Gotham 3x19 (long post)

Selina and Clone!Bruce’s fight was pretty badass.

And even as Alfred stops Selina, he very quickly realizes that something is wrong and that the real Bruce isn’t here.

Seeing Alfred kick not only Clone!Bruce’s ass, but also stab Kathryn’s hand, and yet again, be part of the Three Musketeers with Harvey and Jim, was so fucking hardcore (especially the hand stab, I did NOT expect that holy shit)

oh Selina, I know you care. You wouldn’t defend Bruce to his clone if you didn’t care what happens to him. I know you think he’s dead, and I know you are starting to think you should give up on trusting anyone if you just keep getting hurt, but don’t let his mistake damage your bond with him. Alfred was right; Bruce has been a loyal friend to you. You two care about each other. Please help them.

obviously, I know Alfred’s number one priority is finding Bruce, but what he said about Selina being just like her mom was kinda uncalled for. He doesn’t understand Selina; I dont’ know if he ever did or will.

oh Barnes being an overdramatic lil shit; I’m kinda over it. At least he killed Kathryn.

Jim, you should’ve sliced off his head, but a hand will do.

Lee, it’s not  your fault that Mario got infected; none of this is your fault. I suppose she could be blaming herself for having a rebound…but even though it was, I’ll say it again: she had Jim break up with her, she miscarried their child, she was trying to move on, she found Mario, tried to forget the pain, but it just followed her no matter what. And it culminated in bitterness and blame. I thought for a moment that her blaming herself would mean less blame for Jim, but nope.

also, now she’s infected herself with the virus. I think she just believes there’s no justice, and no good people, including herself. (Maybe I’m reaching but that’s how i see it)

no, Bruce. You can’t erase pain. you deal with it, you try to heal. You honor your parents memories while learning to be your own person. A person who will defend Gotham, not see it fall.

the best parts of the episode were Ed and Oswald teaming up. For a moment, it was like the murdery duo we all know and love, like old times. Both are overdramatic children who want revenge on each other, but for tonight, they were allies. Also, don’t underestimate Oswald, Ed. You don’t know everything he’s overcome.

it’s kinda bittersweet, seeing them briefly working together against a common foe…only to part ways knowing they will seek revenge soon.