I have always been a proponent of dressage as being so much more than a sport. It is bodybuilding, it is gymnastics, it is yoga, it is physical therapy for the horse. Horses are not for dressage, dressage is for horses.

The top picture is Amadeus in November 2015 after four months of stall rest due to hoof issues.

The bottom is yesterday, June 2016.

We walked the first month. We did a lot of walking and little trotting the second month. We hacked out. We did a lot of dressage figures at the walk to build the carrying power of his hind legs. More recently, we have started doing “crunches” from the ground.

This is why I am a dressage rider. This is why I don’t buy into the idea that only certain horses can do dressage. Dressage, in its original purpose, is for the improvement of the horse. I am very proud of these pictures and so entirely proud of my dear Amadeus.

I don't ship Sabriel

Because “Sam needs his own angel”.

I don’t ship Sabriel

Because otherwise Sam’s a third wheel.

I don’t ship Sabriel 

Because of a size kink.  "Height differences are so cute!“

I ship Sabriel

Because they were created to be a parallel.  They both ran away from their families when the fighting got to be too much.  They both avoid conflict but ultimately do the right thing at great personal cost to themselves.

I ship Sabriel

Because they are perfect for each other.  Sam keeps Gabriel grounded.  Gabriel encourages Sam to step outside his comfort zone.

I ship Sabriel

Because these two are flawed and broken and hurting, and they find solace together, they understand each other.

I ship Sabriel 

Because as sad as this ship can be, it’s also beautiful.

(And also the sex.  Lots and lots of kinky sex.)


Cookie Cat! He’s a pet for your tummy!

Made this cookie cat cake for our Mini- Steven Bomb all week over on our instagram! Cookie cat himself is sculpted from fondant, and the cake is chocolate and strawberry with chocolate moose. See more sugar steven bomb sweets on our instagram!

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