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Pt. 1

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Consider: Jason hides food. It’s a holdover habit from when he was little, and it really threw Bruce for a loop when Jason first showed up because 

  • Jason always has food on his person
  • He’s perfectly willing to share. Every time Bruce says he’s hungry, Jason starts pulling fruit snack packages out of his shoes and ???? They are at a gala?? Food is provided??
  • Why are there slim jims taped to the supply closet walls
  • Didn’t Alfred just buy potato chips
  • The potato chips are in the laundry hamper
  • Okay
  • Alfred and Bruce find food hidden around the manor for years after Jason died, and it’s not fun for anyone involved

But! Jason’s back now, and the chaos continues because he’s still doing it, he still hides food

  • Anywhere he frequents, including places that don’t belong to him
  • Jason: [pulls an entire bag of kitkats from underneath a chair]
  • Tim, owner of the chair and surrounding property: what
  • Because Jason still remembers where he hid snacks in his youth, he has the magically ability to pull five-year-old packages of crackers out of the manor floors
  • Sometimes his siblings actively search for stashes– they know they exist– but they rarely find anything on purpose. More frequently, hidden food turns up by accident 
  • “I’m going to assume the package of jerky in the piano is yours, Todd”
  • One day shortly after Tim became Robin, he made the mistake of unwittingly eating a package of cashews he found in a living room vase. In front of Bruce. Didn’t end well. 
  • Jason still carries a variety of snackfood on his person, most commonly granola bars, fruit snacks, and skittles. He’s still willing to share.

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Your Scotty headcanon from last night had me emotional and I was wondering if when you have the time you could do the same or something similar for AOS Jim? Please and thank you.

Originally posted by leetya-blog

Jim Kirk loves boldly.

Jim realizes that there’s something different about Leonard McCoy right off the bat. 

Jim kind of wants to kiss him. Jim definitely wants to fuck him. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that holds him back. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that draws him in. 

Jim doesn’t spend too much time pondering it. He’s not a worrier or an overanalyzer, and besides, things usually seem to work themselves out, in the end. 

Jim realizes that he’s in love with Bones only after Gaila calls him on it. 

“I am not,” he opens his mouth to protest, but her words, and their meaning, sink in before he can deny it. 

“Huh,” he says instead.

“Huh,” says Gaila in return, because she’d only half-believed it anyway. She’d fully expected Jim to laugh her off, threatening to prove to her once and for all that Jim Kirk isn’t in love with any dude, thank you very much, but Jim actually seems to be considering it, and for the first time in her life, Gaila finds herself at a loss.

Jim’s not paying her any attention. “I’m in love with Bones,” he says absently, and that is that.

Jim realizes that this scares the ever-loving shit out of him. 

Jim ponders it for a solid week. He’s broody, silent, giving Bones subtle side-eye until Bones finally throws his PADD and says, “What the fuck is wrong with you, Jim?”

“Nothing,” says Jim, and then he bolts out the door, away from Bones and his discerning gaze.

He finds himself ambling across the quad, hands stuffed deeply in his pockets. Why Bones, of all people? Bones is his best friend. Jim cares about Bones. Cares deeply, in fact. His friendship with Bones is important to him. It’s simple, uncomplicated - or it was - and the last thing Jim wants to do is risk it all on a silly social construct like love.

He avoids the apartment for the rest of the week.

Jim realizes abruptly, during his advanced tactics class, that love is a risky game

He realizes that love is taking your body, heart, and soul, all that you are, and entrusting it to another person. That of course that other person is someone you care deeply about, otherwise it wouldn’t be love. That there’s nobody in this world that Jim trusts more than Leonard McCoy.

“Oh,” he says.

“You have something to add, Kirk?” Admiral Archer peers expectantly over his spectacles. 

“Fundamental in allowing for boldness is accepting the inevitability of chaos,” Jim answers automatically. 

“Excellent,” says Archer warmly. “The logic of calculated risk taking has no place in it for chaos,” he continues, rapping his cane on the podium. “There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting. That balance is boldness.”

And with that, Jim makes up his mind.

Jim realizes that wooing Bones is going to be difficult. 

The thing is, he’s not wooing Bones, not exactly. Wooing is Jim Kirk’s game, and he excels at it, but this, this is different. He’s not pursuing, charming, chasing, propositioning. Jim doesn’t have good words for what he wants with Bones. It’s a slower thing, a gentler thing, a stabler, tender, sensitive thing, and Jim’s not quite sure how to label it, let alone approach it.

Everything he tries fails horribly. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim takes him to dinner. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim hacks the call system on Bones’ birthday.

Bones drinks the expensive bourbon without a word. 

Bones just sighs when Jim crawls into bed with him. 

He elbows Jim hard when Jim reaches for his hand.

Bones quirks an eyebrow at the candles. “You’re gonna burn the building down if you’re not careful, Jim,” he drawls. 

Jim decides it’s time for the direct approach. He shoots Bones a message. “Meet me after clinic,” it says. “Need to talk.”

“Well,” says Bones, folding his arms across his chest and giving Jim The Eyebrow. “What did you wanna talk about first, kid, the fact that I’m all out of bourbon, or how a year and a half later, I’m still stumbling over your fucking shoes in the morning?” Bones nudges the offending item with his toe. “This one’s even got some of the quad left on it.” 

