Happy New Year from.. THE BABY GRAND

I just wanted to share this photo because I took it. Is that so bad?

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Rusty and I were guests on the Carolyn and Joe Show. It’s a pretty sexy 51 minutes, if I do say so myself.

If you’d like to see a sampling of the images from our calendar (as mentioned in on the show), I posted a few from the original version here.

Now that I think about it, I should do a post about our Adventure Portraits.


Hello again, I know I haven’t posted any updates for a few weeks on the GO ASTRAY page. But I have good reason. I’ve been on tour filming a documentary on America’s band, The Beach Boys. I’m serious, THE BEACH BOYS It’s their 50 year anniversary and they first time in forever they are touring with the musical genius, Brian Wilson and I was hired to be on board to capture the US leg of the tour. It’s been a huge amazing adventure to be around these legends and having them know my face and name is huge for me. As a bunch of you guys know, The Beach Boys are a huge influence on me and my influences, so there was no way I could not be part of this project in anyway possible. But I am absolutely sorry for all my clients and partners projects that had to be shuffled back because of the filming of this documentary, but we’ll be rocking like we were very soon. But you guys already knew that.

But while on this tour I have been social media documenting this whole experience so far, if you’ve been following me on facebook, twitter and instagram you know I’ve been pushing images and posts out like clockwork. I, of course, have been taking numerous behind the scenes images of our small crew as we take on tour. The access is amazing and so is the tour, crew and of course the band. I will be posting those when all the dust settles on the US tour and I’m back on my homeland. Stay Tuned.

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ALSO, yes, The Carolyn and Joe Show! is still rocking. Check out the newest episodes.


For my newest gallery of Hannah Elvington I feel like I’m gonna take my time posting them. Maybe we’ll make it a whole fall time of Hannah. We’ll see… But this is a start. I injected a new texture to this set and Hannah has pink hair. Let it begin.

And since it’s friday, I bet you need something to listen to on your ride to where ever, how about… THE CAROLYN AND JOE SHOW

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You guys might remember a while back I did a photo shoot with Sallie Anne (which you can see HERE) Well, that was awhile ago, and sometimes, somethings just need updating. So since Sallie was about to set off in a brand new adventure in her life we thought it would only seem fit if we did another shoot just before she left, but something a bit more fun and wreckless, and different… Have a look.

Enjoy the new SALLIE ANNE gallery HERE
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And you thought the Carolyn and Joe Show have talked about everything…


Now its time to check out the images from the SGB VINTAGE photo shoot! This again was made possible in co-operation with HOUSE STUDIO DC and producer by SIMON KIM. These guys are always a blast to work with, look out future.

Check out the whole SGB VINTAGE gallery HERE
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Of course, check out a few of my behind the scenes images HERE

This weeks Carolyn and Joe Show podcast has an attack from the swamp people! Tune in!


A few of you might remember I won a contest awhile back, and in that contest I entered a series of images that I shot with Lauren Jaslow and those images were voted on as the winners of that show. Then for some reason or another I never got a chance to finish up the rest of those images to share you. But at long last now that time has come! Now you can check out the whole Lauren Jaslow set. Hopefully in the future Lauren and I can rock out another series, she was definitely a blast to work, let her know how awesome she is by visiting her own site

Now check out the entire Lauren Jaslow series HERE (Warning: NSFW)
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Also, in addition to those images, check out some behind scenes images HERE

And there’s always room for some, Carolyn and Joe Show!


It’s time to let some new photography out into the wild. Last week you saw a black and white preview image from the newest team up with Hannah Elvington and I, now you get to enjoy the whole set. Thinking about it now, I think this is the first whole set of images in gallery form I’ve released of Hannah Elvington on the GO ASTRAY site. If that’s true, I’ll be sure to go back and post all the full sets and right that wrong.

Now enjoy the new Hannah Elvington gallery HERE
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Also, a brand new episode of my crazy podcast came out this week. Tune in HERE



Check out more photos I directed featuring the actress and singer, Leigh Anne Smith. More fun images from this shoot to come, so calm down now.

And now the new gallery featuring Leigh Anne Smith —-> HERE
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The Taboo Girls 2013 “Taboo Girls Love Toys” Calendar, photographed entirely by me.  Buy it Now for only 12 bucks —-> HERE!

You can buy District Comics: The Unconventional History of Washington DC —-> HERE

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Had a rocking animal print inspired photoshoot with model Layla Allure. PLUS some how Rocket Pops come into play. These images will definitely melt you’re minds (literally and figuratively) There’s something for everyone in this set. But… you’re gonna have to wait. But in the mean time check out Layla Allure's site (NSFW)

Remember when I toured with the legendary, Grammy award winning band, The Beach Boys?? I talk all about it on this weeks… The Carolyn and Joe Show!

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Find out how they got there by listening to this weeks edition of, The Carolyn and Joe Show! Episode 169.

More images of the sightings are coming in, we’ll be sure to put them up on this post in a gallery hopefully later today. If you were watching and saw any Curls characters, send us a still and we’ll post it.

Check out the Carolyn Belefski’s CURLS comic strip too


Make up artist Jessie Campbell @jcampbell_mua is the guest on the newest episode of The Carolyn and Joe Show podcast coming soon! Its a great episode that we get to know Jessie Campbell like never before! #podcast #joecarabeo #carolynbelefski #jessiecampbellrocks #jessiecampbell #makeupartist @carolynbelefski #dc #va #rva #fbf #astray #stories