A Vital Detour

“Checking in?” The clerk made a face like he smelled something foul.

Will clasped Hannibal’s hand. “We don’t have a reservation, but we thought you might have a vacancy.” Or ten. The motel was definitely lacking in curb appeal.

“Room 112.”

Will leaned on the scarred counter. “There’s a bathtub?” He smiled as Hannibal ducked his face to hide a laugh.


Clearly pleased, Will enunciated. “A bathtub. Not just a shower.”

“Yeah -” As if it pained him. Will was sure he’d burn the sheets. -“There’s a bathtub.”

“Good. We’ll take it.” Will stepped aside for Hannibal to offer his Amex.

“Cash only.”

They both knew it was bullshit. Will pawed at Hannibal’s coat. “Darling?”

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NYPD: Revealing the Truth About the Millions We Seize Would 'Lead to Systems Crashes'
The NYPD was finally forced to shed some light on its use of civil forfeiture Thursday morning at a City Council hearing. But instead of coming clean, they blamed their lack of transparency on antiquated technology. .
By Max Rivlin-Nadler

The NYPD’s testimony was also disingenuous: As part of a FOIL request filed by the Bronx Defenders, the NYPD had already compiled and released figures that show the staggering amounts that it has seized.

As the Voice reported earlier this year, the NYPD has been taking millions of dollars out of the pockets of low-income New Yorkers under the guise of civil forfeiture proceedings. During either an arrest or stop, the NYPD seizes money and possessions from New Yorkers, often the ones least capable of getting their money back, many of whom are then never even charged with a crime.

In the accounting summaries which the Bronx Defenders submitted as part of its testimony, the NYPD reports that as of December 2013, its property clerk had almost $69 million in seized cash on hand. This amount had been carried over from previous years, showing an annual accumulation of seized cash that has reached an enormous amount. The documents also show that each month, the five property clerk’s offices across the city took in tens of thousands of dollars in cash, ultimately generating over $6 million in revenue for the department. The report that the NYPD released appears to have been generated through the same use of their database that the department now claims is technologically impossible.


Each case that the attorneys testified about ended with the client getting their property back, but that’s only because, as the lawyers stressed, they were able to get free legal assistance. Because forfeiture and property seizure is done through civil courts, defendants aren’t provided a lawyer by the state, making it near impossible to retrieve money and property through the NYPD’s arcane and confusing system.

“Can a lay person be reasonably expected to defend themselves against the NYPD in their efforts to retrieve their property?” Asked council member Torres during the hearing.

“I don’t think a person can reasonably be expected to go through any of the administrative steps required to go about retrieving their property,” answered Bronx Defenders attorney Adam Shoop.

“So what you’re telling me is that property retrieval is reserved for those that can afford it?” Torres asked.

“Yes,” Shoop testified.

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mi consigli qualche bel film da vedere?

Primi titoli che mi vengono in mente in ordine a cazzo:
C'era una volta in America
Blade Runner
La Sottile Linea Rossa
Non è un Paese per Vecchi
L'assassino di Jesse James per mano del codardo Robert Ford
Il Petroliere
Taxi Driver
IL Cacciatore
Donnie Darko

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1. How old are you? 
22, gonna be 23 in December. 

2. Current job?
 Grocery clerk at a food store/axe shredder in a band. 

3. Dream job?
 PROFESSIONAL axe shredder in a band 

4. what are you talented at?
 Music and SOMETIMES photography. 

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have already achieved?
Working on releasing an EP for my band. 

6. What’s your aesthetic? Jeans, sk8 hi’s, and a t-shirt lmao. 

7. Do you collect anything?
 I own 162 records but I’m eventually going to collect every offset guitar in the world. Trust me, I’ll do this. 

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? Probably seeing Youth of Today at TIHC ahahha. 

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? When people won’t let you pet their dog!!

10. Good advice to give?
 Curb stomp your local nazi. 

11. Recommend three songs!

Fury- Danse 

Sleep On It- Burning At Both Ends 

Balance and Composure- Spinning

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