“No, asshat, I love you,” Jim blurts, because he’s already replaced the damn bourbon, if someone would be bothered to look, and honestly, how thick can Bones be? 

Bones whistles appreciatively. “That’s a good one, Jim.” He shakes his head and settles on his desk, half sitting, half leaning. “Save it for someone who’ll buy it.” 

“No, Bones, I’m serious.” Jim’s sick and tired of dancing around it. “I’m in love with you.”

Bones goes very still. 

Jim moves toward him. “Bones?”

Bones snaps his head up and just stares at Jim for a long moment. “You mean you want to fuck me,” he says slowly. His brow is furrowed.

“No,” says Jim, a little put out. Why does Bones make it sound like such a bad thing? “No. I mean, yes, god, yes, but it’s more than that, Bones. You’re more than that. I want… I want the dating, I think,” Jim pauses, shaking his head, because that’s not quite right.  “And I want us to sleep in the same bed -”  

Bones snorts.

“No, I mean really, not just because yours is closest to the door! And I want…” Jim’s voice breaks. He can’t find the words for exactly what he wants, and fuck, he really should have thought this through. He’s rambling now, panicking. “I want to touch you, Bones, not for any reason, just because, and I want to take you out, just us, like, together together, and I want this to be real, not some -”

Bones cuts him off with a wave of his hand and a sharp, “How much have you had to drink?”

“Nothing!” Jim protests, and Bones must believe him, because he lets it go, moving wearily to the couch and sinking down with his head in his hands.

Jim sits hesitantly beside him.

“Jim,” he sighs heavily through his fingers, and then he’s looking at Jim with eyes that are too dark, almost desperate. “You do not love me. You are not in love with me. Okay?”

“Bullshit.” Jim says firmly. He’s having to hold back a grin, because Bones’ tone is telling him a lot. 

He knows better than to push, though. Not today.

“Unbelievable,” Bones mutters, reaching for his PADD. Jim knows he’s going to bury himself in case studies for the rest of the evening.

That’s fine, though. Jim leaves the conversation feeling lighter than he has in a month. He decides he’ll just have to tell Bones every day until Bones believes him.

Jim tells Bones every morning as they’re brushing their teeth. He leaves handwritten notes around the apartment for Bones to find. He sends Bones messages on his comm at the clinic, and he bombards Bones’ PADD during his slow lectures. He tells Bones as they’re walking across the quad, and he tells Bones when he stumbles in at 2 am on Thirsty Thursday.

Bones grouses, rolls his eyes, mostly ignores him, until one day, he grips Jim’s arm tightly. “Jim, stop,” he says raggedly, and his eyes are dark, pleading. “Please.” 

So Jim does.

At least, he stops saying it verbally. But he’s careful to keep his boots under his bed, and he leaves the bourbon in Bones’ closet, where he can find it. He makes coffee, he folds laundry. He resolutely ignores Gaila’s suggestive gaze, and he makes a calculated effort to come home before midnight, particularly after Bones has been on call. 

It goes on for months. Jim’s about ready to give up on love altogether when he finds Bones sitting on his bed one afternoon.

“Jim,” says Bones in a raw voice, and Jim can see immediately that it’s been a terrible shift. Bones’ eyes are bloodshot, and he smells like cheap whiskey and antiseptic. “Did you mean it?”

And Jim knows, immediately, what Bones is asking. “With all my heart, Bones,” he says softly, gently prying the bottle away from his fingers. “And we’re gonna have the rest of this conversation sober, okay?”

Bones quirks his head in question, blinking blearily up at Jim as if he’s never seen him before. “Okay,” he says finally.

Jim realizes that even after they’re together, Bones is the one that’s going to hold them back.

It’s that risk-taking thing again, Jim knows. Once bitten, twice shy, the saying goes, and that’s Bones all over. 

Jim is patient. He tries his best to be gentle, not to push. 

When Bones wants to take things slow, Jim agrees. When Bones isn’t comfortable taking his hand in public, Jim understands. 

When Bones calmly introduces Jim to Phillip Boyce as his partner, Jim’s face breaks into a wide grin, and he thinks he’s never been more delighted in his life. 

Jim realizes, after the Harrison incident, that his death had shaken Bones, but his resurrection had shattered him.

It takes him a while to understand. Jim’s own thoughts are in turmoil, his own emotions bleeding and raw, and Bones had been so solid, so composed, that Jim almost hadn’t recognized the signs at all. 

It nearly breaks them.

Jim’s got to get back on his feet again, and then there’s the whole fiasco with the medical board of ethics that leaves Bones fighting for his license, but when the dust settles, Jim acts. He’s desperate to save his relationship, to save Bones, Bones who’s saved him so many times, in so many ways, and nearly lost himself in the process. 

So Jim pulls all the strings he can, and nearly burns some bridges to do it, but he finally gets ‘fleet approval for an extended leave of absence for both himself and for Bones. 

He takes Bones back home, home to Georgia, away from rank and regulations and responsibilities. They spend long lazy days in the hot sun, rebuilding, relearning. 

Jim realizes after Yorktown that he wants to marry Bones.

It hits him suddenly, with a force that knocks the breath from his lungs and sends his emotions reeling. 

He’s at a press conference with the bridge officers. Ben comes to stand beside Hikaru, and the Sulu’s are met with a flurry of questions.

