Day 23!~

“ 23 - AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild. “

well at first if i just think aftertale all i really think of is AFTERTALE so i decided to twist it up and thought what if i dont know aftertale yet?what if somebody asked me what i think about “aftertale” before i even know about it,so i thought about it being a happy fairytale story about a princess and a prince living happily ever after together,i mean after-tale right? it sounds like a happy fairytale after the prince and princess gets married.

i was supposed to color this but i dont have enough time today,but hopefully i can color them next time cause i already have a color palette i can use for them! man drawing geno in a dress was so fun~

geno sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

reaper sans belongs to @renrink

the challenge was created by @shinydiamondblog (why havent i been tagging them before?? sorry about that shinydiamond)

Fun art challenge that might also be useful for aspiring animators

Draw your OC (or yourself) twice.

One in your own style, with whatever proportions and as much detail as you want.

And one in a modern cartoon style, restricted by a typical TV animation budget. What it would look like if your OC had to be animated.

Day 21: Favorite Psychic Type Pokemon

Gardevoir- I’ve used this thing so much in ORAS especially since it can get hypnosis and false swipe so it’s the perfect catching Pokemon, perfect for ORAS

Artwork made by the wonderful @eu-lette

Nonnie, I loved this idea so much, and I chose Saras_girl’s fic  - 

Salt on the Western Wind.

While Sara’s Girl has many fics I am definitely going to be doing some art for in the future, Salt on the Western Wind always feels like home to me. I grew up on the beach, and many of my fondest memories are of ocean waves and salty winds. I love slow builds and forced interaction, and this story is just so lovely.

That’s a bit of my beach there, the Emerald Shores of the Gulf of Florida, I hope you enjoy this!


Sketches from tonight’s stream. I decided to do another draw challenege/meme, and took requests for this expression challenge/meme post 

page 1:
Steven (Marissaofunderground)
Arthur(Okami1001 asked for B11 and Jack anon asked for D10)
Henry (Fiddledeedee’s version)
Jack(DJ Drawer)

page 2:
Hans (ShinyZango’s Nutcracker OC)
Jack Anon (she asked for a request with her persona)

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by! ^^

Translate - Jinyoung (Day 74/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Translate
Member: Jinyoung x Reader

Word Count: 1,582

Jinyoung glanced at you from across the coffee shop, trying not to stare, but finding it increasingly difficult. You were lost in the book that you were flipping through and every now and then you would bite down on your lip in concentration – a motion that made Jinyoung want to run over and press his own onto yours. It was his favorite book, and in that moment you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

“Here you go,” Jackson said, handing Jinyoung his coffee as he sat down next to him. Mark sat down across from Jinyoung and the latter frowned, his view of you now being obscured. Jinyoung shifted ever so slightly to the right so that you were in his line of sight and then grabbed his coffee, taking a small sip.

“So what should we do today?” Mark asked, glancing out of the window at the rain. He and Jackson began to discuss all the things to do in LA on a rainy day, but Jinyoung was barely paying attention at all because you had just set down the book to take a sip of your own drink and he could now see your face clearly. He let out a sigh unconsciously as he took in your features, tilting his head ever so slightly.

“Uh…Jinyoung?” Jinyoung snapped back to reality and glanced over at the two boys that were now staring at him in confusion and suspicion.

“Sorry, what?” Jinyoung asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Jackson shifted over to where he was almost on top of Jinyoung and followed his line of sight to where you were sitting. Jinyoung shooed him away with a “what are you doing” but Jackson was already processing what was happening. Mark briefly looked over his shoulder and it didn’t take him long to spot you either before he turned back to Jinyoung and Jackson with a smile on his face.

“Jinyoung, I thought you had more class than to stare at girls,” Mark teased as Jackson grinned and poked Jinyoung in the side. Jinyoung felt his face heat up as he pushed Jackson’s hand away.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, glancing back at you who had your head buried in your book once more. Jackson’s eyes flickered between you and Jinyoung and he nodded towards you.

“Go say something!” he exclaimed. Jinyoung looked at him in shock and then shook his head.

