In which Andrew didn’t choose Exy but still chose Neil, which meant Neil had to learn how to talk about something other than stick-ball. 

warning, mention of implied sexual assault/non-con

Lucy had not anticipated what she was dealt. 

Her first day of second year brought a tone of finality to it all: it wasn’t just a year-long dream of terrible decisions and alcohol and chaos. It continued on, and so would she. 

Her first day also happened to bring Professor Andrew Minyard, five feet and blond and utterly terrifying. 

Introducing the course had started off mundane enough, until Eddie Court – an asshole she’d regretted sleeping with dearly – decided to lean over her shoulder. He never got the chance to say anything because a pencil dotted him squarely in his forehead, so hard that a tiny droplet of blood threatened to bead. 

Everyone stared. Shocked, confused, but remaining in complete silence as they  – Lucy included – tried to remember if anyone had mentioned anything about the man, whether or not this was normal or out-of-the-ordinary behaviour. 

“Name.” He sounded bored. 

Eddie rose his fingers to brush his forehead, smearing the tiniest of droplets. He stared at his fingertips, then at Minyard, then at the pencil that had clattered on his desk. Then at Minyard again. “Eddie Court.”

“Court. Christ.” The professor said, with a palpable distaste to his tone. “I will say this once, despite having to repeat it every year, because students seem to get thicker with every new class.” His face was blank. Stone. Lucy had never heard someone utter insults with such apathy. She didn’t know whether or not to be scared or curious: Such a mask was difficult to maintain. “Shut the fuck up, or get the fuck out. Understood?”

Swearing in class. At the students. Completely against protocol. 

Lucy couldn’t help but smile. Just a little. 

Within weeks, the class had learned how to abide by Professor Minyard’s rules. His previous students were sought out, but they merely grinned at the mention of his name. One student dared to ask another law professor, questioning the teaching methods of the criminology expert. They shook their head, leaning to the professor next to them and sharing a laugh, an inside joke that none of the second years were a part of. 


Curiosity won out over fear eventually, and what that said about Lucy, she wasn’t sure. Eventually, he won her respect: The piece of white chalk he’d flung had imbedded itself in her tightly curled hair when she’d fallen asleep at the eight AM lecture on a Tuesday morning. 

“You think I want to be here, Rone?” 

That piece of chalk rested on her bedside table. Lucy didn’t want to be weird, especially considering her professor hadn’t played Exy since college, but he’d played with Neil Josten and Kevin Day. The Neil Josten, and the Kevin Day. And if she had spent nights watching old Palmetto State Fox games, sitting in awe as she watched him flick balls away from the goal like it was absolutely nothing, no one was going to know. 

He was just as apathetic as he had been back then. Lucy had decided he was just emotionless: That didn’t make him any worse at teaching, so it wasn’t really her problem. 

And then she became his problem. 

Her grades had dropped dramatically low. Andrew stared at the results that he’d just drawn up, picked the paper up off the desk, and leaned back in his chair. 

It was a midterm. He’d eyed Lucy Rone’s bad results in the past two mini-quizzes, her surprisingly worsening attendance, and this was enough to force his hand. 

Half an hour later, he was convinced this was abnormal behaviour, if her patterns rang true. 

Caring, caring. Perhaps the internal monologue would never leave him alone, but he knew better than to listen to it’s mocking tone. Watch yourself turn into Wymack, why don’t you. Call Dan and say you’re taking over as coach of the Foxes. 

He almost told himself to shut up, but the chime of his phone snapped him out of his head. It kept chiming and he sighed, picking it up and wedging it between his shoulder and ear, returning to stare at the mark scrawled in the corner of the exam paper. 

“Are you going to be here for dinner?”

“Not if you’re attempting to make something.” Neil had improved past the broke-college-student level of cooking skills, but he wasn’t apt enough to cook dinner without some form of disaster. 

It hadn’t taken long for Andrew to learn the sound of Neil grinning through the phone. A particular tone of voice, a particular exhale. “It’s already done. Just has to be heated up again.”


“Can’t really be the judge of my own creation, can I?”

“I’ll be home soon.” Andrew liked the way his mouth curled around the word home.”Lucy Rone. Sound like someone problematic to you?”

“Not particularly. Lucy’s always been the name of that old woman sitting on the front porch, knitting. Five cats, crocheting and all.”

“So, you?”

“If old ladies swung heavy sticks at other people, sure.”

Andrew let himself smile. He allowed himself this. The small curl up on his lips. He’d earned that, after all this time. “Sure.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Unusually bad performance. Moved from sitting front and centre to back corner. Shit attendance.”

“You’re probably a much better judge of character than I would be, now.”

Because I’ve studied criminal, suspicious and victimised behaviour for a long time, Andrew wanted to remind him. But this was no longer a sore spot for Neil: He no longer needed to read people’s intentions in need to survive, because he was safe. He could let that overly-analytical part of himself behind. It had been almost 12 years since their first win against Edgar Allen. He was still alive, well. 

Happy, even. 

Hard to believe that was partly Andrew’s fault. 


Andrew emailed Lucy to visit him before their next class at nine o’clock the next morning. 

She was five minutes early, he was five minutes late. He couldn’t say anything about her appearance, considering he was wearing Neil’s jersey under his coat and that he had walked out of the door with a coffee, slippers and nothing to comb his hair with but his fingers. 

His students knew not to say anything. 

Lucy sported a pair of sweats that had her high school’s initials printed on the front, with a pair of exy sticks embroidered just underneath. Her name was printed on the back pocket, and they only just came down to her ankles. 

Exy fan, then. Andrew wouldn’t have guessed. 

She didn’t say anything, sparing him a hollow looking before following him into his office. He’d used to share it, until he’d bribed the finicky financial law to move somewhere else. It was entirely his own space, clean and devoid of decoration. 

He motioned towards the desk and she leaned against it, clutching the binder to her chest. 

Brown skin didn’t usually lose this much of it’s valour, even during winter. 

And winters in South Carolina were hardly anything worth mentioning. 

“Your grades.”

She was staring at the floor. Her eyes didn’t move when she nodded. 

“All I need is a reason.” 

She said nothing. 

“It’d probably be easier on you if you told me. I’m your criminology professor: I’ll find out eventually.”

“I’m not on drugs.” She said, quickly, but not so quickly that it was an immediate red flag. An orange flag. Andrew settled back into his seat and propped his ankle on his knee. 

“Never said you were.”

“I’m fine.” 

Andrew gave her a flat look. “You know who also says that?”

She shook her head. 

“Surely someone who still wears her high school’s exy uniform would have an inkling. Yay-high, hair like a fire-engine siren, mouth like one too.”

