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Holy hell there's rumour that RDJ and Cevans will appear at sdcc to announce their extended contracts, wtf...

if this legit how much did they have to pay Chris bc he had to negotiate to get it down to the 6 like damn

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  • susan, eustace, edmund and aravis all live together
  • jill, lucy and peter lives in the appartment across theirs
  • caspian lives in his own appartment two blocks away
  • but he basically spend his time at susan’s flat
  • susan is definitely the mum friend who cooks for everyone 
  • eustace and lucy share vegan recipies
  • girls night at least once a week where they gossip and watch movies
  • jill stealing susan’s clothes
  • edmund and eustace keep pranking each other
  • fights over tv program
  • when aravis and cor start dating everyone is super protective over her
  • lucy is the first one to be awake in the morning and she makes sure everyone knows it
  • edmund listens to music very loudly susan and aravis find this super annoying
  • peter and susan go jogging in the morning
  • edmund and aravis play video games all the time
  • they text each other when they’re too lazey to cross the corridor
  • lucy drags everyone to public demonstration
  • caspian photobombs every susan’s selfies
  • jill and eustace date at some point but he doesn’t really work out and they stay friends
  • nerdy edmund brings up random fact at the dinner table
  • aravis stealing edmund’s hoodies
  • lucy being mad because peter takes very long showers in the morning

It’s really hard to see people getting upset about a sapphic character even being headcanoned as bisexual and not jump to the conclusion of people thinking lesbians are in some way “better” than bisexual women.

And I don’t mean characters that are explicitly ONLY attracted to women, I wanna make that clear. If it is stated in canon they are a lesbian, I’ll be fighting about that one myself.

But I’m talking specifically about characters whose sexuality is kept ambiguous, who have shown attraction to women but aren’t necessarily opposed to being with men or other genders. As if them being bisexual isn’t good enough. As if bisexual people don’t face the same stigma not only from society but from the very community that is supposed to give them a safe space.

Like you do you I guess but bisexual people are not, ever, the consolation prize.

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I can't believe someone takes time out of their life to run a fucking Jerry blog, I mean out of all characters you chose the shittiest shit

Is someone JEALOUS? at over 900 followers I think you should go home. Thats 900+ votes for me as president. How many votes did you get, RICK?? I know its you. Always taunting me. I am going to succeed just you wait

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i hope the tfob incident didn't scare you away from writing malec! a lot of people including myself were really enjoying it (and i'm sad to know we'll never know how it ends) and i've really enjoyed your other malec fic. (plus, you write magnus whump/h/c, which is kind of hard to find in this fandom!)

To be 100% honest, I really am scared to write/post more Malec.

See, after what happened with tfob, I looked through some of these blogs, and the general idea seems to be that if I (a white writer) do anything mean to a character who is a POC, that is a racist thing to do and makes me a terrible person. Since my writing pretty much revolves around “let’s take this character I love and do horrible things to them”, that kind of, uh, puts a damper on things.

And while the part of my brain that participates in logic knows that their argument really is not true and is in fact kind of ridiculous, the part of my brain which spends most of its time screaming in anxiety is terrified that these people are still watching me and will start sending me gobs of hate mail again if I post anything, let alone a fic in which I do anything mean to Magnus. 

…..maybe that’s why it’s hard to find Magnus whump.

Anyway, the two parts of my brain are still fighting this out, so we’ll see what happens. In the mean time, hey, people should send me Malec prompts and I’ll see if anything shakes loose. ^_^

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I cant believe you're actually going to watch dr strange, a racist movie. No Hannibal fan should, focus on rouge one! Not the racist movie!

im not gonna watch it in theaters bc i also don’t support the whitewashing of certain character but that doesn’t mean i won’t enjoy the gifs and Mads happy face (both which are free) when he’s doing promo for it. I’m also looking forwards to seeing him in Rogue One! :D

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How did you come up for the names in TSoT?

Hi Anon!

The names were inspired from alot of different things, but most of them are references to the Arthurian legends. Here’s how I came up with the names for the three main characters:

Jionathan of the Delphi -
Jionathan is based off of my brother Jonathan (at least in looks/temperament), so I named the character after him. The name means ‘Gift from God’. ‘of the Delphi’ is a reference to the Delphi Oracle from Greek history/mythology and ‘Le dauphin’ which is what French royalty would call their Princes.

Rufus Merle -
Rufus means ‘Red Head’ which was meant to symbolism Rufus’s affiliation with fire, and his hot temper. Merle means ‘Blackbird’, and was a nod toward the Celtic symbolism of Blackbirds, who are connected with secrecy and death. It’s also a nod toward the name ‘Merlin’, both sounding similar and being the name of birds.