“My husband,” says Hikaru, reaching up to place his hand on Ben’s arm. His wedding band glistens in the light.

My husband.

My husband.

The words reverberate incessantly in Jim mind. Simple words, effortless words, but powerful, profound, absolutely earth-shattering to Jim. 

My husband.

“You’re quiet tonight,” Bones says over dinner that evening. He shoots Jim a questioning little glance.

“Just thinking,” says Jim distractedly. 

“Well I’ll be damned,” Bones drawls through a bite of replicated new potato. He lifts an eyebrow. “Didn’t think you had it in you, Jim.”

“Shut up,” says Jim, but his words are without heat. He’s in the middle of a personal paradigm shift, mind far too occupied to engage in playful banter over the dinner table. 

Bones shrugs, rolls his eyes, and leaves Jim to his thoughts. 

Jim’s never really considered marriage. It’s never been on his bucket list, it’s not something he’s ever needed, or wanted.

Until now.

He looks over at Bones, oblivious, gorgeous Bones, gnawing on dry, tasteless chicken with a disgusted little snarl on his lip. His hair’s in disarray from where he’s run his hands through it one too many times. He’s barefooted, still wearing his ‘fleet issue blue scrubs from rounds that morning. 

We can’t get married, Jim thinks, turning over the fraternization policies in his mind. Their relationship isn’t secret, not by a long shot, but it would be hard for the brass to turn a blind eye to holy matrimony. Jim shakes his head. The Captain and the CMO. It’s a ridiculous idea. 

Archer’s words come back to him suddenly, from years ago. 

“There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting.”

Boldness, Jim remembers. The balance between acting and analyzing. 

He smiles. He’ll find a ring tomorrow. 

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14 from that drabble challenge plsss 😩💦

14. “Take. It. Off.”

Over the years, Shawn had felt a lot of emotions on the court, but he’d never felt more excited, more fulfilled, more overwhelmed than he did the moment he pressed his lips to the cool metal of the golden globe at the top of the championship trophy. He’d been surrounded by his teammates in that moment, as they hooted and hollered and held each other, the chaos of it all continuing straight through to tearful post-game remarks from Coach in the locker room and rapid fire questions at the press conference. And now that everything has died down, now that the sparkler-topped bottle service in the VIP section has been enjoyed and the car service has delivered him back to his condo in the city, all Shawn wants is you.

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 22)

As soon as Mitchell left with Connor, Reyna slowly turned towards Nico and crossed her arms. “Why did you do that?”

Nico smiled as innocently as he could at her and chuckled, “What ever do you mean?”

Reyna gave him a look that let him know she didn’t believe a single word he said. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well your brother was telling me about how he would tell Mitchell how he felt but he didn’t want to do it at a party where he couldn’t get him alone without looking suspicious or something like that, so I told him that I would help.”

“And your idea of helping is knocking some poor kid into a giant ass bowl of punch?” Reyna asked in a dissapointed tone as one of her eyebrows raised.

Nico gave her another sheepish smile. “It was the only thing I could think of.” He weakly defended.

“What was the only thing you could think of?” A familiar voice interrupted.

The Italian quickly turned around and was pleased to see Will standing behind him wearing that dazzling smile he always wore. Nico smiled softly at him.

“Uh, nothing. You’re hear finally!”

“I’m sorry it took so long but the car kept giving us trouble and eventually I had to call one of my brothers to come give us a ride. To my surprise both of them showed up.”

Reyna looked surprised at that and chuckled. “Your brothers actually drove you to a high school party? Like actually?”

Will sighed as he ran a hand through his hair and laughed. “Yup. They were even proud of me…? It was weird. I’m pretty sure Matthew teared up a little.”

Nico laughed at that. “Oh wow.”

“Yeah so that was how my night has gone so far, how about yours?” Will asked as he leaned closer to Nico and slung an arm around his shoulder.

“More interesting than I thought it would be actually.”

“Oh? Does this have something to do with what you and Reyna were talking about?”

Before he could even utter a single word, Reyna cut in. “He pushed Mitchell into a bowl of punch.”

While the dark haired teen glared at his best friend, Will gave Nico a shocked look and then he looked disappointed.

“Nico, why?”

“Okay she makes it sound a lot wprse than it was. It was to help Connor talk to Mitchell in private! I admit there was probably a better way to go about it but that was all I could think of. And it worked! They’re up in Connor’s room right now probably sucking face.” Nico defended himself as best he could as he pouted. He really didn’t want his somewhat boyfriend to be lecturing him when they could be hanging out with each other instead.

Sensing his distress, Reyna and Will decided to give it a rest - at least for now.


Things were going great. Will even somehow convinced Nico to dance with him, and he knew Nico took dance and everything but it was still surprising how good he had danced and how alluring he looked while doing it.

Their little group of Reyna, Lou Ellen, Cecil, Nico, and himself pretty much stuck together. And they were having fun, that is until Nico stopped laughing. Will had turned to him to see what was wrong, his eyes were wide open, his lips slightly parted and he went pale, well more so.

He and Reyna dragged Nico into a quiet part of the house, Reyna’s bedroom. He didn’t even protest, he just let himself be dragged and Will did not like that one bit.

“Nico, what’s wrong?” Reyna asked as she grabbed his shoulders and tried to get him to look her in the eyes. But they were so distant and unfocused.