Her eyes lit up. “I’ve always wanted to ask if he knows that you wear his old Palmetto jersey. I thought he hated you?”

“I hated him.” Andrew corrected her. “I hate him.” He corrected himself. “And he knows.”

She looked wistful. “Cool.” 


She looked back at him. 

“If there’s a problem, you come to me. Alright?”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “Why?”

“Because you can trust me. I can be a lawyer, a therapist, an advice column, what have you.”

“Can I trust you?”

“When you’re ready to.” 

She seemed satisfied enough to nod, murmur a timid thank you, and slipped out the door. 

Lucy banged on the door, feeling sick. She couldn’t go back to her dorm, because it made her want to crawl into a corner and be enveloped in a shadow. To be the smallest, most insignificant thing. 

She wasn’t sure how on earth her criminology professor was supposed to empathise with her, when he was the human embodiment of a brick wall, but here she was, trembling, feverish, panicked, and knocking on his office door at ten o’clock at night. 

He opened the door with a mildly annoyed expression, which flattened out immediately at the sight of her. 

She’d only seen him this morning, but that felt like a whole world away now. 


She wanted to ask why he was still here, on campus, this late at night. What on earth he could possibly be working on, at ten o’clock on a Tuesday evening. Instead, she blurted: “What does it mean if I didn’t say no?”

He stilled. 

Too much, too much, too much: She had asked too much of him, a middle aged professor who apparently had two cats and a boyfriend, if the senior’s rumours were true. Criminology professor aside, this was the last thing someone like him would want to be dragged into –

He stood aside and motioned for her to come in. She shuffled by him, arms around her stomach. He shut the door. 

Lucy wanted to be sick. 

He pulled a pen out of his pocket – professors always had pens on them, didn’t they? – and tore a corner off a piece of paper, scribbling down a phone number. 

“This woman helped me.” Betsy. “She can help you, too.”

“You said you could be a therapist.” Lucy hedged. 

He sighed, and she’d never seen him so reflective. “I have my limits.”

She nodded. She took the piece of paper. She left. 

“Where the fuck is Court?” Andrew leaned on the edge of his desk at the front of the lecture hall, eyeing the empty seat. Second lesson in a row. 

Lucy Rone sat in front of it, back straight, gaze steady. 


Andrew looked at her. “For how long?”

There was a hesitant smile. “Undetermined. Charges have been pressed against him.” 

Andrew drew a long line through Eddie Court’s name on the attendance.

Lucy waited by the door and saw her professor approaching, with the stack of papers in his hands. She was anxious about this mark, more-so than the others. Her dip in performance would be hard to get back up from, but if she could do it in criminology, she could do it in the rest. There was a cluster of students waiting to get their essay’s grade back, but Lucy was first in line. 

“Yay or nay?” She asked. 

Professor Minyard gave Lucy a flat look, and opened the door. 

Lucy promptly had a heart attack at the man beyond the door. 

“Feet. Off.” Her professor said, looking flatly at Neil Josten, with his feet propped up on the desk, arms folded. He, too, was wearing a faded jersey of the Palmetto Foxes’ colours, but it was too bunched up for Lucy to read the name. 

“Surprise.” Neil Josten said, and Lucy wanted to scream. 

“Get your fucking feet off my fucking desk.” Her professor dropped the large stack of papers next to where Neil Josten had propped up his heavy boots. Neil did not get his fucking feet off the fucking desk. 

Lucy almost had the nerve to scream: do you know who that is? Do you have any clue how famous he was? But she remembered that the two of them were friends. Sort of. She held her tongue, and let her heart thrum in her chest, happy to be completely ignored. 

“Leave.” Professor Minyard flicked Neil in the temple. 

Neil smiled. Neil Josten smiled. 

Lucy was having heart palpitations. 

He slowly drew his feet away from the desk to stand, still smiling. “Have a nice day.”

“You weren’t meant to be here till tomorrow evening, Josten. Explain.”

“You’re busy. Later.”

Lucy watched her professor’s arm reach out to brush along Neil Josten’s forearm as he slid past, and there was a startlingly foreign crinkle of warmth in his eyes. 

The back of Neil’s Palmetto jersey read Minyard. A thin platinum ring, identical to the one her professor wore around his neck, clacked against the doorknob as he pushed it open. She remember her professor occasionally wearing Josten. 

There was a startling curve of her professor’s lips, an almost smile that made him look almost human. 

Neil grinned before slipping out the door. 

Oh, Lucy thought, and then she said it aloud. 

Her professor turned on her, pointing. “If you dare to ask me for a single autograph, I will fail you.” 

Lucy was still smiling. 

“If any word about this gets out, I will fail you.” He warned. 

“Are you married?” Lucy laughed. 

His face was stone. 

“Holy shit. Professor Josten-Minyard. Two cats and a husband.”

“It’s Minyard-Josten.” He said coldly. “Get out.” 

Lucy got out.

By the next class, everyone knew, despite Lucy not breathing a word. Which meant the entirety of Neil Josten’s personal but still public Instagram account displayed his home life. But that was none of his student’s – or anyone’s– business. 

And if Neil started coming in with breakfast on those Tuesday morning lectures during his off season, that was none of their business either. 


 The Chaos continues.

Welcome to the Links and the Link’s au, where everything’s still made up and the canon still doesn’t matter.

More Loz from me~!

Pt. 1

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Gemini - The Madly Mixed Mind 

All of those thoughts and voices that circulate in her head, they belong to each of her personalities, and of those there are plenty. Gemini is often criticised for constant, bell like chatter, but there are many times you will see a silent Gemini, the voice may be still but the mind is a production of its own. You will see a silent Gemini distracted by her thoughts, her mind floating away into the clouds and her body still and vague. She is off with the fairies because her mind never gets to rest, so those fantastical fairies sprinkle her mind with child’s dust. What if she shuts her eyes and misses out? One less question answered, one more thought without a conclusion, and the chaos continues. There are slow thoughts and fast thoughts. Impulsive thoughts and rational thoughts. Immature thoughts and brilliant thoughts. It all occurs in the Gemini cacophony mind. It’s her thinking that does the dreaming, her logic that gets confused when faced with too many possibilities, her ability to remember fascinating facts but neglect to pay her phone bill. Gemini is consistently inconsistent, she learns with ease but forgets in a moment, she enthrals all with her cultivated knowledge and uses information as a source of energy. Bird is the word the saying goes, Gemini is an air sign, the little birdy who told me. 


