The first known poet in history, Enheduanna, was an Iraqi woman. She wrote about Inanna on tablets in the cuneiform language.  The interesting thing about her is that she had a position or title. It was “The keeper of the flame.” I think that if a poet should have any role at all, it should be (wherever and whenever) the same: “keeper of the flame.”

Dunya Mikhail, from “New Directions Interview with Dunya Mikhail,” Cantos (April , 2010)


Stefano Canto

Monumento to Theo van Doesburg

“…Monument to Theo Van Doesburg is an ongoing project by artist Stefano Canto based on historical research into an exemplary fascist monument. The work has developed in collaboration with art critic and curator Mike Watson. Conceived as an ongoing discussion on themes of space, time and modernist representation, the project calls for a consideration of the possibilities offered to critical thinking by architecture in its materiality.
Following the exhibition of a series of photographs, drawings and models for the project, the artist envisages presenting a full scale copy of the obelisk of Mussolini in 2016, disassembled into its components and laid horizontally in a public space in Rome.

…In effectively dismantling the Obelisk of Mussolini and showing its raw component parts, Stefano Canto’s Monument to Theo Van Doesberg (2015) invites the viewer to reconsider the modernist aesthetic stripped of its political connotations and returned to a reflection on fragmented time and space in keeping with the research of the De Stijl movement which strongly influenced the architecture of the early Fascist period…”

(I’ve seen some discussion about fascist architecture on here, a difficult subject, interesting to see an artist working on this topic..)

And the sh*t goes on

You may not know this, but Spanish golfer Sergio García has just won the US Masters. Jon Rahm - a Basque golfer who was favourite - also played but ultimately lost to García.

And because some people are unable to praise someone without insulting another person, actor-turned-far-right-politician Toni Cantó has tweeted this jewel:

“It’s their problem if someone want to stick to their 8 weird surnames, to their little language, to the tribe. Spain is García”.

We’ll leave aside his gratuitous attack to Basque people. He refers to the fact that García is one of the most common surnames in Spain. The problem is:

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Necesito conocer a alguien que me quiera por mi risa, por mis dientes torcidos, por mi interés en saber sobre él, por la alegría que siento cuando canto mi canción favorita a pesar de que mi voz no suene bien, por mi actitud impulsiva y por mis ganas incontrolables de vivir.
Ho smesso di parlare, perché in effetti non resta nient’altro da dire, e provo una specie di dolore lacerante nel punto in cui si trova il mio cuore.
—  Hunger Games
Il Canto Della Rivolta