Will was worried, really worried as he brushed Nico’s bangs out of his face and felt how cold the boy was. “No…” Nico murmured.

“No, what? You need to talk to us, Angel.” The blond stated as he cupped Nico’s face.

His dark eyes slowly seemed to come into focus but neither Reyna nor Will let him go.

“We need to get everyone out of here. Now. I don’t know how….I don’t know why, but there is a poltergeist here. A very strong one.”

“A poltergeist?” Will asked incredulously.

Now Reyna looked worried.

“Yes a poltergeist! And it’s not happy and it’s violent and we need-!!” A scream cut through Nico’s hysterics.

The three were silent until they heard more screams, and all at once they ran back to the party.

As they ran, they had somehow met up with Mitchell and Connor.

“What’s going on?” Connor asked worriedly.

“We don’t know! Let’s hurry!” Will answered as he grabbed Nico’s hand and felt it tremble.

They ran until they came into the room of screaming teens. They were trying to open the door, the windows, anything, but they weren’t opening. And a good chunk of them were frozen and starring at something with their mouths parted.

Will felt Nico tug his hand out of his and turned to ask if he was okay but stopped when he saw what everyone was staring at.

There in the air was a boy suspended. His back was arched at an unusual angle, his mouth was wide open….and his arms…and his legs….they were being pulled into odd angles. It was terrifying.

And Nico…Nico was so pale but he looked angry. Will saw him practically lock his jaw.

And then everyone was screaming again as the boy started to fall to the floor. Some guys actually went to catch him. Probably his friends. As they checked on him to make sure he was okay Nico turned to look at some of the football players.

“Look, those doors aren’t opening right? Break open the windows we need to get out of here now!” He shouted.

Everyone looked shocked, but as stuff started to levitate and thrown around, they listened.

It was chaos.

Pure chaos.

Nico continued to glare up at the chandelier, it looked as though he was having a silent conversation with someone.

As soon as the football players got some windows out of the way the door burst open. People didn’t question it. They just ran.

Will nearly got trampled as he tried to get Nico to move. With the help of Percy, who seemed to come out of nowhere and Reyna, they got him out of there.

This was more excitement than Will wanted when going to his first party.

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AOS Fic - In Darkness, Part V

Originally posted by lasheeda

Read In Darkness, Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. 

For @gracieminabox.

Warnings - Angst. Medical squick. 

Side note - Mostly a filler chapter. This one is probably going to be a little confusing, too, ‘cause we’re in Jim’s head, and that’s a nasty, disorienting place to be right now. Bear with me. Proper notes will be at the bottom, as always.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk. 

But often faltering feet
Come surest to the goal;
And they who walk in darkness meet
The sunrise of the soul

- Henry Van Dyke

It takes Jim a full second and a half to realize that the gentle hiss to his left is the comm unit.

He stirs, lifting his face from the crook of Bones’ neck.

“Enterprise…. irk. Come … Kirk. Can you read?” Scotty’s voice cuts in and out, tinny and faint as if from a great distance.

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Reaction to AGUST-D/ Yoongi’s Mixtape

As represented by  KPOP pics & gifs (mostly BTS).

You awaken the morning of D-day…ignorant and unknowing. A little sad that yet another day will go by without hearing from AGUST-D.


Clicking the link and finding out THIS IS NOT A DRILL. IT. IS. HAPPENING.

Min Yoongi casually dropping his MV & MIXTAPE into your life:

Listening to the intro of AGUST D MV and seeing YOONGI TIED TO A CHAIR:


“THEY CALL ME NEW THANG” - he starts rapping and you’re like: 

But also like …

“This K-pop category ain’t enough size for me whoo…next up is BILLBOARD” 

“My seat is business you economy always behind me and kissing my ass” and you’re like:

Originally posted by kths



“I’m d boy because I’m from the D.”

“I rap and ya’ll get turned on by my tongue technology.”

DID WE HEAR THAT RIGHT? And just to make sure we all did… he REPEATS this AGAIN. And you’re like …

Excuse me but… 

“Ya’ll get turned on by my TONGUE TECHNOLOGY”


Picking up that knife with his mouth:

Then he starts SPITTING FIRE AT RAPID SPEED and you’re like:

Then he says “Mianhe” and “I’m sorry” and for some reason you find the way he says it adorable even though he’s spitting diss after diss.


The MV ends and you stare at your screen like:


You dare to listen and you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster, especially when you realize he finally released songs he had been working on SINCE DEBUT. 

Your reactions were probably a mixture of:



And more of this…

And definitely a lot of this…

And …

And probably a lot of this around your house…

And some more of this again…

And for those who watched with friends or family nearby. We all have at least one person doing this…

Finding out J-hope and Rapmon were part of the Gang Vocals of Track 2 :


Then you finally get to the last song and just… “So far away” is just beautiful and knowing Jungkook helped out with the chorus…

You realize that you’ve listened to part of Yoongi’s soul and it’s already over and…

10 glorious songs and 1 AMAZING MV given to us for FREE. 