[kurtis rykovich art]

Consider: Jason hides food. It’s a holdover habit from when he was little, and it really threw Bruce for a loop when Jason first showed up because 

  • Jason always has food on his person
  • He’s perfectly willing to share. Every time Bruce says he’s hungry, Jason starts pulling fruit snack packages out of his shoes and ???? They are at a gala?? Food is provided??
  • Why are there slim jims taped to the supply closet walls
  • Didn’t Alfred just buy potato chips
  • The potato chips are in the laundry hamper
  • Okay
  • Alfred and Bruce find food hidden around the manor for years after Jason died, and it’s not fun for anyone involved

But! Jason’s back now, and the chaos continues because he’s still doing it, he still hides food

  • Anywhere he frequents, including places that don’t belong to him
  • Jason: [pulls an entire bag of kitkats from underneath a chair]
  • Tim, owner of the chair and surrounding property: what
  • Because Jason still remembers where he hid snacks in his youth, he has the magically ability to pull five-year-old packages of crackers out of the manor floors
  • Sometimes his siblings actively search for stashes– they know they exist– but they rarely find anything on purpose. More frequently, hidden food turns up by accident 
  • “I’m going to assume the package of jerky in the piano is yours, Todd”
  • One day shortly after Tim became Robin, he made the mistake of unwittingly eating a package of cashews he found in a living room vase. In front of Bruce. Didn’t end well. 
  • Jason still carries a variety of snackfood on his person, most commonly granola bars, fruit snacks, and skittles. He’s still willing to share.
Body Party | M

Originally posted by softeyoongi

Summary: You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes

Warnings: Sexual toy (strap-on) involved during intercourse & dirty talk (?).

A/N: I was listening to this song whilst writing this which explains the title.

You took another sip of your drink, the amber colored liquid burning deliciously as it slid down your throat and warmed your chest. You were never one for large parties, but once Jisoo and Lisa planted the seed into your girlfriend’s brain about a party to celebrate Blackpink’s six months anniversary and her birthday, you knew there was no getting out of it.

Not that you could deny Rosé much of anything, anyway.

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Some screenshots from Naoki’s IG live! They went out for dinner and drinks and Tatsunari got all drunk and clingy. Naoki was telling him they should go home, but Tatsunari didn’t want to, and guilt-tripped them about their fans who still wanna watch the live and about their friendship haha. The audience was commenting that he’s crying, where he replied “I’m not crying~!”  He was being really petulant, cute 😆. He also kept on hugging and squeezing Takato.

Naoki was trying to pass him his phone, bc he’s tired and he didn’t want to hold it and asked why he should do that lol Naoki said his hand wasn’t tired and was still “Don’t wanna!” Amidst all the chaos, Shouri continues eating his dinner hahaha

Naught Girl

Request: Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee? ———————–

I stay still strapped to the spinning wheel. Barbara keeps her narrow eyes full of hatred on me. “Now stop Babs! What did I tell you? After this she’ll be mine and you can have Jimbo back all to yourself.” Jerome laughs and bats his eyelashes at me. He strides closer and brushes my hair away kissing my cheek.

I forcefully pull away and spit in his face. “Oh I can already tell we’re going to have so much fun.” He says and moves away blowing me a kiss and a wink.

His phone starts to ring and I can sense that it’s Jim. Jerome answers and laughs. “Oh please Jimbo. I haven’t hurt a hair on her pretty little head. Nor would I. She’s so beautiful. She likes it rough doesn’t she?” He laughs and hangs up.

Jerome comes over to me and smiles. “Let me go.” “Now why would I do that? You’ll just run away.” I gulp and sigh. Come on you can do this. I look back up at him with lidded eyes and small smile. “Please Jerome? I’ll give you something if you let me go. I won’t run.” Jerome smirks and looks me up and down. “And Jimbo?” I roll my eyes and laugh. “Gone. I’m yours Jerome. I need some thrill in my life. Please.” Jerome sighs and laughs. “Well since you asked nicely.”

Jerome unhooks me from the wheel and holds me in his arms. Why do I feel comfortable? I don’t need to feel comfort in the presence of a psychopath! I look up at him again and can’t help but notice how lovely his eyes are. So many stories and secrets kept in the two orbs embedded in his skull. He chuckles and leans down pressing a light kiss to my nose. “Made for each other my dear.”

I’m still lost in his eyes when chaos is continuing to consume the room. “HEY!” A voice calls and Jerome loses his grip on me and turns around… only to be stabbed in the neck by Theo Galavan.

Jerome drops to the floor blood gushing from his knife womb. I drop to my knees trying to help this man find comfort in his last moments. “Shh- I- it’s okay. You’ll be okay.” I stutter and with shaking hands I press his womb trying to stop the blood. Jerome grabs my wrist and kisses my hand. “In this life or another… mine. Made t-to be mine.” He struggles to speak in his last breath.

His eyes go still and his heart ceases to beat. A hand rests on my shoulder making me jump. I look up and see Jim. My Jim. We don’t speak. He just holds me. He holds me in his strong familiar arms, but I don’t find comfort in them as I did. Not the same comfort I had felt in the arms of Jerome Valeska.

In this life or another… mine. Made t-to be mine. In this life or another… mine. Made t-to be mine. In this life or another… mine. Made t-to be mine. In this life or another… mine. Made t-to be mine.

(Y/n). (Y/n)! Wake up!

I sit up and am held close by those familiar arms. “You alright? Having another nightmare?” “Uh. Yeah. A nightmare.” I say and rest my head back onto my pillow. No nightmare. A dream. A dream of the first time I met my real love. A love I’ll never get to experience.

Hours later when it was finally time to get up i dressed at my own pace and went to work. Once I walked in Jim immediately raced to me as if he hadn’t seen me in weeks. “Whoa! Where’s the fire?” I ask laughing. His expression doesn’t change. “Come with me.” He grabs my hand and leads me to the examination room where a body lies on the metal table covered by a sheet.

Jim stands at the door with a stillness face. “I didn’t want you to see him alone. I know it still bothers you.” I furrow my eyebrows and turn to the body again and lift the cover off. As my eyes travel the body my breathing stills and my hands go clammy. “Jerome.” I say and see his face has been sliced off. “Where’d you find him?” I ask touching his arm and trailing my fingers down his chest. “He’s freezing.” I note and continue to examine him.

“He’s been frozen. Some guy who were tracking now tried to bring him back to life. Runs some kind of cult in Jerome’s honor. Once he saw he failed he cut his face off and now wears it as a party mask.” I shake my head and look back at Jim. “Completely sick.” I say in disgust.