“No way! I don’t even speak English, what would I say?” he said, looking away from his friends.

“Your English is pretty good now! Just tell her you think she’s cute,” Jackson stated, pushing Jinyoung once more. When Jinyoung didn’t move, Mark sighed and stood up.

“Okay, my turn,” he said, edging out of the booth. Jinyoung watched Mark saunter over to you in horror, unable to get out of the booth because Jackson was blocking his exit.

“Hey there,” a voice said, pulling you from your concentration. You glanced up at the voice and your eyes fell on a young boy about your age with dark hair and a toothy smile. You glanced around before looking back at him and offering him a small smile.

“Hello,” you said, slowly. “Can I help you with something?” you asked, after a moment of silence passed. The boy put his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight onto his other foot.

“Yea, maybe,” he said, cooly. “I’m Mark. My friend thinks your cute but he’s too shy to tell you,” he said, smirking lightly as he pointed backwards to the booth behind him. As you glanced over, you saw a boy standing out of the booth and pulling another boy by the arm to drag him out. A smile drifted onto your face and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Um…okay,” you said, not sure of what to do. All you wanted was a quiet place to read your book. You hadn’t expected to meet three attractive boys. You watched as the boy with the snapback dragged the one who you presumed liked you over to where you were sitting.

“Hey,” Snapback said with a big grin on his face. You lifted your hand in acknowledgement with a small ‘hi’ as Snapback pointed to his friend he had just dragged. “He likes you,” he said, in a teasing tone. His friend smacked him in the arm and then immediately looked at the ground.

The boy who supposedly liked you was definitely the cutest of all three. His hair was dark and soft and you held back the urge to run it through your fingers. He was dressed casually with dark jeans and a loose top and yet it seemed to look better on him than the others.

“Hi. I’m Y/N,” you said, still sitting down put holding a hand out to the boy. He finally looked up at you and gave you a small smile which made your heart beat pick up a bit. He took your hand gently and shook it, holding your gaze with his dark eyes as he spoke.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jinyoung,” he said, in English. It was clear that English wasn’t his first language, but you had to commend his effort. He had spoken very clearly and it was quite easy to understand, even with his adorable accent peeking through.

“Hi, Jinyoung,” you said in a breathy voice, continuing to smile at him. He hadn’t broken your gaze and when he did, it was as though you had taken off earphones. It had almost been silent when you were talking to him and now the sounds of the coffee shop flooded back into your system.

Jinyoung turned to Mark and said something in a different language that you couldn’t understand. It sounded almost beautiful coming from his lips though, and you immediately wish you spoke whatever language it was.

“He said he really likes the book your reading,” Mark translated. Your eyes flickered between Mark, Jinyoung, your book, and then back to Jinyoung.

“Oh!” you exclaimed, smiling once more. You turned to Jinyoung and smiled shyly. “It’s one of my favorites. I really love the author a lot so I decided to re-read this one before his new work comes out,” you said, as Jinyoung held your gaze. He immediately turned to Mark who began to speak the other language. Every now and then the other boy would jump in with a small blurb of translation with an excited look on his face.

You watched Jinyoung smile after Mark had translated for him and he looked at you as he spoke once more. Again, you didn’t understand a single word, but you were happy to hear him speak and look at him for as long as you could.

“He said he really likes the author too,” Mark said.

“And he also wants to know if you’ve read the book ‘Me against you’,” the other boy said.

“Actually, I think it’s ‘You against Me’,” Mark responded. You look confused for a moment but then let out a small laugh and shook your head.

“Oh you mean ‘Us against Them’,” you said, smiling once more. Jinyoung let out a small ‘ah’ and pointed to you, as if to say that you were correct and his little gesture made you smile once more as your cheeks burned.

“Yea, I really like that one too,” you said softly. You bit your lip as you and Jinyoung looked at each other for a few seconds before Mark’s phone went off. You watched him pick it up and speak in the other language for a few moments before he hung up. He spoke to the other two briefly before Snapback turned back to you with a smile.

