I don’t want my kids being hooked on phones or iPads or whatever, so I try not to be on them too much myself. It’s what they see, what’s around them, so we limit our usage around them. I have to 
do a lot of work on my phone and on my computer, but I try to do it away from them, not in front of them, so they don’t think that that is more important than actual human interaction.
—  Chris Hemsworth

9 films that capture my aesthetic

melancholia (2011, lars von trier) • the cell (2000, tarsem singh) • oldboy (2003, chan-wook park) • enter the void (2009, gaspar noé) • spring breakers (2012, harmony korine) • only god forgives (2013, nicolas winding refn) • a clockwork orange (1971, stanley kubrick) • twin peaks: fire walk with me (1992, david lynch) • natural born killers (1994, oliver stone)