Jim kisses my forehead and lifts my chin up. “If anything bothers you come get me.” I nod and usher him out. I look over every part of the deceased and collect my needed information. Not much to get when he’s the one who’s guilty and no one cares what happens to his body. No one but me I guess.

“(Y/n) (l/n) you have a phone call. (Y/n) (l/n) phone call.” A voice says over the intercom. I sigh and throw my gloves into the trash and leave the room.

I answer the phone on the wall with tiredness clear in my voice. “Hello?” A laugh is heard on the other end. “Hey sweet cheeks. Miss me?” “Who is this?” “Ah who ya think doll? Jerome baby. I’m back.” I scoff and roll my eyes. “Right. I suppose this is the cult leader right? Wearing his face right now I bet.” The man stuffers trying to find words. “No! It’s me. The real me! I-I um.” “I have work to do.” I hang up the phone and return to my room.

I open the door and see an officer on the ground motionless. Suddenly a hand comes around and is placed over my mouth and a gun to my head. “Boo.” A voice speaks in my ear.

I’m turned around and pushed up against the table to see Jerome alive and well; his face all wrapped up. His hand is on my his holding me down and his other has the gun pointing at my face.

“Hey. Easy.” I say holding my hands up in surrender. The gun trails down my cheek and then to my chest and continues to my stomach. Jerome laughs and looks at me in the eyes.

“Oh darling you better tell me what’s going on.” He says lowly. I don’t complain. I don’t struggle and try to get away. I simply sit on top of the table and tell him his story with him standing between my legs.

He starts clapping and laughing lightly. “Wow. Now that is quite a story! Doesn’t it seem a little crazy to you? Ah what the hell! I’ll roll with it. Tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great huh?” I roll my eyes and lean back on my hands. “They’re a bunch of raving lunatics and idiots.” Jerome grabs my hip and pulls me closer. “Lunatics and idiots? My kind of people!” He then hunches over and chokes a bit.

“Sorry. Head’s still a little fuzzy.” He looks up at me again and smiles. “I know you. Don’t I?” A wave of emotion wraps itself around me. Like a high. I’m light and warm. I smile and nod. “Yep.” “Hey. Did you and I ever…” he places the gun at his crotch and thrust forward. I laugh and trail my hand down to his gun that is still placed where his crotch is. I run my fingers over the barrel and scoot forward even more. “Nope. Died before we got to. Such a shame.”

Jerome brings his hand up around my throat. “Ahh I remember. You’re Jim Gordon’s little…Twinkie. Lucky lucky man Jimbo. How you two doing?” He asks pressing his body against me. “Weddings in a month.” Jerome laughs and throws his head back. “Ah naughty girl. What would daddy say?” I grind up against him and bite his neck. “Why don’t you tell me? Huh daddy?” Jerome laughs and stands me up on my feet. “Tell you what dollface. Meet me tonight. Little game of hide and seek. If you find me I’ll give you a little present, but you have to do everything I say. Do we have a deal sweetheart?” I giggle and bite my lip. “Yes daddy.”


Kakihara Tetsuya Music Video Collection 2010-2017 

my life my time (still on Journey - 2010)

Chaos Breaker (CONTINUOUS - 2012)

Call my name (Call Me - 2013)


ダンディギ (ダンディギ・ダン - 2014)

咲いちゃいな (咲いちゃいな - 2015)

オレンジ (orange - 2015)

進ませろ!(進ませろ!-  2016 )

Start of LIFE (Circle of LIFE - 2016)

トコナツウェーブ (トコナツウェーブ- 2017)

BONUS !!  :

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The Drowned God’s Daughter

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader


A/N: My first Theon, yayyy!! This story was made possible by an argument had between my boyfriend and I that went a little something like this. “No there can’t be mermaids in Westeros”. “There’s literally dragons and a woman who brings people back from the dead”. “Ok, but there can’t be mermaids”. “Ok, but have you seen what the Night King can do”? Followed by silence and a winning argument.  

Prompt; Theon has finally gotten away from Ramsay, but still finds himself struggling with his true identity. While on a ship travelling to the Iron Islands, a storm hits and Theon “falls” overboard. In Westeros, mermaids are said to serve and attend those ironborn who drown in the sea. As you watch Theon slowly give up on life, you go against your duty and try to save him instead. 

Theon is nervous. More nervous than usual today. His hands won’t stop shaking and he feels like his heart is going to fall out of his ass at any second.  It’s not like going home is a scary thought; it’s the going home alone that has him on edge. With Yara gone, he is supposed to be the King of the Iron Islands but he can barely remember his own name. 

He knows Ramsay is dead, people have told him time and time again that Sansa had gotten justice for the both of them. But, Theon still finds himself looking over his shoulder every few seconds waiting for Ramsay to be there wearing a giant smile and aiming a bow and arrow at him. Sometimes the worry is so real that he actually does see the bastard standing there and it sends him into a panic. 

It’s the kind of panic that Theon realizes he will never shake. The anxious feeling only fuels his confirmation that he cannot rule these Iron Islands. Sure, the Dragon Queen and her new husband had given him an army so large no one would try to usurp him, but he shouldn’t need them, he needs to be as strong as Yara. He can’t be as arrogant as the old Theon and he cannot be as cowardly as Reek. He needs to find a balance between the two that he fears will never come. 

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anonymous asked:

Your Scotty headcanon from last night had me emotional and I was wondering if when you have the time you could do the same or something similar for AOS Jim? Please and thank you.

Originally posted by leetya-blog

Jim Kirk loves boldly.

Jim realizes that there’s something different about Leonard McCoy right off the bat. 

Jim kind of wants to kiss him. Jim definitely wants to fuck him. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that holds him back. There’s something about Leonard McCoy that draws him in. 

Jim doesn’t spend too much time pondering it. He’s not a worrier or an overanalyzer, and besides, things usually seem to work themselves out, in the end. 

Jim realizes that he’s in love with Bones only after Gaila calls him on it. 

“I am not,” he opens his mouth to protest, but her words, and their meaning, sink in before he can deny it. 

“Huh,” he says instead.

“Huh,” says Gaila in return, because she’d only half-believed it anyway. She’d fully expected Jim to laugh her off, threatening to prove to her once and for all that Jim Kirk isn’t in love with any dude, thank you very much, but Jim actually seems to be considering it, and for the first time in her life, Gaila finds herself at a loss.

Jim’s not paying her any attention. “I’m in love with Bones,” he says absently, and that is that.

Jim realizes that this scares the ever-loving shit out of him. 

Jim ponders it for a solid week. He’s broody, silent, giving Bones subtle side-eye until Bones finally throws his PADD and says, “What the fuck is wrong with you, Jim?”