“Sorry, we have to go back to our other friends,” he said. Then he motioned towards Jinyoung and then back at you. “But you guys can meet tomorrow if you want,” he added, grinning. Jinyoung looked at him in confusion and you knew that he didn’t know what his friend was saying.

“Yea, okay,” you said, biting your lip and smiling lightly. “I’d really like that,” you added, glancing at Jinyoung who was looking back and forth between Mark and Snapback for any idea of what was happening.

“We’ll have him meet you here, okay? Does noon work?” Mark asked. You nodded and said it worked out fine. “Do you want one of us to come with?” Mark asked, genuinely. You paused for a moment but then nodded.

“Yea, maybe that would be best. At least for the first date,” you said. As soon as the words left your lips you realized that you had insinuated more dates and your cheeks burned a bright crimson as Snapback let out a loud laugh. Jinyoung was now looking even more confused and you heard him speak to Mark, probably asking what had just happened. Mark held his hand up to Jinyoung and with a small smile, turned back to you.

“Sounds good, we’ll see you tomorrow then, okay?” he asked, ignoring Jinyoung’s pleas for translation. You felt a bit bad for the boy, being teased by his friends, but you grinned at the trio through your blush and nodded anyways. As Mark and Snapback began to drag Jinyoung back out the door you waved goodbye.

“Goodbye, Y/N!” Jinyoung said in pure English and you had to admit that your name sounded a lot better when it was coming from his lips.


this hairstyle is my favorite jk hairstyle, THERE I SAID IT

Happy Kookie Wednesday Y’all~

Sick - BamBam (Day 76/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Sick
Member: BamBam x Reader
AU: Sick!AU

Word Count: 1932

Alright, I cheated a little on this one, I wrote most of it a while back and just touched it up and posted it now…I still really like it though hehe~

You burst through the door of the dorm that the boys shared and your eyes darted around the room as you breathed heavily. You quickly glanced down at your phone and glanced at the last message BamBam had sent you.

BamBam: Y/N, come quickly! I need you right now!!!

You scanned the room and walked into the kitchen before calling out BamBam’s name. You didn’t receive an answer and continued to check the rest of the dorm. When you walked into the room that he shared with one of the other members you noticed a rather large clump of sheets bundled together on the bed. You tilted you head before walking towards it slowly.

“Bammy?” you called out, rather quietly, watching as the cluster of blankets and pillows moved a little before you heard the tiniest moan come out from under them. You walked over and pulled some of them back before you saw a little blonde head peeking out at you.

“Jagi…save me…” he whispered through the blankets, giving a little cough at the end. “I can’t…feel my face…” “Bammy, what are you doing?” you asked, concerned at his quietness. He was usually loud and going on about something, but right now he was just lying on the bed, breathing a bit heavier than normal. You pulled the sheets back a bit more so that you could see the rest of his face and you gave a small frown when you saw that it was rather pink and a little sweaty.

“It’s…so cold,” he shivered, pulling the sheets back up to his chin. It was nice to see that his dramatic flair was still evident, even when he looked like he was about to die. You brought your hand to your head and then put it on his, realizing that he was extremely warm.

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rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night? yeah didn’t do prom night soz

shout out to my girl @alwaysimming for creating this tag! (ooo look what zoo made me do) anyway so a few months ago i started the i’m a lover challenge like a few months ago, and i posted like,, 5 posts on here and stopped after that! i kept playing though! i’m close to moving onto gen 2 (alice is an elder in my game whoa) so i uh yeah i made this! took me like 2 hours

Build me up, Buttercup

Characters/Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Pregnant!Reader

Word count: 2313

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics,smut, slight breath play, knotting (mild?), foul language, labor inducing sex, water braking, NO labor, Fluff.


This one here is my first ever a/b/o piece and I think last, and because of that I didn’t want get in the middle of the messy (but super hot) stuff. So this is about a stablished coupple who already been through all that.

This is my entry for a compìlation of 4 different challeneges first time doing that too, so I hope this makes sense.

