I FINALLY finished my “Hey Diddle Diddle” WIP! It took a really long time, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The back is quite messy, but I learned a lot while doing this piece. I just ordered the supplies I need for my next WIP, so I’ll be sure to make a post when they come in!

Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon
  • Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon
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  • Cat and the Fiddle
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon,
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant, ye little birds,
And I'm sae weary, fu' o' care!
Ye'll break my heart, ye warbling bird,
That wantons through the flow'ring thorn,
Ye mind me o' departed joys,
Departed never to return.

Hey my friends! I know I haven’t posted in a while, life has gotten in the way. But, I got around to getting some stitching done tonight. I’m getting closer and closer to being done!

Since I’ve had a few days off, I unpacked some of my things in my art room. I decided to try and get this finished so I can start my Jack and Jill project, and make some more things to get my etsy started up. I stitched the tree in the dish and the spoon square and started the border for the little dog square. I’d say another couple days and I’ll be done. Finally!