“Nothing,” says Jim, and then he bolts out the door, away from Bones and his discerning gaze.

He finds himself ambling across the quad, hands stuffed deeply in his pockets. Why Bones, of all people? Bones is his best friend. Jim cares about Bones. Cares deeply, in fact. His friendship with Bones is important to him. It’s simple, uncomplicated - or it was - and the last thing Jim wants to do is risk it all on a silly social construct like love.

He avoids the apartment for the rest of the week.

Jim realizes abruptly, during his advanced tactics class, that love is a risky game

He realizes that love is taking your body, heart, and soul, all that you are, and entrusting it to another person. That of course that other person is someone you care deeply about, otherwise it wouldn’t be love. That there’s nobody in this world that Jim trusts more than Leonard McCoy.

“Oh,” he says.

“You have something to add, Kirk?” Admiral Archer peers expectantly over his spectacles. 

“Fundamental in allowing for boldness is accepting the inevitability of chaos,” Jim answers automatically. 

“Excellent,” says Archer warmly. “The logic of calculated risk taking has no place in it for chaos,” he continues, rapping his cane on the podium. “There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting. That balance is boldness.”

And with that, Jim makes up his mind.

Jim realizes that wooing Bones is going to be difficult. 

The thing is, he’s not wooing Bones, not exactly. Wooing is Jim Kirk’s game, and he excels at it, but this, this is different. He’s not pursuing, charming, chasing, propositioning. Jim doesn’t have good words for what he wants with Bones. It’s a slower thing, a gentler thing, a stabler, tender, sensitive thing, and Jim’s not quite sure how to label it, let alone approach it.

Everything he tries fails horribly. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim takes him to dinner. 

Bones thinks nothing of it when Jim hacks the call system on Bones’ birthday.

Bones drinks the expensive bourbon without a word. 

Bones just sighs when Jim crawls into bed with him. 

He elbows Jim hard when Jim reaches for his hand.

Bones quirks an eyebrow at the candles. “You’re gonna burn the building down if you’re not careful, Jim,” he drawls. 

Jim decides it’s time for the direct approach. He shoots Bones a message. “Meet me after clinic,” it says. “Need to talk.”

“Well,” says Bones, folding his arms across his chest and giving Jim The Eyebrow. “What did you wanna talk about first, kid, the fact that I’m all out of bourbon, or how a year and a half later, I’m still stumbling over your fucking shoes in the morning?” Bones nudges the offending item with his toe. “This one’s even got some of the quad left on it.” 

“No, asshat, I love you,” Jim blurts, because he’s already replaced the damn bourbon, if someone would be bothered to look, and honestly, how thick can Bones be? 

Bones whistles appreciatively. “That’s a good one, Jim.” He shakes his head and settles on his desk, half sitting, half leaning. “Save it for someone who’ll buy it.” 

“No, Bones, I’m serious.” Jim’s sick and tired of dancing around it. “I’m in love with you.”

Bones goes very still. 

Jim moves toward him. “Bones?”

Bones snaps his head up and just stares at Jim for a long moment. “You mean you want to fuck me,” he says slowly. His brow is furrowed.

“No,” says Jim, a little put out. Why does Bones make it sound like such a bad thing? “No. I mean, yes, god, yes, but it’s more than that, Bones. You’re more than that. I want… I want the dating, I think,” Jim pauses, shaking his head, because that’s not quite right.  “And I want us to sleep in the same bed -”  

Bones snorts.

“No, I mean really, not just because yours is closest to the door! And I want…” Jim’s voice breaks. He can’t find the words for exactly what he wants, and fuck, he really should have thought this through. He’s rambling now, panicking. “I want to touch you, Bones, not for any reason, just because, and I want to take you out, just us, like, together together, and I want this to be real, not some -”

Bones cuts him off with a wave of his hand and a sharp, “How much have you had to drink?”

“Nothing!” Jim protests, and Bones must believe him, because he lets it go, moving wearily to the couch and sinking down with his head in his hands.

Jim sits hesitantly beside him.

“Jim,” he sighs heavily through his fingers, and then he’s looking at Jim with eyes that are too dark, almost desperate. “You do not love me. You are not in love with me. Okay?”

“Bullshit.” Jim says firmly. He’s having to hold back a grin, because Bones’ tone is telling him a lot. 

He knows better than to push, though. Not today.

“Unbelievable,” Bones mutters, reaching for his PADD. Jim knows he’s going to bury himself in case studies for the rest of the evening.

That’s fine, though. Jim leaves the conversation feeling lighter than he has in a month. He decides he’ll just have to tell Bones every day until Bones believes him.

Jim tells Bones every morning as they’re brushing their teeth. He leaves handwritten notes around the apartment for Bones to find. He sends Bones messages on his comm at the clinic, and he bombards Bones’ PADD during his slow lectures. He tells Bones as they’re walking across the quad, and he tells Bones when he stumbles in at 2 am on Thirsty Thursday.

Bones grouses, rolls his eyes, mostly ignores him, until one day, he grips Jim’s arm tightly. “Jim, stop,” he says raggedly, and his eyes are dark, pleading. “Please.” 

So Jim does.

At least, he stops saying it verbally. But he’s careful to keep his boots under his bed, and he leaves the bourbon in Bones’ closet, where he can find it. He makes coffee, he folds laundry. He resolutely ignores Gaila’s suggestive gaze, and he makes a calculated effort to come home before midnight, particularly after Bones has been on call. 

It goes on for months. Jim’s about ready to give up on love altogether when he finds Bones sitting on his bed one afternoon.

“Jim,” says Bones in a raw voice, and Jim can see immediately that it’s been a terrible shift. Bones’ eyes are bloodshot, and he smells like cheap whiskey and antiseptic. “Did you mean it?”

And Jim knows, immediately, what Bones is asking. “With all my heart, Bones,” he says softly, gently prying the bottle away from his fingers. “And we’re gonna have the rest of this conversation sober, okay?”

Bones quirks his head in question, blinking blearily up at Jim as if he’s never seen him before. “Okay,” he says finally.

Jim realizes that even after they’re together, Bones is the one that’s going to hold them back.

It’s that risk-taking thing again, Jim knows. Once bitten, twice shy, the saying goes, and that’s Bones all over. 

Jim is patient. He tries his best to be gentle, not to push. 

When Bones wants to take things slow, Jim agrees. When Bones isn’t comfortable taking his hand in public, Jim understands. 

When Bones calmly introduces Jim to Phillip Boyce as his partner, Jim’s face breaks into a wide grin, and he thinks he’s never been more delighted in his life. 

