I went to the grocery store today, and there seems to be a weird trend. I bought ice cream called Halo Top. I bought tangerines called Halos. And cherry tomatoes called Cherubs (there’s a happy lil bee on the package, and it says “heavenly salad tomatoes!”). There’s another brand called Angel Sweet (by Sunset).

I basically went through the whole supermarket shouting THEEEEEEMES inside my head. 

lmao so

we went to the grocery store, right, picking up last minute things for tomorrow (as was everyone else)

and i went up to customer service to get a bottle of brandy they’d pulled from the aisles for me

there was this guy standing next to me who started making conversation, ‘i must have passed you like three times, you just look *so* happy to be here! well hey, at least i got you to smile!’

just… really all up in my face, while i do the smile, laugh, try to close myself off routine, and he puts his hands on me– dude had a tight grip

ferry, who’s about 50 ft away, IMMEDIATELY makes her way over

dude maintains, apparently doesn’t notice how angry she is, continues to put his hands on me; she was definitely about to throw down

and, since she was with me, the clerk asked for both our ID’s–she left her purse at home, so we had to leave it

out in the parking lot the guy was pulling out and all jokingly, 'don’t you run into me! don’t you run into me!’

ferry just shouts back 'haha h a DON’T TEMPT ME, I’LL RAM YOU 8)))’

… anyway i still need to go back out for liquor and i feel gross

I hope someday they will try a game similar to hometown story. I would love a sos or even hm game where you can have different job other than farmer. Maybe have 6 options at the beginning. Florist. Cook. Animal breeder for farms. Store clerk like in hometown story. Blacksmith. Tailor. Some of them you can run a small farm for supplies like a garden for cook. Or own wool making animals for tailor and grow flax and cotton etc.

Cult Classics that everyone needs to see. 

some of these are big name movies with big followings. some are movies that maybe only a cult of like 20 people love. But they are great. feel free to add more that you like.

Donnie Darko

SLC Punk!

The Crow (only the first one. the other ones were trash)

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Cry Baby

Lost Boys

The Big Lebowski


A Clockwork Orange

Monty Python and the Holy Grail  (an/or) Life of Brian


Time Bandits

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (and/or) Bogus Journey

Wayne’s World Series

Any Movie From Kevin Smith’s “View Askewniverse”

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Shaun of the Dead