  1. @dr-dean A/B/O Challenge, song prompt: ‘Build me up, Buttercup’ by The Foundations.
  2. @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname Orion’s 1k Celebration Challenge, movie prompt: ‘That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!’ FAQ about time travel.
  3. @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s 200 writing challenge, Prompt: ‘Can I please con to the bathroom alone.’
  4. @impalaimagining Smut-entine’s day kink challenge, prompts: Pregnancy and Breath play.

A big THANK YOU to my bitch Orion @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname and to Jen @winchesterprincessbride For being amazing and the beta work of course!

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Build me up, Buttercup

“Some girls are into science fiction!”

“That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!”

Your lips move in sync with the movie and you laugh at poor Ray; Pete will never stop being an ass. You feel the slight annoyance again and that familiar pressure on the bladder. You turn off the tv, with a puff and an eye roll you get up, gently, bit by bit and walk down the hall to the bathroom, for the fourth or fifth time tonight.

The toilet lid is cold, making you shudder. Looking down at your feet, you realize you can’t see anything past that sticking-out belly button; it looks so weird and dark, and every time you cough or laugh it goes even further out.

On the way back to the bedroom you yawn, bare feet stumping against the tiled floor, sounding heavy.  Hating the fact you walk like a doped duck, you stop to catch your breath.

With a sigh, you sit back on the edge of the bed and stare at the bright red light on the night stand, 2:44, carefully enough not to wake up the sleeping alpha on the other side, although he wouldn’t wake up because of you plopping down next to him.

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Mirror - Yugyeom (Day 77/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Mirror
Member: Yugyeom x Reader

Word Count: 789

You heard his giggle right when you felt yourself trip over your own feet and before you knew it, you were on the floor of the practice room. You pouted as he gave a small laugh but after seeing the look on your face he quickly helped you up, still smiling down at you, letting out giggles every now and then.

“Yugyeom, this is ridiculous, we’ve been dancing for hours,” you said, half-heartedly. Although you were happy to be spending time with your boyfriend, you were exhausted from the dance he was attempting to teach you.

“Noooo, Y/N we have to keep going! You’re so close, I know you’ll get it this time!” he cried out, happily. You glanced up at him to see a cute, child-like grin on his face which made you feel more relaxed and ready to take on the choreography again. You nodded and brushed yourself off before he hit play.

The first few moves were easy enough, especially since you had been doing them over and over for the longest time now, but as the dance progressed you had to keep watching Yugyeom’s moves to try to keep up. You found it difficult to match his footwork and before long you were behind on the beats. You groaned and held your head in your hands.

“Why is this so difficult?!” you shouted through your fingers. He came over to you, laughing loudly and he pried your hands from your face. You suddenly felt angry at the fact that he wasn’t taking it seriously but just as you were about to speak, Yugyeom pulled you over to the mirror.

“It’s just the arm movement that you’re not matching to the footwork,” he said, giving you a demonstration of how it was supposed to be done. How he made the movements look so smooth, you would never know. You faced him and tried it again, but couldn’t match it to the timing.

“That’s so unfair, how can you do it so easily?” you asked, half playfully, half annoyed. It was like he wasn’t even trying and the movements still came out so perfectly.

You heard Yugyeom give a small laugh again and you looked up to see him directly in front of you. Any feeling of anger you had previously had was washed away by the new feeling of nervousness that he was so close to you. You felt your heartbeat pick up as he gently patted your head and smiled down at you.

“Alright, alright, this time I’ll help you out more,” Yugyeom said, turning you around so that you were facing the mirror and he was behind you. You felt the warmth of his hands on your own and felt the pink crawl to your cheeks. You could feel him press his body to your back and you prayed that he couldn’t feel your heartbeat racing.

“Ready?” he whispered. You felt chills go down your back as you felt his hot breath on your neck and you began to feel weak in the knees which wasn’t a good thing because you could barely dance the choreography when you were stable, let alone when he was teasing you like this.

You took a deep breath before nodding and hearing the music. You did the first few movements on your own but when you began to forget the moves or couldn’t time it right, you would feel Yugyeom’s hands moving your own or his leg nudging you in the right direction. When the song ended you turned to face him and he smirked at you, pecking your lips and letting go of your hands. You shuddered at the coldness that came over you where he used to be.