Jim realizes, after the Harrison incident, that his death had shaken Bones, but his resurrection had shattered him.

It takes him a while to understand. Jim’s own thoughts are in turmoil, his own emotions bleeding and raw, and Bones had been so solid, so composed, that Jim almost hadn’t recognized the signs at all. 

It nearly breaks them.

Jim’s got to get back on his feet again, and then there’s the whole fiasco with the medical board of ethics that leaves Bones fighting for his license, but when the dust settles, Jim acts. He’s desperate to save his relationship, to save Bones, Bones who’s saved him so many times, in so many ways, and nearly lost himself in the process. 

So Jim pulls all the strings he can, and nearly burns some bridges to do it, but he finally gets ‘fleet approval for an extended leave of absence for both himself and for Bones. 

He takes Bones back home, home to Georgia, away from rank and regulations and responsibilities. They spend long lazy days in the hot sun, rebuilding, relearning. 

Jim realizes after Yorktown that he wants to marry Bones.

It hits him suddenly, with a force that knocks the breath from his lungs and sends his emotions reeling. 

He’s at a press conference with the bridge officers. Ben comes to stand beside Hikaru, and the Sulu’s are met with a flurry of questions.

“My husband,” says Hikaru, reaching up to place his hand on Ben’s arm. His wedding band glistens in the light.

My husband.

My husband.

The words reverberate incessantly in Jim mind. Simple words, effortless words, but powerful, profound, absolutely earth-shattering to Jim. 

My husband.

“You’re quiet tonight,” Bones says over dinner that evening. He shoots Jim a questioning little glance.

“Just thinking,” says Jim distractedly. 

“Well I’ll be damned,” Bones drawls through a bite of replicated new potato. He lifts an eyebrow. “Didn’t think you had it in you, Jim.”

“Shut up,” says Jim, but his words are without heat. He’s in the middle of a personal paradigm shift, mind far too occupied to engage in playful banter over the dinner table. 

Bones shrugs, rolls his eyes, and leaves Jim to his thoughts. 

Jim’s never really considered marriage. It’s never been on his bucket list, it’s not something he’s ever needed, or wanted.

Until now.

He looks over at Bones, oblivious, gorgeous Bones, gnawing on dry, tasteless chicken with a disgusted little snarl on his lip. His hair’s in disarray from where he’s run his hands through it one too many times. He’s barefooted, still wearing his ‘fleet issue blue scrubs from rounds that morning. 

We can’t get married, Jim thinks, turning over the fraternization policies in his mind. Their relationship isn’t secret, not by a long shot, but it would be hard for the brass to turn a blind eye to holy matrimony. Jim shakes his head. The Captain and the CMO. It’s a ridiculous idea. 

Archer’s words come back to him suddenly, from years ago. 

“There must be a balance between analyzing risks, ladies and gentlemen, and acting.”

Boldness, Jim remembers. The balance between acting and analyzing. 

He smiles. He’ll find a ring tomorrow. 

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14 from that drabble challenge plsss 😩💦

14. “Take. It. Off.”

Over the years, Shawn had felt a lot of emotions on the court, but he’d never felt more excited, more fulfilled, more overwhelmed than he did the moment he pressed his lips to the cool metal of the golden globe at the top of the championship trophy. He’d been surrounded by his teammates in that moment, as they hooted and hollered and held each other, the chaos of it all continuing straight through to tearful post-game remarks from Coach in the locker room and rapid fire questions at the press conference. And now that everything has died down, now that the sparkler-topped bottle service in the VIP section has been enjoyed and the car service has delivered him back to his condo in the city, all Shawn wants is you.

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bmc hogwarts au hcs

changed my mind about doing all the years in one post, i’ll try to do 3-4 tomorrow


gryffindor: rich, jake

slytherin: jeremy, chloe, jenna,

ravenclaw: christine

hufflepuff: michael, brooke

i’m not putting the reasons behind the houses, if you disagree, that’s fine, we all have different ideas

this is gonna be a long ass post, covering only years 1-2

@keplcrs helped with some of these! hcs in bold belong to them!

- most of them didn’t really know each other, apart from michael and jeremy

- the two met at the train station, jeremy rammed into michael while running around the platforms 9 and 10 trying to find platform 9¾

- but apart from them, most of our kiddos didn’t know sht about the others

- sure chloe would notice that walking tree kid with brown hair with some kind of creature following him

- or michael sitting by that theatre kid, always having to dive out of the way before her potions went boom

- first year was pretty chill for them

-apart from jeremy making a scene in flying lessons, chloe and jenna got a fucking kick out of that

- second  year however, things got a bit interesting

- michael has seen brooke around before, she seemed pretty nice, maybe a bit naive

-after an incident with brooke’s owl ending with a nasty head wound, the two started talking

-they became pretty close after

-michael still has the scar from that even to this day

-he gets a ton of ‘hello potter’ or ‘hey there harry!’

-jake was always told he had a good throwing arm,

- and he was pretty good at sharp turns and quick dives on his broom

- so he wasn’t very surprised when he was chosen to be a chaser

- it made a bit of a ruckus, he 12 for merlin’s sake

- though he was still kept on the team,

- during games, he’d see a boy around the stands

-the boy had a rooster streak, with scars going up and down his arms

- jake would steal a few glances, the kid always seemed to be looking at him

- jake thought he seemed pretty cool and maybe cute too

- jake tried looking for him in the halls but he never seemed to be there

- jake knew he was in his house and in the same year, but damn it seemed like the kid wasn’t there

- no one knew his name or his classes

- now, even though he was in quidditch, he honestly preferred herbology and care for magical creatures

- whenever they pulled out the mandrakes, jake’s was real chill, hugging his hand and not making a sound while the others screamed bloody fucking murder

- he always had something following him, an owl? for sure, toads? hell yeah, seriously he’s a disney princess

- whenever he wakes up there would be birds singing on his windowsill and everything

- chloe  valentine, dubbed the princess slytherin, (the malfoys held the title of king and queens,) was a pureblood as was fuckin proud of it

- no one messed with her

- she usually stuck with those of high status, and her childhood friend jenna

- she always found a way to skip classes, or not do shit in projects and not get in trouble

- one day she was skipping, sitting in the gardens practising charms and spells

- until a ton of fucking doves were shot at her

- of course, she was mad, her hair was pretty much a pillow, feathers everywhere

- she got a bit cut up too

- she was ready to ruin somebody’s social status, chloe turned to the direction where the doves came from

- only to see that hufflepuff- brooklyn was it? standing there looking like she witnessed seeing her favourite toy thrown into a shredder

- the girl immediately began apologizing, summoning napkins and band-aids

- usually, chloe would’ve beaten her to a pulp, but for some reason, she didn’t

- chloe didn’t know why, but the girl seemed so guilty

- chloe just let her remove the feathers and try to cover the scratches in band-aids

- chloe tried to talk to her, asking why she wasn’t in class, and why she decided to use avis here of all places

- brooke of course was taken aback, the chloe valentine, was willingly talking to her?