All the ARMYS listening to Yoongi’s mixtape:

All of the ARMYs who were driving through lanes casually only to swerve into the Yoongi Lane:

All those he roasted and infired with his lyrics and beats:

All the while Genius Min Yoongi in the midst of the chaos he created:

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHOW THIS PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING NUGGET LOVE ! Please watch his MV as much as you can and download his mixtape ~ Send him lots of love and encouragement on Twitter so he knows how proud of him we are <3

Sorry this was long. Did this sum up your reactions to AGUST D? Feel free to add some of your own hahaha x)

All gifs and pictures are NOT mine. Credits to all of the owners and those who took the time to make them :)  

Chaos Reigns Chapter 42- All the pretty girls

Trigger Warnings: language, smut(ish)


“The tests are positive, she is seven and a half weeks.”

“Ah-huh, anything else?” I really couldn’t care, I knew she was pregnant, she knew she was, so we were good, annnnd her heads between my legs so I wanted off the fucking phone. Chaos had taken to the firm belief a shot of protein in the mornings meant no morning sickness or so she was testing the theory of. No complaints from the IT department on that one either…

“She’ll need a scan in around a weeks time to make sure everything is fine, otherwise that’s all, is there anything else you need me for sir?” This catches my attention.

“What do you mean to make sure everything is fine?” I can hear the annoyance in my tone already.

“Just make sure the baby is happy and healthy, everything is where its meant to be, that’s all.” I can hear the nervousness in his voice, and so he should be.

“Why can’t we do this now?!” I yell, catching Chaos’s attention, she stops what she’s doing to give me the death stare of the century.

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How do you think Trump's attack on Syria compares with past presidents in terms of overreaching war powers? Is it really any more extreme than the norm?

Yes and no. In a lot of ways it’s similar to recent executive overreach in foreign policy (I wrote about that history here). 

Where it’s unique, at least in terms of the post-9/11 wars, is that it’s 1) an attack on a state actor and 2) it’s not remotely covered by any declaration of war or authorization for use of military force. 

The first point the — fact that this involved regime targets — makes it different from current U.S. intervention in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia. In all of those fights, U.S. troops are opposing non-state actors including the Islamic State (despite their own claims, ISIS is not a government in the way the Bashar al-Assad regime is a government), al Qaeda, the Taliban, AQAP, and al Shabaab.

The second point — lack of any congressional authority — applies to all of the United States’ present military interventions, but it applies doubly to this attack on Syria. 

You see, the 2001 (Afghanistan) and 2002 (Iraq) Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMF) allowed the president to go after the perpetrators of 9/11 and the Saddam Hussein regime, respectively. Those missions are long over.

Now, the 2001 AUMF in particular has been stretched to cover warmaking against basically any Islamic terrorist organization anywhere in the Mideast or Africa with any connection to al Qaeda ever, even if the organization in question didn’t exist back in 2001. 

That’s ridiculous — in practice it means an unlimited, endless war on terror waged at presidential whim — but it’s not nearly as ridiculous as the suggestion that either of these documents could somehow authorize an attack on a sovereign (and, yes, brutal and inhumane) government with which they are obviously not concerned.

The closest comparison is the 2011 NATO/U.S. intervention in Libya, which was likewise sold in its initial incarnation as a humanitarian endeavor against a bad government mired in civil war. 

The analogy is not exact, of course, but it is instructive to look at how poorly that turned out: The grim result is an ISIS-filled power vacuum, continued chaos, and good evidence that U.S. involvement prolonged and deepened civilian suffering. Syria has nearly four times Libya’s population in a tenth of the space. If the same thing happens there, it will be much worse.

EDIT: Whoops, just noticed I accidentally linked to this post from The Onion in my first line. Look at that too, but this Politico piece is what I intended to reference.

Моя любовь

Summary: After a nightmare, Bucky is the only one who can help you calm down
Warnings: panic attack
A/N: This is the beginnings of an attempt to branch into other fandoms, so please, please, please let me know what y’all think!

Bucky’s fingers ran through your hair as you stretched out across the couch, head in his lap. “Is it a good book?” he asked.

“I don’t know yet,” you answered, flipping to the first page. “Steve barged into my room at 4:27 a few weeks ago demanding I read it. I figured I should probably start.”

His quiet laughter filled your ears as you felt him shift to peer at the cover. “That’s a very exact time,” he teased.

“You love how exact I am, Sarge,” you shot back and Bucky smirked.

“Damn straight, doll,” Bucky said, pressing a soft kiss to your fingers. The name sent your heart racing, he knew it was your favorite. You were surprised that even after months of dating he could still affect you the way he did. His metal hand continued to drag through your hair and you struggled to read, your eyelids growing heavy.

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Minor Catastrophe  written by: @iwillbeinmynest

(Based off this post here)


“I’ll be back in an hour.” Tony said with out looking at you. He took the coffee mug out of your hands and chugged the bitter liquid.

“Sure, have mine.” You mumbled. He raised an eye brow, clearly hearing your remark. “Where are you going?” You decided to change the subject and let him have your coffee. You were using his mug, after all.

“Out.” He said with the intention of making you roll your eyes and he chuckled when you did. “Nat wants me to pick up some suplies.” He put air quotes on his last word and scoffed. “I don’t know. I don’t ask any more. Anyways, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

He ruffled your hair and you immediately restored it to place after swatting his hand away.

“Don’t touch my stuff!” He called from the elevator.
You sighed when the elevator doors closed, leaving the tower in a blissful silence. You poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee and headed towards your room. As you shuffled down the hall you passed Tony’s lab and paused.

The door was open.

He never left the door open.