“You gonna try it by yourself this time? Or do you still need my help?” he asked, tilting his head playfully.

You quickly nodded, trying to remove the pink from your cheeks and hit play once more. This time, you could imagine him behind you, guiding you through the dance. You imagined him being there, brushing against you and leading you through the moves and before you knew it, the dance was over.

“Alright! I knew you could do it!” Yugyeom cheered, pulling you into a hug.

He bent down and brought his lips to yours before taking you in his arms again. You fell into his warm embrace and hugged back, thankful that you had such a caring boyfriend. Even if he was a bit childish sometimes, he hadn’t given up faith that you’d get the dance right. And for that you were grateful. You suddenly felt him pull away and you looked up to see a mischievous look on his face.

“Ready for the next one?”

About a month ago I realized I was going to be busy, but wanted to throw together one or more fandom based 30 day challenge posts.  In the end I didn’t have time for that but I did finish these two and they have been sitting on my tablet so I thought I’d throw them up here.  I don’t remember their day numbers but I do know the first one was for least favorite character.

In the first game I really liked Keira.  She was this sassy, tech savy, cute sexy girl-next-door type. There weren’t a ton of MAIN characters in the game, but I couldn’t say I picked favorites Between Jak Dax Samos and Keira.  They all just worked really well off of each other. 

Then with Jak 2 and 3 Keira sorta wasn’t written well.  In Jak 2 the writing for characters wasn’t great in general but Keira as a character pretty much just argued with Jak (Jealous over Ashelin, the thing with Errol, Jak working for Krew, “People say you get angry and… CHANGE!” does nobody talk to each other in this game?).  I know she hadn’t seen him in 2 years and he’s waaaay different now but jeeze. That’s all they do is bicker.

In Jak 3 Keira does even less.  She’s barley there.  Nuff said.  Actually most of what made me like her in J&D:TPL was given to Tess at this point, Just switch cars for guns.  And… y’know Tess does the one thing Keira doesn’t…

(I know there’s still JakXCR and Lost Frontier but better or worse the games still suffers from bad character writing in my opinion.  The fans write the characters better than NaughtyDog… maybe that’s part of why they don’t want to make Jak 4)

Our fourth prompt is about “Intentional Camera Movement” and runs in conjunction with this months @abstract-challenge

The prompt runs from Monday, September 11th to Sunday, September 24th, 2017 (the first two weeks of the abstract challenge)

This is my take(s) on it.

What is intentional camera movement? 

To put it simply, it is a way of blurring subjects on purpose.

Why would you want to do such a thing? Well the results can be intriguing and quite beautiful.

I tried moving the camera in pretty much every imaginable direction, finally settling on moving it horizontally to get the kind of effect I had hoped for.

What I did is set my camera’s aperture to a high f number, in this case f22. That makes my camera adjust to a slower shutter speed enabling a longer exposure, thus capturing the movements I make. Conversely you can simply adjust the shutter speed to suit your needs.

As always apps are available to allow you to control your shutter speed on your smartphone giving you the ability to do this. For point and shoots, try the firework setting if available.

You can, while someone else drives, accomplish the same feat. Of course, the moving vehicle is intentional, but no need to stop there. Why not move the camera around as you go down the road? Move it in circles or side to side or however you want.

I decided to try and see if I could get that blur with my smartphone the other night. I didn’t use an app, but instead moved my phone as fast as I could without losing hold of it. It took a bit of practice, but it worked to get results I was happy with. I de-clarified it to add a bit more to the blur effect.

The key to any type of challenge is one thing: have fun and be creative!

As always this is how I accomplished the challenege/prompt. Do what works best for you!

If you wish to participate simply share your photo on your own blog and tag it #photoprompt within the first five tags. Your first entry will be reblogged to @pws-popup, and a selection of those will be selected for feature, with comment on @photosworthseeing.

Don’t forget this is part of the current abstract challenge so be sure to tag it “#abstract challenge” in addition to #photoprompt and tag @amymontico and @stephiramona so they can find your photos!

Happy picturing!