I think that everyone should take a look at these gorgeous drawings representing Women and their accomplishements in Science, by Rachel Ignotofksy - a fantastic illustrator and graphic designer. She also has a lil Etsy shop where she sells her prints here!!!

“When the main rockets go off you may not know where you’re going, but you know you’re going somewhere”.

- Anna L. Fisher, Chemist, Doctor and Astronaut. A true renaissance woman.

(Image via National flight academy,Information via NASA)

Dedicating to all ‪#‎Scientist‬ ; ‪#‎PhD‬ holders ‪#‎Research‬ scholars in all over the world !!!

Felt alone day and night lost many relatives and friends not to mean we dont like those but , We purely love our subjects little more than all…

lets celebrate every day and never give up !!!!!!!!!

Cheap and abundant chemical outperforms precious metals as a catalyst

A team of Caltech chemists has discovered a method for producing a group of silicon-containing organic chemicals without relying on expensive precious metal catalysts. Instead, the new technique uses as a catalyst a cheap, abundant chemical that is commonly found in chemistry labs around the world—potassium tert-butoxide—to help create a host of products ranging from new medicines to advanced materials. And it turns out that the potassium salt is more effective than state-of-the-art precious metal complexes at running very challenging chemical reactions.

“We have shown for the first time that you can efficiently make carbon-silicon bonds with a safe and inexpensive catalyst based on potassium rather than ultrarare precious metals like platinum, palladium, and iridium,” says Anton Toutov, a graduate student working in the laboratory of Bob Grubbs, Caltech’s Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry. “We’re very excited because this new method is not only ‘greener’ and more efficient, but it is also thousands of times less expensive than what’s currently out there for making useful chemical building blocks. This is a technology that the chemical industry could readily adopt.”

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