You back tracked and peeked through the crack between the door and the frame. There, in all its geeky glory, was Tony’s lab. You had been dying to get your hands on his tech and everytime you asked the answer was always,

“Maybe another time, kid.” But he was gone. He’d be gone for a whole hour.
The temptation was too much. You knew better, but you didn’t care. You nudged the door open wider with a tap of your foot and looked around out of cautiousness. Next, you bumped the door with your hip and it slowly swung the rest of the way open.

“Oops.” You grinned devilishly to yourself and walked boldly across the threshold. You felt like royalty, all of the technology at your fingertips, his AI’s at your command. You held out your arms regally and beamed.

“Finally!” You announced dramatically. You placed your coffee on a metal table and rubbed your palms together as you pondered which toy to play with first. You eyed the the holographic screen to your right and sauntered over to it. Wiggling your fingers and waving your arms about, you played with equations and gadjets projected onto the screen.

The blue-ish light from the screen reflected off of your skin and you were so engaged in the moment that you didn’t even notice one of the Iron Legionaires standing to attention. An exact image of the robot popped onto your screen and you smirked.

“What do you do?” You asked out loud. You moved your hand across the screen and the Iron shell swung his arm in a circle. The abruptness of the action sent the table closest to it flying across the room.

You screamed at the crash and your eyes went wide when you spun arospd and realized what you had done. “No, no, no, no, no, no!” You muttered to your self as you frantically tried to shut the robot down. However, in your state of panic things only got worse. The robot seemed to go mad and began marching around the lab. Running into tables, knocking things to the floor and shattering half finished projects.

You grabbed your hair and shouted. “No! Stop! Gah!!” Loosing all hope you ran to the robot and jumped on its back. Maybe it had an off switch somewhere. As you struggled with your Frankenstein the chaos continued.

“Stop!” Tony’s voice seemed to command time and everything froze, including your heart. He was gonna kill you.

The only sound that was made were the few pieces of paper that flittered to the ground. Tony’s eyes bore into yours and you bit your lips.

“The door was open?” You shrugged.

He held up his hand and clenched his jaw. “I was gone for five minutes! I didnt even make it to my car! How could you have done so much damage, so quickly?!”

“I can fix this!” You shout in defense as you hop down from the Iron Legion madman.

“No,” He backed away from you as if you were radioactive. “No you have done enough. Go… Sit in a corner somewhere.”

“Are you… Are you sending me to time out? What am I five?!”
Tony gestured to the minor catastrophe that was his lab.

“I’ll find a corner…”


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If anyone wants to use my title ideas, I would love it if you submitted them to me like this so I can show off your creative work!! <3 <3 <3

The Drowned God’s Daughter

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader


A/N: My first Theon, yayyy!! This story was made possible by an argument had between my boyfriend and I that went a little something like this. “No there can’t be mermaids in Westeros”. “There’s literally dragons and a woman who brings people back from the dead”. “Ok, but there can’t be mermaids”. “Ok, but have you seen what the Night King can do”? Followed by silence and a winning argument.  

Prompt; Theon has finally gotten away from Ramsay, but still finds himself struggling with his true identity. While on a ship travelling to the Iron Islands, a storm hits and Theon “falls” overboard. In Westeros, mermaids are said to serve and attend those ironborn who drown in the sea. As you watch Theon slowly give up on life, you go against your duty and try to save him instead. 

Theon is nervous. More nervous than usual today. His hands won’t stop shaking and he feels like his heart is going to fall out of his ass at any second.  It’s not like going home is a scary thought; it’s the going home alone that has him on edge. With Yara gone, he is supposed to be the King of the Iron Islands but he can barely remember his own name. 

He knows Ramsay is dead, people have told him time and time again that Sansa had gotten justice for the both of them. But, Theon still finds himself looking over his shoulder every few seconds waiting for Ramsay to be there wearing a giant smile and aiming a bow and arrow at him. Sometimes the worry is so real that he actually does see the bastard standing there and it sends him into a panic. 

It’s the kind of panic that Theon realizes he will never shake. The anxious feeling only fuels his confirmation that he cannot rule these Iron Islands. Sure, the Dragon Queen and her new husband had given him an army so large no one would try to usurp him, but he shouldn’t need them, he needs to be as strong as Yara. He can’t be as arrogant as the old Theon and he cannot be as cowardly as Reek. He needs to find a balance between the two that he fears will never come. 

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A long time ago… in a world similar, but at the same time different from our own…

Everything… was burning… Alarms were blaring… Many people lay on the ground, bleeding out… and there were more people who were simply dead… Still… despite all the chaos, a small voice continued to call out…

“Big brother…! Where… where are you going…? Big… brother…” A little girl reached out towards the figure that was walking away from her. From out of the corner of her eye…

…a shadowy figure leaned into her field of vision… Everything was a blur to the young girl… After all, she was starting to loose consciousness… But as she did so, a voice spoke to her…

“…Stronger…” It said in a quiet whisper. “You must… become stronger… Make this entertaining for me…”

It was at that point that she got a burning sensation on her back…

…as she felt something being etched upon her skin.

That was when the girl finally lost consciousness…

…It was a relatively normal day. Nothing really seems TOO out of the ordinary… Though, I doubt that things are going to stay that way.

Now, who shall be our unfortunate victi- I mean, main character for today~?