- now brooke wasn’t what you’d expect

- she was basically like michael, a huge nerd with a big heart

- yes, she was pretty, but that was basically all anyone cared about her

- brooke said that this gryffindor was teasing her, brooke was shit at charms she knew that, but it hurt even more when someone else said it

- so she was practising, wanting to prove them wrong

- chloe asked if brooke knew the gryffindors name

- ` i think it was dustin `

- ‘lets ruin his goddamn year.’

- and that’s how dustin became known for having his hair dyed neon green and yellow, with bird poop all over his robes

- no one messed with brooke after, and she was one of chloe’s closest friends after

- brooke was later introduced to jenna, and the two hit it off

- jeremy and michael were the hufflepuff-slytherin  duo

- jeremy was often called the ‘nicest slytherin’ no one really had any idea how he was placed there

- until jeremy punched some guy for making fun of michael

- jeremy has a major sweet tooth, in his room, there is so many empty containers of bertie botts and chocolate frog cards

- this kid, connor, was it? always complained about it

- jeremy purposely dumped all his trash there just to tick him off

- in the middle of the year, things start to get r e a  l interesting

- there was an ear-splitting shriek in the halls one day,

- everyone ran over to see what it was all about

- chloe was standing in the hallway , eyes wide with horror

- brooke laid on the floor, she wasn’t limp, just frozen

- brooke’s eyes were wide, she looked like she was ready to scream, it seemed like she was about to step back

- chloe looked so distraught

- jenna rushed over, trying her best to comfort her

- michael was also in tears, pulling his robes hood over his head, jeremy pulled michael close

- this was the first time all of them were in the same room

- the professors shoved their way through the crowd, telling everyone to leave

- most of them did, the school was really tense

- something was lurking around the school

- jake was walking back, when he noticed a red streak

- jake grabbed the boys hand,

- rooster streak immediately tensed up, whirling around ready to deck jake

- rich immediately calmed down

- `oh, it’s just you.`

- holy shit he had a lisp

‘hey- i’ve seen you in the stands during quidditch, you seem pretty cool’

- rich was really confused, why would gryffindor’s golden boy want to talk to him?

- but there he was, sitting with jake as they ate lunch, both trying to figure out what happened

- they felt someone tap on both their shoulders

- `hey you’re that kid that blew up the potions classroom!`

-  ’ughh, i thought you all would’ve forgotten.’ the girl laughed though it was hollow, forced, she sat next to jake

- they all introduced themselves, and christine proposed they could go talk to chloe, maybe see if she knew anything

- so the trio walked to the slytherin table, chloe glared at them, telling them to leave

- chloe’s makeup was all smudged, jenna was trying her best to fix it

- christine asked if she knew anything, or what happened

- all chloe said was she and brooke were walking to lunch, when brooke stopped for a moment,

- then she just- fell, frozen

- jeremy was listening, along with michael- who always ate at the slytherin table with him

- michael piped up, suggesting they could explore the library for clues.

- so of course, that’s how the newly found gang snuck into the library with the help of jenna’s potion skills.

- michael and chloe definitely clash and argue since brooke was their mutual friend but they hardly interacted

- jeremy is probably really jumpy because “guys this is against the rules what if we get caught g UYS”

- jenna made invisibility potions for them, but it killed her and she lived off of sugar and caffeine the afternoon she worked on them

- they all met up outside the library, but already they made a scene

- `ow! jenna that’s my foot!` ‘sorry michael!’

- they manage to get in, and they all began scrolling through books and reading the spines of the books, looking for anything that made sense

- during that time, rich dropped his oil lamp, it made a loud crash and the floor caught fire, everyone f r e a k e d™

- `shit! rich what the hell did you do!` ‘fuckfuckfuck jake step on it put it out’ `wtf why do i have to do it-` ‘gUYS flamel is gonna hear us!!’

- the chaos continues, jeremy trips on a chair, chloe loses the key to the restricted section, and jake got lost in the mythical creatures section with chris

- everyone nearly screamed when they heard loud footsteps


- they all tripped over each other trying to hide or get out unseen. it was a total disaster.

- rich and christine scrambled to the bookshelves, using their height as an advantage, they curled up surrounded by books

- michael darted under a table, chloe ran behind a potted plant, and nearly screamed when she saw a spider behind it, jeremy didn’t know where to go, so he just hid with michael, jenna took another douse of her extra invisibility potion, scrambling into a corner

- why not just stand out of the way? jenna thought it wouldn’t take long, and with more people, they should’ve split up, so she cut the potions duration time down

- that means they were slowly becoming more visible by the second

-it was so tense guys

- flamel took so long to leave

- they all were so relieved until-

- `wait wheres jake-`

- and then they panic ag a i n because “guys we lost jake how did we lose him he’s like 6 feet tall”

- jeremy was ready to curl up and fucking die, this was too much for hiM

- `jake where’d you go? i can’t find you!`

‘jake take it slow, stay where you are till we find you!’

- the weren’t even close to finding jake, and the moon had definitely changed positions

- jeremy and michael noticed something that put them all on edge, they found jake’s oil lamp, just discarded on a table

not far away, books were tossed about, there were a few indents where nails  dug into them

- but it was getting early, they had to leave

- rich was extremely worried, so many scenarios played out in his head

- jeremy is in tears, and even christine can’t seem to keep up the positivity

- the next day, they all didn’t say anything about jake, but they all knew what the others were thinking

- this carried on for two more days until jake just- appeared

- he acted like nothing happened, that everything was fine

- no one trusted him

- something happened, they all noticed jake’s futile attempts to cover a cut on his cheek, or how he’d jump at the slightest sound

- one day they were all walking back when a swarm of students went past them,

- curious, they all followed the crowd, pushing past the kids and making their way to the front

- there on the wall, something was written in blood

- mrs. norris hung from a torch, petrified just like brooke

- the group scattered again, some staying behind to watch the scene, others running away.

the chambers of secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir, beware.”