Fae  Ó Murchadha -
Fae Ó Murchadha is a play on Morgana le Fey. Morgana meaning ‘Of the sea’ and  Ó Murchadha meaning ‘Sea warrior’. Fae and Fey is given.

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what really irked me about sakura’s characterization is how fucking lazy it was. Like literally all they did was make her basically the same as Tsunade and called it even. Like naruto and sauske had elements from their teachers (naruto being joyful but serious when need be like and sasuke being weird and pale for example) but they were their own character sakura was literally just a clone.

I can understand what you mean, but I can’t say I agree.

Firstly, I don’t think “weird and pale” is an accurate description for Sasuke… At all, lol. 

Secondly, personality/character wise she’s not a carbon copy of Tsunade. In terms of the techniques she has at her disposal, she’s certainly closer to Tsunade than Naruto and Sasuke are to Jiraiya and Orochimaru respectively. However, Sakura’s efficiency with the Clone jutsu, as well as her prowess with identifying and dispelling genjutsu sets her apart from Tsunade.

Sakura’s not a clone of Tsunade. If you want clones, look no further than Gai and Lee.


I know it’s been a while since the season finale, but I still don’t know why some people got upset when Dean called Cas “brother”, I mean come on! Dean’s character has been developing throughout the last seasons and season 11 was one of the most important ones for him, but he’s not ready to embrace his feelings, not yet. Besides, Cas is supposed to be asexual, right? So Dean can’t know if Cas loves him as a man or just as someone who is very important for him. Dean has never told anyone he loves them (except Mary, I think, but correct me if I’m wrong) and the only love he’s ever known is the love he feels for Sam, his brother, so calling Cas “brother” was probably the only way Dean could think of to show him how much he meant for him. I don’t see the season finale as a breakdown for Destiel, all the opposite! I’m thrilled to see next season because the “pining for someone” thing isn’t over yet. Most people thought that the obvious answer was that he was pining for Amara: WRONG! So, who is the person Dean’s pining for? Let me guess: someone who fell from heaven with a sweet puppy face and big blue eyes ;)

Besides, all that longing and desperation throughout the whole season when he was trying to get Cas back… that’s not the way he reacted all the times he “lost” Sam. I mean, yes, of course he was devastated and broken, but that LONGING/PINING in his eyes was not there. Why? Because the love he feels for Sam and the one he feels for Cas are two different types of love, but I think Dean doesn’t know it yet.

I have faith in Dabb because he’s showed us that he’s a big fan of Castiel and he’s given us good Destiel moments too… I just hope he keeps on developing their relationship in season 12 :)

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Do you think Jon and dany will have time to fall in love in 13 episodes assuming they probably won't meet until the middle of season 7?

They’re rushing everything, just like in the first episode. Dany and Drogo fell in love in literally two episodes, so, yeah, it can happen. And since (for me) there’s going to be a tragic ending for them, 13 ep it’s enough. I just assume there’s going to be so much sexual tension since the very very beginning, so, It won’t be tough. I mean, In one episode two characters can bond perfectly. And let’s not forget the episodes will last longer. I don’t know if you watch bates motel but dylan and emma fell in love like in four episodes, it doesn’t matter the time, it matter the chemistry and how they write the history. So, if they write it well, there’s going to be beautiful, and if they write crap, it’s going to be trash.

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I swear the steven universe fandom has turned into an immature shouting match about which ship or character is more problematic

i mean its always been like this. the su fandom is no stranger to the Discourse. and normally i dont mind that stuff as long as i can ignore it. like its just pointless drama. but the ship wars lately…. really taking a toll on me. i guess cause its personally relevant this time

you all know im a lapidot fan who identifies strongly w the ship…it means a lot to me, and ive been in the lapidot subfandom since like, march 2015? it just really hurts bc its my safe space and theres so many people trying to insult the ship, the fans, or call lapis (or peridot??) abusive except this time it’s really aggressive and it’s everywhere

i could give less of a fuck if ppl did that stuff in private chats. not my biz. but theres posts w thousands of notes calling lapidot fans dumb and hypocritical, saying lapis is an abuser, lapis shouldn’t find love, it feels like its a direct insult to me and my friends and it’s just…. not cool.

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this is probably unpopular but my least favorite main character is boyle?? i mean i love him but idk i just really didn't like when he was so obsessed with rosa and also the cornrows :/

Trust me my friend, you’re not alone in being annoyed at how obsessed he was with Rosa in s1, and I am v grateful that that’s in the past now. I do like him, but he’s not exactly my favorite character either I guess. Not when you make me choose between Jake, Amy and Rosa and Andre Braugher is literally brilliant as Captain Holt. But Terry is great too, and Charles is a delight. But if you made me choose? I guess he wouldn’t be v high on my list.

I still love him though.