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Imagine you get shot to save Gibbs, then later in the hospital he is a little mad but mostly concerned.

This was requested by anon. I hope you enjoy this! Thanks so much for reading! :)

A shot rang out through the hollow room, and for a moment nobody could breathe. It was as if every ounce of air had been sucked from the room, before the chaos continued. Gibbs looked down, expecting to have been shot, but the familiar crippling pain did not flush through his body. He glanced frantically around to find you crumpled desperately on the ground, blood seeping from your body. With ease, he pulled his gun and shot the man who had done this to you. Then, within seconds, he was there, towering above your nearly lifeless body on the verge of death. Gibbs gripped your cold hand in his own, pleading with you to stay with him.

“Come on, y/n, come on, stay with me,” A single hot tear rolled down his cheek, falling onto your own and singing your cold, fragile skin. You sucked desperately at the empty air around you, gripping Gibbs’ hand with all the strength that remained in you, grasping onto your withering life.

Then, as swift and quick as the flick of a light switch, everything around you grew numb, dark, and you suddenly weren’t cold anymore. You felt free, open, and there was no longer any pain. You welcomed it, and within moments your heart was preparing to stop beating.

Many hours and several days later, your eyes fluttered open. You were momentarily blinded by the stark whiteness of the hospital room. A hollow, persistent beeping rang obnoxiously through your ear, rambling about in the inside of your head, making your head pound.

You groaned in pain, looking around you. Mere yards away, sat Gibbs. He leapt from his seat, but the soft expression you expected to be pasted across his face was nonexistent. His expression was stoic and his features were solid, hard, unyielding.

“What was that, y/n?” He barked

You flinched at his high volume, groaning in pain as the pounding in your ears became louder and even more painful. You grunted in response to his question, not sure what he was talking about. His hands flew up to his face, momentarily rubbing his temples, before moving up to brush through the locks of hair drifting down his forehead.

“Y/n, you can’t ever do that again! Do you have any idea how reckless it was? Because of what you did, you’re in the hospital!” He sighed and took a seat in a nearby chair, pressing the palms of his hands into the arm rests.

“Wha’ ‘id I ‘o?” You slurred, exhausted and in pain. Nonetheless, you glanced up at him, forcing yourself to stay awake.

“Y/n,” Gibbs sighed, looking you directly in the eyes. He noticed the pain shining through for the first time, and his shoulders shrank down sadly. His hand shot out, covering your cold hand in his warm one, “Please, don’t ever jump in front of a bullet for me again. Please.

You smiled weakly, barely registering what he said to you, as you were very hopped up on drugs for the pain, “Won’t,” You replied shortly

Gibbs gently rubbed his thumb along the back of your hand as you drifted into a dreamless sleep, the only place where the pain truly escaped you. He would be there when you woke up next, ready to make you promise all over again. He really never wanted you to risk your life for him ever again. Next time, if you really did not make it, he would not be able to forgive himself.

Escaping fate part 4

Hope you guys like it! :)

Spencer x Reader

Previous parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Description: You and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson that you both need to learn from in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Word count: 1,760

Song: Bloodstream by Stateless

Warnings: violence and blood.

Ancient lovers never forget the echo of each others hearts. An ocean of lifetimes may pass but still, in the end, your heart will guide you home. ~Unknown

You heard a commotion outside your chamber. It was the day before your wedding and you were dreading it. Your only hope was that Spencer would return soon and take you away from here like he promised so long ago.

He was off at war and had asked you to wait for him. But no thanks to your father you became engaged to another. Your father had become greedy as his popularity rose because of your brother, who had jumped through the ranks of the Roman military with Spencer. He now thought that he could marry you off to the highest bidder.

He played them all against each other, to get the most money he could off of you. It made you sick. When your father had finally picked a man, a date was set and you hadn’t known what to do. There was no escape. But now Spencer was back.

“I want to marry your daughter, if my money isn’t good enough then I challenge the man you think is better than me to a duel. If I lose you can have all my money and I’ll let her marry him.” You heard a familiar voice say with anger.

You walked further into the house where you had heard the voices, and saw him. Your heart leapt in your chest. You were about to run to him when your father began to speak.

“It’s not that I don’t want your money son, it’s just that I’ve made deals and plans. She has been promised to another for weeks, I can’t just break my agreements.”

You rolled your eyes at this. He didn’t care about agreements, he had no honor. He wouldn’t accept Spencer’s proposal because the guy you were supposed to marry, was even higher up in the Roman military, and far richer. He just happened to be your brother and Spencer’s general.

You could tell that Spencer was getting more furious by the second. “Fine if that’s the way you want it, then I’ll challenge him. I vow that tomorrow I will be the one marrying y/n.”

You heard some shuffling of footsteps followed by Spencer striding right past you and storming outside. You ran after him knowing exactly where he was going.

“Spencer wait. Don’t do this. I heard what you said, and I won’t let you risk your life for me. It’s not worth it.” You yelled after him trying to keep up with his long strides as he continued to walk away from you.

“So what? You get to be gone for however long you want, then show up out of the blue and ignore me.” You shouted at him exasperated.

That got his attention. His fists closed and his shoulders tightened as he spun to look at you. ”I’m doing this for you y/n. I love you and I won’t let you marry him. We both know that I can beat him I am better than anyone with a sword. I’ve done before and always come away the winner. It’ll be easy.” He approached you until he could lean down and whisper in your ear. “This has to be done. It’s the only way we can be together.”

