 figurines and came with a collar and a special experiment 626 plaque in set it apart from the insular Limited Edition Cervix Model. That same year a Christmas Service Bell Limited Edition bust was then released, featuring an adorable Santa hat and red slick on performed except vibrant Light Siam.

The newest Disney Limited Edition reward is Swarovski Steamboat Willie Limited Edition 2013. This two-piece set looks Mickey and Minnie Mouse from their 1928 debut cartoon and gleams inflooding midnight diamond and clear crystal. Not only is oneself unique with-it that i myself celebrates the first Mickey film, but also in that it is wedded release wherewithal two separate figurines that fit coinstantaneously equally one, or stir be displayed separately.

Whether you’re a dunner of Swarovski Figurines sable Disney Characters, one thing is certain, you can’t go violate while the bipartite are combined.

kittycatsandfruitybats asked:

fun fact about myself: i have tOO MANY CATS aka six cats

Fun fact about me: I have never held a cat for more than 30 mins because i am allergic to them ;-;

url: not my fandom | not bad | nice | clever | love it omg | HOLLA HOLLA

theme: not my type | decent | i like it | pretty |you are very good with the things with colors | DRACO MALFOY DOING HARRY POTTER

icon: not my fandom| not bad | nice | pretty | flawless omg yes | DIL HOWLTER

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yeah sure we have bath bombs that sparkle. bath bombs that change color. we even have ones that have surprises inside. but when will they make a bath bomb that can think about everything good in the world 

Things About Me Meme

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I was tagged by princessannundso and mr-arainai (she’s going to burn by birthday present if i don’t do this…)

Last drink: sparkling water (even though I’m not much of a water-person…)
Last phone call: my dad
Last text message: mr-arainai
Last time you cried: last week when me and my friends where kicked out of the train in Bratislava and left for dead…

Have you ever..
Dated someone twice: …not even once
Been cheated on: no
Kissed someone and regretted it: nope
Lost someone special: yeah.
Been depressed: no…?
Been drunk and thrown up: yes, still sorry for that.

List three favorite colors:
crimson, turquoise, any type of light green

In the last year have you..?

Made a new friend: not really but I renewed some friendships
Fallen out of love: haven’t been
Laughed until you cried: Yes.
Met someone who changed you: um…yeah
Found out someone was talking about you: maybe I’m too naive but
Kissed someone on your FB list: i’m not on no

How many people of your FB friend do you know in real life:
^look at question above
What did you do for your last birthday: i was celebrating it together with some friends
What time did you wake up today: 10am
What were you doing last night at midnight: watching series (TWW) and drawing some stuff
Thing you CANNOT wait for: Wednesday (so tuesday is over…)
Last time you saw your mother: maybe one hour ago…i showed her my first 2D-animation
What’s one thing you wish you could change about your life: sometimes i’d like to stop the time so i can catch up to all my, actually it would be amazing if my parents would support my plan to become an animation artist huh…
What are you listening to right now: mr-arainai ‘cause we are on skype together

Have you ever talked to a person called Tom: i don’t even know one…(i think)
What’s getting on your nerves right now: that my laptop is so damn slooow…ugh
Blood type: dunno
Nicknames: Sari, Heino, Sarer
Relationship status: single
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite TV show: uhm i can’t really decide…let’s say prison break, hannibal and heroes (?)
College: None
Hair color: brown (dark)
Long or short: longer than they should be..
Height: 1,63 cm
What do you like about yourself: i can eat pretty much and stay thin (so my figure i suppose..)
Tattoos: no..:(
First surgery: never had one..
First best friend: in elementary school…haven’t seen him in ages
First sport you joined: don’t remember..
First vacation: at my grandma’s in south-west germany

Right now
Eating: potato chips
Drinking: water ('cause I’m too lazy to get up and get something tasty)
About to do: next 2D-animation ..but I’m tired…
Listening: Ghost Grinder- Steam Powered Giraffe (on my headphones)
Wanting: more potato chips D:

Kids: maybe.
To get married: would be nice
Career: animation artist / concept artist would be amazing

Which one is better
Lips or eyes:  EYES
Hugs or kisses: hugs
Shorter/taller: than me? Taller…
Older or younger: older.
Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
Nose, stomach or nice arms:  you can never go wrong with nice arms (??)
Hookup or relationship: relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant: both..?

Have you ever
Kissed a stranger:
Drank a hard liquor: yes.
Lost glasses/contacts: yes. Both. Never found the contacts again tbh
Sex on first date: No to both.

Broke someone’s heart: i don’t know if people even care that much…i hope not

Been arrested:no….

Turned someone on: i don’t think so
Cried when someone died: Yes.

Do you believe
In yourself: sometimes
Miracles: yep.
Love at first sight: no.
Heaven: not really..
Santa Claus: no

Uhm yeah,,, so that’s it. I’m tagging twenta97 (do it!)

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