The Chaos continues.

Welcome to the Links and the Link’s au, where everything’s still made up and the canon still doesn’t matter.

More Loz from me~!

Pt. 1

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Consider: Jason hides food. It’s a holdover habit from when he was little, and it really threw Bruce for a loop when Jason first showed up because 

  • Jason always has food on his person
  • He’s perfectly willing to share. Every time Bruce says he’s hungry, Jason starts pulling fruit snack packages out of his shoes and ???? They are at a gala?? Food is provided??
  • Why are there slim jims taped to the supply closet walls
  • Didn’t Alfred just buy potato chips
  • The potato chips are in the laundry hamper
  • Okay
  • Alfred and Bruce find food hidden around the manor for years after Jason died, and it’s not fun for anyone involved

But! Jason’s back now, and the chaos continues because he’s still doing it, he still hides food

  • Anywhere he frequents, including places that don’t belong to him
  • Jason: [pulls an entire bag of kitkats from underneath a chair]
  • Tim, owner of the chair and surrounding property: what
  • Because Jason still remembers where he hid snacks in his youth, he has the magically ability to pull five-year-old packages of crackers out of the manor floors
  • Sometimes his siblings actively search for stashes– they know they exist– but they rarely find anything on purpose. More frequently, hidden food turns up by accident 
  • “I’m going to assume the package of jerky in the piano is yours, Todd”
  • One day shortly after Tim became Robin, he made the mistake of unwittingly eating a package of cashews he found in a living room vase. In front of Bruce. Didn’t end well. 
  • Jason still carries a variety of snackfood on his person, most commonly granola bars, fruit snacks, and skittles. He’s still willing to share.

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Continuity!anon here! I didn't mean for all this chaos, but friendship chaos is the best chaos. I am so glad this is the chaos I have wrought!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! But no lie, I'm considering making a collection on ao3 so I have an organized timeline of EVERYHING

continuity!anon, in the words of @bosstoaster when I just now reported your return, “you are a Good Egg.” :) this chaos is the best. (Will you link me to that collection if you make it?? I’d love to see.)

(Shameless side note: boss, @ashinan, @mumblefox and I do have a legit continuity series we wrote together! It’s called Heading to War; we each wrote a fic for the last few days before Season Two and posted them as a cohesive Countdown. Not quite as epic as your Continuity Collection is about to be, but - you’re not far off if you think we have experience interweaving stories ;) just gotta swing @velkynkarma into our chaos and we’ll have the whole set)

Things I learned from the tumblr chaos of last night

1) I have the best friends. (thinktank, I’m looking at you. what a blessing to have writer friends in fandom :) )

2) I have the best friends AND followers. For real. (continuity!anon look what you’ve done)

3) ….you all really want more smol!Shiro.

My Aunties have informed me that nothing makes one more famous than having one’s own AO3 tag!

Now there are no excuses not to know who I am!

This news is most pleasing. I am pleased! 

Turing says he does not care for fame but he’s a little shit he is, my baby brother. 

I shall celebrate by eating Grandpa’s dinner plate!

( I’m not gonna go into deep details but I’ve had a real long hard think about this and I’m honestly not having fun anymore being torn between so many people. It breaks my heart having to choose sides and I know choosing both is not an option.
So my only option is to choose none instead. I’m going on an INDEFINITE HIATUS on all of my blogs.

I will be open to talking on s\kype or d\iscord, but only my current mutuals will receive the info. anyone who I’ve plotted with is more than welcome to continue threads with me over s\kype/d\iscord. )

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I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT MUMBLE Of course mumbles in there too. Gravity in Everything I like to think is right before Grace is Wasted. That's all I got so far on my multi-author timeline



The French class is having a going away party for a classmate and brought way too much food so we just crashed the Spanish class with loads of cake and cookies while singing Feliz Navidad. This stuff is why nobody believes me when I tell them about what happens in this class.

Salmon, avocado, red bell pepper, jalapeno sandwich on homemade white bread.

Not a bad start to my day.

The last two days have been thrown to chaos by kids being sick and doctor appointments. Hopefully less chaos will continue to the week. Work hasn’t been bad and tonight it’s my last night, since it’s my short week.

Achilles deserve the critic he gets, it’s not without reason. His Brotherhood is responsible for destroying a city, terrorizing the Colonies with gangs and attacking surrendered soldiers. They where no better than the good ol’ Mafia ruling city’s with money and gangs from the underground and up. They themselves trained and lead those gangs in with each group containing an Assassin leading them on land and sea. They wanted to gas the Colonial authorities, that would cause major civilian casualties and chaos.

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