“No. We can run away. We can leave and never look back. There is nothing here for me anymore.” You said laying your head on his chest and grabbing his arms that wrapped around your waist.

He sighed. “You know we can’t do that. I have a duty to my Emperor. I have responsibilities. Plus I need to be able to take care of you. I can’t do that if we’re on the run.” He said listing off reasons one by one brining your happiness down. “Then there’s the matter of your brother. We can’t leave him. He’ll need us more than ever now that he’s becoming a father.”

You gasped and looked up at him “Really?” You asked excitedly

He nodded his head and smiled down at you. “We can’t leave y/n. I’ll do this really fast, and then I’m taking you away from here. We can start our lives together.” He said leaning down pressing a light kiss to your forehead.

“I’m just worried. I don’t feel good about this Spencer. I feel like something bad is going to happen and I won’t be able to stop it.” You said pulling out of his embrace and staring into his eyes so he knew how serious you were.

He shook his head and rubbed your shoulders. “There is nothing to worry about. There is no one above me with a blade. Everyone knows it. We might even get lucky. Maybe he won’t even accept the challenge, and give you up willingly.”

You laughed “I don’t think we will get that luck. But you are right. You are the best and if I didn’t think you could handle it I wouldn’t let you do this. But I’ll only let you go if you take me with you.”

You could see him open his mouth to fight against it you, but seeing the scared and serious expression on your face shut it and nodded. He took your hand and made your way to were the soldiers were being stationed in town for the wedding. When you had arrived he paused and turned to look at you.

“I need you to stay hidden. I don’t trust him. If he sees you there then he might use his guards to take you away.”

You wanted to deny that but you knew that he was right. “Okay I’ll stay. But please.” You whispered bringing his head down to you “Please come back to me.”

“Always.” He answered pressing his lips to yours in fierce kiss then turning and walking inside.  

You stared after him for a moment and then followed after. You made sure to stick to the shadows. There was no way that you were going to stay out there, while Spencer was in a dangerous situation fighting for you.

There was a commotion coming from the middle of the room. You strained your ears to hear what was happening, from where you were standing hidden in the corner. Nearly jumped out of your skin when a voice boomed “You what? He laughed at Spencer “You want to challenge me, your commanding officer over a lowly slave.”

Spencer didn’t shrink away from him. Instead he squared his shoulders and made his voice louder. “Yes. The father has already agreed to the challenge. Now, are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way?”

“I guess the hard way.” The other man responded pulling his sword from his sheath and jumping down from the dais attacking Spencer at full force.

He barely had enough time to pull out his own blade, before the blows began to rain down on him. But he wasn’t the best for nothing. He blocked them all whirling the sword around and throwing jabs in as well. The clanking of steel against steel echoed throughout the room.

Your heart was racing the entire time watching them fight. That same bad feeling from before was still rolling around inside you. You pushed it away and focus back on the fight. That’s when Spencer started getting the upper hand. A shout ran through the building as Spencer’s blade sliced through his opponent’s leg.

You clapped along with the crowd. Spencer was going to win. All he had to do was finish it. The blood coming from the leg pretty much guaranteed it. Spencer brought the blade back and thrust it towards the heart of the, now kneeling, man.

The sword just about reached him when the other man kicked his legs out and threw Spencer off balance. It all happened so fast. The man got up off his knees and brought his own sword down and rammed it straight through Spencer’s chest.

You stood there in shock.  You didn’t believe what had just happened. Then it all came crashing down around you. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you pushed through the crowd making your way towards him. By the time you reached him your shrieks had turned into sobs and you fell to your knees next to him. You shook his shoulders.

“Wake up Spencer!” You yelled. “Wake up now! You promised that you would come back.”

But he didn’t move. He was gone. Someone grabbed you by your waist and lifted you off of Spencer. You clawed and kicked fighting against them wanting to stay with him. You couldn’t leave him like that, alone. But more arms came and restrained you carrying away from him.

You opened your eyes to a bright light that blinded you. You began to panic trying to take deep breaths and call out for Spencer but something was covering your face. You struggled to look around turning your head away from the light and lifting your head, but someone pushed you back down.

You fought against the hands that kept pushing you down. You were so lost. You couldn’t tell whether this was real or whether it was still part of the dream. Both seemed plausible at the moment. Then a sharp pain shot through your arm. You cried out and moved away only for more hands to hold you down.

You started to become dizzy and your eyes fluttered open and closed. You guessed that what they had done to you was some kinds of drug. So you weren’t exactly sure if you actually heard a commotion coming from behind you, but you were too weak to lift your head and see what was happening.

“What are you doing to her? You’re going to hurt her!” A voice called out.

You struggled to place the voice as the chaos continued around you.

“Y/n I’m okay. It was just a dream.” He called out again. That’s when you realized it was Spencer. “Calm down. Don’t fight against them.”

You sighed in relief and listened to him. You let your shoulders drop, and you stopped fighting against the arms holding you down.  He was okay, he was alive, and that was all that mattered to you at the moment. You trusted him knowing that he wouldn’t tell you to stop fighting if it wasn’t okay.

Your breathing began to steady and whatever they had stuck you with, was starting to set in. You started to fall in and out of consciousness. The last thing you remember was someone taking your hand, and then everything going black.