- the next few days were tense, no one trusted the slytherins, chloe, jenna, and jeremy stuck together, going to most classes together

- michael seemed jumpier, and everyone noticed that journal that seemed to be older than jenna’s grandma, he would always keep it with him

- jeremy knew he wasn’t spending enough time with michael but whenever he tried to talk to him, michael would dismiss him

- the school was seeing more and more petrified students, all were muggleborns

- rich and michael were constantly being watched over, whether it be by jake, christine or jeremy

- one night though, as rich was walking back from potions, he heard something sliding across the floor, the spiders in the stone corridors fled, running from something

- `what the fuck-`

- rich glanced up, he was in front of the trophy case

- and in the reflection of the glass, two yellow eyes stared back at him

- rich didn’t feel a thing

- they found him later, jake broke down

- jake refused to go to any of his classes, he just sat there by rich

- he was supposed to look after him

- during quidditch, he put most of his anger out on the ball, using as much force as he could

- the next day, michael disappeared

- not a trace to be found

- but, michael left behind the journal,

- jeremy and jake were cautious, but eventually, they opened it

- after just staring at empty pages, jake wrote down a quick greeting

- jeremy freaked out, falling over when it wrote back

(cue the hagrid is framed jazz)

- they go to question hagrid, only to get the cryptic message

- `follow the spiders? the fuck?` ‘he knew right?-’ `yeah, but where? there are spiders everywhere?!`

- the two slip away, only for all the spiders to crawl up jake, trying to get him to follow them, jake had a look of minor disgust

- ‘why spiders? why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?’ jeremy wasn’t very happy as he followed jake

- they figure out he’s innocent and jazz, after aragog scarred them for life of course

- after some help with christine, they figure out where to go, the girl’s lavatory

- jake was glad to get away from myrtle, who was a bit too flirtatious

- `she’s a ghost for crying out loud! probably older than me!`

- they find michael, and the fight goes down. jeremy, christine and jake work together this time

- but fawkes still had to help out

- the trio are deemed heros, which jeremy was definitely not used to

- michael and jeremy had a talk, and it ended in a lot of hugs and tears

- when rich and brooke arrived along with the other petrified students, it was very very very gay™

- chloe swung brooke around and just hugged her real tight

- no homo tho

- for jake and rich? they might as well kiss for fuck’s sake

that’s for the first two years, this took all day and i’m d r a  i n e d™

once again, thank you @keplcrs for some of the headcanons!

Моя любовь

Summary: After a nightmare, Bucky is the only one who can help you calm down
Warnings: panic attack
A/N: This is the beginnings of an attempt to branch into other fandoms, so please, please, please let me know what y’all think!

Bucky’s fingers ran through your hair as you stretched out across the couch, head in his lap. “Is it a good book?” he asked.

“I don’t know yet,” you answered, flipping to the first page. “Steve barged into my room at 4:27 a few weeks ago demanding I read it. I figured I should probably start.”

His quiet laughter filled your ears as you felt him shift to peer at the cover. “That’s a very exact time,” he teased.

“You love how exact I am, Sarge,” you shot back and Bucky smirked.

“Damn straight, doll,” Bucky said, pressing a soft kiss to your fingers. The name sent your heart racing, he knew it was your favorite. You were surprised that even after months of dating he could still affect you the way he did. His metal hand continued to drag through your hair and you struggled to read, your eyelids growing heavy.

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Reaction to AGUST-D/ Yoongi’s Mixtape

As represented by  KPOP pics & gifs (mostly BTS).

You awaken the morning of D-day…ignorant and unknowing. A little sad that yet another day will go by without hearing from AGUST-D.


Clicking the link and finding out THIS IS NOT A DRILL. IT. IS. HAPPENING.

Min Yoongi casually dropping his MV & MIXTAPE into your life:

Listening to the intro of AGUST D MV and seeing YOONGI TIED TO A CHAIR:


“THEY CALL ME NEW THANG” - he starts rapping and you’re like: 

But also like …

“This K-pop category ain’t enough size for me whoo…next up is BILLBOARD” 

“My seat is business you economy always behind me and kissing my ass” and you’re like:

Originally posted by kths



“I’m d boy because I’m from the D.”

“I rap and ya’ll get turned on by my tongue technology.”

DID WE HEAR THAT RIGHT? And just to make sure we all did… he REPEATS this AGAIN. And you’re like …

Excuse me but… 

“Ya’ll get turned on by my TONGUE TECHNOLOGY”


Picking up that knife with his mouth:

Then he starts SPITTING FIRE AT RAPID SPEED and you’re like:

Then he says “Mianhe” and “I’m sorry” and for some reason you find the way he says it adorable even though he’s spitting diss after diss.


The MV ends and you stare at your screen like:


You dare to listen and you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster, especially when you realize he finally released songs he had been working on SINCE DEBUT. 

Your reactions were probably a mixture of:



And more of this…

And definitely a lot of this…

And …

And probably a lot of this around your house…

And some more of this again…

And for those who watched with friends or family nearby. We all have at least one person doing this…

Finding out J-hope and Rapmon were part of the Gang Vocals of Track 2 :


Then you finally get to the last song and just… “So far away” is just beautiful and knowing Jungkook helped out with the chorus…

You realize that you’ve listened to part of Yoongi’s soul and it’s already over and…

10 glorious songs and 1 AMAZING MV given to us for FREE. 

All the ARMYS listening to Yoongi’s mixtape:

All of the ARMYs who were driving through lanes casually only to swerve into the Yoongi Lane:

All those he roasted and infired with his lyrics and beats:

All the while Genius Min Yoongi in the midst of the chaos he created:

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHOW THIS PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING NUGGET LOVE ! Please watch his MV as much as you can and download his mixtape ~ Send him lots of love and encouragement on Twitter so he knows how proud of him we are <3

Sorry this was long. Did this sum up your reactions to AGUST D? Feel free to add some of your own hahaha x)

All gifs and pictures are NOT mine. Credits to all of the owners and those who took the time to make them :)  

today marks the 110 birthday of frida kahlo. the brilliant and legendary mexican artist continues to inspires us to be beautiful and colorful in chaos and pain. she continues to remind us that we can paint and recreate ourselves every single day.

happy birthday, frida!

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me
who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.” - Frida

The (prequel) bonus Star Wars material is interesting in the sense it makes the fate of the Republic Senate in TFA so cruelly ironic. The movie never quite goes into it, though.

Leia is constantly trying to warn them about the First Order. She’s basically Cassandra. They don’t listen. They never will. She gets some money and resources from them, but it’s clear she’s just being humoured. 

It’s a sad truth about the SW universe that while the Republic aren’t evil like the Empire (no planet-killing death beams), they’re still rather inept. 

It’s why this cycle of war and chaos will continue forever.